Jack Scribe

Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

Special acknowledgements to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story.

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When we returned to L.A., Brent jumped right into his summer film production, feet first, and I continued my AD gig on 'American X'. I was running his lines every night after I got back from the studio. It was crazy, in my opinion, that Brent's director didn't want to rehearse But several of the big guys worked that way. I was fortunate that the directors I had worked with demanded prep and rehearsal from the actors. This would be my M.O. for years to come.

He finally shed the old Cougar in favor of a sensible, dark-green Explorer with heavy window tinting. The Bimmer and the Explorer were very comfortable parked next to each other in the subterranean garage.

A month later, we had our first houseguests up to celebrate a former Navy guy's birthday. Dave was turning 23, and the 'Fab Four' were together again. The condo, while not as well furnished as Casa Swenson, got high marks from the guys. Although we were only on the 10th floor, the condo had a great 'green' view facing north and the Los Angeles Country Club, with Beverly Hills as a backdrop.

Brent and Dave compared notes. They were both close enough in credits to be almost sophomores. All of Brent's credits from Columbia University were accepted after he was admitted to the fall class. Ditto with Dave and his MSU - Mankato credits at UCSD. With luck, they would both be going for the state bar exams in four or five years.

"Brent, you have any problem if I invite Billy Forrest and my brother, Louie, to join us for dinner soon?" It was mid-August, and Billy's WB show was back in production. Brent, on the other hand, had completed all the primary scenes in his film. He would be starting school at UCLA in three weeks. The only challenge would be the 'Friendships' shoot in September. Brent would be starting another movie in October.

"Naw, if he's cool with being discrete. Billy's career is on the rise, at least on TV, and I don't see him wanting to do anything to jeopardize it. I've spoken with him a couple of times in the commissary. Seems like an okay guy even if he did come on to you. But hell, I did the same thing a couple of years ago," Brent said with a laugh.

"Why don't I ask if he and Louie are available in a couple of weeks. Billy did say that he had a long talk with my brother last month. They had met for dinner in Newport Beach. From what Billy said, Louie wasn't all that surprised about his friend coming out."

"Let's do it on Saturday night before Labor Day. I'll have 'wrapped' the movie and Billy's show usually does the final scenes on Fridays."

As it turned out, Labor Day was on September 1st. Fortunately, no one had any plans for the entire weekend. Louie and his wife were going to visit her folks on Monday for a cookout. So the Saturday of the long weekend, Brent and I planned on cooking at the new place for Louie and Billy, while Louie's wife and their baby daughter stayed in Anaheim with her folks. Louie would stay overnight at our place and return to Orange County the next day.


"So, when Artie got his big break with the TV show, I was fucking amazed. Here is my pal from grammar school, Artie Shapiro, now the new hot stud on 'Heaven,' with this new wasp persona...Billy Forrest. Come on, what's the big deal in a name?" Louie said, as we waited for his old buddy, Artie/Billy to arrive.

"Image build-up, Louie, is everything," Brent interjected. "Billy Forrest creates a certain style. I gotta admit that I still don't react to the name 'Brad' half the time."

"I understand, Brent. It's just that Artie and I go back to when we were kids and I think of him as my good friend from the neighborhood. Like, I think of you as my brother's partner and...since, you're okay with it...my brother-in-law," Louie replied with a smile.

"Brother-in-law, friend, whatever you want to call it, I do look at you as a younger brother, Louie. I'm very lucky to be included in the Di Marco family." The telephone from the lobby rang, and the doorman announced the arrival of Mr. Forrest.

"I'll get another beer. Who's ready for another?" I asked.

"Since I'm not driving, I'll go for one more," Louie said, almost seeking approval from his older brother. Louie, like Artie/Billy, was not yet 21.

"Cool, Louie. Brent, would you listen for the door? I'll also bring some more cheese and sausages," I replied, walking to the kitchen. Tonight was Di Marco Italian food night. Mom had made her famous chicken cacciatore in Chianti sauce and cheese raviolis that I had picked up at her kitchen earlier on my way home. Brent pulled together an impressive green salad and brought home fresh tiramisu from an upscale Italian deli in Beverly Hills.

