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Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multi part story is entirely fictional and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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From Part 15,

Out by the parking area, Dave admired his new purchase. "Mike, I've always wanted one of these. I guess it's a childhood fantasy come true."

"Hey, man, nothing 'childhood' about the way you handled yourself in there. I'm impressed." He clasped Dave's hand and held it for a few moments longer than two straight men would. "Let me get my car and then I'll follow you back to our new apartment."

"Deal." As Mike walked over to his car, Dave got into the Mustang and unlatched the top connected to the windshield frame. Starting the car, he could hear a low masculine rumble. He pushed the 'top' button and the canvas slowly opened and retracted into the back. 'No reason to put the boot on today,' he thought.  Seeing Mike's car approach, he buckled up, slid the gear into drive, and carefully pulled out of the parking space.

With Dave leading, the couple proceeded in procession back to Memphis and their new weekend pad.


They made it back to Memphis and the shade-lined streets of the university neighborhood in a half-hour. The two cars rolled up in tandem in front of the two-story, 60's-style apartment building and stopped. Later, Dave and Mike would find the one covered car-parking space in the rear. With gear in hand, they got the key from the apartment manager and went up to inspect in detail what they had rented as a weekend escape.

"I'd carry you across the threshold, babe, but you're too heavy," said Mike as he pinched Dave's butt playfully. They approached the apartment and Dave unlocked the door.

In an exaggerated accent grabbed from 'Gone with the Wind,' Dave said, "Why, Mr. Mike, I do declare that I'll melt my weight in your arms."

Opening the door, they walked into the efficiency "studio" and inspected the small room. It was small compared to their "honeymoon palace" last night. The manager had made sure that the basics in the kitchen were in place. In addition to the microwave oven, there was a respectable collection of cutlery, dishes and glassware. Looking further in the studio apartment, they discovered the need to buy the basic pillows, linen, and bathroom terry, and some bare essentials. The centerpiece of the room was the queen bed.

"You do realize, babe, that I plan on returning the favor tonight by fucking your brains out," Mike said as he looked at his pal. "I may need some pointers, though."

"Stud, the only pointer you'll need is the one that sticks out from between your legs." Dave leaned up and kissed Mike on the lips as a cocked eyebrow forewarned 'things to come.' Over the next half hour they took inventory of what they needed to purchase at the Bed, Bath and Beyond nearby. It was still only noon.

Detouring first to a Krystal for a few sliders and root beer, they next went to the store and bought the basic supply of linens, towels and two feather-filled pillows. On the way back, stopping at the Kroger's, they purchased a minimal amount of toiletries and household necessities. Separately, Mike bought two strip sirloin steaks, broccoli, salad fixings, and a few other staples.

Back at the apartment, quarters in hand, they washed the new bed linen and bath terry. Mike made sure that they used a softener. 'No reason to get a body chafe on the first night,' he considered.

With the last load in the dryer, 30 quarters later, they decided to strip, put on their swim trunks, and go down to the pool in the courtyard.  They each had a Peabody towel as a backup. The pool was kind of a 'let's jump in and get cool' water space. Mike and Dave found two chaise lounges and lay down. There were only two other residents poolside, both female. With neither paying much attention to the two arrivals, the guys proceeded to apply sun block on each other.

One of the females at the pool was paying attention. What straight woman wouldn't check out these two hot guys who had just arrived on scene? 'Talk about fresh "primo" meat,' thought the observing woman. 'Being engaged doesn't mean I can't be neighborly.'
She jumped in the pool to cool off and immediately got out. Walking too close to the chaise lounges containing her points of interest, she 'accidentally' shook water over the guys. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you," she said to the two bodies that had been lightly sprayed with the water from her body.

Mike and Dave squinted as they opened their eyes. "Hey, a little H2O never hurts. But, from a mystery women, it does require close inspection," Mike said as he lifted himself from the lounge.

"Are you new here?"

"Just moved in this morning. Hi, I'm Mike and this is my friend Dave."

Dave opened his eyes wider and smiled. "Hi. How are ya?"

"Hi, guys. My name is Beth. Beth McCartney. I'm in 203. That's my friend, Cathy." She turned and waved at her friend.

Mike waved at Cathy, also. "We're neighbors, then. We've just rented 202."

"That's a studio. You guys are living there?"

"Naw, just an escape for the weekend. We are from Millington," Dave answered.

