Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

A special acknowledgement to David (aka ManHrd2Fnd) from the Lakeview area of Chicago for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, and to Carey for being a patient teacher.

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I was happy that the whole "Phil situation" had been resolved. A real solid friendship was developing. Shit, how did this all happen at once? First, a person to be the most important person in my life had arrived. Then, some buddies like Phil and Brent were helping me get on firm ground in friendships that had a potentially long shelf life. The period of drought in my life was passing.

I routinely walked through the rest of the week. Up early to go to the Club pool. Met with Mike. Did my lifeguard duties. Met Mike. Go home. I saw Brent a few evenings. He was usually pre-occupied with other things. I didn't ask.

When I ran into Jim Weiss on Wednesday, he seemed to have an inner glow that I hadn't seen before. He was friendly whenever we made contact. But, his mind was in another planet. We were friendly. However, we both realized that our 'encounter' was just that. Nothing was mentioned.


On Thursday, I got together with Phil in the early evening in his room.

"How's everything going for Saturday?"

"The final count will be 14. Good group. I think you'll enjoy meeting our friends."

"You're sure that Mike and I won't be a controversial couple?"

"Are you out of your fucking mind? We may be in the Memphis, but we're not part of the old South. Beth's classmates Steve and Alex will be there. I think you two will like them. They're also a couple."

'A couple.' God that sounded neat. We were definitely a couple.

"And two guys sharing a studio is not too subtle. Beth put two and two together when she first met you. Go with the flow, man," Phil added.

We talked about nothing in particular. Just got more comfortable with each other. When I returned to my room, Brent had just arrived. I could tell that he was considering his wardrobe for the weekend.

"Hey, guy, how goes it?'

"Dave, hi. I can't believe that we haven't seen each other for two days."

"You do know what they say about burning both ends of the candle?"

"My candle ends have been burned to exhaustion."

"You tired?"

"Dave, I'm fucking beat. But, I've got a busy weekend ahead. Time to recharge." With that, he removed his uniform, hung it neatly, and stripped down to his briefs. "How are you doing?" He walked over to the washbasin to brush his teeth.

"I'm good. No, correct that. I'm great. The feeling I have for Mike just keeps growing."

"That sounds pretty solid."

"We'll be back in town this weekend to get the apartment pulled together. Plus a barbeque with some of our new neighbors on Saturday." I didn't mention that the neighbors included Phil from down the passageway in our barracks.

"Once Doug and I have some spare time, the four of us will have to get together in town. You and I have got to figure out how to best officially introduce Mike to Doug and me."

"I'd like that to happen," I added with enthusiasm. Brent knew that I would never mention the guys' off-base activities. "We'll come up with a plan."

After rinsing, he walked over to his bunk and eased into the sheets. "I'm checking out for the night."

"I'm right behind you. 'Night."

"Ditto." Within minutes Brent was out for the count.

I went down to the head to do my thing and returned to a room with my roomie and new friend breathing deeply. It was interesting that I no longer looked at this gorgeous guy with lust and fantasy. 'We were buddies with a bonding in process,' I thought while brushing my teeth.

I finished my nightly routine and hopped into the bunk. Lights out.


Friday was a blur of activity as Mike and I touched base in the morning on the phone. I was going to drive into town and bring some other clothes. Mike would be busy with Club business and grab a dinner there. We agreed to meet up at the apartment around 8 pm.

Arriving at the apartment late morning, I unpacked my bag, hung up the extra pants and shirt, stowed away the spare underwear and socks, and put away the toiletries. I had bought an almost duplicate supply of bathroom basics that I would leave here. I also planned on having a few changes of casual clothes in the future.

With not a lot to do, I spent some time cleaning the place with a little spit and polish. I departed for a shopping trip to the mall around noon. In addition to some other supplies, I wanted to buy a few more casual clothes for my free weekends in town.

I got back to the apartment around 6 p.m. stopping off at Krystal's for a bag of mini-burgers and fries. Walking down the hallway with food and new purchases in hand, I saw Beth leaving her apartment and closing the door.

"Hey Beth. Good to see you again." I stopped in front of my door.

"Hey yourself," she replied walking over to give me a friendly peck on the cheek.

"Now that's what I call a good old-fashioned Southern welcome." I returned the gesture.

"I understand that Phil gave you the lowdown about Mike and me?"

"Honey, I got the whole story. Gives ' An Officer and a Gentleman' new meaning," she said with a feminine giggle. "I think it's real romantic."

"Yeah, I'm at a new place in my life I didn't think I'd ever get to." Looking at her earnestly, I asked, "You're cool about keeping Mike's rank quiet?"

"Cool." She winked and crossed her heart with her fingers. "I'm happy for you two. Listen, I gotta go. Going to a movie with some of the girls."

"See you tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the party."

"Bye." She tossed over her shoulder walking away.

Entering our new little home, I stashed away the purchases and wolfed down the food with a beer before stretching out on the bed for a short nap. I didn't bother taking off my clothes. Mike would accomplish that honor when he arrived.

