Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

Special acknowledgements to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story.

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By the time the sun started its afternoon descent, Dave left us at the cabin so that he and Russ could run over to the marina. The boat would be re-fueled and returned to the Swenson dock by Dave, and Russ would drive the SUV back to the cabin. We all agreed that the powerful Chris Craft was going to get a thorough workout for the remainder of the week.

The day had been absolutely perfect. After breakfast, we straightened up the kitchen, changed into swim trunks and waited for Dave to bring over the boat. A loud wail of a marine horn announced Dave's return. We spilled out of the cabin and raced down to the dock and the classic, polished mahogany masterpiece of a boat from another era, idling with a low, guttural rumble churning the water.

We were almost identical in dress: board trunks, T-shirts, caps and sunglasses. I brought a large bottle of SPF 30 suntan lotion and nose cream for everyone's use. I didn't want to mention to the guys that I couldn't be exposed to too much sun due to some filming in the next two weeks.

After a leisurely cruise around the shoreline, we moored at a state park dock and picnicked under the shade of large oak trees just off the beach. Dave pointed out Roy's parents' house on the way and confirmed that Roy and Robbie would be up Friday night for dinner.

"Jeez, that boat's a fast fucker," Doug said, as we later stood on the dock back at Dave's place.

"It's really been well-maintained, and ya gotta respect that Ford V-8 engine," I replied. Doug, Mike and I were sipping on beers as we waited for our turn to water-ski. Dave didn't want to have more than two in the boat while pulling a third.

"Trev did pretty good for someone who's only been on skis twice," Mike said. "I'm glad that Dave took time to teach us the basics. I've only done this a couple of times, too." Just then, the Chris Craft sped by with Russ holding the towline with one hand and waving with the other. Another couple of passes, and Doug and Brent would trade places with Russ and Trev.

"Russ is one athletic dude," I remarked, after the boat passed. "Dave certainly increased the speed for his old friend."

"Those two have been coming up here since they were kids. Russ can ski on his feet, apparently. I'm really happy to get to know someone from Dave's past. He's a nice guy and smart as they come," Mike added.

"And apparently has struck up a fast friendship with Trev," Doug said. "It's great that Trev has met someone from Chicago."

"I don't want to be a 'Dolly Levi', but I think there's some potential for those two, other than a friendship," Mike volunteered.

"You think that 'good, old, straight' Russ is dealing from both sides of the deck?" Doug asked, without sarcasm.

"Just a gut reaction, guys. I think that Russ has a lot of unresolved issues bouncing around behind that confident fašade," Mike answered. "I've come to regard him a friend. Almost a brother-in-law. I'm ready to help Russ if he comes looking for advice."

"Trev's as good as they come to be a friend. Maybe I'll have a little discussion with him tomorrow. Get his perspective," I concluded, as the boat came up to the dock. Russ and Trev were all grins.

"Who's the next victim?" Trev yelled. Mike held the boat steady as the two passengers disembarked.

"That would be us," Doug remarked is a pseudo-husky, low voice. Russ and Trev hugged Dave before getting to dry land, and Doug and I joined a very happy skipper on the boat.

"Russ, you still have it. Good skiing," Dave shouted, as we slowly backed away from the dock. "Trev, you're a natural. By this weekend, you'll be ready for a slalom ski." We all waved, and Dave slowly accelerated into the lake.


"Whew, I haven't done that for a while. I think some muscles got a good workout today," I said.

"It's like riding a bike, buddy. You were really in the groove," Mike said. "You guys want a beer?"

"Let me take a rain check. I want to get out of these wet trunks," I answered.

"Me, too. I feel a nap coming on. Water-skiing takes quite a bit out of you," Trev said.

"I hear ya. It's only Wednesday, and we've got three good days left for the boat. Why don't we reconvene down here at six?"

"Sounds good, Mike," I replied, as Trev and I quietly started up the stairs.

In the room, we stripped down and hung the trunks in the bathroom to dry. We both seemed comfortable in our skin as we stood by my bed, facing each other.

