Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multi part story is entirely fictional and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

Special acknowledgement to David (aka ManHrd2Fnd) from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, and to Carey for being a patient teacher.

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Waking up Saturday morning, the two new lovers were entwined in each other's arms and legs with Mike on his back and the covers kicked to the foot of the bed. Slowly, Dave started stirring.  Opening his eyelids slowly, he saw Mike still breathing heavily in the last moments of a good night's rest. Looking over at the clock, Dave saw that it registered 6:30 a.m.

His morning woodie was resting on Mike's right thigh. Well, 'pee hard-on' was a more accurate description. He slowly untangled himself by moving Mike's arms off his body and slowly lifting himself away. Getting out of bed, he noticed Mike still sleeping with a very contented expression and a hard dick.

Dave went to the head and relieved himself. One of the hotel amenities was mouthwash. He poured out a portion and swished it around in his mouth. 'Better,' he thought.

Walking through the bedroom, seeing that Mike was still conked out, he continued to the living room and closed the door behind him. Finding the telephone, he pushed the Room Service symbol.

~~~ "Good morning, Room Service. How may we serve you, Mr. Swenson?"

'Hey,' Dave thought, 'they've got their act together.'  "Good Morning. I'd like to order breakfast for two." 'I'm just going to order the basics,' he concluded.

~~~ "Yes, sir. I'm ready to take your order."

"First, your freshly-squeezed orange juice. It is really fresh and squeezed?"

~~~ "Squeezed only an hour ago."

"Great. Two glasses. Then, two orders of scrambled eggs, bacon and link sausage and grits."

~~~ "Will that be all?"