Sometime later, I felt the sensation of my shoes and socks being removed. As I slowly stirred and looked forward with eyes half-opened, I saw Mike standing at the foot of the bed with not a stitch of clothing on with a big shit-eating grin. 'What a fucking hunk,' I thought, becoming more alert.

"Hey babe. You just got here?"

"A few minutes ago. Found this sleeping stranger in my bed."

"Well, I ain't a wolf," I replied

"And I'm not Little Red Riding Hood," Mike replied with a sly grin.

"What time is it?" I asked, still not completely awake,

"Just hit 2015. I'm a few minutes late."

In a faux anti-bellum accent, I said, "Well, Sir, you have me at a disadvantage. I've been caught off-guard in my bed by a man who may have designs on vulnerabilities." To add to the bent caricature, I fluttered my eyelashes in mock indignation.

"Vulnerabilities?  Scarlet, how can the town slut like you be vulnerable? The only vulnerabilities are how many inches you're going to take tonight," he replied with a horrible Rhett Butler impression.

Changing my voice to a husky male hustler, I said, "Well bring it on, mister. It's ten bucks an inch. Are you prepared to handle me?"

Mike leaned down, his knees on the bed between my legs, and kissed me. "I'm prepared for anything you want to do. How's my credit? I don't have 100 bucks on me." With that, he unbuckled and unzipped my pants.

"Dream on, guy. Give me 100 bucks and you'll get back a lot of change," I replied snickering.

"When I remove your pants, swabby, you'll see what I'm prepared to show and do."

"I'm in your hands, Sir. Be gentle." I lifted my hips so that the pants could be removed. My hard dick got snarled up in the briefs. After some physical negotiation, all clothes were taken off.

With that fantasy charade accomplished, Mike lay down beside and partially on top of me and said, "Hi lover. I've thought about this moment all week. How ya doing?"

"Better now that you're here. Tonight, I want you to fuck me 'until the cows come home."

"I don't know about cows, but how about until I cum."

Wrapping my arms around him, I continued, "Mike, grab that bottle of lube and let's get serious."

In a kneeling position, Mike took the lube and poured an ample amount on his fingers on his right hand. As he looked into my eyes, he started probing my crotch area with his other hand as the lubed digits found their way to my ass. We were both hard as a rock.

"This is going to make one very horny sailor very happy."

"Lover, no happier than me."

While continuing to massage around and in my chute, he brought his left hand up behind my head as a support and touched his lips to mine. An electric connection. In my mind, I was in an ethereal level of consciousness.  I knew that this was the moment for union.

"I'm ready," I whispered. That uttered, Mike replaced his fingers with the primary weapon. By now, we were getting used to each other's entry. The key for both of us was adjustment to the probe. When he finally entered, I could feel the pulse of Mike's heart through his dick as it echoed in my chute. We were one.


I loved Dave's fantasy role playing. Tonight, in the new Memphis crib, we were all over the board. Although I loved fucking, being fucked was an "acquired taste" I was still in the process of learning. I didn't think that it was anything about being submissive in the sex act. Hell, it just hurt! But, I was willing to be the bottom when Dave wanted to top. It was going to take time for me to adjust to that role. For my man, I'd walk on hot coals.

"Mike, you feel fantastic. Make it slow and long for a while?"

Encased in his hot form-fitting cavity, we created a heavenly friction as I brought my hard slippery cock back and forth. It was truly close sensory overload: This was love in the most intense physical form.

Dave growled, "Fuck me, Sir...fuck, fuuuck...oh shit, drill me...ohhh!"

Studying my lover, his forehead now beaded with sweat, while I plowed him, I realized that we were both on the same wavelength. "Urrgh, ahhh shit man, hmmm," I uttered. Varying the speed and depth of entry, I had my lover writhing. Changing angle of entry, I sought out his prostate as frequently as possible. When I felt him getting close, I would sink in and rest for a moment.

"Oh babe, I feel full," Dave uttered. That was my cue, I started to realize, that it was time to pick up the pace. After 'parking' a few times, I accelerated like a piston in a Corvette.

"I'm cummmming, Mike," he shouted, tightening his muscles everywhere. I reached down and aggressively massaged his withdrawn ball sac while speeding up my strokes to arrive at our destination together. "Ohhh, err, ummm," punctuated my shooting a load in him as he erupted with hot projectiles of semen cascading up to his chest and abdomen.

He grabbed me around my back and brought us together. Lying on top, I moved to his lips and gently kissed him with my tongue softly lapping his inner-lips and tongue. He reciprocated. "Mike, I love you with all my heart," he said after our mouths separated.

"You take me to places I didn't think existed. I want this to last forever, love." I rolled over to my side to take some weight away and to remove my softening penis. We held each other for a long while.

Coming out of our trance, he said, "I think that we better clean up ourselves and this mess."

Chuckling, I said, "Yeah. And I think we better invest in some more sheets." With that we got up from either side of the well-used bed and padded into the head to shower and brush teeth. Unfortunately, the tub was junior-size with a water saver showerhead. Except for routine hygiene, the tub was uncomfortable anything else, including erotic aquatic foreplay. We took turns. Dave first. 'Damn,' I thought. ' We are going to get a place someday that has a large shower.'

