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Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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Part 24  - SUMMER ISSUES    


The rest of July was a daily repeat of surviving Tennessee's hot, humid days and tepid nights. Doug gave me the highlights of the L.A. trip concerning his folk's acceptance of Brent. I was really happy for the guys. At some point, I'd have to make a trip to Chicago and give Mom the rundown on my life and the changes. With Dad, I didn't give a shit. Maybe I could plan a side-trip with Dave after the long weekend in Minnesota the second weekend in September?

On July 30, I got an early call from the X.O., who asked that I set up the ballroom for a Naval Air Station officer conference to be conducted by the Commanding Officer at 1500 that afternoon. I would be in attendance as club supervisor and participant. The room was set up theater-style with a long draped table on the side with coffee, iced tea, lemonade, bottled waters and assorted cookies. Just before 1500, all the NAS officers were in the room, clustered in small groups. We were concerned about this meeting that had been called the same day. Something heavy was going to be announced.

Doug and I were together. He said, "Well, we know something's up. I can only guess what's going on."

"Yeah, sounds like maybe some bad news concerning the base."

"My money's on that. The Special Services budget requests for facility improvements have been sitting on the C.O.'s desk for two months."

A couple of the guys from the BOQ joined us. As I saw the Executive Officer step up to the podium, I excused myself. Nodding to the X.O., I tested the PA system. I gave him a thumbs up.

"Gentlemen, here's Captain Campbell." We stopped talking and stood with respect as the 'Old Man' approached the podium. "Thanks, Henry. Please be seated." There were a few moments of shuffling as the 100 plus officers found seats. I stood by the side in case I was needed to be of assistance.

There was total silence. "I spent this morning with Admiral Clifton. We have just been alerted by the CNO's office that effective December 31, the Naval Air Station will be downgraded to a Support Facility."  There was a low murmur throughout the room. "And, the Naval Air Training Facility will be permanently transferred to NAS Pensacola." This time there was an audible gasp.

'Oh shit,' I thought. 'The first shoe has been dropped.'

Turning to me, he said, "Mike, would you help pass out the handouts?" He pointed to a large box at the entrance.

"Yes, Sir." I motioned to Doug and two others to come up and help me. Finishing the task, I returned to my standing post.

"Thanks. Now let's review the material."

Over the next hour, Captain Campbell gave us the rundown. The base as it was functioning today would cease at the end of the year. Personnel would have new orders of reassignment by mid-fall. I was surprised to find that Admiral Clifton's office would not be moving. The Admiral in Pensacola would absorb the training operation. 'Wow,' I thought. 'Talk about lives being changed drastically.' Between January 1 and early spring, the base would be dramatically downsized. The Reserve units would continue to fly out of Memphis until late summer next year.

Just as the Captain started his meeting, I left the room momentarily and asked Marge to contact the opening bartenders to get over here ASAP. I also asked that the third on-call bartender be brought in. The bar was going to do brisk business after the meeting.

At the end of the presentation, the C.O. took questions from the floor. I had portable mikes ready. "Captain Campbell," a Supply Corps Commander asked, "What exactly does this mean for my family? I have three kids in school. How do I plan?"

"Stanley, I don't have the answer to that. We know that NAS will be an active base through December. After that, a planned wind-down period will phase out most of the base. With some guessing on my part, I think that the Senior Officers will be able to live out the school year to next spring. However, most of your support enlisted men and junior officers will be gone. You're going to rely on the civilian staff."

'Hmmm, be gone,' I pondered.

The rest of the meeting pretty much plodded along this route: much trepidation concerning the lives and future of the NAS men, women and dependents.  Afterwards, the bar was hit pretty hard. We were prepared. Later, I joined my group at the BOQ Bar. Doug and I sat later alone.

"You're in good shape. You get out of the Navy the end of the year."

"Yeah. But, I wonder what Brent is going to do. It sounds like the Admiral will retire here."

"If I know Brent, I would bet that he is already angling to have some West Coast orders cut."


'Holy fuck,' I plotted. 'What was my next plan?'  The Admiral's Aide had held a staff meeting late morning to discuss our future.

After the meeting, I sat down with the Master Chief Yeoman. "Chief, can I seek out some advice?"

