By Angyl

They say that some straight guys will experience some sort of gay sex in their life. Not all of the but some. This was the case with Stewart, a guy I met online. He swore to me that he was as straight as can be. Well I think that is what he had convinced himself of. I am here to tell this is not the case as he was going to find out. It started about a year maybe a bit less ago.

Stewart at the time was 22; He is roughly 160 lbs. standing about 5'8, maybe a bit shorter. His eyes are hazel and his hair is brown. His skin has a fair complexion, but not pale. His body for the most part is smooth save for a light dusting of hair on his chest and abdomen. His cock is 8 inches hard and think. He definitely had a nice piece of meat between his legs. He is into sport like American football, snowboarding, baseball, hockey, kick boxing and weight lifting. As for me I am the total opposite.

So what got me about Stewart is the fact he would come online and get me to get him off. Strange for someone who says he is straight? When I questioned him about it, he would always reply that dirty talk of any kind would get him off. Well now in most eyes when you like to get off to a gay guy talking dirty to you, this would imply that a person was at the very least, bisexual. Stewart always denied it.

So every night we would go through the same routine. He always started off by saying he was really horny. It would go from there. It would get frustrating sometime, but I played along with it. Why I did that I will never know. The big thing that pissed me off was he would instantly sign off as soon as he was done.

It did get to the point where eventually I stopped talking to him. I was getting bored with getting this "straight" boy off and not getting off myself.

Not too long ago he messaged me complaining about some gay guy doing exactly what I was, but it was making him uncomfortable. I guess he did not like the way this guy went about everything. Everything he described was exactly what we had been doing. So again I stopped talking to him.

Well a few months ago, when I was sitting online I noticed he had visited my page. So I decided for the hell of it to say hi to him. Asked him how he was doing and shit. Of course I knew he was going to say he was bored and horny. I can't remember how the conversation at the start went, but it really doesn't matter. I was in the right frame of mind to talking to him. What got me was this time he admitted to letting a guy suck him off if he was horny enough. He even talked about getting a guy to jerk him off, and anal sex. I wondered how far I could push him, before he got angry about it. Well I asked him questions about if he ever thought about letting a guy suck him off, but he never really gave a definite answer to that. Well we continued talking and he was asking me how I'd suck him off, or let him fuck me. I went into detail. When he got off, again he signed off. No surprise there.

So again last month I was online and doing my usual boredom routine. Stewart messaged and said hi. I replied back and asked how he was. Imagine the shock when he said he was in town and horny. I said he should come over and I would help him with his problem. You know just like every other time, but it was usually me trying to get him to drive into the city. He did not answer me but started in on how I would get him off. I laughed, and said if he was here I would show him the ways I would get him off. I figured he would just ask the usual shit and that would be that. When he messaged back asking if I really wanted to come over he might I was mildly surprised. I said sure why not, but if he was not comfortable when he was here we would stop. It was a while before he responded with his cell number for me to text my address and stuff. I sent the text and he said he would be round in half an hour. I said ok and he signed off.

It seemed like a long half hour, and when it was just past that point I figured he was not going to show, but he did. I invited him in and we headed down to my room. He sat in the chair as I flopped down on the bed.

"I am really nervous." He said.

"No worries take your time." I replied.

"I am really not all that sure I can go through with this, it is a bit weird for me."

"Well like I said we don't have to do anything, we can just hang out."

"Yeah I know but I am really horny."

"The choice is your, you can always just jerk off."

"With you sitting in the room as well?"

"Sure straight guys do it sometimes with their buddies."

Stewart sat there for a bit and then he stood up and lowered his pants. He sat back on the chair and slowly began to jerk off. Either he was uncomfortable or weirded out.

"I can't jerk off in this chair."

"Well you can use my bed if you want; I'll sit in the chair."

"Naw you can stay on the bed I guess."

I figured he would just do it in the chair, but he moved to the bed, and lay down. He seemed to be a bit better when he was on the bed. I just sat watching. I did not want to do anything until he said it was okay.

"Man this is so weird. Never jerked off with a guy near me before."

"Yet you get off to a guy talking dirty to you online."

"Yeah is different, the guy is not really there."

"I guess."

He was still stroking his cock, and it was now hard.

"Fuck it, go ahead." He said finally.

I moved so I was between his legs and slowly took his cock in my mouth. I deep throated his cock with no issues.

"Wow holy shit!"

I began going up and down. I paid close attention to his cock head. Licking and sucking it often, as well as taking his balls in my mouth and sucking on them. Then I'd take his cock in my mouth again and work up and down on it. I got my one finger wet as I was doing it because I had an idea. As I sucked on his balls I slid my hand underneath and between his ass cheeks. I ran my finger lightly over his ass crack and then slowly I pushed it inside him.

"Shit what the fuck?"