"We need to invest in a better showerhead," he shouted above the water splashing on him and the stall. "This one is Mickey Mouse."

"I'll start making a list for our shopping tomorrow. Definitely more sheets."

"And some more Wet!"

They say that the average young male has some sort of sexual thought every 16 seconds. My lover was beating the odds. The shower door opened with the water running so we could swap places. "Thanks, babe," I said, entering the prepped water spray.

Standing at the sink, he said, "It's only about 2200. Wanna go out to a few bars tonight and check out the action in this town?"

Massaging my head with shampoo, I replied, "Sounds good to me. I've heard good things about a place called Backstreet in mid-town. The Damron Guide gives the place high marks."

"Let's do it. If we leave in a half hour, the action should be starting."

About 30 minutes later, both dressed in civilian khaki and polo shirt camouflage, we were sitting - he on the edge of the bed, me on the one available chair - talking about our day while we each had one beer. The wives of the officers and their wearing "rank" poolside amused Dave. I gave him the rundown about the officers' and officers' wives' pecking order, starting with the "queen bee."

"Wow. Sounds like you don't want to get on her wrong side."

"I have purposely made a close ally with her." Briefly, I described my invitation to participate in the Carnival Memphis in two weeks. "You can come into town but I'm going to be professionally partying for 21/2 days. I think snuggle time is all I'll have energy for."

"Let's play it by ear. Maybe I'll hang with the guy I replaced at the pool on Friday night."

"You mean Jim."

"Yeah, Jim Weiss. We hit it off pretty well. I think we could become good friends."

"He's a good man. That might be a good idea. Just don't become too good of friends," I said walking over to the bed. I sat down, winked at him, and leaned in for a reassuring kiss.

"That's temping. But, you're my man.... exclusively." My kiss was returned with equal love.

With the beers finished, we pulled off the soiled sheets and replaced them for a warm sleep later. At 2230, we were in Dave's Mustang, top down.


Mike had a map and directions to Backstreet. We got there about 10 minutes later. Finding a well-lighted street parking spot not far away from the bar, I put the top up and secured it. It was obvious from all the young men on the street that this was definitely the gay area of town.

"We'll have to check out this place in daylight," I commented as we walked by various shops with rainbow decals and flags displayed in the windows. It was amusing to see a trendy shop selling china and linens next to a store displaying every type of leather accoutrement available to that crowd. After passing a very trendy-appearing Ace Hardware and a bookstore featuring gay and lesbian adult videos, we arrived at Backstreet.

"We can take a detour tomorrow and check out the shops," Mike said. He took my hand as we walked towards the bar door. Entering, we found the room accentuated by pulsing strobe lights coming from the crowded dance floor, colored laser beams, and indirect lighting behind the bar. I noticed a drinking ledge around the darker perimeters of the room and the shadows of men clustered in parings and groups as well as single images as the doorman checked our I.D.'s.

"Babe, why don't you get us a couple of beers while I go to the head?" I said with a wink.

"Ok. You do your thing and meet me at the bar." Mike squeezed my hand before I walked to the rear to locate the Men's Room and he to the bar. The low-lit room was damp and smelled of a mixture of urine, disinfectant, and some overpowering evergreen "air freshener" that only confused the odor. The urinal was actually a metal trough that angled to drain the contents and the constant running water to move the discharge.

Stepping up, I pulled out my penis for a long overdue whiz. Someone else was there doing his thing next to me. As my eyes discreetly moved over to the neighbor's crotch area to compare, I brought my eyes up to see the face after being impressed with the 'equipment.' The face turned slowly and my eyes opened big as my mouth fell partially open.

The man did a double take, paused with a smile, and said, "Well, Airman Swenson, welcome to Backstreet." We both continued pissing, dicks in hand.

"Err, Mr. Di Marco. Umm, I guess there's no way to BS you that I didn't know this place was gay?" I could actually feel my dick shrinking.

"Ha. First, Dave, it's Doug. That's the way it should be here in town. Second, I don't think we want to confuse the natives that might be overhearing us."

"And third, I assume that you didn't come here by mistake either?" I asked with a small smile. 'Shit,' I considered, 'my boss is gay?'

"Guilty as charged, Dave."

"Timing is everything. This is my first visit, um...Doug."

"Are you here alone?"

Shaking the last drops, I snaked "Davey" back in my pants and zipped up. "No, I've come with a friend." I smiled a little considering the protocol of not shaking another man's hand at the urinal.

"Well, from what I just saw at the urinal, you must make him very happy?" he said with a laugh and a wink. "Let's get out there and say 'hi' to him," he replied doing the same shaking and rearranging.

"Yeah, might as well," I said, resigned to the situation and feeling my face get red. Remembering meeting Doug the first time, I considered, 'This guy is a fucking wink machine.'

"Does he live here in Memphis, Dave?"

"Um...no, Doug. He's in the Navy, too." Neither bothered with washing. 'Kee-rist,' I thought to myself as we went back into the bar and the gay tribal beat of vintage disco, 'Mike's going to shit bricks.'

"Navy? I wonder if I know him?"