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Warning:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is entirely fictional, and any resemblances to actual persons are completely coincidental.

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From Part 25,

The rest of the weekend was a combination of group boating adventures, swimming, eating, hiking, and monogamous lovemaking. We did a thorough job of closing down the house. The management company would detail it Tuesday for the next renters coming in a few weeks. All perishable food was to be donated to the local food bank. By very early Monday morning when we left, all agreed that we had experienced a marvelous weekend.

I was rather introspective when we departed. Aside from revisiting this important lakeside venue of my past, we were now on the way to Chicago for new introductions: for Mike, meeting my best friend in the world from my youth...for me, meeting Mike's mom and family.


The Minneapolis Northwest terminal was a hive of early morning activity. The airline dominated the city. Doug and Brent were returning to Memphis on a 0900 flight. Mike and I were on a shuttle to Chicago at 0930. After saying our good-byes and seeing the Memphis-bound guys off, we waited for boarding the 737, that was full of businessmen. Touching down on time at O'Hare, Mike and I collected our baggage and proceeded to the Avis counter.

As we left the airport, the digital clock on the dashboard displayed 1105.

"I really am anxious to see Russ again. There is so much to relate and nothing to say at the same time."

"That's kinda confusing, babe."

"I know. Hear me out." I squeezed his thigh and smiled while Mike drove.

"Take your time. We've got about 45 minutes before we get to the restaurant." Russ and I had arranged to meet at Maggiano's Italian restaurant located in Skokie's Old Orchard shopping center at noon.

"He and I were very close friends, as you know, in many ways. I never actually came out to him. It just worked out that way. But he knew."

"And now?"

"Russ and I will be friends forever. I want to introduce you as my partner in my life. Russ will understand."

"How does he rationalize what you guys did? That was kinda gay."

"Naw. With Russ it was just getting off with his best friend. I understood the boundaries and respected them."

"If you say so. I know when I was a kid we all messed around a little. Y'know, circle jerks and you jack me...I'll jack you. That kind of thing. Russ and you really stretched those boundaries."

"With Russ it was safe, trusting teen horniness with a real intellectual curiosity about sex. He's going to be a great doctor," Dave said with a determined smile.

"I really look forward meeting this unique friend of yours."

We drove down the Kennedy, and angled north to get to Skokie and Old Orchard. The restaurant was a Lettuce Entertain You flagship operation. We rolled up at 11:45 am. Having a local Chicagoan at the wheel helped out. Mike was terrific in that crazy traffic.

Standing in the foyer of the restaurant, I was amazed how busy it was before noon. Mike and I were chatting about nothing in particular when I heard in the background, "Hey Dave, is that you?" Turning around, I saw my buddy Russ marching forward with his usual confident air.

"Russ." I opened my arms, and he glided in for a hug. Just like old times...well, almost. At this point, I was greeting him as an old friend. Nothing more. Opening the distance between us, I continued, "You look great."

"So do you." Scanning the tall guy to my left, Russ asked, "Who's your friend?" His attitude was more protective than anything else.

"This is my friend, Mike. Mike Cole. Mike, say hi to my lifelong pal, Russ Bennett."

Mike extended his hand and smiled broadly. Russ took it and returned the smile. "Russ, I know that you two have been best friends for a long time. I hope that you'll include me as a friend."

"Hey, Mike, if you're a friend of this guy, consider it a done deal." He extended his left hand and placed it on Mike's shoulder to emphasize the point. "Come on, guys. I've got a table over here."

Walking into the dining room was like strolling back in time. The high, tin-embossed ceilings and paneled walls with large, sepia-toned photos brought back memories of an earlier Chicago. The black and white tile flooring and red and white checked tablecloths rounded out the earlier-era Italian restaurant theme.

After we sat down, the waiter took our iced tea orders while presenting the large card menus. When he came back with the drinks, we decided to have family style spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and iceberg lettuce wedges drenched with the house Italian dressing.

"Dave, I've really missed not seeing you for so long. How goes it?"

"I think that the bad part of my life is healed. The trip to Gull Lake this weekend brought back some good memories of Mom and Dad. Next year, Russ, you'll have to come up for a weekend when we can all get away." I wondered if Russ picked up on the "we?"

