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Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

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>From Part 15,

"The guys are going to go clubbing in Hollywood and asked if we wanted to go," Doug replied. "I told them that we'd stay home and let the 'kids' have fun."

"Speak for yourself. I've got all my studying done and it might be fun to get out. Let's do it." Brent said, enthusiastically.

"Okay, buddy." Doug answered. You and Billy can be the chick-magnets."

"I don't think any of us will have any problems," replied Billy. "But we can get into the VIP rooms. We can start out at 'Forbidden'?"

"You're the leader. In fact, Billy, if we get some photo ops with some hot women, I'm sure CAM and Sam would approve," Brent suggested.

"Good idea. Let me make a few phone calls. I know of a few actresses that we could hang with...just for a while."

"Use the phone in the den," Brent suggested.



Walking into the den, I found the portable phone receiver on a side table. 'Christ,' I thought, 'I better pinch myself to make sure this isn't a dream.' Always leery of a blind date, I couldn't believe how l lucked out meeting Jim. This was definitely not a 'fast fuck-thank you' evening. 'Mom was always bugging me to date someone Jewish,' I mused.

I pulled out my black book and found the cell number I wanted. I dialed, and it was picked up on the third ring.  "Brenda, this is Billy. Sounds noisy...where are you." Brenda Silvia was a popular co-cast member on 'Heaven.'

~~~ "Billy, we're at 'Shadows'. It's okay, but nothing really happening."

"Who's 'we'?"

~~~ "Sissy and Karen. We're just out to have a good time." Sissy Spencer was a fellow cast member. Karen Divine was a talented, young actress who was starting to make a name in film.

"I've just finished dinner with some good friends and figured that we'd head over to 'Forbidden' for a little clubbing. Thought maybe we could kill a couple of birds with one stone."

~~~ "What's the plan, Billy? I can hear your mind grinding over the phone," she said with a giggle.

"I know we could all use a little positive face time in the 'mags' and on TV. It's about 10:00 p.m. Why don't I call our agent and have him alert some of his press friends that we're all going to be arriving at 'Forbidden' at 11:00 p.m.? We can pick you up where you are now and all arrive together. Kind of a one-hour date night."

~~~ "That sounds like a plan. Give me a sec to check with the others." There was a momentary pause. "Billy, you're on. Your friends aren't dogs, are they?" she asked with a chuckle.

"Hey, I'm a quality guy. You won't be disappointed. See ya in about an hour. Bye, bye." 'Will they be surprised when they see who I have in tow,' I thought, with a satisfied smile. I flipped the page and found my agent's number. He picked up after one ring.

~~~ "Whazzup, Billy? It's pretty late on a Saturday," Garth Brill said, a little grouchy.

"Sorry, Garth. I need some press to take some arrival pictures at a club tonight. I'll be with Brenda, Sissy, and Karen Divine." Garth represented Brenda, Sissy and me.

~~~ "Okay, buddy, let me see what I can do," he responded, not too enthusiastically.

"Garth, this is important. I don't think Sam Barron would find this amusing if this doesn't get handled.'" That 2x4 shoved up his ass should motivate him into action.

~~~ "What's Sam got to do with this, Billy?" Garth was clearly annoyed.

"Only, that he's not going to be very pleased when he finds out that you dropped the ball getting good publicity for his number one actor on the rise."

~~~ "You don't mean Brad Williams?"

