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Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

Special acknowledgements to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story.

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>From Part 11,

This was the first time that I would be back with my family in Minneapolis since the funeral almost three years ago. I frequently called Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty and kept up correspondence with the grandparents. Last year, I sent a soul-searching letter to grandma about my sexual orientation and the love of my life. A month later, I received a beautiful reply from grandma saying that mom had explained this 'wrinkle' in my life to her shortly after I came out to the folks. After discussing the topic of homosexuality with their Episcopal priest, she said in the letter, they understood that this wasn't my choice. The grandparents were most supportive. In fact, grandma joined the Des Moines chapter of PFLAG. I looked forward to the reunion.



"And so, Grandma, you and Gramps are okay with my friendship?" I said, with a concerned expression. It was around noon on Sunday in the living room of Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty's house.

"According to our priest, and from your letters, this is more than a friendship?" At 75, she was sharp as a tack. I was impressed that she would bring up the subject with her Episcopal minister.

"Yeah, Mike and I are as committed as Mom and Dad were."

"It took me a little while to understand exactly what kind of relationship you were into, Dave. But with the guidance of Father Ryan and a little research, we are more than happy to welcome your Mike into the family."

"I couldn't be happier, Grams." I went over to her and gathered this beautiful, wrinkled, small woman into my arms.

The entire weekend couldn't have been better organized. Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty were perfect hosts. Starting Saturday night, we dined at the country club...the same club in which I grew up. By the time we finished a cookout on Uncle Trey's patio Monday night, Mike had grown very comfortable with both sides of my family. Over those three days, all of my clan had adopted Mike as a nephew and grandson.


"That was a real overload of family, Dave," Mike said, as we navigated the freeway leading to the airport. Barring a scheduling screw-up, all airplanes would be arriving within a half-hour of each other: Doug from L.A.; Brent from New York; Russ from Chicago; and Trevor from Memphis, via Chicago. I borrowed Uncle Trey's Suburban to fit the entire crew and baggage for the trip to the lake.

"It was important to have everyone meet, babe. These are my only living relatives."

"I loved them all. I'm glad it's all out in the open. No one seems to have a problem with our relationship?"

"Mike, we're both lucky with family support. We've gotta get your family and mine up at the lake, sometime." I grinned at him, as we pulled into short-term parking.

We planned on meeting the group in Northwest's private, VIP WorldClub at the airport, a fringe benefit I had maintained from inheriting Dad's old membership card. It was around noon, and grazing on the hors d'oeuvres buffet seemed to be in order.

"Hey, Swenson and Cole, have you left food for anybody else?" I recognized Brent's voice. Our plates were piled with cold shrimp, snow crab salad, cold roast filet of beef and pasta salad. Mike and I stood and turned in time to receive a very warm, physical greeting from our friend. Dressed in a dark blue polo shirt, tan slacks and tassel loafers, Brent projected the casual, friendly, GQ celebrity image that I had seen in several magazines this year. His rakishly long, blond hair was messed up in a subtly arranged fashion.

"Buddy, great to see you again. Mike, you too," Brent said warmly. We all hugged each other, in a manly fashion. I couldn't help but notice that several of the club members' eyes were glued to the movements of Brent. The receptionists of the club were beside themselves that a hot, national TV personality was in their clubroom.

"Brent, you look fantastic. And now, you're becoming known in Hollywood and Broadway. Congrats, buddy." We all sat down at a large table. "How goes it?" I said with a look of brotherly concern and respect. A server came over and offered coffee. We all accepted and sat down. Brent reached over, grabbed a shrimp by the tail, popped it in his mouth and licked his lips with a sheepish smile.

"Same ole, same ole," he replied. "I'm trying to get a handle on this celebrity thing. I'm pretty new at this, ya know? It's come to a point where fans just jump out of the woodwork, but I'm not complaining 'cause it goes with the job. It's just something that I'm not used to yet.  Dave, Mike, what a pleasure to see familiar faces. That Doug and I will be with friends this week is more than great. And to be at the lake...well, let's just say I'm gonna love it. I've kinda OD'd on New York, for a while. Maybe we'll run into your buddies with the boat that we met last year? They are neat guys."