"Russ, you wanna trade back rubs? I used to do that with some of my frat brothers when we'd go climbing. I've got some oil."

"Great, I could use that. I'll get a towel, so the sheets don't get messy." I went back to the bathroom and grabbed a large towel. 'Hmm,' I thought, 'I'm not sure where Trev is going, but I'm open to exploration.' I spread out the towel on the bed and got on my stomach. Trev, still in the nude, stood by with a bottle of oil in his hand.

"The best position for me is on my knees, between your legs," Trev said softly.

I spread my legs and felt the bed move as Trev came in and positioned himself. I felt his warm, crouched legs move against my thighs, as he leaned in and poured oil on my back.

"Sorry if this feels cold. It'll warm up," Trev continued, as he started working the oil into my shoulder muscles.

"Oh, yeah, Trev. That feels great," I purred.

"Shhh, just relax." He slowly worked, dug and loosened the muscles in my shoulders and back. Moving lower, Trev went directly to my calves and worked his way up my thighs. His fingers slightly grazed my exposed ball sac as he arrived at my buns. "You okay with me working on your glutes?"

"You can work on anything you want," I mumbled. 'Did he get my message?' I wondered.

"You got it, Sir." For the next five minutes, he worked my butt like kneading dough. I felt his hot breath on my neck when he whispered in my ear, "Turn over, Russ."

"I'm a little embarrassed. You've really relaxed me...except for one area."

"Hey, nothing I haven't seen before," Trev answered, as he moved to the foot of the mattress. "Or felt, after last night."  A small grin crept over his face.

"Yeah. Good point." I instinctively eased over and smiled at him, as I casually noticed that his penis was definitely starting to stand at attention. Trev looked briefly at my erect cock and shrugged.

"Keep your eyes closed, Russ. Just let all your tension out." He moved back up between my legs and poured oil on my chest. As he moved his thumbs around my pecs, I got harder...if that was possible. I partially opened one eye and verified that Trev had a rock-hard dick angled up from his trimmed pubic area.

"Oh, yeah," I uttered, as he dug into my abs. His forearms brushed against my hardon, as he moved back and forward. He must have noticed that I was smiling.

"Russ, I need to take care of one muscle that seems to be tense," he said in a low, sultry voice.

"Babe, it's technically not a muscle, but it really needs attention," I replied. I kept my eyes closed as his oil-slicked hand started stroking my dripping meat. Another hand reached under and gently took my scrotum and gently rolled the orbs. "Ahhh," I let out, in a contented manner.

"You okay?" Trev asked, sounding a little concerned.

"Buddy, I've wanted this to happen since this morning. Things are happening in my life that are awakening a true sense about my sexuality. You're helping me a great deal."

"Then, you won't object if I help you further?" Not waiting for a reply, he gently leaned down and kissed me on the lips while he continued to jack me. It was a tender meeting; his soft lips encouraging mine to establish a bonding contact. I slowly opened mine to find the tip of his tongue slowly making contact. Both our tongues were introduced, slowly swirling around each other. Moments later, he pulled away and moved down to kiss each of my hard nips.

"Trev, I'm ready for whatever you want to do. Last night really opened the door."

"I want to make you happy and comfortable. Enjoy." His tongue moved down my six-pack and stopped briefly at my navel. While he lapped at my belly button, his chin kept poking my erection. He clutched my balls, as his lips wrapped around the head of my willing bone. His hot, roughly textured tongue starting bathing and stimulating me.

"Yes...yes," I groaned, as Trev slowly took me completely into his mouth and throat. His fingers moved past my tightening balls to my asshole. 'Oh, god,' I thought, 'he's going there again.' I smiled. After moving around the circumference of my pucker, he slowly eased into the wrinkly interior while I relaxed and pushed out a little.

"This feel good?" Trev asked, as he probed further.

