Story of Life. Chapter 1

Before I had even met Kaz I was working as a delivery driver in a pizza shop in Sydney. The boy who stretched the pizza's said that he had a cousin who had just got his licence and was looking for a job as a driver. I was thinking "great another driver I finally get to stop working my arse off trying to get all the deliveries out." John my boss had told me that I was to train him. I was a little pissed about that but accepted. After all you gotta do what the boss tells you to. The next day I met Kaz. He didn't look anything special wearing faded blue denim jeans and a white polo shirt. He had the kind of haircut that didn't need brushing it just stayed in place. He had a dark tan that looked like he spent every minute that he wasn't at school at the beach. I didn't see him as anything but a colleague at first.

I continued to work with him over the next few weeks noticing little things like his cute little laugh, More than that the way that he found everything funny in a way. He was so happy with life. I noticed his young naïve words that only made me want to teach him more about life about the world about anything. After three weeks of just noticing these little things he made me notice so much more. Up until this point I hadn't realised my blooming crush on this boy. I was at work folding pizza boxes when he came in to see what time he was working next. He was shirtless exposing his well tanned shapely chest. It wasn't huge or muscly It was shapely. He was not in anyway fat but his mid section showed no six pack no discernable pecs and just a sparse covering of blonde hair that trailed down to his blue denim three quarter length shorts that were just sitting low enough to catch a glimpse of his fabulously tight green underwear he was just a sexy beach bum who I instantly fell in love with.

After this apparition of beauty I could do nothing but think of him. I could hardly work for the rest of the night and when I got home I was watching tv but I wasn't sitting on my couch I was somewhere else just looking at that body. This went on for weeks. I started having dreams about my man. I imagined us meeting in the toilets upstairs at our work and him pushing me back into one of the cubicles and deeply passionately kissing me. We could just kiss and kiss for hours on end. That was only the beginning of my fantasies about this boy.

I made it my mission to get to know him. I asked him about everything from his mothers name to his favourite holiday destinations. He would ask me several questions as well and we became close.

As we got closer my thoughts about him grew. I started dreaming about him showing up at my house and kissing me back onto my lounge and while he sat on top of me kissing me with his full passionate lips and just a hint of soft stubble. Not quite that of a man yet but that of MY adolescent lover. He would find the top of my button fly jeans and slowly undo them one by one. He would then slide his hand down my pants rubbing my cock but at the same time rubbing his arse as he sat on top of me. He could feel me getting hard through my boxers and began to slide off me releasing my mouth from the everlasting embrace. He started to slide my jeans and boxers down not stopping until they were completely removed. He grasps my uncut cock and starts to work it up and down exposing just a little of my purple head from underneath my tight foreskin. He then moves his mouth down and starts to nibble on the head. All the while we are both silent and I can't hear anything, It is blissfully quiet. He starts to engulf my penis taking it in. He took it in his mouth half way while working the other half with his hand still, the other hand massaging my balls. He moved his tongue around and around giving me a whirlwind of pleasure every time it makes its orbit. He moves his tongue under my foreskin and starts swirling around licking my sensitive head that rarely gets to see the outside of its protective casing let alone feel the pressure of an intensely pleasurable tongue that knows exactly what it's doing and exactly how to do it.

I start to moan before he pulls away slightly not entirely of his bone but just enough so I can blow an enormous load into his mouth spraying his tonsils as I writhe in pleasure not being able to prevent myself from screaming as I let go. He started to taste the cum and by the look on his face he liked it. He swallows every drop of it and looks thirsty for more.

I meanwhile wake up with the hardest case of morning glory ever and have managed to blow my load all over my sheets.