Chapter One


JJ Michaels


This story is totally fictitious.  The names of the characters are fictitious also and have no resemblance to anyone living or dead.  This story is protected by all copyright laws and solely belongs to me.

I wish to thank David of Hope for his fine editing job of this chapter.  Because of his help it makes reading it easier.

Chapter One...

It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime for my wife and me, but at the last minute she came down with the flu and she couldn't get out of bed.  It made me feel terrible for

her being so weak and drawn out.

So Brandon and I decided to take the trip down to the Bahamas ourselves with his eighteen-year-old son Joshua and Josh's friend Andrew.  I, Marc Spencer, was piloting the plane.  I was twenty-nine and had looked forward to flying all my life.  I'd just gotten my license to fly a few years ago and bought this Cessna 414 last week.  My wife and I decided to go to the Bahamas for a vacation and booked the trip a week ago.  Now with her being sick and our trip paid for, she insisted that I go and take Brandon along.

"He needs a vacation as much as you do babe.  I'll be fine here and rest is just what I need."

I called Brandon and asked if he wanted to go and he said that he'd promised to go on a trip with the boys.  I told him to bring them along and that we could make it a man's get away vacation.  He ran the idea by Joshua and he loved it, so Brandon told me yes.

On the day of the flight, Brandon and his entourage of youngsters met me at the airport.  Once we had everything stowed, flight plan registered, we were off.

I'd fueled up at the airport in Miami before leaving, and because of the upper level wind currents, I'd drifted off course even though I'd stayed on the right heading.

Now we were out of gas.  The plane was heading for the ground faster than I cared to think of and my brain was working overtime to figure out what to do.  It was kinda eerie - no engine noise - just the sound of the wind whistling by as we descended faster and faster.  Looking around, all I could see was a lot of ocean and one lone island some distance in front of us.  I could only hope that we had enough altitude to reach it.

Brandon was on the radio trying to send a mayday to whoever could hear us.

"No one's answering Marc," he said frantically.

"Don't worry, just keep trying... someone may hear you."  I answered, still concentrating on the distance to the island.

I knew this was not going to be a pretty landing and I was so afraid of what could be the outcome.  I still wasn't sure if I was going o be able to extend the glide to the island.

"Brace yourselves for a crash landing," I yelled as we continued to lose altitude, the ocean still below us.

I saw the beach just ahead and decided to try and land on it.

"This is going to be a rough one guys," I yelled again. "So get ready to get out once we land."

"Just keep the nose level and up a bit," Brandon yelled to me.

I was trying to keep the nose level as I approached the shore.  The faster the land came towards us the harder it was to keep things level.  The landing gear was down and I hoped everyone was braced for a crash landing. 

"Here we go," I yelled as the wheels hit the beach.

The wheels dug in and it was as if we came to a sudden dead stop, but with the momentum, the plane catapulted over nose first until it came to rest upside down.

"Everyone alright," I yelled and I heard no answer.

I could feel what felt like hot water pouring down my face and then a blurred grayness shrouded my eyes, getting darker and darker until.... blackness...


I had seen the ad in a local newspaper and got all excited the more I read it.  I called for my wife and showed her the ad.

"Whadaya think babe?  Can we afford to get it?"  I asked her after she read the ad.

"I think so and you know how much you love to fly.  I'm just surprised you even bothered to ask me," Mary said kissing the top of my head.

"Well you're going to be affected by this also.  I plan to use it to take us on vacation."

I read the ad again and decided to give Brandon Barnes, the owner, a call.

"Hello Brandon here, how can I help you?" a friendly voice said.

"Hello... my name's Marc Spencer and I'm calling about your ad for the Cessna 414," I said anxiously, hoping that the plane hadn't already been sold.

"Have you ever flown before?" he asked.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact I've had my license for a few years, and I've been checked out on the 414," I said to reassure him, "...and now I want a plane," I added. While putting in the hours to get my pilot's license, I'd flown several small Cessnas, and after I got my license I'd made it a point to rent a few of the others that were available.  This model had been one of them.

"Well she's a great little plane and can hold up to six passengers."

"Would it be possible to come see it today and take her up for a test flight?" I asked.

"Sure can Marc, I was just heading over to the airport in a few.  How soon can you be there?"

"I live about twenty five minutes from the airport, so I'll meet you there.  Just tell me where you'll be."

"Find hangar 37 and my plane's in there.  I'll see you in about thirty minutes pal," and he hung up.

I was so excited that I rushed out to the car without my wallet and keys.  Once I was on the road I started to calm down.  I could hardly believe that I was going to be buying my very own airplane.  I'd dreamt of owning an airplane ever since I was a kid and now it was possibly going to happen.  I turned off the ramp for the airport and followed the signs.  I saw the signs that directed the traffic to the various hangars.  Once there, I found number 37; a very handsome man of about my age, stood there with a teenage boy.