"Yeah, even better today."  He started vigorously sucking me off while he matched strokes with his finger. Within moments, I started breathing heavily and moaning as his finger dug deeper. Trev found my prostate and started a massaging motion on and around it as he continued to blow me.

"Hmmm," he hummed as his mouth moved back and forth.

"Oh, fuck...urghh," I yelled as my sphincter tightened around his finger. I blasted a heavy-duty load into Trev's mouth as he continued to milk me. I felt my entire body quake from one of the most complete orgasms I'd experienced in years. Better than last night. Moments later, my breathing became less erratic. "Ummm, that was great, I finally said, as he pulled away from my wilting dick.

"Russ, I enjoyed every moment. You're one hot guy," he said, as he licked his lips.

"Come down here and give me a kiss. Then, I think I owe you a massage." He scooted over to my side and leaned in to my lips. I smelled my cum on his breath and tasted the remnants of my seed on his lips.

"No regrets?" Trev asked. "I was afraid that last night was a one-time thing."

"None, whatsoever. Only that I kept my real feelings hidden for so long. Thanks, Trev, for being understanding. Now, if you'll roll over, I'll start with your back."

"Babe, while it's fresh in your mind, why don't we reverse the massage?"

"I can get into that." I got up so that Trev could position himself on his back, with his handsome face, trim body and very hard cock facing me. "I might be a little rusty, so be patient. Afterwards, I want to tell you a little about my childhood friendship with Dave."

"No teeth, Doc."

"Definitely no teeth, Sir," I answered with a wink.



It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon, as I looked out the kitchen window onto the lake. The guys were out on the boat for a late cruise and a few beers...and Diet Coke. Mike was the designated driver. I was getting everything ready for Robbie and Roy's arrival and our 7:00 p.m. dinner. I smiled about the results of my separate talks with Trev and Russ yesterday.

Mid-morning, I had called Trev aside and casually asked how things were between Russ and him as we set down out on the porch.

"Dave, it couldn't be better. We're becoming good friends. I'm really appreciative of being invited to your cabin and into your circle of friends."

"He shared with me yesterday morning, while we were driving over to the marina, how he was considering how he fit in the picture, sexually. I'm not giving away any confidences, Trev. He's okay with us talking. How about you?"

"Talking? Yes, Sir. I know you two are very close. In fact, he shared with me how you two discovered and explored sex."

"Well, if Russ told you what we did, then he must be making up his mind on where he stands?"

Trev smiled sincerely and continued, "You could say that physically we are becoming very comfortable with each other."

"I don't want any blow-by-blow account - excuse the pun - of what you guys are up to. Russ and I are best friends, for life. I guess you might say that I'm taking the role of a protective brother," I said with a friendly sternness.

"I understand, Dave. In fact, 'blow-by-blow' is pretty close," he replied with a small chuckle. "I swear to you, as a gentleman and friend, that I will never do anything to Russ that he's uncomfortable with. For the record, I have a pretty conventional sexual appetite under safe conditions...always. I'm HIV negative and would never jeopardize my health or anyone else's." Trev looked into my eyes and slightly smiled.

"I think we're all going to be friends a long time. I know Russ very well and have his best interests at heart. If you ever have any concerns, please contact me." We stood and I pulled him into a long, warm hug.

A short time later, I asked Russ to join me down by the dock. He confirmed everything that Trev had mentioned. I raised an eyebrow when he said that he expected the physical exploration to advance that evening. When I asked him about protection, he smiled and said that both he and Trev were well equipped. Russ assured me that he knew what he wanted and where he wanted to go, after several years of denial.

He thanked me for what we had learned together and told me that he 'was ready for advanced instruction with Trev as the professor'.



"We might as well head back in, guys. It's just after eleven," Roy said from the helm of the cabin cruiser. "The midnight bewitching hour is upon us."

After enjoying a great steak dinner with gigantic baked potatoes that must have been grown on steroids, we all joined Roy and Robbie for a moonlight cruise. Dave brought a bottle of Kahlua and eight paper cups.

