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My old buddy was the perfect host and a considerate friend. Watching the adult version of my childhood pal brought a smile to my face. The energetic, fun, bright, caring boy with whom I grew up was now the other half of a solid partnership built around trust and love.

Dave and Mike had set the dining room table with casual placemats and large napkins. Over a dinner of salad, spaghetti and toasted garlic bread, all the guys shared in light conversation that topically touched on recent life experiences. Mike kept our wine glasses topped-off with a red zinfandel from California.

"So, my Dad and I are back after a testy five years," Brent concluded. Dinner was finished, and we moved back over to the great room with the last of the wine.

"He's now got two gay sons," Doug added with a chortle. "And Brent is an honorary Di Marco."

"Yeah, I've grown very fond of Italian sausage." Brent winked at the table.

"Speaking of sausage...and, I don't mean Italian...breakfast will be at nine," Dave advised. "I thought I'd get the boat out so we can cruise around the lake tomorrow. Mike's going to make sandwiches for the trip. And we'll bring beer, of course."

"You mean that old Chris Craft is still running?" I asked.

"Sonofabitch is almost fifty years old. It's a 1949 classic and still has fire in its belly," Dave said.

"As I remember, that sucker is pretty fast?"

"That 'sucker', as you put it, has a Ford V-8 Interceptor powering it. The marina guys keep it well maintained, and it'll handle six guys just fine. In fact, the boat is really super for water-skiing."

"It must suck up a lot of fuel?" asked Trev.

"At a $1.18 a gallon, we'll get to know the marina guys very well by the time the day's over. But I got it covered."

"Dave, why don't you and Mike go up and relax?" Doug suggested. "Brent and I can clean up the kitchen. Maybe Trev and Russ can do scullery duty tomorrow?"

"Sounds like a plan," Trev replied with that attractive drawl. "Y'all can rotate the duty, every other day, with Russ and me while we're up here?"

"Guys, I'll take you up on that. Much appreciated. Mike, you ready to 'relax' for the evening?" Dave asked with a sly smile, as he stood up from the couch. Mike immediately joined him.

"As long as I can get some sleep after we 'relax'. Goodnight, guys," Mike said, as the two walked to the stairs. Dave grinned and waved.

"Um, Russ, you want to go out and check the dock and shoreline?" Trev asked tentatively.

"Absolutely. We'll see you guys in the morning. We're going to finish the wine outside," I said to Brent and Doug.

"Go for it. There's a bright moon tonight. See ya in the a.m.," Brent answered. They both nodded to us, as we walked to the door leading out to the back porch.

"I'm glad you suggested dressing warmly," Trev said. "It's a beautiful evening, but a little chilly." We walked out on the porch and down the steps to the manicured grounds leading to the dock. Small, indirect floodlighting illuminated the shrubbery and adequately lit the brick walk winding down to the dock.

"This is truly God's country," I said, as we arrived at the end of the walkway. The old wood dock with white painted pylons and metal cleats was approximately 30' long. At the end was a short "T" dock with a bench. Carrying our wine, we slowly walked to the bench. Trev lightly wrapped his arm around my waist and turned to me with a contemplative expression. I looked in his eyes and smiled, not wanting to spoil the moment...whatever that moment was supposed to be. "You wanna sit on the bench and talk while we finish our wine, Trev?"

"I sure would, Sir." We reached the bench, sat down and visually absorbed the dim, physical majesty before us. The moon's illumination created a peaceful setting. Although the lake was practically still, lapping water gently kissed the sandy beach. After sitting, Trev brought his arm around my shoulder. I lightly leaned into it.

"I used to come up here all the time with Dave. Prolly started back when we were five or six. The Swensons were my second set of parents, just like mine were for Dave." I felt very comfortable with Trev, as we gazed across the lake to the opposite shoreline. It was around 10:00 p.m., and many of the large lake homes had only minimum exterior lighting on. There was a continuous silhouette of the evergreen and large oak trees behind the large houses before the star-encrusted sky dominated the view. I raised the partially filled wine glass in my left hand and took a slow sip as my right free hand moved over to Trev's knee. I patted it a couple of times and left the hand where it was. He set down the wine glass on the dock and placed his free hand over mine, and we just sat there, not saying a word, looking at nature's slumber in the north woods and listening to the invisible insect population's evening communication.