"I'd really like that, big guy. It's been four years since I've been up to your cabin. How much time do you have left in the Navy?"

"About 21/2 years. I will transfer to a ship next month." Russ and I had kept up regular correspondence.

Turning to Mike, he asked, "You're in the Navy, too?"

"Guilty as charged," Mike replied with a smile. "Dave and I indirectly work together. I've got a little under a year and a half to go."

"We've become great friends." I sensed Mike wanted to skirt any further talk about the Navy and us.

"How's med school?" Mike asked.

"It's tough. I've never worked so hard in my life. But Northwestern is tops. I'll go through my pre-med program both up in Evanston and at the Memorial Hospital teaching complex in Chicago for the next three years before transferring full-time to the Streeterville campus. In about six years, I'll be ready for internship."

"Jeez, that is a long learning curve. Must be hard on the love life?" Mike was genuinely interested.

"Yeah, tell me about it. No way to date anyone steady. I'm like a monk. Then residency. I'll be a ripe 30-year-old guy before I move into a practice," Russ said, with a wistful expression.

"No wonder the doctors charge so much." Mike playfully patted Russ's shoulder.

"Hey, I gotta pay back the 'rents," Russ said with a grin. "What brings you guys into town?"

"We're going to have dinner tonight with his Mom and family," I answered. It was interesting watching Russ and Mike, my two best friends, verbally positioning and warming up to each other.

"Oh. You're from here?"

"Oak Park. Born at Northwestern Memorial, actually. I wanted the family to meet Dave while we were up here."

"Dave. Why do I get the feeling that there's more purpose to this trip then just catching up?"

"Buddy, no one can accuse you of being slow on the uptake." I took a deep breath and continued, "You're my unofficial brother. I wanted to share with you the man who has become the most important person in my life." Talk about laying my life on the table.

Russ folded his hands and looked reflectively at both of us. Mike and I stared back anxiously. He suddenly rose from the table, walked over behind me, and put his strong hands on my shoulders. After kissing me on the forehead, he said, "I'm really happy for you." Mike stood as Russ approached and received a warm hug. "Mike, take good care of this terrific guy." I smiled as I noticed Russ's head lean into Mike's chest.

"I will. This is for keeps," Mike said while looking intently at me.

"And I've got a new friend as a bonus," Russ added. "If you're in Dave's life, you're in mine as well."

"Ditto," was all that Mike needed to add.

Russ was all smiles as he returned to the seat. "Am I correct that you're going to play a gay version of 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner' tonight?"

Relaxed, I said in a deeper tone, "Yeah, I've got to butch it up for the in-laws." I thought that Mike was going to spit iced tea everywhere as he laughed.

"If you were any more butch, we'd be driving a truck to Oak Park," Mike rejoined after wiping his mouth of the escaped beverage.

"Guys, I hope that tonight's dinner works out as well as lunch has. I hope I can find someone in my life, as special, before I get out of med school," Russ concluded with a warm, secretive smile.

"You will, buddy. That right gal is out there. Just be patient," I answered with a wink. I noticed that Mike smiled like a cat that had just eaten the canary.

We continued a light, breezy conversation through lunch. I picked up the tab, and Russ left a tip. The conclusion was that we were all definitely going to stay in touch with each other and definitely get together at the lake next year. I was very relieved that everything between Russ and me was out in the open.

"I really enjoyed meeting Russ," Mike said, as we walked to the car. "He's bright and a major hottie."

"He'll make some gal a good husband once he's practicing medicine."

"Russ will be making someone a good husband. Don't be so sure that it'll be a woman," Mike replied, with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, come on now. Russ isn't gay." I looked at Mike with a questioning expression.

"I was getting blips, babe."

Well, Davey going to 'blip' you later tonight."

"I'm counting on it," Mike said, squeezing my hand for emphasis. I filed Mike's suspicions about Russ away for future reference. "Hmmm," I wondered, 'had I misread my old friend's real feelings, years ago?'

Heading south on the Edens Expressway, we hooked up to the Congress by way of shortcuts Mike knew and arrived at his family home around 1500. As we pulled up the driveway, an attractive woman in a fashionable business suit greeted us as the car stopped.