"You two can join us for breakfast?" Dave asked.

"Sure, that'd be great. If you don't mind, Robbie and I will moor the boat at your dock tonight and use your bathroom facilities tomorrow. Dad isn't coming up to the lake until the morning," Roy said with a big grin.

"Terrific," Brent added. "I know I speak for Doug in saying that we really enjoy seeing you two again. We're all becoming good friends and would like to invite you two for a visit to California anytime you can get away."

"The invite also goes for our buddy Trev and the late-blooming Russ," Doug added with a chuckle.

"Blooming. Is that what you call it?" I asked with a laugh. I could feel my face getting red. Thank goodness that the interior lights were dim.

"As in, I wanna get..." Robbie joined in.

"Loved. Let's keep the conversation 'PG' rated," Roy interrupted. He eased the throttle down as the cruiser approached the dock in the foreground. "Dave, would you jump on the dock with a line and tie us up? I'm coming in the port side."

"Aye, aye. Mike, why don't you help me?"

"That's Sir, swabby," he retorted.

"Swabby, no more. Fuck you, Sir," Dave yelled as we came up on the end of the dock. The Chris Craft was moored on the other side.

"Is that a promise?"

"Count on it," Dave concluded, as he carefully stepped onto the dock. Mike followed right behind. The two guys expertly tied down the boat.

"Roy, we'll see you two tomorrow morning?" Brent asked, as he and Doug were about to disembark.

"Sounds good. Russ, how about you hanging around and shoot the shit for a while?" Robbie asked.

"Great. Mind if Trev stays with us?" I asked, looking at my new friend from Memphis.

"Absolutely," Roy replied, jumping in eagerly.

"Dave, you guys go on. Trev and I are going to visit here for a while," I yelled.

"Okay. See you all around nine in the morning. Night."

We sat down on the cushion seating in the fantail. "I remember going to swim meets and rooting for you two, as well as cheering on Dave," I said. Roy poured us another small cup of Kahlua and smiled in a secretive way.

"Russ, we checked you out at the gymnast matches, several times. You were one smooth performer," Robbie replied.

"He still is," Trev said with a laugh.

"I bet," Roy replied. We all took a sip, and I just happened to glance at Robbie's thigh and his shorts cuff. Damned if he wasn't free balling. Roy's cockhead was definitely not asleep. He caught me staring and returned a smile, as he reached down to his crotch. I looked at Roy's smiling face. He returned my stare with a smile, as he reached down and pulled at his expanding dick.

"You got a license for that snake?" Trev asked with a low giggle. He put his hand on my thigh and started stroking it.

"It's just a playmate for this," Robbie replied, as he pulled out a very impressive hardening penis.

"I believe, Mr. Bennett, that Robbie and Roy are inviting us to play for a while," Trev instructed in his soft, Southern accent.

"Russ, seriously," Roy said, "Robbie and I like to have some harmless fun and you guys are really hot. If you're comfortable with humoring two married guys, we'd like to adjourn to the stateroom forward and mess around...safely."

"Boys, you're stirring up memories and fantasies I had in high school. Trev, if you're game, I'd like to explore these feelings. I'm not all that experienced and just coming to grips with my sexuality. If this gets too deep for me, we quit. Okay."

"Absolutely. We're not into anything kinky," Robbie replied. "This is the first time this has happened since we were on the swim team at an out-of-town meet with a couple of our teammates. But, I gotta tell you, Russ, the fantasies are a two-way street. When you told us tonight about the realization of your sexuality, Roy and I decided to act on it. Don't worry. You're with friends." With that, Roy stood, pulled off his polo shirt and eased out of his shorts. A very hard cock slapped up at his navel.

'Wow,' I judged. 'The size is definitely in the Dave category.'

"When in Rome," Trev said, as he stood and immediately stripped off his tee and shorts. Robbie and I did the same thing. Trev and I instinctively turned to the two guys and kissed: Trev with Robbie, and me with Roy. It was a midnight rendezvous of four young men in the physical prime of their lives, replaying an ancient Greek ritual.

