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Warning:  The following story may contain graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such material, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation.    

Special acknowledgements to David from the Lakeview area of Chicago and Brad from Denver for providing diligent proofing and editing of the story.

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From Part 17,


"What we'd like to do is invite Justin and his grandma for a Christmas Eve breakfast somewhere before we have to go on to Phoenix," Rick volunteered. "I'd really like you guys to join us. I figure being with some good role models can't hurt."

"That's doable. I know Brent and Doug are planning on returning to L.A. later in the morning. Maybe we can give the guy a little Christmas cheer before everyone leaves?" We got out of the SUV and retrieved the luggage. I looked up and saw Doug and Brent come out to the driveway.

"Hey, guys, come over and meet my brother and his friend, Bob," I said. Rick and Bob turned to say hello. Their smiles rapidly changed to shocked expressions akin to having just seen an apparition. Doug and Brent, walking toward the new arrivals, were wearing only gym shorts and flip-flops. Toned torsos glistened with mid-day sweat, and it was obvious that they were both 'free-balling'.

"Is your name Brent or Brad?" Bob asked, tentatively.

"Welcome to Southern California, Guys," Dave replied, with a shit-eating grin.


"Brad Williams. Fuck, we were just watching you on 'Friendships' last week," I said, as both Bob and I regained our composure. "This is crazy that we're all together at Dave and Mike's place. Do we call you Brent or Brad?" 'Brother Mike has got some explaining to do,' I thought, with a smile. 'He's definitely having a little fun with Bob and me.'

"Brent is for friends," he replied as we both shook his hands. "Acting is something I fell into while I was in the Navy. I'll continue with film as long as it doesn't interfere with school."

"Then, Brent it is," Bob offered. "This is a surprise. I should thank you for being the catalyst to the ratings boost in 'Friendships'. That has really helped our local late news ratings." After the initial surprise was digested, I noticed that Bob was able to regain his confident composure.

"I understand that you anchor the news on the NBC station in Chicago?" Doug asked.

"I'm the early news guy. We're number one, but just by a hair. Oprah on ABC really gives us fits cuz she's the 'lead-in' to the Channel 7 news."

"I'm supposed to do an Oprah show in the spring to promote a new movie. The whole cast is going to be interviewed. Maybe we could get together?"

"I've got an idea, Brent. Would you be open to being a celebrity weatherman on our early news show when you're in town? It would be a lot of fun and, quite honestly, I could use the promotional boost," Bob asked with unusual candor.

"Babe, we hardly know Brent and you're already putting him to work?" I asked with a chuckle. 'Never let it be said that my lover was anything less than aggressive,' I thought.

"No problem. As long as I don't make a complete fool of myself...sure. Oprah tapes in the morning. Maybe we could all get together for lunch someplace, I'll do your show and then you could get me out to O'Hare?"

"Deal. Brent, I really appreciate this," Bob said as he shook Brent's hand and turned on his wholesome, warm, Midwestern smile. "Guys, I can tell that this will be a great few days."

"I know it'll be fun. Rick, I remember something about you being a stockbroker?" Doug asked.

"I'm in commodities at the Chicago Board of Trade. We're the guys in the funny- colored coats yelling on the trading floor like banshees," I replied with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah, I've seen you guys in action on CNBC. I can't figure out how anything is understood," Brent added.

"It's like a big puzzle that gets completed every day. Behind all of the frenzy is a very sophisticated computer system. All I know is that it works." I felt good that the guys seemed to be genuinely interested.

"Let me take you up to your room so you can unpack," Mike said. "When you get changed, we'll eat a sandwich and take a touristy drive." Bob and I followed Mike and Dave to the front door.

"We'll be out on the patio for a few more minutes. Doug and I are getting a little sun while he helps me with some dialogue," Brent tossed out as they went around the side of the house. "See ya in a few..."