As I returned to the living room with fresh beers, Brent was opening the front door for our guest.

"Hi, I'm Billy For...fuck, it that you, Brad?" Artie/Billy asked, with his mouth flung open.

"Yep, but I prefer Brent. Welcome to Doug's and my home."

"Holy shit, I mean...well, I just didn't expect to see you here," he said, shaking Brent's hand. Looking past my partner, he visually was brought back to reality. "Hey, Louie, how they hanging? Doug, good to see you," he concluded, nodding.

"That's something you're probably not going to find out," Louie answered, as he walked over to his childhood friend. "Hi, buddy." They naturally leaned into each other for a hug.

"Billy, glad you could make it," I said, as I handed him and Louie their beer. I tapped Billy's knuckles, and added, "I guess you know Brent?"

"Well, yeah, who doesn't know him at Warner's. We've spoken to each other a couple of times. His recurring role on 'Friendships' is the talk of the studio. I'm sorry, ahhh...Brent, I just never put you and Doug together."

"Hey, that's cool, Billy. Or, should I say, Artie?"

"Billy's fine. I'm more used to it, now."

"Doug told me about you guys meeting at the bar. I hope that Sam Barron's suggestion made sense to you?" Brent asked.

"A lesson learned," Billy answered. "I've just discovered that you are his lover."

"Come on over to the living room, guys. I'm going to get a few more snacks. We'll eat in 30 minutes," I said, gesturing everyone to sit down. "Louie, could you help me for a few minutes in the kitchen?"

"Sure, bro." He grabbed his beer and obediently followed me back to the kitchen.

"Basically, Louie, I wanted those two to be together for a few minutes. They need to feel comfortable with each other. Hiding your sexual orientation is the shits...but that's the way it is in this business."

"I understand, Doug. They're two men in the next room who are turning the crank for millions of women, and they couldn't be less excited about the prospects of getting laid on the hour, 24/7."

"Well, Brent and I discussed it. But, I just couldn't keep it up beyond 12 hours," I said with a laugh.

"Ewww, gross," Louie replied, playfully patting my back. "T.M.I."

"Listen, Louie. I'm serious when I congratulate you on being so accepting of both Brent and Artie. A lot of guys couldn't have done that," I said, looking into his eyes.

"Dougie, I love you. I'm amused and really impressed that your partner is one of the hottest, new, young actors in Hollywood. Even as a straight guy, I know how fucking sexy he is. As far as Artie is concerned, we're friends for life. I only hope that he's as lucky finding a man in his life."

"I might just have a guy in mind," I replied, with a little air of suspense.

"Yeah? What's up?"

"An old friend is getting out of the Navy the end of the year and plans on coming out here to go to school. Could be Cal State Northridge would be a good choice?"

"And, your friend is..."

"Handsome, single, gay and kinda Jewish."


"He told me that his mom is not Jewish and his folks compromised on raising him in the Unitarian Church. I guess it worked for everyone. He's tight with his family but just couldn't bear the thought of returning to Buffalo, New York. So, Brent and I encouraged him to come out here. He's coming out here for a visit in October. Maybe, I can arrange a little dinner," I said with a smile.

"Hellooo, Artie," Louie said, doing a dreadful Carol Channing impression. Doug was amused that his brother remembered music that their mom played in the house when they were small.

"His name is Jim Weiss. I'll drop a few hints to Billy, later. Go back to the living room. I gotta get this dinner show on the road. Tell everyone that we're eating in 15 minutes."



"That was fun, babe. I'm ready to broaden our social contacts. Maybe I'll find some friends at school?" I said, as we were preparing for bed. Billy went home around 10:00 p.m., and Louie was settled in the guest room.

"Yeah, great. Billy's a nice guy. And I'm really enjoying knowing Louie as an adult," Doug replied.

