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Steve's Tale

Our First Waking Together



I was woken up by the bed moving. I shot up and curled against the headboard, my arms over my head, like I always did when my bed moved when I was asleep.

"What's wrong?" a strange but familiar voice asked.

It sounded worried and gentle, not like my dad's voice at all. I slowly lifted up and uncovered my head and opened my eyes, looking out between my arms.


"Well, yeah. How many guys' beds have you woken up in?" he asked with a smile he suddenly put on.


"Steve? What the hell?" he asked as he slid closer.

He put his hand on my shoulder really tenderly. His smile was still on his face, but it was sort of mixed with something less happy. Almost the second his hand touched my shoulder, I remembered last night. And yesterday afternoon. It all came back in a rush. It was overwhelming. Without thinking about it at all, I shot toward him and wrapped both arms around him and held on as tight as I could.

"Your even shaking! What the hell?" he asked again, his strong arms going around me.

It felt so good to be in his arms and to have him in mine. The usual feeling that filled me when I was woken up by Dad in my bed were hard to push down, but they were going, being wrapped in Jared's arms. He didn't ask again, just held me and let me hold him. It was more than good enough to finally push away the fright and shakes.

When I lifted my head from his chest, and looked up at his face, he was so clearly worried. I didn't want to talk about it, and I knew it was on his mind. I just wanted to forget it. And I wanted to kiss him, so stretched up and did. He did back.

God, it was so nice being in his arms like that! We didn't have any clothes on at all, and it wasn't long before we both noticed. Well, I did, anyway. It was hard not to notice when my arms were all around him and I could feel his big, strong back and shoulders. Not to mention I could feel his big hands all on my back and sides. So naturally, I started getting excited and horny, kissing him, feeling his body, him feeling mine.

Pretty soon we were lying on our sides, still kissing, our hands going all kinds of places. And our dicks playing sword-fight between us.

"You okay to mess around?" he asked really softly when we took a pause from kissing so deeply and wonderfully. "Is your shoulder better?"

He was looking in my eyes, and brushing my hair back, and he was so handsome. And I was so turned on! Boy, was I okay to mess around! I'd forgotten about my shoulder. It was barely sore, really next to nothing. I nodded, hoping that I wasn't grinning too much or something. It was really hard not to giggle.

We went back to kissing and touching. He was really good at kissing. I knew it was practice with girls, but I didn't mind at all. His big, soft lips moved on mine just so nicely. I was picking up things from him as quickly as I could. His tongue knew things I had only guessed at, and that felt so good!

When his hands slid down my front and over my stomach, I got the chills and shakes. When his fingers wrapped around my dick, I groaned into his mouth. I couldn't have stopped that groan if my life depended on it. I brushed my hand across his fit front. loved it. His strong pectoral muscles felt so good under my hands. His chest hair wasn't thick, but there was the perfect amount. My hand followed it as it continued almost unbroken down his front to his navel, where it grew thicker. Then my hand travelled the rest of the way through his hair to his thick bush. Then there was his enormous cock. It was so smooth, and thick, and perfect. His big head was smooth and perfect with soft, gentle edges. It was wet, slippery and sticky. I wrapped my hand around it. It felt like a thick sausage. Hot, soft yet hard. I loved it. I stroked it with one hand, and moved my other to feel his big balls. They were so much larger than mine, and I loved how they felt. Big, warm, soft but solid, and so... wiggly.

He did the same thing to me, and we both got wet and slippery sticky. And we both were breathing so hard around our kisses. I was shivering like crazy, and I kept making those stupid sounds, like squeaks and squeals. I wished I could stop it. I liked his soft groans, though. So deep and mellow, and so nice.

His kisses moved to my neck. I loved that. It made me tingle and shiver even more. Then he was kissing and mouthing my nipples, which was really nice. I had to let go of his fun parts when he kept going down lower, though. I didn't want to, but he kept sliding down the front of my body, and that felt so great!

Then he flipped ends. Oh, yes! I dove for his goodies like my life depended on devouring them. His strong scent was wonderful as I took as much of his long cock as I could. It was too long and thick to take the whole thing, but I sure tried. It smelled and tasted and felt so good!

How it felt as his mouth did the same thing to me was incredible! Those powerful tingles and waves of pleasure mounted rapidly, up from below spreading out all through me. The noises we made were loud, but I knew no one was around to hear us, so I didn't hold back. It felt better when I let those sounds out, and I liked how his sounds made me feel, too.

It was more intense and active than last night. Faster.

"God, I love your huge cock!" he moaned around it. "I fucking love it!"

He dove back onto it, almost slobbering. He slid up and down it, using a hand to follow his mouth. I loved anything he did to it, but when he sucked the head and stroked the shaft with his hand, his tongue washing it and following the edges around the head, it was magnificent! It made me squeal and shake!

I knew I was about to, so I took my mouth off him and said, "It's going!"

He seemed to go crazy on it! He moved up and down so quickly and I felt his tongue working it like mad! My body got all tense and tingly, and those wonderful waves of pleasure  mounted and grew. I couldn't breathe, I shook, and my legs went into fits. It felt so intense as my wad exploded into his mouth. Long pulses of intense pleasure and agony wracked me, making me twist out of control. I sort of grunted and squealed, over and over. Then, suddenly, it went from intense pleasure to near pain. It got too intense! I pulled him off of me with both hands.