"How about some English muffins? Oh, coffee, of course. I would like everything delivered at 0730. Ok?"

~~~ "Yes sir. 7:30 a.m. It is our pleasure to serve you." With that, the order taker hung up the phone.

Dave returned to the bedroom. Mike was slightly stirring. Dave marveled at the sight of his man stretched out on the bed - the sandy brown hair scattered on his chest, forearms, legs, and a full-blossomed treasure trail starting on the flat stomach and continuing past his belly button. The naturally muscled shoulders, molded pecs with tiny nipples and well-formed legs accentuated the handsome resting face.

"Good morning, lover." Dave leaned down and kissed Mike's forehead, cheeks and, lastly, the lips.

"Morning." Mike was smiling through half-opened eyes as he grabbed and pulled Dave down on top of him.

"Hey, sleepy head." Dave softened the impact of falling on Mike by switching his weight to his elbow, hitting the bed. Lying partially on top, he put his arm around Mike's shoulders and went in for a morning kiss that was returned.

"You taste pretty good. I don't think I do." Mike wrinkled his nose.

"There's mouthwash in there." I nodded at the door to the bathroom. "Why don't I let you use the facilities, splash some water on your face, take a hit of mouthwash and come back for some snuggle time?" Dave rolled over to his side of the bed, allowing Mike to move.

"Be right back," Mike said as he gingerly got out of bed, his erection bouncing up and down, and walked to the facilities.

Shouting from the bed, Dave said, "I've got us on a tight schedule. Breakfast will be arriving at 0730. I ordered for both of us. Okay?" He could hear a steady stream of pee hitting the water.

"Yeah, that's fine," said Mike, followed by a flushing sound.

Moments later, Mike returned, body parts relaxed, and he eased back into bed, looking at his partner lying on his back. He brought his naked body next to Dave and draped his leg over Dave's closest leg, pushing his knee gently into the crotch.

"Ok, let's start over again. Morning sailor." He leaned in and kissed each of Dave's eyes, nose, ears, neck and chin. Finally he attacked his lips and opened Dave's willing mouth with his tongue.

When he pulled back to further explore, Dave said, "Good Morning, Sir. Everything in order?"

"100%." Mike moved further south and stopped at Dave's chest. He kissed the left pec and proceeded to suckle the hard nipple. The act was duplicated on the other. Finished, he got on his knees and straddled Dave at the waist. Their balls and hard cocks were touching. Grabbing the bottle of Wet, he poured lube on both penises. Returning the bottle, Mike proceeded to start a slow jacking action with the two members in his hand.

Dave smiled and took Mike's dick and proceeded to jack solo. Mike did the same with Dave's.

"I want us to cum together, Mike." Dave proceeded to increase the pace. Mike followed.

Massaging the nut sac, Mike could feel Dave's balls start to retract and tighten. His were too. "Babe, I think we're both almost there." They were matching stroke for stroke.

In unison, they yelled "Fuuuck!"  Each came with less force than the night before, but the feeling of the orgasm was just as intense. They both squeezed the last of their ejaculation out. Most landed on Dave's belly. Mike leaned down, lapped up the still-warm deposit, and kissed Dave, sharing the cum.


As Mike pulled back, he said, "Ready to shower and shave so that we'll be ready for breakfast?"

With the tightness of space and time, Dave replied, getting up from bed, "Why don't you shave while I'm showering? Then we'll trade places?"

"Good plan. Let's wear our robes for breakfast?"


For the next half hour they got ready for the day. Mike finished first. He donned the robe and went out to the living room. Opening the front door, he looked out first and retrieved the morning Commercial Appeal. Mike returned to the couch and unfolded the paper. As he was reading the front page, there was a knock on the door. There was a deep male voice stating "Room service."

"Dave, are you ready?" he called out to the bedroom. "Breakfast's here."


Mike went to the door and opened it to allow the room service waiter and the cart to enter. Dave joined Mike. They looked like a Calvin Klein ad together in their terry robes, fresh faces, sparkling eyes, and casually arranged hair.

The waiter, probably a college student, smiled and said, "Good morning, men." He subtly drank in the intoxicating vision before him.  "I'll set up the table right over there," pointing to two desk chairs that were used for dining. He proceeded to flip up the table wings, straightened the place settings, and, from the hot box below, placed the hot food on the table cart. Everything in order, he removed the caps covering the juices and waters and poured the coffee. "If you'll just sign, Mr. Swenson. The service charge has already been added."

Dave took the charge ticket, reviewed it and signed his name. "Thanks. Oh, by the way, would you take back the dirty champagne glasses, bottles and buckets?" He pointed to the one on the coffee table. A little sheepishly, he added, "There's more in the bathroom."

"No problem. Brandon asked that I take special care of you two." He beamed his best 'I know what's going on' smile and went into the bathroom.


"He's the front desk clerk that took care of me yesterday. I promised him he'd meet you before we left."

The waiter returned with the dirty glassware, bucket and bottle. Collecting the companion pieces from the coffee table, he said, "Enjoy." Mike opened the door for the waiter and closed it. Alone, they sat down and proceeded to demolish the morning offerings.

Dave told Mike about Brandon being gay and offering a dirt-cheap rate on the room and comp parking. "He's a nice guy. You don't mind stopping by on our way out?"

"Absolutely not. He really took good care of us."

The two men shared a very special breakfast. Slowly eating the food set before them, they both had constant smiles. "I wish this is the way we could start each day," Dave said.

"Well, I could cater breakfast to your barracks room every morning. But, I think the base would get a little suspicious." They both laughed.

"Seriously, Dave, we're going to have a lot of time for this at the new place. I'll never get tired of cooking for you."

"I'm a good kitchen helper. And, I really look cute with nothing on except for an apron." They laughed and high-five'd. The rest of breakfast was filled with light banter between two lovers getting to know each other.

Taking a sip of coffee, Mike took his cup and moved over to the couch. Dave followed. They sat down, resting their feet on the coffee table. He turned to his young lover and said, "I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful evening." He raised Dave's hand to his lips and kissed it.

Dave moved over and kissed Mike's cheek. "My love for you is just exploding. It was my pleasure."

"I will never ever forget my first time. But, I don't know if my chute will ever be the same." They leaned back arm in arm.

"Tonight you get to practice with mine. You'll be just fine tomorrow," Dave replied.

"But, babe, you gotta let me pay my half."

"You took me out to dinner Monday. I figure it's a wash. Besides, I told you I have some rainy day money put aside."

"Ok. But I'm buying food for our first night at the apartment. As you said, this is going to be all about equal status in our personal life," Mike insisted.