"What's your idea about Billy and Jim Weiss?"

"He's actually getting out of the Navy in September. Jim promised to finish up with Tan Man at the end of the year. I'm going to call him tomorrow and suggest that he start communicating with Cal State, Northridge. He could start school in January."

"Good idea, but how about you and I communicating tonight, lover?" We were both down to our briefs. I winked at Doug and slowly slipped my CK's off. Doug did the same and walked up to me.

"You interested in receiving a long distance call?" Doug started his now-familiar tongue bath around my cheeks, neck and ears. I felt us both 'rising' to the occasion.

"Oh yeah I like the word, 'long'. And it feels like you're about ready to place that call?"

"Get into the phone booth, Brent," he said with a wink. After pulling down the covers, I crawled into bed and lay on my back. Doug got into bed and brought his body to a position between my thighs. On his knees, he massaged my pecs and rolled my nipples between his fingers.

"You get me turned on, lover, when you do that," I growled.

"That's the idea." Doug leaned down and met my willing lips. The tongues playfully darted around each other. He won out and inserted his tongue in my mouth. Reaching down, he gently stroked my hard, dripping cock while continuing to kiss me with forceful passion.

When he pulled away from my lips, I said, "I think I hear the phone, babe." I stared into his eyes, and smiled.

"This is a service that AT&T doesn't advertise," Doug replied, as he grabbed the bottle of Wet. Slowly, he applied lube to both cocks and his fingers. At this point in our relationship, it didn't take much to relax our chutes. I knew that Doug would probably be on the receiving end tomorrow night. I raised my legs and helped guide his hard dick. When he was positioned, I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt the familiar, slow entry.

"Oh, fuck, babe, I need you tonight," I whispered. We were both mindful that Louie was in the next room.

"Not as much as I need you. Brent, I love you," he said. He steadily pushed his cock in and didn't stop until I felt his pubes brush against my butt.

"Fuck me, lover." I placed my hands on his biceps and hung on for a wild ride. He slowly started a long in 'n' out motion that increased with speed and intensity, grazing my prostate on the up-stroke. "Ahhh, shit..." I mumbled, as he started varying the angles and strokes. One minute, he was in a staccato motion; the next he switched to long, deliberate movements. My lover was always considerate to create something fresh and different every time we were together.

"Kee-rist, Brent...uhhh...I'm ready...to..." I felt the forceful hot blast of cum enter my love tunnel. This sent me over the edge. I tightened my sphincter around his almost-spent dick, and shot an initial, powerful volley of cum up to my chest. Subsequent shots lessened in strength. Doug, leaving his softening dick in me, scooped some of my cum onto his fingers and brought it to his lips. He smiled and licked them clean. He repeated the actions; this time, offering me his fingers. I eagerly tongued them and took my seed.

"Babe, you amaze me. I never get tired of you."

"And you never will. Nor, will I of you. He leaned back down, and softly kissed my lips.



September came and went in a nano-second. Brent successfully started the fall semester at UCLA. When walking on campus, he reverted to the camouflage of a baseball cap and sunglasses. And after the usual curiosity of having a known face in the classroom wore off after a week, his classmates treated him as one of the crowd.

Another part of Brent's collegiate transition was into intramural sports. He signed up for the Thursday night basketball league as an open player. Within two weeks, one of the teams from the law school asked him to become a regular on their team. Funny, I never knew that Brent loved basketball. My gorgeous lover was also a jock. He was aware that people were taking pictures of him. 'What the hell,' I thought. 'It's good image material.'

I was amazed at his discipline in juggling so many things in his life. In addition to class and studies, he had a script to learn for 'Friendships', late afternoon rehearsal and Saturday filming. The principal stars of the show had accepted Brent into their group and didn't whine about working on Saturday. The one thing that wasn't juggled was our relationship. In addition to sleeping with each other, Brent and I reserved Sunday mornings for snuggle time, a read of the New York and L.A. newspapers, and brunch.