Mike opened the front door and we all went inside. Bob and I just looked at each other with slightly raised eyebrows as we checked out the interiors. The façade of the respectable, older exterior of the house didn't match the masculine, upscale elegance of the interiors.

"Dave, would you mind showing Bob where our room is? I need a few minutes with Mike."

"Sure. Why don't you and Mike get something cold to drink in the kitchen? I could use a little time getting our room straightened up?" Dave replied as he grabbed my overnight bag. "Follow me, Bob."

"Bob, you want a Coke? I'll bring one up for you." Bob gave me thumbs up as he and Dave headed to the stairway.

"Diet Coke or the real stuff?" Mike asked as we walked into the spacious kitchen.

"Two Diet Cokes and some answers," I replied. "You wanna tell me how two guys in their twenties can afford a house like this? I mean, this is damned fancy. And in the back patio is one of the hottest Hollywood hunks acting today. What gives, bro?"

"Okay, ease off. I admit that I couldn't resist the urge to play with Bob and you a little." Mike smiled as he grabbed the sodas from the fridge. "Everything I told you about our friends is true. I just thought I'd surprise you with Brent. You're not mad, are you?" He grabbed me around my shoulders with his free arm and gave me a squeeze.

"Naw, just getting over your little surprise."

"Brent - or, Brad in La La - and Doug really were our best friends in the Navy. And we still are. Brent got lucky with an acting opportunity and he seems to be successful at it."

"They both seem like neat guys. Now, how about the house?"

"Dave had a little money, so we bought it. The rest of the stuff is from his old St. Paul home. His mom was quite a collector of antiques and art. As you said, not bad for two guys in their twenties. But I would live with Dave, very happily, if it was just a double-wide and used furniture."

"I can see you two are really a committed couple. I'm happy for you, buddy." I turned, gave Mike a brotherly kiss and retrieved the Cokes. "I'm not trying to be nosy."

"My life is open to you, bro. Let's never have any secrets from each other?" We looked into each other's eyes and silently signaled trust and understanding.

"I'll go up and get changed and see you back here in a half-hour?"

"Yeah, change out of those winter clothes. Shorts and a polo will be just fine."

I nodded and went upstairs to the guest room that Bob had occupied. My lover, Chicago's NBC5 'voice of balance and reason', looked pretty balanced in his boxer shorts as he was finishing unpacking. "Here's the Coke," I said, handing him the cold can. He turned and pulled me into him.

"Welcome to Southern California, indeed," he said before moving in to lock lips. As our tongues battled for position, he started grinding his crotch into mine. "Ya gotta be warned, babe. Warm climates really turn me on, so be prepared for an attack tonight." He took the can, popped it open and took a long sip.

"You didn't do too bad last night in Chicago, and it was fucking 15 degrees outside." I briefly returned his kiss before getting to my bag.

"I cheated and cranked up the electric blanket," Bob replied with a snicker. "Seriously, Sherlock, what's up with this house and the celebrity guests?"

"You mean, other than yourself?"

"Touché, asshole. Come on, what gives?"

While I unpacked and we dressed in casual shorts and polos, I gave him the rundown from my grilling of Mike. "So, I guess, when in doubt go with the flow," I said as we started down the stairway. "I think that we're going to make some good new friends in the next few days."


"Hey, guys, after over two years it's really good to see you again. The sandwich fixings are on the table. And help yourself to some chips. Brent and Doug will be right down." I observed, again, that Rick was very goodlooking; with the distinct Cole features in his face, he was definitely an older version of my man. 'Hmm,' I wondered, with a smile, 'What other features are similar?' Bob had a polished, natural poise that telegraphed confidence. However, it was obvious that he looked to Rick to subtly take the lead when confronted with a choice.

"Ditto. Bob and I were anxious to see you and my brother. It's been too long."

"You mentioned dinner with some other guys?" Bob asked.

"Tom Feldman and Mark Connelly. Tom's in pre-law at UCSD and Mark will go to San Diego State when he gets out of the Navy. They're terrific guys. And I know Mike promised no more surprises so I need to give you the rundown on Tom."