"None other. We all just finished dinner, and I convinced everyone that it would be fun to go out for a while."

~~~ "Billy, I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that I wasn't on top of it. I'm making calls as soon as we hang up."

"Thanks, Garth. Bye, bye." 'What an asshole,' he thought.

I returned to the living room and joined the guys in coffee. Everyone had finished dessert. "It's all set. We're going to pick up Brenda Silvia, Sissy Spencer and Karen Divine at 'Shadows' just before 11:00 p.m. and make a flashy arrival at 'Forbidden' for the press shortly afterwards."

"You move fast, Billy. I'm impressed," Brent said. "The more I think about it, a little exposure with an attractive lady is probably needed. Since it'll be seven of us, I'll drive the Explorer."

"Here's what I suggest. I need to arrive with Brenda. Brent, I suggest you pair off with Karen, and Doug and Jim can escort Sissy."

"This sounds too over my head, Billy. Maybe I should just stay here?" Jim replied, with a concerned expression.

"Nonsense. This is the way it works in La La. It's business. After we're inside, we'll have fun and go our separate ways." I placed my hand over his and squeezed it.

"We'd better hit the road in ten minutes," Doug suggested. "The streets really get jammed up around the clubs on a Saturday night. And I'm going to change into jeans. No one goes to a club in khakis." Doug winked as he left the room.

"I'm going to join him. Be right back," Brent said.

"Jim, you're going to have a lot of fun tonight. The evening is still young."

"Just for the record, Billy, I'm really happy we met."

'Me, too."



'Fuckin' A,' I thought. 'What a neat guy.' I knew that Doug and Brent wouldn't set me up with a dweeb. But to introduce me to someone with whom I could develop a friendship wasn't expected.

"Um, Billy, give me a clue of what we're doing. I mean, this is a little overwhelming for a guy from Buffalo."

"You think a guy like me, from the Fairfax district, is used to this?" he said with a laugh. "It's just part of our professional survival. The big thing is to smile, look directly into the cameras and act like you're having a good time. It's easy."

"Sez you. I'm going to follow your lead and try to have fun."

"That's the spirit. Hey, guys. Lookin' good. Ready to hit the clubs?" Billy asked, as Doug and Brent returned. Brent was now definitely 'Brad' in his tight, black sweater tucked into an equally tight pair of black jeans. Doug opted for 501's, a light gray tee, and an unbuttoned white silk shirt.

"Let's hit the road," Brent suggested. We followed him out to the elevator and traveled down to the sub-basement garage. Within minutes, we were heading east on Wilshire Boulevard before traversing onto Santa Monica Boulevard by the Beverly Hilton.

"I'm glad that you got the Explorer washed today," Doug mentioned. "Hate to see a dirty SUV pull up for the cameras from 'Entertainment Tonight'," he tossed out with a laugh.

"Always planning ahead. Actually, the only reason I washed it today was to take advantage of a coupon that was expiring today," Brent said with a chuckle.

"Listen to Brent, the homemaker. My baby clips coupons," Doug replied, causing laughter from all. At Fairfax, Brent turned left to join Hollywood Boulevard, two blocks ahead. Once maneuvering right, I figured that we couldn't be far from Hollywood and the club. We continued east at a fairly fast clip. As we arrived at the top of a hill, the lights of downtown Hollywood became closer and brighter.

"We'll be arriving at 'Shadow' in the next block," Brent advised. "Billy, after I pull up the curb, would you get out and find the girls?"

"No problem. They always have good crowd control. Those big bruisers handling the ropes will make sure we're not rushed," Billy replied. The traffic was now becoming quite heavy as we pulled up to the club and waited for a Benz coupe to pull away. There were bright lights and photographers scanning the action. "Brent, this is too good to pass up. When you see me bring out the girls, why don't you get out and greet them. The paparazzi and fans will love it."

"Yeah, you're prolly right. I've been pretty reclusive. Guess it's time to whore it up for the press." Brent said with a shrug as he eased up to the entrance as the Benz pulled away.

"I can't believe I'm in the middle of this," I said. "This is the wildest thing I've seen in a long time." There were four guys in black 'Staff' T-shirts, who looked like they were the front defensive line for the Raiders, holding back around 200 fans and people waiting to be admitted to the club. The photographers were aggressive but respected the boundaries.

"Here I go. When we return, I'll get in the back with Brenda," Billy said, as he opened the passenger door. There was general pandemonium as the popular WB TV actor emerged from the SUV. All smiles, he waved before entering the club.


Sitting behind Brent, I patted him on the back and said, "Happy hetero moments, babe. You up to the mob action? "

"One for the Gipper," he replied. "I don't mind putting up with this bullshit once in a while. Especially when I know who is waiting for me when I come home."

"I'll always be home ready for you." I squeezed his shoulder as I thought about the 'bullshit', as he put it. How long would it be until our 'secret' was discovered?
Moments later, Billy re-appeared at the door as he exited with three gorgeous young women.

"Okay, 'show biz', guys," Brent said, opening the driver's door.