"Sure, Brent. What's on your mind? As if I didn't have to guess."

"Chief, I have one more year in the Navy. What are the chances to get transferred to one of the bases in San Diego?"

"Why San Diego?"

"I have someone very special in L.A. It's important that I'm close."

"Sounds like someone's in love."

"Yeah, something like that."

"Brent, you're a good kid. I'm going to make a few calls in the Admiral's name and see what comes up. You know that our office will be pulled the end of the year?"

"Yes. That's why I need your help."

"I'll see what comes up. Don't plan on knowing anything for the next month or so."

"Chief, I really appreciate it." With that, I stood and warmly shook his hand.


I had just returned to the barracks from the pool. It was strange that Mike did not appear that afternoon. Stranger still, Brent was home.

"Hey, Brent," I announced when I entered our room. "What's happening?" Brent was stripped down to his briefs and was staring at the ceiling as he lay in the bunk. 'Jeez, this guy should be arrested for being so fucking hot,' I observed.

"Dave. Hi." He got up and swung his legs around to sit. "What do you think about the news?"

"News? I don't know what you're talking about." I started stripping out of my dungarees. Tossing all my clothes into the dirty laundry bag, I found a pair of gym shorts. Although I was aware I was being watched, I had no reason for modesty. We were like brothers at this point.

"Yep. They announced that the base and the training facility are being phased out by the end of the year. All hell is breaking loose."

"Oh shit. What about you?" I also wondered about Mike.

"I've got my Chief working on a transfer out to San Diego."

"He can do that?"

"Oh yeah. These senior Navy Chiefs are really wired. The officers only think they run the place."

"Ok. Let me ask you a favor. Is there anything you could do to get Mike transferred out to San Diego also?"

"Mike? Shit, I don't know. But for you, buddy, I'll start placing a few inquiries tomorrow."

I moved over to his bunk and placed my arm around his shoulder. "Brent, if you can do something for the man I love, I'll owe you big time." I looked into his beautiful face and eyes.

"Buddy, if I can do it you'll hafta buy me a few beers up in Minnesota when we visit in September."

"Deal." With that, I kissed him on the cheek. "If we weren't 'brothers,' I can think of a few other places I would rather kiss you." I chortled as he gently elbowed my side.

"If we weren't 'brothers,' I could too." We both collapsed in laughter.


A couple of weeks later, in the middle of August, Dave and I were at the apartment. We were planning on cooking in and joining Phil and Beth later to see a movie. We had spent the early afternoon at the pool with a few of the other neighbors. By 1400, we were ready for a "nap."

And "nap" we did. I was finally able to enjoy taking Dave's formidable cock when he made love to me. He had been very patient since our talk the evening at the Peabody. I finally discovered the ecstasy of being plowed by the love of my life. These new orgiastic heights were worth the price of admission. The first time I climaxed without touching was a wonderful and messy revelation.

About an hour later, we started stirring. I felt Dave's lips on my forehead and cheeks. "Hi babe. You're awake?"

"Yeah. Just checking on you."

"Considering that I just blew a load an hour ago, I'd say I'm in good shape. How about you?"

"That might explain why we're sticking together. We need a shower."

"If you can pry yourself away, Dave, why don't you start and we'll play tag-team in the shower." With that he kissed me and got out of bed. Wow. I was always amazed when I saw him walking nude with his gorgeous dick swaying from side to side.

After we both got dressed, we began the later afternoon ritual of starting dinner. The movie, "Batman Forever," starring Val Kilmer and Jim Carrey, was showing at 1930. Phil and Beth would meet us at the apartment at 1900.

"I don't know about Val Kilmer, but Carrey just cracks me up," I said while making the salad. Tonight we were having simple spaghetti and Bolognese sauce, mixed greens, and an inexpensive Chilean merlot.

"It will be fun. Mike, are we all set for the trip up to the lakes?"

"Let's talk about that. Doug and Brent are ready. And, so am I. We'll meet at the Airport early Friday morning and take an 0730 Northwest flight, arriving in Minneapolis around 0940. I've made car rental arrangements at the airport for us. If everything goes well, we should be at the cabin by 1300 after stopping somewhere for lunch. How am I going so far?"