"This way," Roy said, holding my hand. He opened the stateroom door, and we entered the bow of the boat. There was a bunk against each bulkhead. Roy and I paired off on one bunk; Trev and Robbie occupied the other.

"Babe, I'm right here if you need me," Trev said, as Robbie started nibbling on his nips. The low night-light made the scene very erotic.

"Just make sure you save something for me later, Beauregard." This or Beau were the secret names I had started calling my new Southern gentleman friend.

"Yes, Doc," was all Trev could say, before Robbie moved in for a kiss. This was now officially his name for me.

"Russ, this is truly a fantasy come true. I fucking lusted over you when you were a freshman. Tonight, my man, I want you to fuck me."

"I would consider it a duty and an honor, Roy, if you put it like that. I don't think I can reciprocate, but I would like to suck you off, big boy."

"That's a deal. Here's the stuff. I borrowed a couple of Robbie's rubbers. You and he are about the same size, it you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I'll never have to worry about using Magnums," I said with a chuckle. 'There was only one other guy that I knew who used them, and he was upstairs with Mike' I thought. Rob sucked on me a few times to moisten my hard cock and gently rolled a condom on me. I took the lube and started the prep routine that Dave and I had learned together. Trev gave me a refresher course last night. When the first two fingers slid in easily, I added one more.

"I'm ready, Champ," Roy said, as he raised his legs to my shoulders. I looked over and saw Trev duplicating the motion. I pulled out my three fingers and guided in my lubed, rubber-encased cock. Roy clearly was adept at taking it in the rear.

"Fuck me," I heard Robbie whisper. The rest, as they say, took its natural course. About an hour later, Trev and I traded positions. We kissed each other as we switched bunks. This time, with a trim, hard six inches that Robbie possessed, I was up for a good old Minnesota fucking. I was amused to hear the verbal approval of Trev as he took Roy's large sausage.

Around three, we all thanked each other for the incredible experience, promised to keep in touch and traded numbers. Robbie and Roy were in agreement that this had been a one-time opportunity. A great memory that concluded fantasies started years ago.

Trev and I quietly said good night and, carrying our clothes, returned to the darkened cabin and our bedroom bare-ass naked. After a whiz, we collapsed in Trev's bed.

"Goodnight, Beau."

"Goodnight, Doc."



Brent and I concluded that this was one of the most incredible weeks we had spent. Saturday started the ratcheting-down phase of ending our vacation. After a day of skiing, Dave returned the boat to the marina for dry storage, and Russ drove the SUV over to pick up his friend.

"I really think that Trev has found a great friend in Russ," I said to Brent, as we started packing. We were planning on having a quiet dinner tonight, and afterwards, seeing a movie that Dave had rented. We would leave the cabin at nine Sunday morning, so that there was plenty of time to get to the airport for our early afternoon flights.

"Babe, I think that 'friend' is an understatement. Those two are tip-toeing around the next step."

"We'll see if this is just a summer fling. I gave Trev and Russ our email addresses." Doug and I had just gotten AOL email accounts. The Internet was starting to catch on, big time. Russ was on AOL, and Trev promised to sign up as soon as he got settled.

"I'm glad Russ was able to come to terms with his sexuality so easily," Doug observed.

"From what Dave said, Russ has been grappling with this since he met Mike and Dave in Chicago in '95. He's a bright guy and probably came to logical, rational conclusions based on his pre-med knowledge," I concluded.

"After the movie tonight, let's just come up here and quietly snuggle and love? This would be an ideal way to end this fantastic week."

"Sounds ideal, Doug. And on the plane, I've got to start studying the new script closer. The director doesn't like to rehearse much. I'll need to know the lines cold by the end of June."

"I guess I know what my part-time job's going to be for the next couple of weeks," he said with a chuckle.

"I really appreciate you working with me on the lines. I'll make it up to you." I pulled my hot, Italian stud into my arms as we locked lips.