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Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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We all arrived about the same time at Memphis International Airport Friday morning. Driving separately was necessary because of the Chicago trip.

Ah, Chicago. That would be a trip...and a half. I had called Mom a couple of weeks ago and told her that I was going up to the lakes area of Minnesota with a close friend for a long weekend and thought this would be a great opportunity to stop by the house in Oak Park and see the family before returning to Memphis. I hadn't been back for almost two years.

The last time I had seen Mom was at graduation in Ithaca. Sister Liz was now 25 and working as a merchandising specialist for Marshall Field's. Her fiancée I had met only once. He was an associate at Kirkwood Ellman, one of Chicago's international-reaching law firms. Would probably be making big bucks some day. They had announced a spring wedding.

Rick was a mystery to me. My brother had just turned 28 and was living in Wrigleyville with his old college roommate from Michigan State. Rick was on the floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a trader. I forgot what his roommate did. Maybe a broadcast journalist for one of the local TV channels? Except for an annual Christmas card and birthday note, we had not spoken or seen each other for a couple of years. Funny. We were friendly but never that close.

In that Dave wanted to look up Russ in the Evanston area for lunch and introduce us on Monday, I told Mom that we should be in Oak Park by late afternoon. She was going to get the clan together for dinner. Liz and her fiancée would be there. Rick thought he could make it with a friend. So, with Mom, there would be seven assorted Coles and guests. I knew Mom would call a caterer.


As soon as we got to the Northwest boarding gate, I asked Brent to watch the carry-ons while I scouted out a Starbuck's for a morning caffeine fix.  Walking down the concourse, I spotted our traveling companions.

"Hey guys. Top o' the mornin'," I said with a lilt in my voice.

"Doug. Where does a Italian guy from L.A. come up with an Irish brogue?"  Mike was looking pretty sharp in his jeans, boots and a flannel shirt. We bumped knuckles and did a lame version of a "high five."

"I like Bushmills and water too much. Guess I better stick to Chianti," he answered. I smiled and turned my attention to Dave. "Brent and I are really looking forward to roughing it up North."

"Doug, I think Chapstick and KY are the only things you're going to need to rough it," Dave, quipped. We all laughed as Dave leaned into me for a brotherly hug. 'Christ, were these guys infectious,' I thought. Great friends.

They joined me for the coffee purchase. All having a hot cup of Seattle's finest in our hands, we went to Gate 9. Boarding would start in 20 minutes. Brent gladly accepted a cup of black Breakfast Blend.

"Ok, here's the itinerary. You better take notes because there will be a pop quiz at the end of this presentation," Mike said as he looked around and picked up a group 'fuck you' look as we all groaned.

"You are so full of it, Mr. Cole," Dave uttered.

"With your dip stick, you should know," Brent, added, nudging Dave.

"At what point did this become 'X-rated'?" I chimed in.

"Cross your legs, babe. There's an echo here." Dave replied.  This went on for the next few minutes. The boys were frisky.

"Seriously, ladies, just listen up for a minute." Mike proceeded to give everyone the skinny on our trip.

We mellowed out as our flight was called. The plane was only half filled, allowing us to spread out. Thank God that no one was really hungry. Peanuts in the morning?


We arrived on schedule in Minneapolis. After retrieving the luggage, I walked over to Avis to get our reserved rental car. There had been a mix-up in the paperwork. Avis had run out of economy-sized sedans. The only thing left was an Explorer they rented to us at the same sedan price. An Eddie Bauer Edition. 'How fucking macho was that?' I thought.

By noon we were an hour out of the Brainerd area. We spotted a Mickey D's and wheeled in. I volunteered, "Guys, let's go light on the grams of fat here. There are some neat places for dinner in Gull Lake. And we can cook in at the cabin."

"Fuck you, skinny ass," was one of the retorts as the guys made sure to 'super-size' it on the grub.

"Ok, assholes. When you can't get into your designer jeans, don't complain." I ordered Chicken McNuggets and a Diet Coke. I had already mentally planned tonight's cook-in menu.

After lunch we drove up through Brainerd and found the road to Gull Lake. I called the rental agent from the McDonald's to make sure everything had been prepared. He had FedEx'd all the keys to me last week.