I was panting and sweating, shivering, and probably grinning so wide I looked ridiculous.

He kissed up from my pubes, his warm, wet, sticky lips feeling so good on every spot he touched with them. His hands travelled up my sides, making me squirm and giggle. I felt like a little kid! When he stopped to work on my nipples with his mouth, I gasped and squealed even more. Finally, he was kissing up my neck, and when he got to my lips, he hesitated. I pulled his head to me and kissed him deeply. I knew I was tasting myself, and I didn't care. I wanted him.

When we hugged tightly together, I felt his erection and realized that he hadn't gotten taken care of yet. I started kissing down his neck, then his powerful, hairy chest, his hard nipples, followed his trail of hair to his navel, liked and kissed there, then followed the trail downward, until his big dick was in the way. It wasn't in the way for long, it was in my mouth.

I loved his cock. It was so nice and big, smooth and thick. I took as much as I could as often as I could, and not just because he seemed to like that the most. He shook a little when I went as far as I could and sucked nice and hard. He also shivered and groaned when I locked my lips around his smooth, gentle head and sucked and licked. I loved doing it all. I loved doing anything to him. For him. With him.

I curled up around his cock and sucked. When he made pre-cum, I loved it. It tasted so good. I played with his balls, tickled his sides, sucked and licked his long, thick cock. His taste and smell were perfect! They made me almost hungry.

"Cripes! Steve! I'm not going to last!"

I didn't want him to. I wanted him to fill up my mouth as soon as possible. I almost needed him to!

I was sucking his head, licking his soft, smooth, gentle edges, and stroking up and down his long shaft with one hand, and playing with his awesome, large, heavy balls with the other, when his whole cock sort of bent and warped in my mouth, and he grunted out, "Going!"

I tasted more pre-cum, all salty and musky, and then felt his wad impact the back of my throat. Then he was pulsing in my mouth and filling it up with hot, slick, thick cum. How I loved it! I kept sucking and licking, and now swallowing, and stroking, and playing with his balls. He kept filling my mouth, pushing his hips, and groaning.

It was pure bliss. I wanted it to last forever, just like that.

But he pulled me off and up to kiss. Long, slow, deep kisses. Arms around each other, bodies pressed together, breathing heavily.

It was pure bliss, too. I wanted it to last forever, too. Just like that.

It lasted a long, long time. We fell asleep just like that, in each other's arms.


My face tickled. I opened my eyes and was looking right into his. He was brushing my hair away from my eyes and forehead, really gently.  He was smiling so nicely. I grinned. His other arm was over and around me, holding me. I had never been woken up like that in my life. It was... indescribable. Warm, soft, gentle, welcoming, just... wonderful!

He kissed me once, softly and gently. Perfectly.

"I think I love you, Steve."

I felt something inside that I had never felt before. It was warm and nice, and in an instant, it swelled up and filled me, and made my eyes get warm and wet. I was crying before I knew it.

I said, "Thank you!" without thinking. Then, "I think I love you, too, Jared," as I pulled myself as tightly against him as I could.

I tried not to cry, but that didn't work for shit. But I did stop crying after a while. I felt like a wuss. The biggest pansy in Greenfield. Probably in Indianapolis. But at least I was with Jared. And he cared about me. He said that he thought he loved me. I didn't care if I was the biggest wuss in Indiana, not if Jared didn't care that I was.

"I've got to use the bathroom. Be right back, okay?"

He pulled away really gently and slowly. He kept looking in my eyes, smiling, holding me. I nodded at him, smiling.

I watched him walk to the bathroom, naked. His ass was incredible. His strong back, his wide shoulders, his strong legs and arms. The sight made me sigh and feel all wiggly and weak. And get hard.

I pulled my briefs on, trying to let my erection go down, and waited to use the bathroom after him. I watched him walk back, almost hard and swaying back and forth along with his balls. He was a little blushed and grinning. His watched his strong, hairy chest, his strong arms and legs. When he sat down next to me, I was hard again, but my briefs sort of hid it. He put an arm around me and kissed me. He was smiled so nicely. I giggled and tried not to attack him. I sat there and grinned back at him.

"I got to go, too."

I got up, hoping that my excitement wasn't too obvious. He slapped my butt and that made me laugh. I looked back over my shoulder at him, grinning. He was sitting there, grinning back, all hard and hot looking.

It was almost impossible to pee with a hard-on. It took a while. I washed my hands and face. I looked in the mirror and wondered what he saw in me. I wasn't anything special, and was pretty boring looking. I sighed, just glad he did see something he liked.

The little window in the bathroom was dark. I looked outside and saw that the sun wasn't even up yet. I walked back, not hard anymore. He was under the blanket, waiting. He held the blanket up and I slipped in with him, into his arms. It was warm and comfortable. God, how nice!

We snuggled and wiggled up against each other, kissed a few times, and then I rested my head against his chest. He turned out the light, and I was asleep in seconds.

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