"Oh, that's great. My boyfriend is stationed there." Mike and Dave started paying closer attention. "He'll be getting out next year. In the meantime, Phil is taking classes at the University to add credits to his major. That's how we met. In class."

"Phil?' What's his last name? Maybe I know him." Mike was watching this volley of words like a badminton match. Dave's eyes grew a bit larger, as he already knew the answer.

"Gonzales. Phil Gonzales. He works somewhere in transportation."

'Well, there it was,' Dave thought. 'I'm tied, screwed, and tattooed.' Clearing his throat, he said, "Yeah, I've met Phil. Nice guy." 'No more volunteered information,' Dave decided. Mike gave Dave a questioning look when Beth couldn't see his expression.

"Phil will be here later tomorrow. Do you guys want to get together?"

"Well, um, we've both got to be back to the base later tonight. How about a rain check?" 'Damage control is in order,' Dave concluded.

"Ok. But how about coming to our barbeque next Saturday? Phil and I are making some great food and you'll get a chance to meet some of the other residents. How about it?"

"If we're in town, that will be great." 'We're fucked,' I thought. "I'll see Phil at the base and confirm later next week."

"Don't bring anything but yourselves. Well, maybe some wine. I hope you two can make it." With that, she waved a farewell and returned to her friend.

"Give me a rundown of what just happened," Mike asked with a little concern in his voice.

"Buddy, it appears that she is the girlfriend of a guy that I had dinner with last week. Phil is a helluva nice guy who I thought was just going to be a barracks buddy. I guess he's going to be much more." Mike looked into Dave's eyes, questioning Dave's statement.

"What now? What's the game plan?" Mike asked with quiet panic in his voice. "With 800,000 people in Memphis, I didn't think that we'd be running into your friends from the base."

"Fuck, Mike. I didn't consider this would happen." Looking around, Dave advanced his hand and stroked the shoulder and arm of his lover. "Chill. We'll figure things out."

"Babe, let's go back inside and figure things out together," Mike replied.

Dave saw the urgent look in his partner's eyes. 'This is part of getting to know my man,' Dave thought. 'Read the signs and react accordingly.' They rose at the same time, waved at Beth, and returned to 202.

After entering to the studio, the two young men grasped each other in their arms and held each other closely for a long time. Slowly, they went from concerned embrace to a hot lovers' hold that caused their bodies to react accordingly. Simultaneously, each pulled down their swim trunks to ease the stress of two hard cocks being strangled in the confinement of cotton and polyester.


Here we were. Two men stripped of our swimsuits, with sweat merging with sun block, looking at each other with confusion, concern, and lust.

"What the fuck was that all about?" I was confused about the new cast of characters that had just been introduced. First there was Beth. Now, Phil. "You really know this guy?"

"Yeah, I do. Met him the first night in my new barracks. We had dinner. When we get back to the base, I've got to talk with him."

"You think he'll be cool with us?"

"I've only spent one evening with him. But, I think that he's a real heads-up guy. Intellectual type. I think he'll be OK with our relationship. I need to feel him out, though."

"I need to feel you out right now." I grabbed Dave's slippery body and embraced him in a bear hug, our cocks pressed against each other. We started to sway and move our bodies together with our crotches producing a sensual friction as our penises expanded. 'God, I love this man in my arms.'

"What say we shower off the sweat and lotion? I don't want to soil the mattress our first day here," Dave said with humor and conviction. "Let's get cleaned up. And then, I want you to fuck me." There was a very serious resolve in his expression.

Without saying a word, we both walked into the bathroom off the big room. The tub had a shower curtain that we had installed only hours ago. Today, unlike earlier, we were ready to shower together, however tight the tub.

The shower was all about innocent exploration of the hands and mouths. Kissing and fondling. Everywhere. Soaping each other down, we were both excited. But, we were also disciplined. There was going to be a crescendo of two males mating in the bed. Dave took particular attention to his bottom area. I knew that he wanted to be clean for my first time with him.            

Finishing the shower, without 'finishing' ourselves, we dried all over and sank into the bare mattress. Thoughtfully, Dave made sure that the lube was conveniently positioned near the bed. I had taken a bath towel with us. We lay down and held each other, our hard dicks pulsating along with our heartbeats.

"Mike, let's put what happened out at the pool aside for awhile. I'll deal with it later." Dave was determined not to let our possible "outing" stand in the way of a great fuck. I agreed.