"Yep, Robbie and Roy from the university. I'll give them a call when we get to the lake," I replied.

"Great. They'd be fun to hang with."

"If everything goes well, Doug will get in from L.A. soon. And Russ and Trevor will arrive about the same time. By the way, who is Trevor? I don't remember him from the base," I asked.

"Trevor, or Trev as he likes to be called, was a student at the University of Memphis when we knew him. I don't think you ever met him. Trev's moving to Chicago to study for his MBA at the University of Chicago." Brent had one of those 'I know something that you don't' smiles.

"He must be a smart dude?" Mike replied.

"Yep, he's pretty cool. That's a tough business school," Brent said.

"Great. I'm looking forward to meeting Trev. My best friend, who's joining us at the lake, can help him get acclimated to Chicago."

"Acclimated? How?" asked Brent.

"Russ was my childhood buddy. You remember me mentioning him? Good, old, straight Russ. He's studying pre-med at Northwestern and has been in Chicago for three years."

"Oh, yeah. I do remember the guy. And your stories about the two of you growing up were outstanding," Brent said with a laugh, as I rolled my eyes. "Seriously, he could really be helpful...Doug, over here," Brent's eyes shifted to a new arrival.

"Hi, guys," I heard from a distance. Looking up, I saw the civilian version of Doug Di Marco walking toward us. He was absolutely hot in his tight, black jeans, a white tee sculpted over his taut torso and black cowboy boots. With his sunglasses propped up on his sun-tanned forehead, Doug was the epitome of a Southern California dude.

"Let the party begin," I heard Mike say. He stood and grabbed his old friend in a hug. "Buddy, great to see you." We all hugged and shook hands.

"The missing links will be here soon," I said with a grin. It was fantastic to see these guys again. The server, in awe of Brent, offered more coffee. I pointed out the location of the buffet, and Doug followed Brent to the food.

While the guys were gone, a handsome, blond guy was escorted over to our table. "Pardon me, I'm looking for Doug and Brent?" he said with a masculine, smooth, soft, Southern accent. A short brush-cut of his dark blond hair matched a preppy ensemble of khakis, button-down blue shirt and loafers.

"You must be Trevor Winston?" Mike and I stood and extended our hands. "I'm Brent's friend, Dave Swenson, and this is Mike Cole." I looked at him with curiosity.

"Hi. Actually, most people call me Trev," he said, returning the handshakes. "Dave, I understand that you're the host for this weekend, and you two are a couple?" Trev said, tentatively.

"Yeah, definitely, on both counts. So, relax. Brent and Doug are at the buffet. You want some chow? We're still waiting for one more guy before we drive north."

"Yeah. Sure, I could use some food. I'll just..."

"Dave, Mike. How are you?" Russ came forward with a big smile on his youthful, confident face and the same cocky stride that he used when walking onto a gym mat for the floor competition. His 501's and polo shirt signaled that Russ had not gained an ounce of body fat. We all fell into the familiar, brotherly embraces.

"Russ, how fucking great. Say hello to Trev. He just arrived and will be joining us," I said.

"Weren't we on the same plane?" Russ asked.

"Yeah, I visited Chicago this weekend. I'll be moving there in July," said Trevor.


"Memphis. I'm going to business grad school at the University of Chicago."

"Well, when we get back from the lakes, I will show you around my town," Russ said with a broader grin.

"That would be terrific, Russ. I'd never been to Chicago before this weekend. What a great, energetic town. I couldn't believe Boystown and everything going on around Halsted Street. Quite a scene."

"I'm the token straight guy in the crowd, so I don't know much about Boystown. But I can show you the rest of the city. You'll love it," Russ responded, as Brent and Doug returned with some food.