"Ah, oh. What's goin' down?" Rick gave me a friendly 'what the fuck is up your sleeve' look.

"Not much. Although Tom is pretty low key, you should be aware that his dad runs Warner Brothers." I smiled and winked. "No big deal. He usually downplays the association."

"Who downplays the association?" Mike asked as he entered the kitchen.

"I was just telling them that you are a secret admirer of Jerry Falwell's," I answered with a grin.

"You see what I have to put up with...every day?" Mike playfully punched me on the arm.

"And all night too. Naw, I was just giving Rick and Bob the background on Tom. As you ordered, Master; no more surprises." I popped to attention and gave Mike a one-fingered salute.

"Good form, dude," Doug said as he and Brent joined us. "Does this mean that you and Mike are getting into a little 'dom' and 'sub'?

"My former roomie has become a leather queen? Dave, what a trip," Brent added with a snicker.

"I'm only going to be nice to you 'cause you're driving," I replied. "And I'm going to keep you guessing what I submit to." We all had a good laugh before fixing our sandwiches.

The rest of the afternoon was spent driving up to Del Mar on the freeway and ambling back down the coastal highway. As planned, we spent an hour walking around the village setting of downtown La Jolla. This turned out to be a very positive bonding experience between new friends and old friends. By the time we returned home it seemed that we all had known each other forever. In fact, Brent insisted that Rick and Bob visit them in L.A. next year. And we all agreed that my 'brothers-in-law' would be guests at the lake for our now-annual outing.


"Guys, that was a great evening," Rick said. Mark and Tom had just left. They were flying up to Seattle in the morning to spend Christmas with Mark's parents. Mark had reached a comfortable understanding with his 'dot com' dad concerning his goals and personal relationship. They would return to Beverly Hills to spend a few days with the Feldmans prior to Mark's returning from leave. The Kennedy was scheduled to embark on a three-month cruise right after the first of the year.

"And no designated drivers," Bob offered.

"You're designated, babe. And I'm driving." Rick winked and licked his lips.

"Ewww, TMI," Doug answered. "Where's a video cam when we need one?" The entire group laughed as we carried glasses and dinnerware back to the kitchen. "Seriously, Dave, what else can we do on clean-up duty?"

"Nada. Mike and I can get everything squared away in a few minutes. Why don't you guys call it a day, go up and figure out who's driving? I know where I'm going to park tonight," I said with a chuckle.

"And when the big guy speaks, I listen." A shit-eating grin was plastered on Mike's face. "Let's plan on re-convening around ten in the morning and make plans for the day? And, Rick, why don't you call the kid, Justin? Dave and I thought that we'd just do Christmas Eve breakfast here. If the grandmother doesn't drive, one of us can pick them up? I've got a few other ideas to make it a fun time."

"Okay, if you guys are going to do 'KP', I'm not going to complain. See ya in the a.m.," Brent said as he grabbed Doug's hand.

"In the morning," Bob concluded. The four houseguests slowly made their way to the stairway.

'I'm glad I bought a super-sized washer and dryer,' I thought, as I made a mental note to do a load of sheets and towels in the laundry room tomorrow. 'Mike and I have a frisky group of guests'.

"This is going to be a fun Christmas. I'm really happy that the L.A. and Chicago guys hit it off so well." I finished rinsing off the dishes and stacking them in the dishwasher.

"I'm grateful that Rick and I have become closer brothers and great friends. Maybe next year we could invite Uncle Trey and Aunt Betty out here?"

"Along with your mom? I'd like that. An old-fashioned family Christmas." I finished wiping down the counter as Mike came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. Tightly squeezing, he started nibbling on my earlobe before giving the ear a tongue bath. Slowly, his flattened hands found their way underneath the waistbands of my pants and briefs.

