Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

A special acknowledgement to David (aka ManHrd2Fnd) from the Lakeview area of Chicago for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story, and to Carey for being a patient teacher.

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Doug and I had finished our dates fairly early. We were both only required to be "nephews" to some visiting businessmen. I lucked out. My date asked me to meet him midtown at Ronnie Grisanti and Sons restaurant for cocktails and dinner. The guy was lonely. He just wanted company. In that he was from New York, we clicked immediately. The restaurant served great Tuscan Italian fare with a decent wine list. I got back by 2130.

Doug had to work for his fees. His client asked for the evening to start with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres in his suite at the Peabody before dining at the hotel's four-star Chez Philippe. Doug was the featured hors d'oeuvre before freshening up and descending below for dinner.

Thank God for discretion with the hotel staff. After a while, we both were recognized as "working men." There was a black guy at the front desk who was always correct and cool. On my third visit to the hotel, he smiled and winked. I made sure that Brandon occasionally received an envelope with an Alexander Hamilton inside. Doug did the same.

Doug got back to the apartment around 2200. We talked about our evening, and decided to have a few at Backstreet. In that it had been almost a year since Doug and I first met there, it was almost a nostalgic visit.

Changing our clothes, we both subconsciously chose dress similar to a year ago. Doug found the tightest pair of 501's and a well-formed wife beater. I opted for black Gap jeans and a black tee. 'As Yogi said,' I thought, 'it's deja vu all over again.'

When we got to the bar and passed the doorman's inspection, Doug bought us two Pellegrino's and we found a dark corner on a bulkhead-drinking ledge. He excused himself to go to the head. Surveying the busy scene and noticing a good collection of cute guys in search of love on a Friday night, my eyes traveled over to the front door. As had happened when Doug and I entered just moments ago, heads turned as the two tall incredibly handsome men arrived. "Anchors Away" started to play in my head as my roommate Dave and his main squeeze Mike came in. Briefly, they spoke. Then, Dave went to the direction of the head and Mike walked to the bar. 'Whoops, comets were about to collide,' I thought knowing that Airman Swenson and Ltjg. Di Marco were about to meet in this gay male testosterone-charged atmosphere.

Sipping the Pellegrino, I watched Mike as he bought two beers and surveyed his surroundings standing at the bar. Dave was a lucky man. I wondered how my luck would turn out?  'Was it time to have a serious talk with Doug?' I pondered.

Donna Summer was belting out "Love to Love You Baby" on the speakers. Retro disco was really coming back big. The guys on the dance floor were getting into it. Several were bare-chested. I'd love to dance with Doug when he returned. I suspected a delay in that action as I saw he and Dave emerge from the back area and walk to the bar. Dave walked up behind Mike at the bar, grabbed him by the waist, and kissed the back of his neck. Turning around, Mike looked like the ghost of Christmas Past had arrived when he saw the familiar man standing next to Dave.


"Well...err...this is a surprise, Doug. A big fucking surprise, to say the least." I shook his hand and looked into his eyes with a puzzled, shocked expression.

"Relax. buddy, I'm not the Shore Patrol," Doug said breaking the ice. "The only 'patrol' I'm on is checking out hot guys."

"I'm ah...just a little shocked...that this hot stud before me...is you." I was really taken aback by Doug's mode of dress. Quite different from his usual post-preppy look. 'Wow,' I reacted, checking out his bulges in all the right places. 'He really fills those well-worn jeans.'

"To have shared the head with you for two months and not to have picked up that my next door neighbor is a homo?  My gaydar must be busted," he said with a laugh while placing a hand on my shoulder. The warmness of his touch helped defuse the situation.

"Ah...Doug, homo...gay...whatever. Is this going to be awkward?"

"Awkward? That we both like men? Shit, Mike, I don't know about you, but I've been looking for the right man since college."

I pulled Dave a little closer to me. "I've found him. It's just strange that my lover works in your department at my club."

He turned to Dave and said, "Buddy, I approve in your taste in men. If I had known that Mike swung on my side of the fence, I would have made moves earlier."

"Doug, this will not affect my standing at work, will it? I really like my job," Dave asked.

"Needless to say, this is a relationship that you guys need to keep quiet. As far as tonight goes, it doesn't exist tomorrow," he relied.

"As a brother officer, it goes without saying,' Mike concluded.

"On one condition," said Doug.

"Yeah?' Dave and I asked in unison.

"I get to dance with Dave tonight."

Dave started turning on his big grin. "I guess this is payment for the ride you gave me to the barracks." He turned and looked behind Doug. His "stealth" roommate was approaching. "Hi, Brent."

"Well. Talk about drama being played out here," the new arrival said. Extending his hand to me, this man with the movie star-handsome face said, "Hi, I'm Brent Williams. Doug and I are here together."