'American X' finished shooting in September. I would be occupied with the editing process and a determination if any scenes needed re-shooting. The film was slotted for a late spring release. We would be pressed to have a 'rough cut' of everything put together, except for the musical score, by January 15, 1998.

Brent and I were excited about Jim Weiss's visit over the Columbus Day weekend. He had just got out of the Navy and, except for his 'work' for Tan Man, had a very flexible schedule. Jim arrived on Thursday night. He insisted on renting a car, so that he could go over to Cal State Northridge on Friday and speak with an admissions counselor.

"This really seems like old times," Jim said. We sat around the living room with a second cup of coffee Saturday morning before going over to Nate and Al's Deli in Beverly Hills for a late breakfast. Brent, using Brad as the name, called ahead for reservations.

"I can't believe it's almost two years since we left Memphis," Brent added. Jim, except for a more mature expression on his face, was the same hot, athletic stud that we had known from our Navy days.

"And now we'll all be in L.A. Brent and I will help you in any way you need help in settling in. How'd things go at the school?"

"The admissions counselor said that all of my paperwork and transcripts were in order. The credits from Erie Community College may not be transferable, but my SAT's were accepted. The woman said that I could probably start with a freshman curriculum in January."

"Cool. What about housing?" Brent asked.

"I'm not going back to Memphis until Wednesday. I figured I'd look around for a studio that might be coming up in January."

"If you want to live in a gay area of town, West Hollywood doesn't get much gayer. But it is a somewhat of a commute. Think about finding something for the spring semester that doesn't require you signing more than a six-month lease. This will give you time to find an apartment for the long haul," I suggested. "If you need to stay with us a couple of weeks when you return, ya got it."

"Thanks, guys. Let me ask you about tonight. You said that you were inviting a guy who is one of your brother's old friends to join us for dinner?"

"Yeah. He's an actor and also attends Cal State Northridge. His name is Billy Forrest. Although when I knew him, he was Artie Shapiro," I said with a shrug.

"He's part of the tribe?" Jim asked with a smile.

"You know, we've never talked about it. I suspect that Billy - that's what he really prefers - is probably about as good a Jew as I am a Catholic." I waved an 'iffy' hand.

"And, he's..."

"As a goose. I ran into him at a gay bar this summer. He's a nice guy."

"He's on a TV show called 'Heaven' on the WB," Brent added. "But he really isn't full of himself like some of us can be." We all laughed.

"You said that you saw Trev this summer?" Jim asked.

"We all got together at Dave Swenson's summer cabin in Minnesota. He's into his first term at graduate school," Brent said. "You two still friends?"

"Oh, yeah. I think that the combination of 'working' together and trying to be a couple just didn't pan out. I saw Trev before he moved to Chicago. Apparently, he's become really good friends with an old buddy of Swenson's."

"His name is Russ. They met up at Dave's lake cabin in Minnesota," Brent added.

"Hey guys, we'd better get going to 'Nate and Al's Deli'. We've got reservations at 10:00 a.m. I thought, after breakfast, we'd drive around West Hollywood and show you some of the spots you might want to check out on your own."

"That's super. Sounds like I'm in good hands."


Brent and Doug's hospitality was amazing. Although nothing was said, I was taken aback at the condo my buddies now called home. Brent had certainly come far from the days of sharing a barracks shower. The understated, masculine feel of the place subtly announced the residence of two young men successfully rising in their professions. More impressive was the way that Brent and Doug treated this 'house in the sky'. It was nothing more than the two partners' home. End of story.

It was interesting to watch Brent interact with the crowd at Nate and Al's. This was clearly a local place, catering to an older Beverly Hills crowd with close ties to the film industry. He waved at some of the diners when we entered and walked over to speak with the tables' occupants once we were seated. Occasionally, someone would come over to our table. In each case, he would politely introduce us as close friends. One man smiled when he picked up on my last name and suggested that he had a daughter I should meet. Brent winked at me and explained that I was visiting from Memphis. He explained that several of the men were agents, producers, or writers.