"Why don't I get into the driver's seat for the getaway? That way, you and Karen can make an entrance at 'Forbidden' from the passenger's side," I shouted. Brent turned, gave me thumbs up as he got out and walked around the front of the SUV to join the exiting party. Suddenly, screams increased in volume as the crowd recognized him. Flash cameras began popping when Brent joined his new 'friends'. Brent was now Brad, on stage, as he waved at the fans before walking over to Karen. After planting a kiss on her cheek, he did the same with Brenda and Sissy. Approaching Billy, the guys traded 'high fives'. For the next five minutes, the actors posed and mugged before the cameras. The paparazzi loved their cooperation. These photos would find their way into People, US, and every entertainment-themed magazine next week.

"Karen, you get up front with Doug," Brent said after he opened the passenger door. A beautiful blond woman, approximately 23, climbed over to the middle seat. Billy and the others got into the rear.

"Hi, Doug," Karen said almost breathlessly, with a radiant, questioning smile. "Have we met? You look familiar?"

"Karen, hi," I replied, extending my hand. "Could be. I'm the AD on 'American X' at Warner's. As I recall, you're in a film there?" With everyone in place, I slowly moved out into traffic. 'Forbidden' was only a couple of blocks away. Karen nodded and turned to Brent. 'Well, honey,' I thought, 'I've been blown off by better than you' and smiled at the double entendre.

"Brad, this is a pleasant surprise. You're the man every single woman in America is talking about. I'm really happy to meet you." Everyone knew of Brent from his blockbuster recurring role on 'Friendships'. His first movie, 'Titanic', a Di Caprio/Winslet epic, would be opening in a couple of months, and the trades were very curious about its success. If it did well, Brent could add another notch to his career.

"Karen, me to. I admire your acting. Maybe we'll do something together, sometime?" Brent replied with his mega-watt smile. Turning to the back seat, he continued, "Listen, since we are now fast friends, let me introduce you to two guys you don't know. The driver, Doug Di Marco, is my best friend and a hot, new assistant director. And the other guy is an old Buddy from our Navy days, Jim Weiss." Within moments, Brent had the entire group in an upbeat, animated mood.

"I'm not quite sure what my agent was able to scrounge up for press when we arrive. Guess we'll play it by ear," Billy said. He explained the pairing off by couples to the group, and everyone agreed. "I did call the club and got a spot reserved for us in the VIP lounge."

"Cool," said one of the girls as we edged forward in the Hollywood Boulevard traffic. I felt like a 'soccer mom' driving the kids to practice. The guy sitting over by the passenger door was now Brad for the next hour. As we approached 'Forbidden', the crowd appeared to be twice the size as before. I noticed a couple of TV crews, in addition to the still camera paparazzi.

"Well, Billy, I think your agent did his job. Looks pretty busy ahead," I commented as we approached the club. "I'll join you curbside after the valet arrives. God knows you're going to be busy with the cameras," I said with a chuckle. The SUV was now positioned curbside, and the TV lights were trained on the passenger side. The fans and clubbers anxiously awaited the doors of the SUV to be opened so that the occupants would be revealed. They knew, from the TV camera positions and the increased security, someone important was arriving.

"Okay, troops, show time," said Brent, as he opened the door and stepped out on the curb. Screams and general pandemonium erupted. He waved to the various banks of cameras and helped out Karen Divine. The general excitement continued as the back door opened, and Billy emerged with the rest of the entourage.   Loyal fans, into the celebrity arrival scene, had won the lottery. I walked around and joined the group. I got several 'who the fuck are you' looks. Brent, Billy and the girls were on a roll. Jim was gleefully in for the ride.

"I guess the TV crews got enough," Billy said, as the lights were turned off. All of us had literally been on constant pose patrol for five minutes. We paired off: Brent and Karen, Billy and Brenda, and Sissy with Jim and me. I was amused when Brent lightly kissed Karen's cheek. I had another cheek in mind for Brent, later tonight. One large doorman came over to Brent and spoke something into his ear. Brent nodded 'yes' and walked over to the fans. With two security men in the 6'5", 300-pound range, Brent proceeded to sign autographs.

I remembered him mentioning Sam Barron's words about never forgetting his fans. In the eyes of the jaded photo press - the paparazzi - Brent/Brad had signaled that he understood the relationship between this mythical star-worship and the celebrity's responsibility to accept...and feed it. In one defining moment, the Brad Williams persona achieved permanent Hollywood 'gravitas' in the eyes of the professional press and photographers. It was a win-win situation.



'Whew,' I thought, as we returned to the condo, 'that was quite a workout.' Karen and I had a great time. It turned out that she was really tight with a medical student at UCLA and would probably 'marry' some day. The problem was gender. She confided that dating an African American woman doctor-to-be was not the best image for a young, serious actress trying to find traction. We established an alliance to be available for 'public' dates. Although I didn't mention my relationship with Doug, she picked up vibes. In fact, once in the club, she warmed up to my partner and apologized for any misunderstanding earlier.

"That was quite a night," Doug said, as we quietly got undressed. "I haven't danced that much since Memphis."

"Speaking of Memphis. I think Jim got a real eye-opener of Hollywood night life," I replied.

"Well, with Billy dragging him home, I don't think that Jim's 'night life' is going to end, except up his." We both laughed at Doug's meaning.