I stopped and pulled my finger out. He grabbed my hand.

"No go for it. I like the feeling, just surprised me is all."

So I wet my finger again and found his hole and began fingering it. I had not stopped going on his cock. But as I was fingering him, he was lifting up, so without a thought I went off his cock and lick my way down to his hole. I took my finger out and slowly started to swirl my tongue in and around his hole.

"Oh shit the feels so good."

Stewart took his cock in hand as I tongued his tight hole. Definite virgin territory. Yeah I wanted to fuck his hot ass, but I did not want to push the limits too much. As I licked and suck his hole I began fingering him at the same time. He was moaning and stroking his cock.

"Oh my god!"

My work paid off. He was blasting his load everywhere. When he was done I stopped and licked his cum off his cock and balls. He was panting.

"Holy fuck that was the best."

"Glad you liked it."

"Yeah never thought it would be that good."

"Yeah well I am sure we could go again if you were up to it."

"I am not sure I can get hard so soon."

Without a word I took his cock in my mouth again. I had also taken mine out and was stroking it. When I felt Stewart move I never thought anything of it, til he took my cock in his hand and began stroking me.

"Never jerked a guy off before, Kind feels good."

I was too busy getting him hard again. It did not take long for his cock to grow to full erection.

"Play with my ass again, I really liked that."

So I found his hole and began playing with it. I really wanted a good taste of it though. I topped sucking him and told him to flip over and get on all four. He looked puzzled but did as I asked. I spread his cheeks and got right in there. He moaned and squirmed as my tongue found the mark each and every time I drove it in.

"Oh fuck yeah!"

I worked my finger in and the slowly as I ate him out, I worked in a second finger. I felt him winch as I slowly worked my fingers in and out of him. I stopped licking and concentrated on just fingering him. When I felt his muscles relaxed I chanced working a third one in. He was definitely tight, and he resisted my third finger at first, but I managed to get it in and work his hole. He was definitely loosening up and well I got an idea. I reached down and grabbed the lube. I pour some on my fingers and worked it into his hole, and then I lubed up my cock. I was going to fuck this virgin ass. I moved into position but made sure I did not stop fingering and working his hole. I got my cock lined up and then pulled my fingers out. Looking back to see what I was doing, Stewart realized I was about to enter his virgin ass. I did not give him a chance to respond as I pushed my 8" inside him.

"Fuck that hurts!" He screamed as I pushed in.

I grabbed his hips and continued pushing in. I was all the way in and I slowly began working my cock in and out of his. Shit he was tight. It's been a long time since I had a nice tight ass to fuck.

"Fuck it hurts! Oh my god don't stop!"

I began to get into a rhythm of pulling almost all the way out slowly and then ramming it back into him hard. He began pushing back l as I rammed my cock deep into him. He was furiously stroking his cock and I looked down just as he shot a load on the bed. I also noticed he had cum once already since I started fucking him. I wanted to fill his tight hole with my seed. I slowly began moving faster and harder.

"Fuck yeah harder!!"

I was really getting close and I debated on pulling out and finishing off that way.

"I am gonna cum! You want me to pull out or cum inside you?"

"Fuck whatever you want."

So I began pumping him harder and faster. I was gonna fill this boy.

"Here it comes!" I screamed.

A few quick thrusts and I emptied my cock right inside him. I kept going until there was nothing left. I let my cock slip out and moved and sat on the bed. Stewart collapsed on the bed next to me. We were both hot and sweaty.

"So how was it?" I asked.

"Fucking amazing, never in a million years did I think it would be?"

"Good enough to do again sometime?"

"Fuck anytime you wanted."

A smile played across my face.

"So you think you are still straight?"

"I fucking doubt I am."

We lay there for a while and then I suggested we jump in the shower and clean up. Then I figured he was gonna take off. He made no effort to leave or even get dressed once we finished cleaning up.

"Well you plan on staying the night?"

"I can leave if you want."

"No I am good come on let crawl into bed."

We fell asleep and sometime during the night I am sure I felt Stewart sucking me off, but I was too tired to think about it. The next morning he said he had to go but was definitely going to come back and let me fuck him again. When he left, I figured that would be the last time I'd see him. I got a surprise when not even two days later he was back at my front door.

"I could not stop thinking about you fucking me." He said.

Believe it or not I had turned the supposedly straight boy. You may be asking yourself how often Stewart comes to the city to let me fuck his tight ass? Well he never left after he showed up again. He left long enough to go home and pack his shit, and then he was back in my bed. Yes he has also developed a taste for sucking my cock too, and swallows every time. Has he fucked me yet? Twice, but he really prefers getting fucked. I asked him one night as we lay in bed after a good fuck session if he would ever go back to vagina, and his exact words were, "Fuck that shit." I guess I had turned him gay.

The End


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