I positioned the large bath towel on the bed and moved Dave over it. Lying on his back, he dreamily smiled at me. Looking at him, I rolled over and straddled his body. With my balls close to his knees, I bent down and kissed him. At the same time, I started massaging the area between his nuts and fuck chute.

"Dave, love, I want this to be perfect for you. But, I might need some signals. Please let me know if I'm doing anything that isn't pleasurable." I started to pour enough lube around his ass crack to float a battleship. Well, maybe a destroyer?

"Mike. Do the same thing I did for you last night. Work your fingers in and around me. Stretch it so that you can fit in me. I haven't taken anything this large...ever."

I entered his anus with my probing first finger. Although he was not a virgin, I knew that it had been a few years since he had been invaded. Dave was tight.

"Ohhh, Mike, tongue my hole," he moaned.

With that suggestion, I removed my finger and leaned into his crotch. The lube already in place was not unpleasant. It merely facilitated the oral experience. I copied Dave's moves as best as I remembered them. Appreciating Dave's fastidiousness towards cleanliness, I dug into his bowels with my darted probing tongue. I was not disappointed as my confidence overtook any apprehension.

After tonguing Dave for several minutes, I moved my oral exploration out of his crack and onto his dick. Licking the vein-textured manhood, I arrived at the head of this pulsing cock. As I took this into my mouth, I aggressively moved two fingers to his love canal and slowly entered this seldom-challenged orifice. At the same time, my head was slowly bobbing up and down his hard cock. I then added a third finger to the pair already there and finger-fucked my love with tender probing.

"Babe, whenever you're ready." Taking that as a signal to move on from the preliminaries, I withdrew my fingers from his hole and my mouth from his cock. Truth time. I had to get this perfect. This was not a "wham bam, thank you Sam" moment. It was my first time with the most important man in our universe.

Moving his legs up to my shoulders, I covered one of our new pillows with the towel and positioned it underneath his butt. Using more lube to prep his pucker and my pole, I slowly leaned forward and started my descent into uncharted waters. Lowering myself further, I felt Dave's hand lightly grasp me and guide my dick towards its goal.

"Go slow, Mike." He looked at me intently and lovingly. "It's been used before. But, that's a long time ago." As he pushed out, my dickhead popped just inside his first ring.

"Uhhh."  I stilled my motion. When he relaxed and slowly nodded with a smile, I continued in.

"Baby, let me know when I need to pause." I looked into his eyes for any sign of panic or fear. There was only resolve and determination. As I moved further, Dave's body started to move in synch with me to produce a double-fuck action in short strokes. After some time, I felt my pubes pressing against his behind with each stoke.

"Let's get going," he said looking up at me. "Fuck me like your cock is going to fall off."

"Hang on, sailor." With that, I started to speed up, probing to hit his prostate. "Uhh, urr, ah," I growled as I slammed into him. "Ohhh Shit."

"Grind it into me. Fuck me... plunge it... give it to me...ahhh...ram it up my ass...shit, that feels good, fuuuck!" I was encouraged to go for it.

"Urrgh, ahhh, oooh, uggh!" Very articulate, I thought. Speeding up my assault, I knew that I was giving pleasure to my mate. As far as me...shit, I was about ready to pop. We kept this up for another few minutes. It wouldn't be long.

"Oh, Mike," he said as I felt his asshole tighten. "I'm goin' to cum."

"Yeahhhh!" I growled. As he started to shoot, I plunged further into him and starting filling him with my cum. It was an aggressive climax of two lovers discovering ecstasy together. I pumped his ass as he continued to spray his body with thick white cum.  

We slowed down and our activities faded to a halt. I eased out of him and moved over to my side to face him. "What d'ya think. Did I do okay?" I gently nibbled on his earlobe.

"Do okay? Mike, that was terrific. I've only been with one other guy in my life. The past pales by comparison. You are the man. I love you," he said as he reached up to grab my head and kiss me.

Finishing the kiss, this time gingerly, I said, "Whatever faces us in the future, we have each other. No one is going to interfere with our lives." Dave excused himself to do a little tidying up.

Returning, he brought a warm, wet towel and said, 'Babe, let me do a little housekeeping." He proceeded to wipe my sweat-moistened body and well-used crotch area clean of human secretions.

We snuggled together, knowing that the ride back to the base in a few hours would bring answers to some unanswered questions.