"Brandon Barnes?" I asked getting out of the car.

"Yes and you must be Marc.  This is my son Josh," he said as we all shook hands.

"Your son!  I thought you were a guy my age," I said, but kinda in the form of a question.

"Thanks, but I just turned 38 last month.  You can't be more than 20 yourself."

"I was 29 this past May," I smiled.  "Thanks for the compliment though."

"So you ready to take her up," he asked.

"Yeah, but I would like to give her a close walk-around first."  I said as I flipped through my pilot's log book to show him where I had been certified for the 414.

We walked inside the hanger and there she was - sitting there - so pristine in silver and blue.

"Damn what a gorgeous lady," I exclaimed quietly.

"That she is my friend, that she is."  Brandon said proudly.

We walked all around it and then went inside.  It was as beautiful inside as it was outside.

"May I ask why you're selling her?" I asked.

"My eyes aren't as good as they use to be.  I flunked the eye exam for the renewal of my license."

"Damn that must hurt."  I said, realizing his loss.

"Marc, you have know idea how much."

I climbed into the pilot's seat and Brandon took the seat beside me.  Joshua moved into the back watching us.

"Do you fly Josh," I asked looking back at him.  He looked just like his dad but only taller.

"Nah, I've no interest in being a pilot."

"Another reason I am selling Molly," Brandon said.

"Molly.... is that what you named her?"  I asked.

"Yeah after my mother and grandmother," he explained as I re-familiarized myself with the controls and the layout of the cockpit.

I started it up and slowly moved out of the hangar and onto the tarmac.  I radioed the tower and asked for clearance to take off.  I was told to get in behind another Cessna and I taxied up behind him.  Once he turned onto the runway and took off, I was given the ok to take off. 


I re-checked my gauges one last time and entered the runway for take off.  I powered up and took off down the runway. As I pulled back on the stick the nose started to climb up towards the sky.  My heart climbed with it as the plane gained altitude.  We flew around for the better part of an hour before I headed her back to the airport.  The landing was smooth and Brandon complimented me on my skills.

"My dad was a pilot and he taught me most of what I know," I explained.  "I just wish he were here to see me flying."

While we were taxing up to the hangar, I noticed another young man standing there waiting.

"Andrew's here," Josh says getting all excited.

We came to a stop outside the hanger.  Josh hurriedly opened the door and jumped out before the stairs were even down.  He ran up to Andrew and they kissed like lovers do.

"My son is gay Marc," Brandon said almost embarrassed.  "He and Andrew are lovers."

"I have no problem with him being gay if you don't buddy.  My brother is gay and has had a lover for nine years,"  I said with a smile.

"Thanks Marc not many guys feel like you do about gays."  Brandon said almost apologetically.

We put the plane back in the hangar and got out.

"So whatta think," he asked as he handed me the maintenance logbook.  I checked the logbook for any major repairs, number of hours, and the latest certification inspection report.  I was thrilled - this plane was in great shape.

"I'll take her Brandon," I said with the biggest grin on my face.  "This is going to be great.  My wife and I are going to take a long deserved vacation," I told him.

"I can't remember the last time I took a vacation," he said.

"Well, I have my check book and all I need is the price."

He gave me the price and I wrote out the check.  His price was reasonable, so I wasn't about to quibble. 

"I'll have the title for you as soon as I get home buddy."

"Hey," I exclaimed with an idea in the back of my mind.  Why don't you and your wife come on over for dinner and drinks this evening... that way we can finalize the deal."

"I'm a bachelor buddy, my wife died of cancer three years ago."  He said sadly.

"I'm so sorry Brandon.... so why don't you come on over.  I know my wife will be just fine with it.  She's a great cook."

We talked it over and although I didn't twist his arm, he did finally agree to come for dinner.  We said goodbye and I took off for home.  I was reeling from the excitement of buying my first airplane.  I told Mary about the plane and that Brandon was coming for dinner.  I didn't get any argument, just a lot of enthusiasm to match my own.  Then I headed upstairs for a shower.

That evening we all hit it off really nice.  My wife and Brandon laughed at all my jokes and she left us to talk about planes.  Brandon and I became instant friends.

"I booked two weeks in the Bahamas today when I got home," I told him.  "I hope this plane can fly there with no problems."

"She'll do just fine as long as you island hop on the way there."

"I was planning on it buddy."

"God what I'd give to be the one going," he said.  "Claire and I had always planned on going to the Bahamas."

"I feel so bad now about mentioning it."  I said apologetically.

"Don't be silly Marc.... you had no way of knowing about Claire or our plans."