"Brent Williams. Why does that name sound familiar?"

"We've spoken on the telephone occasionally. Officially, I think I have referred to myself as Petty Officer Brent Williams from Admiral Clifton's office."

"Of course." I stopped to mentally evaluate what was going on before me. "Well, Brent, I guess our personal lives will be intersecting with our professional ones. How do you and Dave know each other?"

Dave jumped in and answered, "We're roommates."

I started a small chuckle that gathered momentum to a full-force laughter. "Talk about 'All in the Family.' This is downright military incest."

"Does this mean we're step brothers or cousins?" Brent asked as he planted a light kiss on Dave's cheek.

"Well, hopefully not fuck buddies," I retorted.

Dave feigned a hurt look and said, "You are more than enough for me. No substitutes required." He gave me a full passionate kiss on the lips.

"Hey guys, get a room," Doug tossed out.

"We already have one, thanks," I replied as I leaned in for another kiss while cupping Dave's beautiful bubble butt in my hand.

"Mike, I think that this meeting is a blessing," Doug commented. "We can be closer friends with this part of our lives open between us." He placed his hand around my waist. "It's the shits having to rattle around the closet in Millington and play our charades."

"I hear you. This is great to have an ally," I said, becoming more relaxed. "How did you guys get together?"

"We met by accident a year ago here at the bar," Brent inserted. "We were both horny guys out on the town," he added with a wink. "In fact, neither of us were aware that we were both Navy until the next morning."

"We've been good friends since," Doug added.

For the next half hour we all loosened up. Doug and Dave danced while Brent and I got to know each other better. Looking over to the dance floor, I was amused to observe our boyfriends shirtless while moving to the up-tempo DJ mixes. Sweat glistened from the chiseled bodies, as they would occasionally grind into each other face to face or chest against back. Most of the room was riveted to this scene, cheering them on when bodies sensually collided.

We joined the two "D's" on the dance floor to Madonna singing "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" in disco format.

"Hey sailors, is there room for two more Navy boys?" I yelled.

In a mocking salute Dave yelled back, "Yes, Sir. But lose the shirts."

"Okay, but nothing more," I replied with an exaggerated wink.

With the music booming and the light strobes flashing with the beat, Brent and I shook it to the max as the college kids said. For the next two songs, we all traded off in different pairings. By the time the DJ cranked out Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," Dave and I were together with perspiration flying everywhere. Looking around the room, most had stopped dancing to watch the four of us in top physical forms seductively move around the floor.

Around 0100, we all decided to call it a night. I wasn't ready to kiss Doug yet. But we did give each other a warm hug that was more than brotherly. Brent and Dave gave each other a hug and a brief kiss. I must admit they looked hot together. Brent was a knockout. But Dave held his own with a more natural 'boy next door' look.


'I am glad that the confrontation is over,' I thought, relieved. With our personal lives out in the open, the possibilities of a more meaningful off-base relationship existed. I was mindful that Brent was true to his word about not mentioning my sighting of them at the Rendezvous. There was no reason for Mike to be aware of the guys' other activities.

We got back to the apartment around 0130. Without saying much, Mike and I got ready for bed. It was understood that flossing and brushing was an important part of our pre-bed activities. Both our Moms had drilled this into us. And, it made after-hours smooching more palatable.

I was in bed first getting comfy on my side and waiting for my partner to appear. Mike turned off the lights and got in under the sheets. We kissed, both with fresh mouths. For a moment, we lay on our sides facing each other, arms wrapped around each other's torsos.

"I can't get over that Doug is gay and has this dreamboat sailor as a friend," He said.

"Hey, Ensign Cole, what you have isn't exactly chopped liver."

"If I wasn't so tired, I'd chop your liver right now." He leaned over and gave me a marvelous deep-tongued kiss while his free hand traveled to my crotch. His fingers gripped my flaccid penis.

"Mike, there's plenty of time for that tomorrow. How about we get some 'shut-eye' now?"

"You got it. Love ya babe." With that, we shifted so that I was spooning to Mike's broad back and cute butt. He loved my dick parked in his ass crack as he drifted off. And 'drift off' we did.

Saturday morning was a leisurely affair. We got out of bed separately, did the morning woodie whiz, rinsed our mouth with Listerine, and returned for morning cuddles. This non-sexual time was the most sensual. We had bonded and were in love. Just the mere touch of two naked bodies was gratifying. Feeling the pulsing heartbeats together was a high.

Another routine had taken hold. In the morning we reversed spooning positions. Mike naturally expected me to allow him to move his chest and body into my back and buns. He was fascinated with my pecs and armpits that he almost absent-mindedly massaged still half asleep. It was at this point that we went for either plan "A" or plan "B."