Mike was driving. As we approached the intersection to turn off the state highway, I withdrew momentarily to return to vacation times in my memory.

"Dave, is this the road?" Mike was asking me a question that took me a moment to process as I had spaced out.

Back to reality, I replied, "Yeah. Turn right and continue up the hill about a mile. You'll see a stone post on either side of the entrance with our name on the mailbox." 'Our' didn't apply in the old sense anymore. 'Our' was now sitting next to me. I smiled at the implications.

The thick growth of trees and natural vegetation was unspoiled and beautiful this time of year. The leaves would be turning soon. As we pulled up to the entrance of the driveway, I heard comments like "Holy fuck," and "Shit, this place is yours?" in the background. All I could think of was the happy family outings here.

"Hey, buddy. Are you ok?" Mike was squeezing my thigh and looking into my eyes with concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I turned to our guests in the back and said, "Guys, welcome to Casa Swenson. This place has been in my family for years. Let the games begin." We got out of the Explorer and gathered the bags. I led the group up the front porch stairs to the door. My keys worked.

The look was purely Mom's. Whoever had rented the place had paid respect to the interior. Once we were inside, we could see that the massive fireplace was the focal point of the 'great room'.


"Whoa," I said, as we arrived at the cabin. "Cabin? In New York this would be a million dollar investment." When we walked inside after Dave unlocked the door, I was completely blown away. This was rustic understated elegance or whatever you called it. With the 'great room' and the fireplace as a centerpiece, the casual eclectic furnishings made this place click. On the walls were some great oil paintings mixing Native American and cowboy art with Northwood themes. Everything was just right. I was mesmerized.

"Buddy, this is terrific. I had no idea that a cabin would be like this," I said.

Leaning into me with his arms wrapped around my waist, Dave said, "Brent, this was Mom's favorite house. My grandma's too. I know that this is true with me." He squeezed me for emphasis.

I looked around. The leather over-stuffed couches and easy chairs were balanced by the granite coffee table. Can you consider a table 4' x 6' a coffee table? The massive oil painting of Western art above the smoke-crusted fireplace was spectacular. Russell or Remington?  Navajo carpets casually covered the highly polished wood floor.

"Dave, are there other surprises? I mean is there turn-down maid service?"

"Naw. And we do have indoor plumbing," he replied with a grin. "Toilets and showers. Just like real time." Addressing all the guys, Dave said, "Let's stow our gear in the bedrooms and re-group at 1600 and explore the territory." It's funny how military time was second nature.

It was now 1400. No one gave Dave any grief about getting together at 1600. I was proud of him. 'This is my house and these are my rules.' How simple was that. What a great weekend escape we were going to have! Leading the way up the wide staircase built from hard oak planks, Dave appeared very melancholy. I understood how many family memories were stored here. I wished I had the same attachment to my family.

"Okay, guys, you use this bedroom. There is a bathroom with a great shower attached."

Looking inside, I could tell that this was the master bedroom. "Ah, Dave, don't you want to use this room?"

"That's okay. Mike and I will bunk down there," he said pointing to another door. Nothing more was said. I sensed that it was still too painful to be in the same bed that his folks had used. "I'm more used to my old room," he said with quiet determination. As Doug and I entered the rustic tranquility of the master bedroom, Mike and Dave walked, hand in hand, down the hallway to a room on the opposite side.


Entering the smaller bedroom, I knew that this was where Dave had spent happier childhood times. The king-sized bed was draped and covered in Ralph Lauren linens and pillows of every shape and pattern. But it all fit. Don't ask me how Chippendale worked in a guy's room. It just did.

"Babe, I'll hang up our clothes and store the other things in the chest of drawers," I offered.

"Fine. If you will do that, I'm going downstairs and make sure all the provisions are in the kitchen."

"Meet you in five?"

"Yeah, babe." He gave me a casual sloppy kiss before leaving the room.

I arranged all our clothes and unpacked the toiletries. The bathroom connected to the third bedroom. I understood completely why Dave did not want to use his parent's room...yet. Looking around, I spotted an FM tuner. I turned it on, and light jazz started playing from speakers mounted in the corners. I kicked off the boots and pulled off the socks.