"Russ, penny for your..."


"Yes. You want to share?" he asked in soft, Southern-accented tones.

"How about a quarter's worth?" I squeezed his knee and turned my hand over so we were palm to palm.

"Whatever it takes, buddy." Trev held my hand tighter.

"Okay, here it goes," I replied with a sigh. "Anytime I start boring you, just stop me."

"I'll take my chances."

"It was almost two years ago when Dave officially came out to me and introduced Mike as his partner in Chicago. Funny, I was happy for Dave and jealous, at the same time. Couldn't put a finger on it, but I got funny vibes from Mike."


"Like he saw something deeper between Dave and me. I won't go into the details, but Dave and I had a very intimate post-pubescent friendship. Just say that we explored each other physically...completely...as young guys." I looked for a reaction.

"We all do that shit, Russ."

"No. I mean completely. JO was just for openers. Dave was in love with me. I knew it. For my part, it was just horny curiosity with my best friend...so I thought. I could never step up to the plate to explore a relationship, and we never talked about it."

"Wow. Sounds like you're ready for Jerry Springer," Trev said with a quiet laugh. He squeezed my hand for emphasis, and I continued.

"Flash forward. I'm in college, and my buddy, Dave, is in the Navy. Northwestern's pre-med really doesn't give you too much time to get too involved with a social life. At that point, I really didn't have anyone special, nor did I care. But, I had 'trophy' dates for parties and had women to take out when I was home for holidays. I guess it was just Russ Bennett role-playing at its best. I even fooled myself until recently. Is this getting too heavy, Trev?"

"Russ, I'm really not 'out' to my family. I've lived two lives for a long time and still don't know how to tell the folks. Just for the record, except for my home in Nashville, I'm very comfortable about who I am, in every other sense."

"It's almost like I'm having a sudden realization that all the round and square pegs need to be re-assembled. Seeing Dave and Mike again triggered something inside. Then, to meet your close friends from California...very hot, close friends...and observe their genuine love; well, I'm really re-evaluating where I stand in the Adam and Eve, or Adam and Steve chromosome-chain." I turned to Trev and smiled. With the bright moon illuminating our area, I saw him return the smile.

"Sounds like we're playing by brand-new rules, Russ. I told you I don't make a habit of going after straight men. However, it sounds like you're opening the door to me?"

"Unlatched, Trev. I knew you fit into the puzzle when we met. At the very least, I want to be friends. Just be patient with me, okay? You've turned on something inside that I've tried to keep submerged. Help me figure it out?"

"Okay, truth time. You are ringing my chimes, Sir, and believe me when I say that I'm no innocent when it comes to being with another man. I know right now that I want to be friends, at the very least. I'll go as slow, or fast, as you want to explore anything else. Unless you object, I'd like to give you just a little kiss to demonstrate my interest?" He looked at me questioningly. I separated my hand from his, brought it up to his jaw, and slowly leaned in.

"You sold me, Mr. Winston." Our lips met, and I exhaled with contentment. Against my mouth I felt his tongue, requesting attention. Within a nano-second, I responded by receiving his probe. We playfully tongued each other before coming in for a more expressive kiss.

"Russ, I don't want to push you into anything that makes you uncomfortable," he said, as he gently pulled back. "Play it out, one step at a time. Let's go back to the cabin and get some rest. I'd like to invite you into my bed, only to snuggle. Is that okay?"

"I'd like that, Trev, very much. Just don't expect anything more."

"Not a problem, buddy. Whatever you want to explore while we're here this week, I'll help." Silently we finished the wine, while staring at the moon-bathed lake.



'What the hell,' I thought, as we walked back to the cabin, his hand in mine. 'Russ has just turned my world upside down.' What was going to be an uncomplicated week with old friends was taking a different route, step by step, literally. For me, the challenge would be to avoid falling for a guy who couldn't return the affection. However, he did say that the door was unlatched.

"Looks like Doug and Brent have gone to bed. You want anything from the kitchen before we go up?" I asked Russ, as we entered the great room with just a night-light on.