I loved this man. Yes, man. All man. My man. His consideration for me. The way we could amuse each other. His intelligence and social grace. His classic, American male beauty. And, those primitive animal sounds he uttered when we made love.

After cleaning ourselves and enjoying brief cuddling, we both slipped on our briefs. Mike went over to the efficiency kitchen alcove and starting prepping dinner. God, his muscled butt looked great encased in his tight white CK's. I opened a bottle of Kendall Jackson merlot and poured two glasses.

"Mike, what say I go over to the Exchange next week and buy a small radio and portable TV for the place?"

"Only if you let me pay half," he said with his back to me while he was tearing lettuce. Turning, he continued, "Are you sure you can afford this? An E-2 doesn't make that much."

"Yeah. $349.00 every two weeks. Tell me about that." Chuckling, I raised my wine glass and held it in a toasting position with my best bud. We clinked glasses and took a sip. "My Mom and Dad left me enough that I can swing this part of our lives with no sweat."

Mike returned and proceeded to make an exceptional dinner on the Formica-topped table. The little oven broiled the steaks to medium-rare perfection. When we finished, I cleaned up the dinner mess while Mike made the bed. At 2000, we headed back in separate cars to Millington and the real Navy world. I needed to track down Phil tonight. I was sure he was studying.

I stopped at the Main Gate. With a new vehicle, I needed to register it with Security. It only took 15 minutes because I had all the documents in order. After placing the new enlisted decal on my bumper, I drove on base and to the parking lot. I secured the top and went into the barracks. I knew that Phil was in #10, down the right passageway. In the Navy, odd numbers were to the left; even to the right.

I lightly knocked on his door. "Phil, are you up? This is Dave." I heard steps approaching the door from inside and the doorknob turn. Opening the door stood my studious friend; his small frame covered by a tee and boxer shorts, glasses perched on nose, and book in hand. "Can I come in for a few minutes?"

"Sure, Dave. This is a good time for a break from studying. Wanna drink? I've got Budweiser and Coke," he offered pointing to the small fridge by his desk.

"A beer would be great."

He told me to sit on his bunk as he pulled out a chilled can and handed it to me. He was already drinking a Coke. I sat down, pulled the tab to open the can, and took a swig. Phil asked in his usual elegant fashion, "For what purpose do I have the honor of entertaining my new friend on a Saturday night?"

"Well. I wanted you to know I met Beth today in town."

"You met Beth? In Memphis? Where?" Phil said with a puzzled expression.

"Whoa. Slow down, guy."

"You come in and tell me, out of the blue, that you met Beth? Memphis isn't exactly Podunk," Phil replied with an uneasy smile.

"At her apartment building. Well, make that 'our' apartment building." I studied Phil for any reaction other than normal curiosity.

"Dave, you lost me somewhere around 'our' apartment building. Come again?"

"I just rented a small studio in Beth's building with a friend for a little escape place from the base on weekends.  We met Beth and her girlfriend Cathy at the pool. Quite by accident, I might add."


"Ah...yeah, my friend, and I. We're renting it together."

"Great. When am I going to meet her?"

"Well...um...Beth invited us to a barbeque you're having next Saturday." I took another long pull of the beer. "I guess we'll all meet then."

"We're having about six couples over. It will be good opportunity to meet some non-military types. Mostly students. I'm curious about your friend. Tell me all about her," he said with a genuine enthusiasm.

"Phil. I'm about to say something that requires complete trust between us." I looked at his eyes with a quiet pleading.

"Dave, you're being quite mysterious," he said warily.

"If what I tell you pisses you off, I'll go my way and won't bother you again. I only ask that you keep what I say just between us." I felt perspiration forming on my brow and my lips quivering.

"Whoa, slow down, man," he said with growing concern. "Whatever shit is going on, we'll figure it out." Getting up, Phil said, "I think I'm going to have a beer." He reached over to the fridge and got another frosty. "Ok, let's take this one at a time. First, does this have anything to do with Beth?"

"No. She couldn't have been more gracious this afternoon. And, when she found out we would be across the hall from her, she was really a great new neighbor."

"Then, what is the problem?" he said with a perplexed expression. "Whatever you tell me stays here."

Taking a deep breath, I said, "The thing is, Phil, the 'we' is another guy."

"You mean..."

"Yeah, gay as a goose." I looked for a reaction.