"I gotta admit that Billy had a great idea. Great PR. You weren't put off by that circus, were you?" I looked at Doug with concern, after checking him out as he stood in repose without a stitch on. 'God,' I considered, 'did he look hot.' I pulled down my briefs and stepped out of them.

"Babe, only if we couldn't have these private moments would I be put off," Doug replied as he pulled our two nude bodies together. He cupped the palms of his hands around my buns and ground his crotch into mine.

"This will never end, Hon," I replied before he aggressively lunged in to capture my lips with his. Our tongues, in well-rehearsed choreography, twisted and darted around each other's oral cavity. I felt movement in the crotch area as two friends were waking up.

"Brent, I want you. I want you tonight more than ever," Doug breathlessly whispered in my ear. We walked over to the bed and drew down the covers. I entered first and lay down on my back.

"You got me. Tonight and every other night," I said as I lowered the lighting from the bedside control. My hard cock was now at full mast, running up to my navel. Looking at Doug, it was not difficult to make out his fuck missile, firm as steel, with the head starting to glisten as pre-cum drooled from his piss slit.

"As long as we can be 'good old Brent and Doug' at moments like this, I can put up with the 'circus', as you put it." He bent down and started kissing my inner-thighs while his hand began stroking my firm penis. I lightly ran my fingers through his hair when he moved up to my balls. I shuddered when he took my orbs into his mouth...one at a time.

"Suck that cock, lover. Get me rockin'," I hoarsely commanded.

"I'm going to rock you all over tonight. I hope you don't have to sit down tomorrow," he responded with a chuckle. He kissed his way up my shaft and started licking my dripping cockhead. I momentarily tensed when he placed his hand on my stomach. He traced the trail of my hair from my navel to the trimmed pubic area as he took my cock completely. Plunging down until his nose came in contact with his hand, Doug grabbed me at the base. He started stroking me orally while the free hand found its way to my perineum.

"Here, babe. Ya need this," I said, handing him a bottle of lube. He rose up and winked as he grabbed the Wet. I raised my spread legs to my chest to allow Doug and his well-trained tongue easy access. Knowing his preference for tidiness, I had cleaned down there earlier in anticipation of this moment.

"Looks like I gotta check the shutter-speed," Doug said as he brought his head between my legs into a very willing pucker. I held my body in place while his hot tongue started lapping around the wrinkly surface.

"Ohhh," I moaned as his pointed tongue moved into my outer ring. I relaxed as he plunged in and went as far as he could go. "I want the real thing...now." He brought his body back up and leaned to kiss me.

"Thought you'd never ask," he replied with a wink. Uncapping the bottle, I felt the coolness of the lube being dribbled on my cock. Looking up, I saw that Doug had prepared his slick, hot, expanded sausage, while working his fingers up my ass. Just enough to moisten the entrance. After capping the bottle and tossing it aside, he aimed his missile at the target and I lowered my legs to his shoulders. I felt a little 'pop' as he entered. When he moved inward, I gripped my dick and slowly spread the lube around. It naturally had lost its hardness...temporarily. That problem would be solved within moments.

"Doug, you're truly a beautiful man, in all ways," I said, looking up at him with a dreamy expression. "Make love to me, now." A smile crept over his face as he started the slow forward and backward motions of his lithe, muscular body.



As Billy and I lay side-by-side, I smiled and thought, 'This was the time, at least in the movies, when the male partner had a cigarette.' Here we were, two men, after a late evening of more than satisfying sex, and neither of us smoked.

"Jim, that was incredible. Where did you learn all those things?" Billy asked, purring in my ear.

"Oh, Memphis has a few more things going for it than just cotton and the river," I replied with a chuckle. Little did he know that my 'professors' lived in the high-rise on Wilshire Boulevard. "Those Southern boys are not na´ve." I moved over to my side and looked at Billy. I held my stare and just smiled.

"What?" he asked, with a puzzled frown.

"Nothing. Just that I'm really happy that you invited me. Happy that I've maybe made a friend. Happy that I'm coming out here for school."

"I hope you liked the club scene, as plastic as it is?"

"Hey, what's not to like? I get to hang with my old Navy buddies, meet an incredibly nice man, and boogie with three hot actresses at Hollywood's 'in' club. For a guy from Buffalo and Memphis, this is pretty neat." I eased in and kissed his naturally pouting, full lips. He gently glazed his tongue over mine. This was definitely a 'was this a great fuck, or what?' wind-down moment between two men who, while exhausted, didn't want the evening to end.

"I like the guy from Buffalo and Memphis. Just remember, the whole Billy Forrest fašade is just that. I'm in the acting business, and I'm the product. Beneath the surface, I'm still Artie Shapiro from Fairfax. It takes being with a 'real' guy to bring everything into perspective. Thanks," he said, as he moved back for another kiss.

"So, do I call you Billy or Artie?" I asked, after pulling away slowly.

"I'm used to Billy. I guess I prefer that, now."

"Well, I've got a hard on. And while I'd love to fuck again, I'd really prefer to get some shuteye. How about you?"

"After I roll to my side, scoot up and park that hard dick up my ass crack. That's a great way to fall asleep. We've got all day tomorrow. I'll show you the school, and then you can show me what else you learned in Memphis. Deal?"

"Deal," I said, stifling a yawn. "Night, babe."