When he returned, I asked if everything was in order.

"The management company was very thorough. We shouldn't run out of food or beer for a week," he replied, with a chortle.

"I just don't want to run out of you." He walked slowly to me and reached his arms around my body to hold us closely. I could feel our heartbeats pounding out in unison.

"That's a given, Hon." Dave reached up with his hand and directed my head downward to meet his lips. "This bed is going to get action that I never imagined."

"I hope that I'm the 'actionee'?"

"Count on it, champ." With that he started unbuttoning my flannel shirt, removing it and chucking it to a chair. Next, Dave unbuckled the belt and unzipped the fly of my jeans. Easing the jeans and boxer shorts down to my ankles, I stepped out of them with agility. My now-hard dick was happy to be released from the confines of the cotton.

"Hey, love, I'm at a disadvantage," Dave said. His pride and joy was not yet awake from its flaccid sleep. He kicked off his shoes. Pulling his polo up his chest, I helped him remove it. He instinctively raised his arms when I jumped in for an assist. While he dropped his trousers, I followed by sliding the bright, white briefs down his muscled legs. As Dave stepped out of his pants and briefs, I kneeled to kiss his swelling dickhead while pulling the socks off, one at a time.

Messing with my hair, Dave uttered in a low husky voice, "Get me to the bed. I want to be fucked right now!"

I slowly rose and pulled him into a hard kiss. Even though I knew our lips would be swollen in the morning, I didn't hold back. Our tongues battled playfully as we walked - Dave backwards - slowly to the bed. At the edge of the mattress, he naturally fell backwards and not so naturally raised his legs in the air.

Joining him, I pushed his legs to rest close to his ears and immediately dove down for an initial pass-by the ground zero target. I worked first on his leaking, hard meat and balls. He groaned as I started licking his ass crack and puckered hole. While reaching up to tweak his nipples, I more aggressively lapped his rose bud.

"Oh fuck, oh god, ohhh..." he uttered as I gingerly fucked his hole with my tongue.

"Are you ready for something bigger?' I asked in an authoritative manner.

"Yes, Sir." That was our signal.

Foregoing the need of condoms, I found the lube that had been conveniently pre-positioned. Giving the endangered regions generous, massaging swipes of KY, I slowly moved to penetrate his juicy asshole after coating my now-swollen cock.

"Fuck me royally, babe," Dave said as he looked into my eyes. "I need this."

"No more than I, sweetheart."

Slowly easing in, I briefly rested when my pubes brushed against his balls and butt. With initial short stokes, my dick rotated and probed to hit his prostate. "Hmmm, Mike," was the happy reply of my man. "Fuck me hard, ahhh."

With that I started long-dicking him to the point of almost of leaving his love canal. I repeated this action, plunging in and out in rapid fashion. "Urrgh, uggh, shit, ah..." he uttered as I pleasured both of us. Sensing that Dave was close to cumming, I parked briefly inside him and leaned in for some face-time. His legs slid down to my waist as we hungrily kissed and dueled with our tongues. "I love you, stud," I said as I looked deeply into his blue eyes.

"Me too. Coming back here with you is very special for me." He pulled me back in for another kiss. "Now, get back to work! Cumming is what I have in mind." Dave's grin was wicked as he raised his legs again.

Getting back to work, I started slamming my dick home, hitting his nut as often as possible. With one hand, I aggressively jacked his hot eight inches. As he clinched his ass muscles, I knew that we were both rounding third base.

"Oh fuck, Jesus, Ohhh," he shouted as the jism from his swollen cock head sprayed his face and abdomen. At the same time, I slammed home a gigantic load up his rear.

Easing over so that we were lying on our sides, my dick still in his hot cavity, I stroked his hair as I licked cum from his face. After sharing a kiss, I told him that our love was only getting stronger. "I want us to grow old together. Whatever it takes."

"Oh, Mike, me too. Wherever life takes us." He returned my kiss as I eased out of him.


Considering our other profession, I never got tired of having sex with my love. And that was it. Love. These thoughts floated through my head after getting the daylights fucked out of me by Brent.