Plan "A" consisted of his hand slowly traveling down my abdomen and arriving at the pubic area for a little manhandling of the area and equipment. Once I was aroused, Mike moved in to orally please me. Plan "B" was warm physical snuggling before getting up. This morning it was plan "B."

After a late waffle breakfast at the Toddle House, we spent the rest of the day on our shopping expeditions. We had both made lists. Returning around 1400, we saw Phil and Beth in the pool area next to the communal barbeque grill. After stowing our purchases, Mike and I tossed on board shorts, slipped in flip-flops, and went down to the pool, towels in hand.

"Hey guys." Beth greeted us with full-open arms. She then proceeded to peck us lightly on the cheek.

"Beth. Good to see you again." Mike returned the friendship kiss. Turning slightly to her male companion, he continued, "And you must be Phil?" as he extended his hand. "I'm Mike Cole."

"Mike, good to meet you. As Dave probably mentioned, the Navy is left back in Millington. To everyone else, you two are our neighbors. Whatever you want to say otherwise is your deal."

Mike pulled Phil into a "Mike Hug" and said, "Thanks, buddy. I don't want any complications in my life with Dave. As you know, we are very close."

"Is there anything we can get or do for you before to the party tonight?" I asked.

"Everything's covered. We've got plenty of food, beer and friends. We'll meet at Beth's place around 6 pm, have a few drinks, and then move the party down here. We've got the pool area reserved from 7 pm to 10 pm. After that, its noise curfew," Phil instructed.

"Baby, I'm sure the guys will have plenty to do after ten," Beth injected.

We both grinned. "Yeah. And it's not the 10 o'clock news," I tossed out.

That said, Mike and I plunged into the pool and horsed around like teenage boys 'cruisin' for a bruisin'. We splashed, dunked, grabbed, and generally had a lot of harmless fun. No one was around at this point. I'm sure that if anyone had seen us, we would have been considered post-pubescent over-grown kids.


It was a relief meeting Phil. Like Beth, nice people. Navy protocol was not part of the program. We were just another young couple. Couple. That did sound good. After 30 minutes of messing around in the pool, reverting back to a replay of our teen years, Dave and I returned to the apartment for some low-key 69 snacks before dinner.

Being a warm June evening, without the bugs that would appear later in the summer, we both wore polo shirts, cargo shorts, and Topsiders. 'Shit,' I thought, 'we're starting to dress like each other.' We were definitely into a coupling mode. Next we would be finishing each other's sentences.

At about 1815, we grabbed two bottles of Merlot and arrived at the party four feet away from our door across the hall. Beth invited us in.

"Hey." Beth loved that word.

"Hi, Beth." Dave said, easing in for a peck on the cheek.

"Guys, this is Dave and Mike from next door." Heads turned and greeted us with nods and waves.

Phil came over and we offered our bottles of wine. "Do you want to start with the wine or some beer for openers?"

We nodded together and I said, "Beer will be fine."

I guess everyone in Memphis must be punctual. Counting everyone present, we started working the room. We both seemed to be at ease as the 'Dave and Mike' couple. All the guests were probably third or fourth year college students. If they didn't get the male couple picture by now, we needed to hand out instructive illustrated pamphlets about homosexual relationships. Fortunately, everyone was cool with our pairing.

Walking over to the two guys talking together, I said, "Ok. You must be Steve and Alex."

"At least it isn't Adam and Steve," Beth gingerly commented as she moved to our area. We were introduced as Beth's neighbors. Steve and Alex were both in their senior year. Steve was in Pre-law, while Alex was studying Finance.

"I guess that Steve and I aren't the only gay couple here tonight?" Alex said with a smile. They were both of medium height, trim, and preppy good-looking.

"Mike and I are very much together. We just moved in next door."

"You guys go to school?" Steve asked.

"Naw. I've finished college and work in a business. Dave is taking a little time off before going back to school," I answered vaguely.

We were all polite and exchanged phone numbers. It might be fun to get together. Cocktail conversation didn't allow time to get below the surface with others.

Except for one guy, the rest of the straight couples couldn't have been more cordial.

With a drawl that was right out of Mississippi, Billy didn't shake hands when we introduced ourselves. His girl Sally was friendly and extended her hand. "So y'all guys live together?"

"We share an apartment across the hall."

"Ah know that layout. Ther'all studios wi'd one bed. You guys homos?"

"We're a couple and yes, we're gay," I tossed out and stared at him coldly.

"Billy, what's getting into you tonight?" Sally asked. "Can't you leave that backwater bigoted crap at the border?"

"Ah'm jes statin' the obvious, Hon."