I got my bearings on how to find my way around West Hollywood. With Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards intersecting in Beverly Hills, I could find my way back to the condo on Wilshire. I made mental notes to stop back at 'Rage', 'Mickey's', and the 'Gold Coast' on another evening. Before we all returned to the condo to get ready for the dinner party, Doug took us to Farmer's Market. We did a short walk-around checking out the food stalls and inspecting the tourist 'chotskis'.

"Guys, what can I do to help before dinner," I asked. It was around three.

"Everything's set. I've got 'Along Came Mary' catering to drop off dinner at seven. Billy's due at 7:30 p.m. Brent's going to get some study time in. Why don't you go down to the pool or exercise room? We've got great facilities," Doug suggested.

"Could I borrow some gym shorts? I've got everything else. A workout would be great."

"I've got a pair that's a little snug on me. Prolly fit you just fine," Brent offered. He went into their bedroom and returned moments later with shorts and a laundered jock.

"Thanks, Brent. Imagine what I could get on eBay if I auctioned off a used jock worn by Brad Williams," I said with a laugh.

"A big swat on your beautiful behind, buddy," Brent replied. "Have a good workout. I'm going to the den and study."


We were just finishing a terrific dinner. The catering company dropped off a standing rib roast, au gratin potatoes, and puree of carrots on top of artichoke bottoms. Doug had made a salad, and for desert Brent had picked up a cheesecake from a place called Paul's over by Marina Del Ray. I smiled, thinking of how many college guys would be entertaining with a catered dinner in a Westwood high-rise tonight.

"If you'd like, I could give you a walking tour of the campus tomorrow? I don't have much doing," Billy said. "We could grab a Chinese Chicken Salad over at Chin Chin on Sunset Boulevard in the afternoon. It'll be a nice day for eating outside."

"Super, I can get a good handle on the layout of the school. Maybe you could show me some good neighborhoods for housing?" Aside from Billy being a very attractive young man, he had natural warmth that didn't seem fabricated. After getting permission from Billy, Doug informed me that we were all batting on the same team.

"Consider it done. Brent, can we help clearing the dishes?" Billy asked.

"Naw, just leave five bucks under the coffee cup," Brent replied with a laugh. "Seriously, I've got waitress duty tonight, and Doug's doing the dishes. Relax and enjoy the rest of the merlot."

As Brent cleared the table, my eyes casually watched Billy as he talked to Doug. 'I wouldn't mind jumping on his bones,' I considered. 'Wonder if he has a boyfriend?' He turned and caught me staring. He smiled and winked.

"Jim, you want to go out tonight and check out a few of the straight clubs in Hollywood? I've got door passes to the best ones, and we can boogie with a few young actresses that'll be there. I think you'll have fun, and it's good image-builder for me."

"That would be fun. Are my clothes okay?" I said, a little concerned.

"Sure. In Hollywood, anything goes. The gals get a little carried away, but most of the guys will be wearing jeans and shirts. Doug, do you and Brent wanna go?"

"No, us oldsters will just stay home. You kids have fun," Doug replied with a sly smile.

"Kids? Whaduya mean," I said. "I'm 22 and Billy is...what, 21? I hardly consider 27 to be old."

"Who's old?" asked Brent, carrying four plates of cheesecake.

"The guys are going to go clubbing in Hollywood and asked if we wanted to go," Doug replied. "I told them that we'd stay home and let the 'kids' have fun."

"Speak for yourself. I've got all my studying done and it might be fun to get out. Let's do it." Brent said, enthusiastically.

"Okay, buddy." Doug answered. You and Billy can be the chick-magnets."

"I don't think any of us will have any problems," replied Billy. "But we can get into the VIP rooms. We can start out at 'Forbidden'?"

"You're the leader. In fact, Billy, if we get some photo ops with some hot women, I'm sure CAM and Sam would approve," Brent suggested.

"Good idea. Let me make a few phone calls. I know of a few actresses that we could hang with...just for a while."

"Use the phone in the den," Brent suggested.