We had nodded off for a quick nap. I slowly opened my eyes to these new surroundings and eyed the clock. 1530. 'Whoops,' I remembered. We are expected up and alive in a half hour. Spooning with my stomach against my partner's back, I started nibbling on his ear.

"I'm awake," he growled, almost convincingly.

"Babe, why don't we try the shower? This one looks large enough for the two of us." Rolling over, he slyly smiled and kissed my nose, tonguing the nostrils afterwards.

"Let's not keep the guys waiting. The last time I listened, I heard one of them yelling, 'fuck me hard', after some aggressive groaning." He chuckled.

"Well, you didn't complain about what we just did." I kissed Brent before leading him from the bed.

Once in the head, we smiled, looking at the walk-in shower with six showerheads at various heights and angles. The skylight above brought in the natural shading of daylight. After adjusting the water temperature, we entered.

"Let me scrub your back. That area never gets enough attention," he said grabbing a hand-sized loofah and soap. Stopping just short of my butt crack, he handed the sponge to me for a reciprocal washing backside.

"My turn." This time I didn't stop at the waist. Throwing the loofah aside, I started hand-washing his nether regions. Moving down his crack, one finger slowly invaded the puckered butt hole. Another soapy hand moved around to his front side and started a slow slippery massage of his balls and cock.

"Oh, babe, you make me so fucking horny," Brent uttered, turning around. Almost in a hydraulic trance, he lowered down to position his face with my crotch. Taking my hard cock in his mouth, he slowly engulfed me. As Brent hummed a nondescript tune, the vibration from his mouth set me off. As he slowly brought my dick in and out of his hot mouth, the humming continued. 'Where did he learn this,' I queried.

Not wanting to cum so soon, I raised him up and kissed him. "Let's store some energy for later."

"What's the matter, old man? Can't take it?" Brent replied with a cunning grin.

"Buddy, I can take you anytime." I tweaked his nipples. "I thought the young kids needed a nap time after nourishment?" We both laughed.

"Ok, Daddy. You got me."

"Daddy? I'm 23 and you're 21? How about an older brother that's into incest?"

"Doug, I'm whatever you want me to be, lover." At that point we lip-locked.


Dressed in cargo shorts and tees, Mike and I returned to the main floor and surveyed the kitchen around 1545. Not knowing what everyone would like, I ordered steaks, chicken, lots of vegetables and salad fixings.

"Buddy, this kitchen is a marvel. I mean, a Wolf Range and a Sub-Zero?"

"This was Mom's deal. She had this thing about design. Bruce Gregga from Chicago worked with her on the layout here and in St. Paul." I started choking up. 'Ah, shit. Why were they taken away from me?'

"I understand." Mike pulled me into his warm, embracing arms. He held me for a while.

"Ok. I'm over it. Thanks, bud." I lightly kissed him. Just then, our traveling companions entered the kitchen.

"You guys just can't get enough face time," Doug tossed out, entering the kitchen.

"I'd say 'get a room' but you already have one," Brent added.

"From the sound of the bed springs, I'd say that you guys have enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of 'mi casa'?" Dave asked, slyly.

"Hell, yeah. But, that shower is awesome. This is the first time that Brent and I were able to fit into a shower. Whoops, too much information?" Doug replied.

"Naw, I'm sure that's why Dad had it designed that way," I shot back, wistfully.

"You know, guys, the shower would very easily fit four," Brent said with a raised eyebrow.

"Buddy, after rooming with you this year, I don't think there is a square inch of our bodies that each of us haven't checked out. But, as far as sampling the merchandise, my man Mike has an exclusive license," I answered with a grin.

"I know, Dave. I feel the same way about Doug. Just pulling your chain."

"I consider it dutifully pulled." Then, to change the subject, I added, "I've got a lot of Hamm's Beer that is going to go wasted if we don't drink it." With that, I opened the Sub-Zero and motioned them to take a beverage. I considered the fantasy scene of all of us in the shower, soaping up together, in all the strategic places. There was a slight stirring in my crotch. 'No way I was going to jeopardize my relationship with Mike,' I considered, 'just to get my rocks off.' Subject closed.

With each having a beer in hand, we walked through the back dining deck and out the back door. Looking over the well-groomed grounds, we started down the path to the lake. The dock looked lonesome.