"The obvious, Hon, is that you're going to apologize to these two nice guys and then we're going to discuss where our relationship is heading. I'm not going to be with any hateful hillbilly. Got it, Hon?" Sally glared at her escort.

Sheepishly, Billy did mumble a half-assed apology and finally shook my hand before being led away to a corner by his girlfriend.

Beth had been watching the exchange of words and came over to us. "Boys, I'd forgotten about Billy and his country attitudes. Sally is a friend of mine and I don't know him that well."

"No harm. I guess it's good for Mike and I to experience the real world."

"Except for him, the rest of the crew is great. And I'm sure Sally will let Billy know where he stands. I don't think I'd want to be him later tonight," I replied with a laugh.

"Yes, I expect the temperature to be frigid tonight for Billy," Beth concluded with a wink.

Everyone else made it a point to seek us out and apologize for the incident. I noticed Sally and her hayseed date leave early just before the food was served.

The cookout down by the pool was a big success. chicken, bratwurst, potato salad, tossed salad greens, corn-on-the-cob, and garlic bread were well received. By 2130, the party and the wine had pretty well played out. Thanking Beth and Phil, we explained that Dave was scheduled for work early in the morning. Saying good night to all and thanking Beth and Phil, we retired to our place.

"No big cigar, but that was fun." I embraced my other half when we were inside.

Kissing me on my eyes, ears and cheek, Dave said, "Little baby steps. This was kind of a coming out party for us...in friendly territory. Well, friendly except for Billy. Jeez, what cave did he crawl out of?"

"As you said, it's part of the real world. Ignorant fucks like Billy are out there. I'm so proud to have you with me as my partner."

"Mike, being introduced as a couple felt real good. I can get used to this." He kissed me as he pulled my Polo up over my chest. I raised my arms so that it could be removed. After shucking my shirt to the corner, Dave did the same thing with his. The Royal Blue and Peach Polos lay disheveled together.

We both toed off the Topsiders and proceeded to remove the cargo shorts. Standing before each other in only our CK briefs, Dave kneeled and slowly pulled down my tighty-whiteys. After being released from the compact protection, my hard dick leapt out; its swollen purple head was waiting for a challenge. The challenge came in the form of a warm tongue.

Dave started to lap around my cock head and then moved down the length of my hardness. As he took my cock in his mouth, I gasped when he moved the entire length to his throat area. It never ceased to amaze me when someone could take a large hard dick completely. I still choked every time I tried. Dave was a very patient teacher.

After a few minutes of Dave's ministrations to my swollen dick, I pulled him up to my arms. Rotating around, I eased him down to our bed. Once in a prone position, I grabbed his briefs and removed them. On my knees on either side of his legs, I admired this masculine specimen below me. Leaning over, I said, "I love every inch with you."

"Me too, lover."

"I was so proud of you tonight. We are two halves that make a whole."

"I know."

I reached for the lube and started applying a large portion to my butt hole.

"Whatchu up to, babe?"

I started spreading lube on Dave's very hard member. "I'm going to eat your dick with my ass." I applied more lube and started finger fucking myself to prep my anus. Having become familiar with his eight hard fat inches, I made sure my three fingers stretched the chute enough. I was a very determined man to make this part of our union work for both of us.

"Mike, you don't have to do this. I'm comfortable taking you."

"Shuddup, lover. As you point out, we are equals. I need you inside me."

"Buddy, I love being in you. You're commanding this ship, tonight. I'm all yours," Dave almost growled in a low husky voice.

When I was ready, I lowered myself on my lover's ready love-piston. "Urrrg," I emitted as I lowered myself. I was in complete control and getting used to the feeling of a large hard hot cock up my bum.

"Mike, are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, Ahhh, Ohhh," was my reply. Not original but effective for the moment. I sped up the movements, partially clenching my ass as I moved down on Dave's cock. 'Jeez,' I thought as his rigid glans grazed my prostate, 'maybe I'm getting the hang of this.'

"Oh, you fucker. Yes. Fuck me." Dave started to move in counter-unison. "You fucking...ah...cocksucker...drill me, pump me. Fuuuck!" We were out of control.

A thin layer of sweat had formed on Dave's chest. I was perspiring from the activity. "Uggh, Dave," I uttered words and sounds that were understood as a sign that a climax was near.

"I'm cumming...ohhh...ahhh," yelled Dave.

As I tightened my sphincter I could feel liquid movement in the bowels as he shot a ferocious load. In unison, I voluntarily blasted cum all over my partner's face and chest. At the end, we were both spent.

After cleaning up, we went into deep sleep. We had made an agreement earlier. Dave would quietly get up and return to the base to begin his duty at the pool by 0800. I would sleep in and clean up the apartment. Not a bad deal for two young people in love.