Turning to me, he said, "Well, wish me luck." He winked before getting out of the driver's seat and said, "Hi, Mom. It's great to see you." He closed the door and brought his arms around this attractive woman who had an inner glow about her, not to mention a very stylized haircut and makeup. She was one hot mature woman.

After a mother-son kiss, she said, "It's been too long." She turned to me as I got out of the passenger side and walked around to meet her. "And this is Dave?"

"Yes, Ma'am." I offered my hand that she accepted and pulled me in for a motherly hug.

"I open my heart for any friend of Mike's."


"Mom, why don't you and Dave go inside, and I'll get the bags." As they walked up the steps, hand in hand talking in a friendly, open manner, I grabbed our stuff from the trunk and joined them inside. "Is my room still in one piece?"

"Actually, it's now my office. Why don't you bring the bags upstairs? Both bedrooms are available." While I was walking upstairs I heard Dave tell her about growing up in St. Paul. Knowing that Rick's old room was the largest, with a queen bed, I put the bags in there. I noticed that the décor had changed, as well as the bed. I returned to the living room to see Mom holding Dave's hands on the couch, as she said, "Baby, I'm so sorry about your loss."

He looked up to me and replied, "Mrs. Cole, it's been a tough couple of years or so. But, I've moved on, thanks to Mike."

"First, it's Martha. Please. Second, how has my Mike helped?"

Sitting down in the easy chair across from them, I answered, "It's kind of complicated. But, that's one of the reasons that we're here." Mom momentarily looked at me with a questioning stare.

Maintaining composure, she asked, "Are you telling me that this handsome man and you are more than just friends?" I noticed that she was still holding Dave's hand.

"Yes, Mom. More than just friends. Dave is my partner. He's the man that I want in my life forever." I got up and moved over to the couch, sitting next to the woman who had brought me into this world 24 years ago.

She looked at me and considered her next words. A small smile emerged as she wrapped her arms around me and said, "Baby, this doesn't quite take me by surprise. You never had any special girl friends." She tenderly kissed me.

"Mom, I tried. I really tried. Women never turned me on."

"This is going to take a little time to get used to. Homosexual men and women I run into every day at work.  I hate to use the old cliché, but some of my best friends are gay. Single, older, in-shape straight men are a bitch to find. My dates are usually with gay colleagues."

"This is a part of you I didn't know existed."

"I don't sit home and knit, son. I'm usually out for dinner and movies at least once a week. On Wednesdays there's Couples Bridge. And occasionally I've gone dancing with friends in Boystown."

I laughed, thinking about my outings on North Halsted Street. "Go, Mom," I said. Dave joined in as we all laughed.

"So, if this is the way your life has turned out, you've still got a mother to come home to." Turning to Dave, she continued, "And Dave, it looks like I've got another son. A damn good-looking one, I might add." She hugged him and Dave hugged back. I saw tears forming in his eyes.

"And maybe I've gained another mom?" His voice was hesitant and quiet.

"Yes. And when you want to move from calling me Martha to Mom, I'll be ready."

"Thanks...Mom." He kissed her on the cheek.

"I like that. I like that a lot, Son." She planted a motherly kiss on his lips.

With that moment over, mother kicked into her business mode. "Let me give you a rundown on tonight's dinner. Since your flight is fairly early tomorrow, we'll have cocktails at six. I'm sure that your little surprise will be accepted in a positive manner. Liz and Philip will be driving with Rick from the North Side. His roommate, Bob Cooke, is on the early Channel 5 news. We'll probably see him here around 6:30 p.m. The caterer gets here at four and dinner will be ready at seven. So, why don't you two go upstairs and unpack. I guess Rick's old room will do for both of you?" She delivered the last part with a sly smile and a wink.

"Yeah, Mom, you might say our partnership has been consummated."

"Just don't wake up the neighbors tonight." That brought out another burst of laughter.

Dave and I got up and went to the hallway. "I'm going to drive him around town for a while. I want to show him some of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses and the old neighborhood. We'll be back by five so we can freshen up."

She leaned up and kissed both of us on the lips. "Have fun."

"Seriously, Mom, how is everyone else going to take this news?"

"Your sister Liz adores you. And Philip seems pretty sophisticated. As far as your brother Rick is concerned, we'll play that one step at a time."