Introductions were made, and the newest arrivals went to grab some food. Everyone remarked about Brent's new career and left it at that. Friendships were at the initiation stage for the new arrivals. It would be a fun, casual week of bonding and 'roughing' it at the lake.



Dave's Suburban fit everyone and the baggage comfortably. After a few awkward moments, all the guys relaxed and became comfortable with each other. Within milliseconds, Brent, Mike, Dave and I picked up where we left off, knowing that we would probably be great pals for life. I was curious about the early friendship that appeared to be developing between Russ and Trev. The 'odd couple' didn't appear to be all that odd. As we passed the McDonalds I recognized from our earlier trip, I dozed off. It seemed like only minutes later that Brent shook my leg.

"Hey, babe, we're here," Brent said quietly. I opened my eyes and viewed the familiar scenery of a year ago. It was 6:30 p.m. and the early summer sun would be setting shortly.

"Just as I remembered it," Russ remarked. "Dave, it's great to be up here with friends again." The SUV was parked in front of the cabin on the crushed-gravel drive next to the front door steps. All the vegetation was in full bloom.

"Russ, 'friends' is the key word. And we might see a few of the guys from St. Paul," Dave said. "Let's go inside and get settled." We all grabbed our gear and followed Dave up the stairs to the front door. Dave used his key and opened the door. Trev was the only one who had never been here.

"Wow, Dave. This is a fantastic place. A big 'thanks' for including me," said Trev, as he wandered from the entry into the great room.

"Why don't we stow our gear, change into something comfortable and meet by the fireplace in a hour for some beers before dinner?" Dave said with friendly authority. "Mike and I will take the master bedroom," he added with a wink. This was clearly a different Dave. "Doug, you and Brent get my old room. Russ, you and Trev will share the bedroom with the double beds. Okay?"

"Yes, mother," replied Russ. We all laughed.

"Come on, Brent. As I remember, we've got to be careful with the bed in Dave's old room. Seems to me I heard lots of squeaks and groaning last time." I playfully punched Dave on the arm, as Brent and I went up the stairway.

"Your bedroom and Russ and Trev's connect to one shared bathroom. Might be a good idea to develop a signal when you're using the head," Dave shouted out.

"Got it," I shouted from the top.



'What a neat group of guys,' I judged. 'My old buddy has good taste.' Trev and I walked up the stairs and found our bedroom. "Trev, I'm not choosy. Either bed is fine."

"I'll flop here, then." He laid his bag on the bed and opened it. Looking at the bureau of drawers, Trev continued, "You take the top two drawers, and I'll take the bottom two." God, I loved his gentle, Southern drawl. At the same time, I heard the shower running in the bathroom.

"Hey, guys. Save some hot water for Russ and me," Trev shouted as he knocked on the door.

"We'll be brief." It sounded like Doug was answering the request.

"Trev, why don't you shower after the guys finish? I'll do a fast 'in n' out' afterwards. I'm used to cold showers at the dorms," I suggested with a smile.

"I appreciate that, Russ. You must have some Southern gentleman blood in you." He smiled as we both started stripping from our traveling clothes.

"How do you know Dave?" 'Hmmm,' I thought, 'Trev is a linear, angular dude.' As he took off his loose shirt and khakis after toeing off the loafers, a trim man emerged.

"Just met Dave. I'm a friend of Doug and Brent. It's a bonus that I was in Chicago looking for housing. I gotta tell ya, this is a real treat. I never imagined a cabin could be this nice. Down in Tennessee, a cabin is just that. You wanna take a crap, the facility is out back," he said with a laugh.

Trev had now removed all clothing except for a tight pair of white briefs. They were filled out very well. I started getting out of my clothes. 'That Southern boy is put together pretty well,' I observed.

"You're good friends with Dave?"

"Dave and I have known each other forever. He is a great friend to have. Did the other guys tell you about Dave's loss of his mom and dad?"