"Naw, I'll go to the room and get ready for bed. Would you take my wine glass with you?"

"Yep. I'm going to get something cold to drink and be right up," I said with a warm smile. I took his glass and watched, as he walked over to the staircase and started the ascent with athletic grace.

In the kitchen, after rinsing the glasses, I opened the Sub-Zero and scoped out the beverage options other than beer. Spotting several bottles of Arrowhead water, I grabbed two and went upstairs.

"Trev, I'm all finished in the bathroom," Russ announced, when I entered the bedroom. He was stripped down to his white briefs.

"Okay. I'll do my thing and be right out. Here's a bottle of water for you," I replied, "just in case you get a thirst in the middle of the night." He smiled and nodded as I removed my clothes. After matching his briefs 'uniform of the evening', I went in for a pee and teeth brushing. 'The next act was going to be a baby milestone,' I ruminated while rinsing.

I turned off the bathroom light and returned to a now-darkened bedroom. The moonlight created enough light to let me see the human form of Russ in my bed with his back to the room. Although I normally slept nude, the briefs would stay on tonight. I pulled back the covers and quietly slid into bed and next to Russ.

"Hi, buddy. Welcome to my bunk." I covered us and patted him on his muscular bicep.

"Hey, Trev. I'm not hogging too much of the bed?"

"No. Plenty of room." I moved closer, so that my chest was touching his back. Without saying anything, he moved his butt toward my body until his cotton-covered asscrack was against my soft, covered cock. We lay there silently for a few moments before I carefully wrapped my arm around him in a loose manner. "Good night, Russ."

"Night. And Trev, thanks for being a new friend."

I squeezed his body with my arm to indicate acknowledgement and started thinking about this guy that was sharing the bed. First and foremost, I would help Russ discover whatever was stirring these feelings. Was he just curious? Was he coming to terms with bi-sexuality? Was he slowly discovering that his sexual orientation was gay? All these thoughts rumbled around in my head as I drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, I felt a slight movement of the bed. Opening one eye, I saw Russ get up and go to the bathroom. He closed the door and almost immediately created the sound of a man releasing an urgent, hard piss stream. After a flush and a token hand wash, Russ came out and returned to the bedside. "Trev, are you awake?" he whispered.

"Almost. Why?"

"Would you mind scooting over a little? I'd like to try the reverse position for a while."

"Not a problem," I said, moving over to his original side. He paused for a moment before joining me. Pulling up the covers, he brought his chest up to my back and wrapped his arm around me. As Russ had done earlier, I wiggled my butt a little and moved it into his crotch area. I was a little surprised when I didn't feel any material covering his equipment. 'Hmm,' I thought, 'this is interesting.'

"I hope you don't mind me getting out of my briefs? I usually sleep with nothing on."

"Not at all," I said, as I slowly moved my hips closer. Russ leaned in and gave me a little peck on the shoulder. There was a definite stirring of his cock, lodged next to my crack. My response was automatic for a healthy, young, gay male: I had a raging hard-on. 'This is just too tempting,' I decided. 'Time for action.' I gently moved my butt back and forth to send a message to my new friend.

"Mmmm, that feels good," Russ uttered with a little moan.

"Buddy, any objection to me joining you commando-style?" I could feel him getting harder as I kept up the motion.

"I'd kinda like the idea. Um, Trev, I'm not really as tired as I imagined."

"Hold that thought." I eased away, got out of bed and went to the bathroom for a fast pee. On my way back, I grabbed my trusty, travel-sized lube bottle and a condom. 'Here goes everything,' I thought, as I slid back into bed. After tucking the accessories under my pillow, I lay down facing Russ. In the darkness I could see his eyes sparkling and his mouth being moistened by a slow-moving tongue.

"You look awfully good, Mr. Tennessee," he growled.

"Took the words right out of my..." I moved in and lightly touched his lips with mine. When he offered no resistance, I started a tentative probe with my tongue. He opened his mouth and welcomed his my tongue with his. While they were getting to know each other, I moved my hand over to his pecs. His firm, small nipples were too much a temptation. I pinched one, then another, with a little pressure.