"Babe, you mentioned something about 'parking'. I think that Davey might be interested?" Mike continued moving his hands southwards. His fingers lightly massaged my pubes before going further to alert my awakening cock.

I angled my arms behind me and palmed Mike's buns. Pulling him closely, I said,
"It feels like my buddy is just as interested." I slowly ground my butt into his crotch. "You go upstairs and get ready. I'll join you as soon as I lock up and turn on security."

"I'm going to get 'nekkid' and brush my teeth," Mike said as he tweaked my left nipple and bounded out of the kitchen. After checking everything downstairs, I joined him. He was indeed butt naked as I walked into the bathroom, also without a stitch on. He finished rinsing, winked and jerked Davey as he walked away.

"You're awfully touchy-feely," I said.

"Bud, you ain't seen nuthin' yet," Mike called back from the bedroom. I heard the voice of Sting in the background, singing 'Fields of Gold':

I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that I've broken
But I swear in the days still left
We'll walk in fields of gold.

I turned off the bathroom light and returned to the bedroom, illuminated only by a cluster of votive candles on the bedside table. Mike was in the center of the turned-down bed. He grinned and his eyes sparkled as I joined him.

"I've been waiting for this all night," I whispered. I parked one leg over his and stroked his hair as we lay side by side: he on his back, me on my stomach. Although not acknowledging the joking hints earlier, Mike silently agreed that tonight I would take the aggressive role. Not dominance...just taking the lead. This would very likely reverse itself tomorrow night.

"Love me, Dave. Love me, hard," he growled. As he turned his head, I began kissing his face, brow, eyes and cheeks before landing on his lips. Mike greedily accepted my probing tongue. As our tongues swirled, I placed a hand on his firm right pec and felt his hardened nipple. My fingers gently played with his musculature as my mouth moved south past the firm six-pack. I found the treasure trail and my tongue dragged across his navel before I landed in his trimmed pubic area. I deeply inhaled before taking the head of his weeping cock.

Mike loudly articulated, "Ohhh, shit, man," as I gently rolled his nuts in my hand and started bobbing up and down his rock-hard manhood. I slowed down and backed away when I felt his ball sac start to tighten. Rising above Mike, I reached over for the visible bottle of Wet and poured a liberal amount of lube on Davey and my hand. I reached down with a couple of fingers to loosen up my lover. "Yes," Mike hissed as he brought his spread legs up to his saliva-soaked chest. 'What a difference a couple of years make,' I thought with a smile, as I remembered our 'courtship'.

As my fingers slowly moved around his pucker and ass muscle, I said, "Love you, babe...so much." I entered his chute and massaged the hot interior until I came across his love nut. He squirmed with a smile and a sigh as I tenderly touched it. "Help me in," I softly instructed. Mike brought his legs down to my shoulders as he guided my hard, slick cock into him. I took his hardness into my hand as my cock started moving deeper into his love canal.

"Urghh...ah, fuck," he uttered. Mike's body started to counter move with my thrusts. I noticed moisture forming on his brow as I dreamily looked at his beautiful face and closed eyes. When I purposefully grazed against his prostate, Mike's eyes popped open and he grinned with pleasure. "Dave, ya got me, good, ahhh," he yelled.

"You cute fucker, I'm gonna get ya good, all night," I huskily replied with a smile. I was aware that my perspiration was flying onto Mike as I sped up my motions. I felt his cock get harder as I continued to plow him. I was in nirvana when his sphincter clamped hard around Davey. Although not planned, we both shot our love juice at the same time. As I filled Mike's cavity, white streams of sperm erupted from his beautiful cock and generously covered his chest and torso.  

"Oh, honey, that was fantastic," Mike said gratefully. I left my softening cock in and just looked at my handsome man. I leaned down and licked the jizz from his chest. He eagerly opened his mouth as I leaned in for a kiss. In the background, Sting was singing:

To have you with me I would swim the seven seas
I need you as my guide in my life
My love is a flame that burns in your name
We'll be together, we'll be together tonight.