"Thanks, Mom."

"Dave, take good care of my son."


We drove around this older Chicago suburb for a while. I gave Dave the rundown on the family members and Bob Cooke, Rick's roommate. Dave and I were both pleased about the outcome of lunch and the later meeting with Mom. Act three would commence at 1800. Returning as promised, we encountered a beehive of activity in the dining room and kitchen. Mom noticed us and shooed Dave and me upstairs with her hands.

She called out, "Mike, you use my bathroom to freshen up, so Dave can have the hall bath. It will be faster. I'll need you two down here in a half hour to help."

We both said in unison, "Ok, Mom." I nudged Dave as we laughed. Entering Rick's room - it would always be Rick's room to me - I closed the door and brought my partner into a tight embrace and kissed him. "I love you, buddy."

"How much?" he asked.

"This much," I said as I kissed him again with full tongue assault while gently groping his basket. I felt a stirring there.

"Be careful, Hon. Davey is getting excited."

"Let him." I unbuckled his belt, zipped down the fly, unbuttoned the top and pulled his pants and briefs down in one practiced motion. Davey flopped out and jumped up at attention. While Dave slowly stoked his hard cock, I rapidly undressed. I dropped to my knees and proceeded to wrap my mouth around his now-familiar organ, slowly taking in the hardening eight inches while playing with his balls.

"Mike, your Mom is right below us," Dave said urgently.

Momentarily withdrawing, I said, "Then keep your girlish screams down. I want to bust your balls."

"Mike, I better have something in my mouth," he replied suggestively.

"Any ideas?"

"Yeah, get over there," Dave answered, as he pointed to the bed. I rose and moved over to the mattress, my hand pulling Dave with me. I was relieved that Mom had bought a new bed. I remembered, as a young kid, being able to hear my brother beating off due to the squeaky, old springs. We assumed our well-practiced '69' position and proceeded to pleasure each other.

"Ummm," I uttered as we matched oral activity with aggressive tongue massaging and finger exploration. I heard a low quiet groan, as our breathing became urgent. As he tensed, I knew that my mission was almost accomplished. I was right behind him.

"Ohhh," he grunted as the first gush of cum shot into my throat. I pulled his dick almost out so that his steady stream of semen would stimulate my taste buds. This sent me over the edge. My contracted cum machine burst in gear and proceeded to blast my love jizz in Dave's mouth. After several shots, we both relaxed. Making sure that all the evidence was in the mouth, I moved around and we shared our spent seed. We each eagerly accepted the wetness and swallowed.

"Babe, this was just a little welcome to the Cole homestead. Tonight, if everything goes well, we'll have plenty of time to make real love."

Finding Rick's old terry-cloth robe, I stripped and put it on for the short walk to Mom's bedroom and bath. I also found another cloth robe from some earlier vintage for Dave. The other bath was in the hall between the two bedrooms.

By 1730, we were ready to face the family. Although we both wore khaki pants and dress shirts, we did coordinate so that we weren't wearing the same color. We also deliberately wore different styles of shoes; him in topsiders, me in tassel loafers.

Mom met us as we came down the stairway. "Well, you boys look spiffy. If you two will finish setting the table, I'll go upstairs and get ready."

Again in unison, "Yes, Mom." We grinned at each other.

Knowing Mom's entertaining patterns, I knew that one wine glass was required and no water glass. But seeing a bottle of Champagne sitting in a cooler off to the side, I pulled out the long-stemmed flute glasses from the hutch. The flatware was pretty simple. I found the napkin rings and showed Dave how we prepared each place setting. Next was to ice down the wet bar in the living room and make sure that there was plenty of glassware. Mom always had a complete bar and the various colors of wines. At around 1750, the doorbell rang. I went to the front door.

"Mike. How great to see you," Liz shouted out when the door was opened. She literally jumped into my arms.

"Hi, Sis." I kissed her lightly on the lips. Pulling away, I said, "Philip. It's been too long. Congratulations, by the way, on the engagement. You've got a wonderful girl and a wacky family in your life now." We shook hands.

"Hey, little brother." My idol, as long as I could remember, came up to me next.