"Absolutely. And I need you to get me around this morning to buy a car. We're going to Olive Branch, Mississippi, just over the state line. They've got the best deals around here and open at 1000. I figure that once we get dressed, checked out, and get lost a couple of times, we should get there at opening time."

"What's the dealer's name?"

"Homer Shelton Ford. Supposedly the biggest in the South."

"Let's do it." They dressed, packed all their traveling possessions and kissed one last time before leaving the room that would be the site for so many memories to come.

At the front desk, Brandon had just finished helping another guest. He looked up and said, "Hi guys. You must be Mike?" The grin on Brandon could have lighted Memphis for 10 minutes with his white teeth contrasting to the mocha skin.

"Yes, Brandon. Thanks for taking care of us."

"No problem. I was told everything worked out well?" As Brandon winked at Mike, they both acknowledged the grapevine link from room service to the front desk. Brandon turned to Dave and said, "If you would review the bill, please. Shall I use the VISA card to settle the charges?"

The bill seemed to be in order. Room service was more than the room charge. "Yes, please use the VISA."

"I hope we'll meet up sometime, guys?"

"Mike and I are renting a place over by the university. I'll call you when we have a party. And, we've got to invite that cute room service waiter."

"That's no problem. He's my other half," Brandon replied, beaming broadly.

"Looks like you lucked out yourself," Dave commented.

"Three years now. We're both in law school."

"You plan on practicing in Memphis?"

"We're both from California. Probably go back to L.A. and join a law firm after we pass the bar."

"Good luck to both of you. And we will get together soon," Mike suggested.

All the paperwork in order, Brandon gave Dave the receipt and wished them both the best. They walked out to the valet area and retrieved Mike's car. Mike gave the valet a generous tip. That done, they departed to buy a car.

During the short drive, Dave said that he had his heart set on a Mustang 5.0 convertible. In St. Paul, convertibles weren't very practical. But living in the South, it was something he wanted to own. He figured that if he could find a three-year old car in good condition, he would make a deal.

Arriving at the huge lot just after 1000, they parked and immediately strolled the used car area. A salesman introduced himself and asked what they were looking for. When he was told the information, they were informed that there were four convertibles, 2 to 4 years old. After thorough inspection, Dave settled on a three-year-old white convertible with burgundy leather upholstery and low mileage. They took it out for a drive. Sweet.

Going back to the office, the salesman found out that Dave was at Millington. "How do you want to finance it?" he asked.

"Let's talk about price, first." The list is $9,999. With tax of $500, this is $10,500. What are you going to offer?" Dave looked intently at the salesman.

"Well, I could take off five, maybe 700 dollars."

"Here's what I'll do. I will write a check for $8,000 net. The check is guaranteed and you will have my credit card as a backup."

"$8,000. No way. The dealership will lose money on the deal."

"I figure that Homer Shelton is going to make $800 clear. Not bad."

"I can't do it."

"Ok, pal. Then you lost a sale. Mike, I guess we're wasting our time." They rose to go.

"Ah, wait a minute. Let me talk to the sales manager. Maybe he can find a way to make the deal." He walked away to another office.

"Dave, what's going on? Are you going to buy a car or what?"

"It's something that has been ingrained in me since I was a kid," he said, turning to Mike and smiling with a determined look. "Dad took me along on every major purchase he and Mom ever made. Cars, house, and antiques... you name it. He was a master negotiator."

"I wish I had a dad to show me."

"The basics are simple. First, always be prepared to walk away from a deal. Then, figure out a price that is fair so that both parties feel good about it. That's important. I researched Kelley's Blue Book and found the wholesale and retail values. The bid I'm offering is a thousand above wholesale less the taxes. And, I'm offering cash."

Mike just studied his young partner in amazement. "Buddy, I think I'll have to take some lessons from you. You're fucking smart."

"Well, smarter than the average bear," he said, squeezing Mike's thigh. They straightened up as the salesman returned.

"Mr. Swenson, my manager said that if you can write a check for $8200 it looks like you bought a car."

"Let's do it," Dave said with a smile that indicated a concurrence, not victory.

"My boss is anxious to move inventory. So, I've had the computer draw up the papers. If you would take a minute to review the papers, we can get these signed and we can get you ready to roll."

Everything seemed to be in order. After signing the contract, writing a check and filling out the various forms to apply for Tennessee plates, Dave said, "You'll wash the car and fill it with gas?"

The salesman chuckled and said in a respectful tone, "You don't miss much, do you?"

"No, Sir." With that they shook hands. "We'll sit in the customer lounge while everything is being completed."

At 11 a.m. a middle-aged man came into the lounge and saw the two men talking. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Swenson? I'm from Allstate Insurance."

"That would be me. My name's Dave." He stood and shook the man's extended hand. "I've got a copy of the contract from the dealership. Shall we do this here?"

"That will be fine." The agent filled out reams of insurance forms, explaining the coverage. Dave listened intently. Finally, he signed the forms and wrote a check for six months' coverage. He wistfully thought about his transfer to California in the fall. He had been excited about the prospects until he fell in love with Mike.

Mike was thinking, seeing the second check written today, 'What kind of rainy day money does he have?'

"I'll mail the policy to the base, Dave." At the same time, the salesman returned with the temporary registration. Service was affixing the temporary plates. Tennessee DMV would be sending permanent replacements within 30 days, tops. The dealership would mail the title as soon as the check cleared.

All the men stood and shook hands. "Have fun. You've got a great car. Just be careful. This is a real muscle car," the salesman concluded as he handed Dave the keys and led him to the parking area.

Out by the parking area, Dave admired his new purchase. "Mike, I've always wanted one of these. I guess it's a childhood fantasy come true."

"Hey, man, nothing 'childhood' about the way you handled yourself in there. I'm impressed." He clasped Dave's hand and held it for a few moments longer than two straight men would. "Let me get my car and then I'll follow you back to our new apartment."

"Deal." As Mike walked over to his car, Dave got into the Mustang and unlatched the top connected to the windshield frame. Starting the car, he could hear a low masculine rumble. He pushed the 'top' button and the canvas slowly opened and retracted into the back. 'No reason to put the boot on today,' he thought.  Seeing Mike's car approach, he buckled up, slid the gear into drive, and carefully pulled out of the parking space.

With Dave leading, the couple proceeded in procession back to Memphis and their new weekend pad.