With an approving glance, Dave nodded and replied, "I've called ahead to have the place straightened up and provisioned. Sounds like we've got everything under control."

"Well, to a point. On Monday, rather than returning to Memphis, I want you to join me and travel to Chicago, where I can introduce you to my Mom, brother and sister. We can return Tuesday."

Turning down the sauce to simmer, he approached me. "Do you mean it? You want me to meet your family?"

"Yeah, babe. I think it's about time."

"This is a big step for you, Mike." I kissed him tenderly. I noticed Dave valiantly trying, without success, to hold back tears.

"Big, but necessary." I hoped the sauce wouldn't burn as I embraced him.

After sufficient time to allow any tears to dry, I asked, "Let's talk about this long weekend up in the wilds of Minnesota. What kind of cabin are we going to? Doug and Brent are pretty adventurous. I'm just curious about how much roughing it I should expect."

With that, Dave let out a laugh. After a moment, he said, "Sorry, Hon. I guess we haven't talked very much about this part of my life."

"What part is this?" I asked with a questioning look in my eyes.

"The part where I tell you a little more about my family. The place we're going to has been in my Dad's family for three generations. Dad inherited it from my Granddad. That's why I couldn't get rid of it. And Mom did her design magic to bring the cabin into the 20th century."

"Ok, Dave. What kind of a cabin are we talking about?" I was getting a little nervous. We had never held anything back.

"Cabin? Maybe that is a little bit of a stretch."


"Well, Gull Lake is where we are located. I've got great shoreline property that Granddad developed."

"Let's go back to 'stretch.' What exactly will I find?"

"Basically, we've got about 3,000 square feet of a three-bedroom faux log cabin home looking over the greatest morning view as the sun comes up over the lake."

"3,000 square feet?"

"Yeah. Roughly. Three bedrooms are on the second floor. The great room, den and large kitchen on the first floor. Mom really did a great job decorating it. The back porch looking down at the dock and lake is spectacular."


Yeah. There's a vintage mahogany 18-foot Chris Craft speedboat that we can use. It goes back to granddad's time but runs great. It's maintained and stored over at the marina."

I started laughing. "Babe, you continue to amaze me. This sounds perfect for us. Doug and Brent will love it."

"I haven't been too vague? You're not pissed at me?" He looked concerned.

"Pissed. Never. But just for the record, what kind of 'rainy day' money are we talking about?" I remembered my questions about his free spending earlier this year.

"Enough. Enough so that we don't have to worry about next month's rent." He grabbed me in a passionate kiss.

"No, seriously. We're equals in everything. I have limited means." I looked at him sincerely.

"I don't think too much about what Mom and Dad left me. Almost everything is managed by one of Dad's former partners. Except for three grand a month that is deposited in my checking account, everything else is re-invested."

That explained how he was able to handle his expenses. I knew that the paltry enlisted E-3 income couldn't do it. "Do you mind telling me what you were left? I'm not being nosy. Just want to understand you better, love."

"Well, it started at around three million. I suppose that it's grown since then. The guy in Minneapolis is very shrewd." He grabbed my left hand with both of his. "This isn't going to be a problem, is it?"

"No, Dave. It won't. Let's not let it."

"Babe, I should have mentioned this before. I just didn't think about it. Let's not talk about it again. But, if we need any resources for anything, I'm ready to help." He stepped forward and pulled me into a tight embrace.

"Whoa. Better check out the sauce to make sure it's not burning." We broke away to check out any damage. Fortunately, the sauce was simmering as planned.

"Ok, Dave, I can live with that. Are there any more surprises?"

"I don't think so, buddy." He moved back in for another kiss. I would not refuse.


The long business and personal weekend had thrown my recruiting and training of Trevor Winston for a curve. After the Carnival weekend, we did have a meeting at Backstreet. I found out about his life growing up in Nashville. He didn't have the grades to get into Vanderbilt, so the University of Memphis was a second choice. And since his Dad had limited means to support college, Trev was working part-time for a telemarketer. He hated it.

"Ummm. Doug?" I looked at his classic Anglican face and raised an eyebrow. "I'd like to know you...ah...better. But, I've got a roommate at my place."

"I'd like that, too." Good positive first step. "I've got a place not too far from here. Let's go over there."