"We have a great boat that's stored at the marina. Maybe we can get it tuned up and use it tomorrow?" I said as we walked out on the dock. While we were standing there, a 24-foot cabin cruiser was approaching the dock. As it neared, I noticed that there were two guys about our age on the upper deck. They waved. We all waved back.

Taking that as a welcome sign, the boat neared the dock. I gave them a 'thumbs up' as the boat approached. One guy left the upper deck and from the bow tossed us a line. Brent caught it and instinctively guided this impressive luxury cruiser towards the dock. The other guy reversed the engines and allowed the boat to glide in.

All of a sudden, I recognized the guys. As the boat approached, I said, "Fuck, is that you, Robbie?" to the guy on the bow.

"Hi, Dave. Long time, no see."

Straining my eyes, I also recognized the other man up on the second deck. "Roy, handsome boat, dude."

"Dave, is that really you?"

"You better believe it. Get your ass down here." I couldn't believe it. Roy and Robbie were seniors on the St. Paul High School swim team when I joined as a sophomore. As far as I knew, they both were at the University of Minnesota.

Robbie jumped ashore and helped secure the boat. As the engines were turned off, Roy came down and climbed on the deck. "Hey, guys." We instinctively went into a group hug. "This is great," I continued. "I didn't think I'd see anyone up here I knew."

"We're up here for one final weekend before we close the house for the winter," Roy added.

"Ok guys. Let's all meet. Roy and Robbie are friends from St. Paul. We were on the swim team together. Guys, meet my best friends from Memphis." I slowly introduced everyone.

I found out that they were both at U of M. This was their last year in undergraduate school. Robbie was moving on to dental school while Roy would be studying law.

"Guys, if you don't have anything pressing, why not join us for a few brews and dinner?"

"Dave, that would be great. We're not intruding?"

"Absolutely not. I've got plenty of provisions." With that, we all trudged back up the hill. As we entered the kitchen, I offered everyone a beer. We walked into the great room and I turned on the CD player. Everyone seemed to enjoy each other's company. I paired with Roy for the moment.

"I was sorry to hear about your folks. I know it's pretty late, but I do feel for you." With that, Roy grabbed me into a hug. I was not upset. It felt very warm to have someone from my past hold me.

"Thanks, Roy." I purposely led him away from the others. Finding a couch, I sat down. He followed.

"You doing ok?"

"Yeah. Just fine. After the initial shock was over, I went on a building path." I told him about my current status in the Navy.

"Wow. I didn't realize that all you guys were in the Navy."

"Hey, someone has to defend the country." I smiled and playfully tapped his shoulder with my fist. "I was serious about you two staying for dinner. We're going to have steak and all the fixin's."

"Absolutely. I'm over at my folks' place. The only thing we have is frozen pizza."

"Great. However, there is one more thing that needs to be brought out in the open."

"Brought out in the open? What the fuck are you talking about, Dave?"

"See that tall guy, Mike, talking to Robbie?"


"He's also my partner." I looked at him for a reaction.

"Partner? As in gay?"

"Yep." I studied his expression.

"I guess I should explain, then, that Mike is talking to my partner."

"As in..."

"Yep," he replied. "Since we were college freshmen." I moved in for a warm, brotherly embrace.

Pulling away, I winked at him and announced, "Gentlemen. We'll be having dinner in about an hour. In the meantime, since we are all here with our significant others, I suggest that we have a gay old evening." Everyone looked at each other and cheered.

For the rest of the night we really became a group of fast friends. I grilled steaks and Mike helped me out with rest of the dinner. By ten p.m., Robbie and Roy returned to their cruiser and motored off across the lake. We all traded numbers.

The rest of the weekend was a combination of group boating adventures, swimming, eating, hiking, and monogamous lovemaking. We did a thorough job of closing down the house. The management company would detail it Tuesday for the next renters coming in a few weeks. All perishable food was to be donated to the local food bank. By very early Monday morning when we left, all agreed that we had experienced a marvelous weekend.

I was rather introspective when we departed. Aside from revisiting this important lakeside venue of my past, we were now on the way to Chicago for new introductions: for Mike, meeting Russ, my best friend in the world from my younger years...for me, meeting his mom and family.


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