Also, in the background, through a common wall, we heard, "Rick, oh fuck...yeah... nail me." Bob was definitely delivering more than the news.

Mike and I broke up with laughter. 'Time,' I thought, 'for a warm, moist towel and a little tidying up,' as I sprung from bed, pleasantly exhausted.



Fortunately, Mrs. Eunice Palmer, Justin Palmer's grandma, did not live far from our house. She was most gracious over the telephone and welcomed our invitation for a Christmas Eve breakfast. In that Mrs. Palmer didn't drive anymore, our offer to pick up Justin and her was immediately accepted. She said that Justin was really excited about seeing Bob and Rick again. In fact, he could talk of nothing else.

It was hard to accept that the guys would all be leaving after breakfast/brunch today. Bob and Rick had a 1:30 p.m. flight to Phoenix, and the L.A.-bound guys would depart when we left for the airport. This had been a great 48 hours.

As we pulled up to Mrs. Palmer's neat, small, one-story home off Fort Stockton Drive in Mission Hills I noticed that we weren't far from our favorite nursery. I had borrowed Brent's car so that the passengers wouldn't be squeezed, because Bob and Rick had accompanied me.

It was 9:00 a.m. and a young, clean-cut, blond guy in jeans and a rugby shirt - obviously, Justin - was sitting on the stoop. He jumped up and grinned as he ran to the car. Rick and Bob got out and gave him a big brotherly hug.  He was almost as tall as my brother's 6' height but had just begun to fill out. He led the guys to the front door as I got out of the Explorer. He opened it for a small, elderly woman, neatly dressed in a blue print dress. Justin helped her as she slowly maneuvered the three steps.

"Grams, this is Rick and Bob from Chicago, who I met on the plane." Rick and Bob both nodded and shook her hand.

"Mrs. Palmer, Justin, let me introduce my younger brother Mike." I also took her extended hand, and was slightly taken aback by her frailty.

She smiled and said, "Mike, I understand that you don't live far from here and we're going over to your house for breakfast?"

"Dave Swenson, my best friend, and I live there. These guys, plus a few more, have been house guests for the past two days." I looked at her and returned the smile before turning to Justin. "I think you made a huge impression on Bob and Rick. They insisted, absolutely, that this would be a fun breakfast. I'm inclined to believe them," I continued as I grabbed his hand. He had a firm grip.

"Mike, guys, thanks. Not knowing anyone here and not being able to drive is kinda confining," Justin said. His eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. I opened the front passenger door for Mrs. Palmer and assisted her up into the seat while the guys hopped in the back.

"We'll be back home in less than ten minutes," I said as I started the SUV. With no traffic, I made a 'U' turn and headed back.

"Mrs. Palmer, I should tell you about my other friends," I said as we made our way back to Washington Avenue. "Dave, and the two men you haven't met yet were all in the Navy with me. We've become very close...like brothers. Then, I've got my real big brother and his buddy in the back seat."

"That's what Christmas is all about...friends and family getting together. I just regret that there isn't more family for Justin to know. By the way, I'd really prefer being called Eunice. Especially by such a handsome group of men." I looked over and caught the twinkle in her eye.

"Grams, you just met these guys and you're already hitting on them," Justin said with a laugh.

"At my age, Justy, you throw caution to the wind. There's still some warm coals inside this old woman," she replied with a smile as she turned to the back seats. Bob and Rick gave Eunice quick 'Cliff Notes' versions of their lives. We cruised through the Hillcrest area and quickly made our way home, thanks to light traffic.

I smiled as we all piled out of the SUV. In our front window, a large, twinkling Christmas tree was visible in full glory. This was one of our projects accomplished yesterday. I opened the front door for the new guests. A huge evergreen wreath with a simple large red bow now dominated our entry wall. Cinnamon sticks, slowly cooking in the kitchen, enhanced the atmosphere. 'This is going to be a great holiday...for all,' I considered.