"Super." He smiled and we both finished the last dregs of our almost warm beer. I suggested that he follow me in his car.

The evening was pleasant for me as target, judge and jury. I let him continue his aggressiveness. He didn't know at the time why this was happening. As Trev moved forward in his  'seduction', I thought about the trust that had developed between Brent and me over the past month. My lover understood that this was strictly business.

Once we were in the bedroom, with my stage-set lighting, I let him undress me completely before I did the same to him.

Standing before each other, our hard cocks ready for action, I was pleased at the overall package. In addition to a charming, Southern accent and sense of humor, he physically was just right. About 5' 10", Trev had a naturally trim body with smooth skin without any blemishes. His dark brown hair was trimmed short which accentuated his preppy bearing.

As I cupped his low-hanging balls with one hand, I playfully poked his throbbing member with my thumb. Reaching up, I felt a pretty average six-inch hard meat that was accented by an amazing mushroom head.

"Doug, I want to be in you so bad." He rose up slightly and kissed me. As I opened my mouth, his serpentine-like tongue entered and started probing and darting. I greedily sucked it.

"I won't object." With that, he roughly pulled back the covers. I took the cue and eased onto the bed, pulling him down with me. He thoughtfully landed on his knees. After an expert tongue-bath ending at the logical destination, he started working my willing asshole. That was one hot, fucking tongue.

He found the lube and condom when I subtly reached over and pulled open the top drawer of the side stand.

Grinning, Trev put on the rubber and expertly lubed me. I would have no problem with Trev's cock of average length. The juicy, giant glans, however, was a bonus.

"You ready for some action, stud?" he said with his hard dickhead at the door.

"Ease in slowly." I relaxed my muscles and pushed out. 'Wow, that flared head of his was going to give me some good action in there,' I judged. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Brent entering, as my chute became full.

And fuck we did. He was pretty quiet except for some nice endearing comments. After cleaning up -both blowing substantial loads - we spent a half hour sharing a beer in the living room. I didn't want to mislead Trev.

"Listen, I'm going to be in Memphis Saturday night. You wanna grab a early dinner?"

"Yeah. That would be great."

"I've got a business idea that might appeal to you. It would allow you to get out of telemarketing."

"Fuck, Doug. I'd do about anything to get out of that crap job."

"Ok. We'll see what happens Saturday."


I had no doubt that the business dinner would be a success. And it was. Jeez, between my growing love of Brent, the two jobs and training my recruits, it was a busy time. I brought in Brent to handle Trev so I could focus on Jim Weiss, my young, Navy stud in-the-making.

The rest of August was just shitty. Hot, humid, and uncomfortable as hell. Brent and I worked on a more selective basis. Word had traveled about our successes in L.A. Our fees were at a premium. However, Brent let Tan Man know that he would also be leaving Memphis in a few months. Brent put in his retirement notice and the two agreed upon a November termination date. Tan Man was pleased that our replacements would be in place soon, once the training phase was over.

Jim Weiss was moving along well. I trusted him to work on his own with some of the repeat clients that I knew. He had understood his part as we stepped up the final weeks of training. I had not introduced him to Brent, yet. In Memphis, my preppy pal, Trev, was a champ. While he was hungry for money, he understood the need for moderation and tempering greed. He was turning into one little hot fucker. Brent told me that Trev could get his dick up for anyone. The Southern gentleman would be soloing soon.

As Labor Day approached, I was thinking of our little northlands retreat the weekend afterwards. Brent and I were both 'socially' involved in Memphis over the holiday weekend. When we got back, it was just a matter of days before we ventured up North for a rest with friends.

Thursday night, Brent and I spent the evening in the apartment. We would meet Mike and Dave at the airport in the morning. Both of us were packed for roughing it in the wilds.

In that I was early, I was in charge of the music. Being a closet drama queen, I put on Mahler's 1st in the CD player. This was going to be an all-Mahler evening. After removing my traveling clothes from Millington, I put on my terry robe. While heating up some hot hors d' oeuvres, I poured a glass of chardonnay. While accomplishing that, I heard a key slide into the door. As it opened, I had a glass of Mondavi Reserve and a kiss ready when my man walked through the doorway.

"Hi, babe." Brent kissed me with a nice, husbandly peck that I eagerly returned.