"Oh," he said with a little startle. However, when I started moving my palm over them in a slow, circular motion, he began almost purring. As I kissed him harder I glided my hand down over his sculpted abs, stomach and, finally, arrived at his erect penis.

"Unless I'm getting the wrong signals, your cock is looking for a little action," I said, after pulling my mouth away. He did not resist as I started stroking his precum-slick, hard meat.

"You could do what you're doing and I'd be very happy."

"How about being a little more adventuresome?" I took his hand and placed it on my hardon. He ran his hand over it and landed on my scrotum. He delicately rolled my balls.

"Something like this?" His fingers moved around and started rubbing my perineum.

"You're getting closer," I said with a chuckle.

"You want..."

"I want you to fuck me, doc. Is that something you could get into?"

"Into as in to your beautiful ass? I, ah, haven't done this for a while. In fact, never thought I'd do this again."

"Does that mean it's a no? I'm okay if that's your decision." His finger slowly traveled over to my hole, and he started moving around the rosebud.

"Trev, I'm becoming very attracted to you. I think, um...no, I know I want to be in you. Be patient, though. It's been a while."

"I'm the most patient man in the world." I rolled over on my back, retrieved the lube, and handed him the condom. "I'm also a Boy Scout." We both laughed as he ripped the condom packet open.


Mike and I were up first to get breakfast started. We heard low laughing and talking coming from Brent and Doug's as we walked down the hallway. All was quiet in the other room. Trev and Russ were still probably 'sawing logs'. 'I'd love to spend some time with Russ, alone, today,' I thought. 'Maybe he'd like to drive over to the marina with me to pick up the boat?'

"The boys sound like they're getting a little frisky," Mike said, as we got to the head of the stairs.

"Those two have been separated by a continent for most of the spring, babe. They need to make up for lost time."

"Buddy, you're out of the Navy now, and we're not going to have any more separations. But, I'll never turn down morning sex." Mike playfully punched me lightly as we continued down the stairs.

"Then I'm putting you on alert. Tomorrow morning, Davey is going to attack."

I turned on the kitchen lights and made a beeline for the freezer door. Since as long as I can remember, coffee was always kept in the freezer in a Swenson household. I kept up the tradition. "Mike, would you start coffee?" I gave him a canister used to store the freshly ground coffee I always bought from a small specialty grocer in town.

"Why don't I make a small batch now? It's only 8:00 a.m. I'll brew a larger amount closer to nine?" I watched as he portioned out three scoops into the coffee maker.

"Always the restaurateur, thinking about quality control. I figure scrambled eggs, sausage links and toast should do the trick."

"Sounds like a plan, Dave. I'll get some of the guys to help make our lunch while you get the boat."

"I checked the reefer...whoops, fridge...and saw all the fixings for lunch, as well as tons of food for the rest of the week. The cooler is in the mudroom. By the way, I'm going to ask Russ to join me when I get the boat. We haven't had a chance for a long talk in quite a while."

"Great. I'll hold down the fort. How about those other friends of yours with the boat? Are they up here?"

"Robbie and Roy should be coming up Friday. I talked with them on the phone in St. Paul. I thought we'd do a Friday night steak cookout here and maybe take a little moonlight desert cruise in Roy's boat. They could sleep in their cruiser, dockside, and join us for breakfast. Whaduya think?"

"Dave, I think you've got this week pretty well organized." Mike pulled me into a strong embrace and gave me a very sexy morning kiss.

"These guys are 'family' now. It's important to me that they all have a great time. Especially you, doofus." I nestled up to my tall, handsome partner and hugged him tightly.

"Love you, babe. But you better get the eggs cracking. It'll be nine before you know it." I kissed him lightly on the cheek and went over to the fridge. Mike took two cups and poured us freshly brewed java. I grabbed the proffered cup and brought it up for a little toast before bringing the hot, robust beverage to my lips.

"Can you believe how beautiful it is up here?" While the morning sun was giving the residents a warm, bright wake-up call across the lake, our grounds were still in the shade. The direct sun wouldn't hit that area until afternoon. I got out a dozen eggs and a package of link breakfast sausages.

"Dave, let's make sure to get up here a couple of times a year. Maybe this fall we could get Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty up here with my mom?"