"Rick, hi." We took each other's hands, and I pulled us into a hug. He did not resist. "How are you doing?"

"Really well. But look at you. So grown up," he said with a warm smile. We all walked inside.

"Guys, I want you to meet my friend, Dave Swenson. We took a few days off to use his cabin up in Minnesota. I wanted us all to get together before returning to Memphis."

Everyone was friendly with introductions. Dave was one smooth individual in a new situation like this. Within minutes, everyone was comfortable. I finished pouring drinks for everyone as Mom joined us. She looked spectacular in a black cocktail dress with pearl accessories. I made her a Stoli martini on the rocks.

"I don't think that calling you children is appropriate. But, that is how I still think of you. You are all adults now, traveling down different paths. That Mike and his friend Dave could make this meeting happen makes your mother very happy." She raised her glass and we all did the same.

"Mom, you're the best," said Rick. Another toast.

"We haven't gotten together in two years," added Liz. "Let's vow to hold an annual meeting from now on." The third toast. The glasses were getting empty.

I took the floor. "If I'm not mistaken, the next family event will be Liz and Philip's wedding next spring. I for one will not miss it." I leaned over and kissed my sister. "I also want to tell you that the man to my left will be with me." I looked around as smiles turned to curious expressions. "You see, Liz, while I'm happy for you and Philip, I'm being denied something that is very normal. I can't marry the person I love." Eyes became bug-like as I continued. "Tonight, I want you to meet my partner for life. The person I love. Dave is that man." Oh fuck, there was deathly silence.

Mom led off the commentary. "Mike and Dave told me this afternoon of their affection for each other. Let me tell you that I'm very pleased to have another man I can call 'son.' I hope that you will all welcome Dave into the family." With that, she kissed both of us on the cheeks.

Liz was first as she rushed up and planted a not-so-sisterly kiss on my lips. "Mike, you continually surprise me. But, happily so. Philip and I are very pleased that you found a special person in your life." She then kissed Dave. Philip was right behind her shaking both our hands.

Philip said, "I'm cool with what you're doing. We have a couple of associates out with male partners at the law firm. Good for you." He warmly hugged both of us.

As Rick was about to speak, there was a ring at the door.

Rick opened it, and a larger-than-life TV newsperson entered the room, makeup still on. Dave and I had seen the NBC5 promotional billboards featuring this guy several times when we had driven in earlier. He was clearly a star on the rise.

Rick went up to Bob and greeted him. "Guys, say hello to Bob Cooke. This is my brother Mike and his friend Dave from Memphis."

"Hey, great to meet you," Bob replied, flashing a Ultra-White toothy smile. If nothing else, Bob was enthusiastic. "Mike, your brother has told me so much about you. You're in the Navy now. In Memphis? And, Dave. You're in the Navy also?" This was almost like an on-camera interview.

"Defending our country night and day," Dave said with a smile and a wink.

"Just before you arrived, Mike told us about Dave being a special person in his life. Like Liz is to Philip." We all listened to Rick as he continued, "I guess that I am embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? How so?'" asked Liz, with a stern look.

"My brother took a step tonight that I should have taken a couple of years ago."

"Meaning?" I asked a little concerned.

"That Bob and I have been committed partners for the past four years." With that, Rick pulled this handsome TV news reporter into a comfortable embrace.

Without missing a beat, I concluded, "Liz, I guess it's up to Philip and you to give Mom some grandchildren. Because as much as Dave and I have tried, I don't think that we'll be able to." Rick and Bob broke into huge, knowing grins before everyone picked up on the meaning of my tongue-in-cheek comment.

"But, they'll have two more uncles," Dave added with a wink.

Rick chimed in, "My little brother trumped me again." He walked over and gave me a big hug and kissed me. "We've got to get to know each other better."

"I'd love that, big brother."

"Today I gained two more sons with no labor. Mike, I do need another drink," Mom said handing the empty glass to me. The whole group laughed.

Walking over to make the martini, I said with a grin, "I think we could all use one more. Bob, you'll have to catch up with us."

"If you'll double the order, I'll have a martini also," Bob ordered with an expression of relief.

"Coming right up, brother-in-law," I replied.

"I accept that title with honor." Bob took Rick's hand and squeezed it tightly.