"Yeah, Brent gave me the run-down. A real bummer."

"He's just coming out of the loss. Mike is really good for him." I slipped out of my shirt, tee and jeans and felt my dark boxer briefs moist from perspiration. Noticing a stack of towels on a table, I self-consciously took off my boxer briefs and walked over to grab a towel. Trev was trying not to look. But, I caught his eyes traveling south as I wrapped the towel around my waist.

"That's a great idea, Russ. I really feel all bunched up." He pulled down his briefs and kicked them over to the side. As he walked over to the towels, I noticed some real 'Southern comfort' swinging between his legs and confirmed that Trev was a natural blond. He wrapped the towel around his mid-section and sat on the bed. "Russ, just for the record, I know you're not gay. But don't fear that I'll try something. Lusting over and converting straight guys is not my thing."

"Trev, I've been around gay guys all my life. As a gymnast, I had pretty close contact with a lot of guys who batted for your team," I answered with a smile. "And Dave is my closest friend. So, I'm pretty cool. Morning wood is pretty common with guys our age, so I won't get embarrassed if you don't."

"Gymnast? That explains your build. I always tried to develop my lats and bi-ceps, but haven't had much success," Trev said, looking at me wistfully.

"You're doing okay, buddy. What I've got came about from years of practice and conditioning. I'm just trying to maintain my build before it all goes to pot. Pre-med school doesn't allow for a lot of time at the gym."

"Well, I'm envious. How about you and I doing a little workout in the mornings while we're up here? You could probably show me a few things," Trev suggested.

"Hell, yes. I could do that." Just then, there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Go for it, Trev. If you don't mind, I'll brush my teeth while you're showering?"

"Modesty has never been a big deal with me. Plus, I think we've already checked each other out?" Trev said with a laugh. "No surprises?"

"No surprises," I answered, as I playfully swatted his firm butt.

He turned and winked. "Into rough sex, Dr. Bennett?"

"I'm not a doctor, yet. Just scrambling to finish pre-med. As far as rough sex, I think it's all in the eye of the beholder." I playfully grabbed Trev's buns and squeezed. We were having a lot of fun.

"Ouch. Trying to establish a level of pain, Russ?"

"Naw. Just trying to get you to move into the shower. Maybe, with luck, I'll have some warm water left." Trevor pulled off his towel and jumped into the shower. I noticed that he was 'growing and showing' in his crotch. 'The guy definitely has some assets for the right person,' I thought, as he closed the opaque shower door. As I looked at the door, his toned, male body form stood out in blurred, fleshy detail. While he shampooed, I watched the sudsy water move down his body. It was hard not to notice that his circumcised cock and balls were in perfect proportion to a trim body.

Shaking myself from further fantasy, I put some toothpaste on my brush and started cleaning the teeth. 'Jeez, Bennett,' I thought, 'where are these thoughts coming from?'

"I'm almost finished, Russ. And the water is still hot," Trev said a few moments later. "If you want, I'll leave the water running?"

"Cool. I'm ready." Trev stepped out as I entered the shower. Little jolts of energy sparked my body as my cock accidentally dragged across his buns as we changed positions. "Sorry, buddy," I said, once I was in the shower.

"Nothing to be sorry about, Russ." He smiled and started drying off. As I was finishing soaping myself, I heard him brushing his teeth. "What should we wear tonight?" he asked, with a mouth full of toothpaste and water.

"I'm prolly going to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. It's still pretty cool up here in the evening. After dinner, we can take a stroll down to the dock if you want?" I turned off the water, opened the door and reached for the towel. Trev thoughtfully handed it to me.

"Thanks for clueing me in, Russ. Yeah, I'd like to check out the lakeshore later. Minnesota is really special."

"Great. It's a deal," I replied. Dave planned on cooking in. It would be fun getting to know Trev better, later. 'He's a helluva nice guy,' I judged. 'It would be good to have him as a friend in Chicago.'