"Absolutely. And maybe we can invite your brother and his friend?" I asked.


As I started cracking eggs, Mike laid out the sausages on a sheet pan and set the oven. In that it was a little cool in the shade, we'd all eat in the kitchen.



"Dave, thanks for suggesting that we get together this morning. We really haven't had any time alone for a long time." I climbed into the large Suburban and buckled in.

"The half-hour driving over the marina isn't a lot of time, but we've got all week. Except for Mike, you're still my absolutely, best friend." We both smiled as he squeezed my hand for emphasis. I started up the big Chevy engine and navigated towards town and the marina. We silently drank in the views along the road for a few minutes.

"Dave, recently I've been thinking a lot about our 'experimenting' together when we were kids."

"Yeah, those were fun times. We both had fun, although I admit that I felt something else when we were together," Dave answered wistfully.

"I know you did...that you were in love with me...right?"

"It was pretty obvious, wasn't it, Russ?"

"Only to me. Everyone else just thought we were close, long-time, jock friends. It's only been in the last year that I discovered that I was in love with you, also." I looked at Dave as he scowled his forehead, pulled the SUV over to the side of the road and stopped with the motor running. He turned to me and studied my face.

"You mean..."

"I've always loved you like a brother. I just couldn't admit, at the time, that those feelings went further. Maybe things would have been different...I don't know. You're not angry, are you?"

"Ah, shit, I could never be angry with you, Russ." He unbuckled our safety belts and pulled me into a big hug and kissed me on the lips. "I was always amazed that we did half the stuff we did. It was pretty awesome for two kids," he continued with a warm smile.

"Awesome. For a while, I've had some powerful feelings just below the surface and I'm just becoming aware of them. Don't worry, Dave, I'm not lusting for you. You've got a great guy in your life. What I'm saying...I think that my feelings - sexual and emotional - for someone else are primarily for men."

He looked at me with a raised brow as he put the Suburban into gear and moved out into the quiet country road. We both automatically hooked up our seat belts.

"You know how to get a guy's attention, buddy. What brought this on?"

"At the airport, yesterday, when I met Trev. I really got excited when we met. Funny, I had seen him on the plane and kinda watched him on the flight up. And when we shook hands, I felt a passing of energy. Does that make sense?"

"Oh, yeah. When I first met Mike, I thought that someone had turned on a switch. The feeling is pretty amazing." Dave smiled at me before turning onto the main highway to town. "So, does Trev know what's happening?"

"We had a talk after everyone went to bed. I told him that I was feeling something. Basically, I opened up to him as we sat out on the dock and kinda implied that I'd like to explore those feelings."

"And...?" Dave said in a concerned tone.

"We had a small kiss, and he invited me to snuggle with him last night. He's a real gentleman, Dave. He said that we could go as slow as I wanted to. No pressure."

"That is slow. So I guess that's all that happened?"

"Not quite. I got to thinking and finally decided I wanted to go the whole route. You know, like we did. In my own way, I sent some pretty obvious signals. Thank God he picked up on them."


"And your best friend officially got laid last night. It was terrific." I sure that 'shit-eating' grin was the best way to describe my smile.

"Wow, that's not exactly going slow," Dave replied with a wink.

"No, not slow, but definitely hot. Trev is one sexy dude and a nice guy."

"I agree on both counts. Russ, if you think this is where you're going, you've got a great support group this week. And after we all depart and you decide that you really want to chase pussy, so be it." We both laughed and he squeezed my thigh.

"I think my pussy-chasing days are over. It's just the alternative I've got to come to terms with," I replied with a smile. "And I think I did that last night." 'Jeez,' I thought, 'it is great to be with my best friend, again.'

The rest of the drive to the marina was filled with the two of us replaying not so innocent childhood memories.


AUTHORS NOTE: Today - in real time, 4/25/06 - marks a milestone for me. It was one year ago that I posted the first chapter of the Splash series as an initial stab at writing a gay-themed Internet story. I appreciate the support, help, encouragement, and feedback on this journey. To realize that I am able to entertain a discriminating segment of Nifty readers is rewarding. The content of the notes I receive is validation that you are a very intelligent, intuitive group.

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