"Thanks," he said as I gave him a glass of wine. "Something smells good."

"Just some bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and skewered Thai chicken that you like. I stopped by the deli and picked up some cold salads for dinner."

"Aren't you becoming a domestic diva," he replied with a wink and giggle. "I love it." He kissed me again.

"Go ahead and change into something casual. I'll get the food ready." While he was gone, I set out the hot food on the coffee table and the salads in bowls on the dining table. When he returned, my blond beauty was in a matching robe. Walking over to the couch, he sat down and poured us both refills of the wine.

"Terrific chardonnay."

"It's ours, babe. 'T' sent over a couple cases of Mondavi Reserve as a little token of thanks for the successful L.A. mission." We laughed and toasted each other.

We nibbled at the appetizers before moving over to the table for the salads. Mahler's 2nd was just starting. I loved Solti's powerful conducting interpretation of the  "Resurrection" as he led a bold, confident Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

"Speaking of L.A., Sam called me yesterday. He wants me to start some acting lessons next week. Thinks I could become an actor when I get out of the Navy." Brent took a first bite of the curried beef and pasta and looked to me for reaction.

"Oh really?" I pondered his comment. "Is this something you want?"

"Well, it worked out pretty well for Mom," Brent replied with a soulful expression that I had come to expect whenever he thought about his family. "I don't want anything that will conflict with going to school. That comes first. Along with you, of course."

"Who's the teacher?" I was warming up to the idea. I served myself some marinated grilled vegetables and dug in.

"Some respected, older actor who runs a theater here. He is coaching Cybill Shepherd. She lives in Memphis."

"So, what's Sam's plan?" 'Hmmm, a hot actor in the family?' I considered.

He wants me to take lessons from him once a week through the fall. Then, after the first of year, I'll come out to Hollywood for a week, so that Sam can ease me into a tiny role in a movie that will be in production. He doesn't want to expose me on TV right away."

"Sounds like Sam has big plans for you. If you're happy...so am I." I squeezed his hand and wistfully smiled.

"Well. I think that I have other news that will make you happier." Still holding his hand, he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Other than what's between your legs?" I squeezed his hand harder for emphasis before releasing it.

"Yeah, that too." He studied me before continuing. "I'm not supposed to tell you - ha, ha, ha - but Sam is going to contact you next week about the possibility of working on his new film when you get out in December - the film Abe and Fred are financing.

"Holy shit! Are you serious?" My heart started racing a mile a minute.

"Dead serious. Apparently Fred asked Sam to find a spot for you. I hope that Fred doesn't think that he can have his way with you."

"Naw. We discussed that in L.A. I told him that I was with someone I was deeply in love with." I paused and winked at my partner with a cockeyed smile. I got an air kiss in return. "He's okay with that. I think that Abe and Fred would like to be friends, however. Do you have any problem with that?"

"No. They're nice guys. Just as long as we're only friends, babe."

"So what does Sam have up his sleeve?" Yeah, my curiosity was piqued.

"This is all I know. And, when Sam calls, act completely surprised."


"Apparently the film, something called Hollywood or L.A. Confidential, will start production by mid-summer. He's going to hire you to be a Production Assistant starting in January and help the producer on all the detail work."

"You mean gofer? I can handle it. A great learning job."

"That's what Sam said. By summer, when filming actually starts, he's going to suggest that you become an "Assistant to" the Director and the Assistant Director. I have a feeling that when Sam 'suggests', it happens."

I excitedly started talking fast, babbling I'm sure. "Oh shit, Brent, this is exactly what I need to realize my dreams. I couldn't have wished this in my wildest imagination. Oh fuck, this is great!" I almost leaped out of my chair and danced around to Brent, hugging him while he was still seated in his chair.

"I'm very happy for you," Brent replied grinning, standing to bring me into his strong arms. After a long hug, we returned to finish the dinner. I had a million questions that would have to be on hold until Sam called next week.

Later that night, we expressed our love for each other and climaxed as Solti's brass and percussion sections advanced the orchestra to the powerful finale of Mahler's 8th. We cleaned up and I whispered into Brent's ear, "See you at the Academy Awards in five years." We lay sated and content before drifting off. The early wake-up alarm would come soon enough.