I smiled, as Mike and I showered together. Dad knew exactly what he was doing when he built this fantastic shower. There were many things that I'd have to piece together about my recent past. It would have been great to know the folks when we were all adults. 'One thing fer sure,' I thought. 'Mom and Dad loved each other. And, they both worked hard to make that feeling last.'

"Penny for your thoughts, Dave?" We were both taking a pretty orthodox approach to showering.

"I'm thinking how lucky we are to have each other."

"I'll second that, lover," Mike said, as he leaned in for a light kiss.

"And that this master bedroom is ours. Somehow, the folks have spiritually given it to us." I looked at Mike and moved in for a tight hug and passionate kiss.

"I like the sound of that, Dave. I feel that way, too. God, I love you." Mike re-affirmed the hug and ground his crotch into mine. "After dinner, I want to make love to you, Mr. Swenson."

"After dinner, we're doing dishes. However, later on..." I laughed and grabbed his dick.

"Hey, don't start something you can't finish," Mike replied, as he got a hand full of my Minnesota-bred testicles.

"Gently, babe. These puppies have got to last me a long time."

"I know. I'll be around making sure they work," Mike said, as he kneeled down. Holding my balls gently, he kissed each one, before wrapping his lips around my glans. My cock started to salute as Mike moved it further into his mouth.

"Oh, shit." I started a slow motion fucking of his face. I placed my hands on his head and sped up the motion. I felt Mike's tongue swirling around my dickhead as he opened his throat to take me completely. Looking down, I noticed that Mike had started a vigorous jerking action with his hard member.

"Hmmm," was all he could utter. However, the vibration of his baritone rumblings added to the ecstasy of the afternoon, as I started making movements to facilitate a face fucking.

"Oh, Cole, this definitely is...ahhh...man...lover...ummm," I uttered, as we coordinated our actions. I reached down and tweaked his nipples.

"Urghh, hmmm." The deep vibrations continued from Mike's diaphragm.

"Mike, I'm...going...to...cum," I yelled, as I tensed my glutes and drove my dick in to announce an orgasm. I shot several streams of semen into Mike's welcoming mouth. I felt his load hitting my leg. As we wound down, Mike rose and brought his lips to mine. I greedily accepted my warm jizz deposits in his mouth. We stood together for a few minutes, and I felt the water getting cold.

"Feels like we better finish our shower before the icicles start forming," Mike suggested.

"Babe, icicles wouldn't dare interrupt our shower. But I think that you've got a point...in addition to what's between your legs." We both laughed and finished our shower.


I came down early and busied myself in the kitchen. Tonight would be a simple spaghetti dinner. The management company had provided a meat sauce from a local restaurant. Adding a package of pre-mixed greens, I had everything staged in a short time. Seeing that the water was hot and the sauce was in a crock-pot on hold, I went to the great room.

With the gas-assisted jets, I started a fire in the fireplace and sat back in the sofa. It was just after 7:30 p.m., and the sun had definitely gone down beyond the 'yardarm'. In the background, my CD selection of Mariah Carey's "Daydream" was playing. While I sipped on a longneck bottle of Grain Belt beer, I was feeling content and confident that this was going to be a great vacation.  

"Hi, love." I turned and saw my partner come into the great room.

"Grab a beer and join me." I pointed to a table supporting a large, iced bucket containing a dozen bottles of Grain Belt.

"Did I hear the word, beer?" Doug shouted from the stairway. "You've got four thirsty dudes coming down."

"The beer's over by Mike," I answered, gesturing to the table. The remainder of the crew waved and gathered around Mike. Everyone had dressed down to the comfort and casualness of the north woods. As they joked while retrieving their beers, I looked this hot group of young men and marveled at my good fortune in developing friendships. Starting with Russ years ago, later with Mike and the Memphis Navy crew and, now, the addition of Trev. I had a gut reaction that Russ and Trev would become a permanent part of the gang.