"Dave, your telling me that you're gay is no big fucking deal." He came over to the bunk and sat down next to me. Looking at me squarely in the eyes less than a foot away, he continued, "I'm not going to name names. But, don't think for a second that you're the 'lone gay ranger' on the base. There are several guys that I know that quietly have boyfriends. Good men, too. A few that I could probably point to in our barracks."

Feeling somewhat relieved, I asked, "This doesn't put you off about me?"

"Well, I might not drop my soap in the shower if you're around," he accented with a guffaw. Playfully, he lightly patted my back.

"Don't worry. Your skinny hetero ass is safe," came my retort that broke the tension.

"Skinny? Let me assure you that Beth likes it just fine," he replied with a chuckle.

"Hey, man, different strokes."

"Seriously, Dave. No. What you do in your personal life doesn't faze me for a moment. The friendship that has started between you and me is solid. And, for the record, my older brother is gay. He and his partner live in Atlanta. Beth has met them and really likes them both." With that, he grabbed my hand and held it. "So, I guess I'll meet your friend next weekend?"

I nodded and looked down at the deck. "Yes. His name is Mike," I said softly.

He put his other hand on my shoulder. The relaxed atmosphere between us became cloudy. "Ok, buddy, spill it. Whatever it is, my lips are sealed. Like Paul Harvey says, I want to hear the rest of the story."

Looking up, I superficially chuckled and said, "Yeah, 'loose lips sink ships,' or something like that," referring to an old WW II motto. "The thing is, Mike's also in the Navy here at Millington."

"Ok. And...?"

I took a deep breath and replied, "...and he's an officer." I studied his eyes.

"Well, my friend, you really know how to unload a mouthful." Phil scooted closer and pulled me into him with his arm around my shoulder. "That said, your secret and sordid details of any romance with anyone are safe with me. I gotta ask, is this a little fling or something serious?"

"As serious as you and Beth, I think."

"Hey, maybe we can have a double-wedding next spring?" He added, laughing louder.

Joining him in the joke, I said, "I don't think the church is ready for that." Ratcheting the tone down, I added, "But he is very special. I think this is the person I want to grow old with."

"Wow. Can I ask his name?"

"Phil, I know I can trust you." I said pausing. "It's Mike Cole. Ensign Mike Cole. He's the "O" Club Manager."

"Oh, yeah, I know the name from the Officer roster. But that's all." This little guy held me tightly with a reserved strength. Pulling away, he continued, "Your secret is completely safe with me. Tell Mike not to worry. And, I look forward to meeting him. At the apartment, we'll all be friends without any reference to the Navy. In fact, I think one of the couples invited is gay."

I pulled him into a hug between two friends. "Thanks, Phil. I know Mike will enjoy meeting you."

"And next month my brother and his friend will coming for a visit. Maybe we can get together while they're here?"

In a more upbeat fashion, I said, "That would be super. If it's around the 4th, maybe we can all get together and help celebrate my 21st birthday?"

"That sounds like a plan. I'll check the dates next week."

"I also want to tell you that I am a proud new owner of a Mustang convertible. I bought a used one this morning."

"Great. When do I get a ride?"

"Well, how about dinner at the Spotlight Cafe this week. Maybe Tuesday? I think I'm ready for Mama's Meatloaf."

"Tuesday's a deal. I'm seeing Beth tomorrow. I'll get all the details about the barbeque."

"Phil, would you let her in on who Mike is. She picked up that we are a couple. We didn't tell her that Mike is an officer."

"I will. Believe me, she won't say a word to anyone."

We both stood. "Thanks, Phil. You don't know how much both of us appreciate this."

"One word of warning, Dave. Those walls at the apartment are awfully thin. Your moaning in the middle of the night can be distracting."

"Fuck you, Phil," I answered with a laugh. "And just for the record, any moaning will not be me."

He took my hand with his and squeezed very firmly. "I really look forward to getting to know both of you better. Anyone you have picked to be a mate has got to be someone special."

"Thanks, buddy, I've got your back covered anytime." I squeezed his hand back, placed the empty beer can in the trash, and departed.

Outside the rec room, I went to one of the internal base telephones and dialed the BOQ. I was immediately connected to Mike's room. After two rings he answered.

I said, "Mission accomplished, Sir. No problems. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Thank you. Give me the details in the morning. Good night." We had agreed on an abbreviated conversation on the phone so not to arouse suspicions.

I headed to my room, empty, no doubt. 'Yes, Mission accomplished on many levels,' I reasoned.