"But still I feel like a heel for even talking about the trip."  I added.

Then two days before it was time to go, Mary came down with the flu.  She went to the doctor and he told her that bed rest and lots of fluids was the best thing for her.  As I said, I really felt bad for her and the disruption it brought to our planned holidays.  She was equally remorseful to our situation.

"Go babe and if he can, take Brandon."  Mary suggested.  "He could use a vacation as much as you can.  I'll be fine here resting and reading."

"Are you sure... I hate to leave you with you sick and all."  I said, although probably not with the sincerity that I should have because I really did want to go on this trip.

"I'll be fine babe... just go call Brandon and ask him.  You know we can't get our money back now.... it's too late to give a month's notice."


"Marc are you ok," a voice asked as I regained consciousness - as the grayness became brighter and brighter until I opened my eyes and focused on Brendan as he looked down at me.  "Marc speak to me does anything hurt you," he asked.

"I think so," I mumbled, "but what's stuck to my face guy?"

"It's dried blood.  You had a very bad cut on your forehead, but Andrew bandaged it up.  He's going to be a doctor if we ever get off this island."

"Is everyone ok Brandon, what about Josh?"

"He's fine just a bit banged up.  You got the worst of it."

"How did you get me out of the plane?"

"That was the easy part.  Stopping your bleeding was the hard part.  Andrew had to use some make shift thread to stitch your cuts."

"Thanks Andrew I owe you one buddy," I said as I sat up.  "Oh fuck my head feels like I got hit by a baseball bat."

"Your have a concussion Mr. Spencer, so you need to lie still."

"Please call me Marc... and ok, I will Andrew."

The plane was a total wreck and the radio was useless.  Brandon tried to repair the radio, but the damage was too great.

"I guess we're stranded until someone misses us," Brandon said.

"Dad we need to find water and shelter before it gets dark," Joshua said.  "I saw a small pond or lake when we were approaching the island just over that tree line.  Andy and I are going to go and see if it's drinkable.  We'll be back in a few dad."

"Just be careful son for wild animals and quicksand."

"Dad we're not in Africa or the Amazon."

"Just the same be careful son.... ya know, snakes and things, ok."

"Sure dad we will."

"And you stay still Marc," Andrew said checking the stitches.  "God I'm good," he said smiling to himself.

They trekked off towards the jungle and Brandon propped me up with some cushions from the plane.  He took what he thought we'd need from the plane and sat beside me.

"I'm so sorry Brandon for this mess I made."  I said.

"You did your best Marc.  I would've drifted off course just the same as you.  Our heading was right the whole time, so we must have been in an upper wind shift."

"Well you're still very understanding.  I guess our cell phones aren't working here either."  I said dejectedly.

"Nope tried them as soon as we got you out of the plane buddy," he replied.

Twenty minutes later, the boys came back with water in a container.

"The water we saw is fine for drinking, but Andy says we should still boil it first."

"Shit, how are we going to make a fire?" I asked.

"With my lighter and some paper from the plane," Brandon replied.

"I guess this is the only time your smoking paid off dad." Joshua grinned.

"Well my cigarettes didn't make it.... they're crushed.  So I guess I have to quit smoking now son."  Brandon grinned back.

I struggled to help as we set up a makeshift shelter for the night with Andy and Josh off by themselves.  Bit by bit, my headache was easing.  Brandon and I were huddled together under a blanket and I was lying there staring at the stars.

"How long until someone misses us Brandon?"  I pondered.

"Well as far as I can tell, they must be looking now for us.  When we didn't land in the Bahamas, someone would've checked to see why.  They'll check with the last airport that we checked in at, and trace us from there."

"So they could find us as soon as tomorrow or the next day?" I asked. 

"That's possible if they knew we were off course.  These waters are loaded with hundreds of tiny islands, so it could take some time to find us.  The upside down plane will be a dead give away that we're here.  The bad thing is that if they see it, they may think we didn't survive the crash."

"Well my wife will miss me because I told her that I'd call her when I got to the hotel."  I said to reassure the thoughts of our situation.

"Well someone will miss us buddy."  Brandon agreed.

We were lying there, when all of a sudden the moans of Josh and Andy filled the night.

"I'm sorry you have to hear that Marc.  I'll go and tell them to quiet down," Brandon said.

"Don't be silly buddy.... we were their age once, so let them have their fun.  At least someone's getting laid."

"I never could understand how he could fall for a man.... I was so in love with Claire.  I guess kissing a man is no different than kissing a woman," he said.

"I guess so, but have you ever kissed a guy before?"  I asked with a grin.

"Just my dad goodnight, that's all, what about you?" Brandon asked.

"Nah just dad as well," I replied.

We lay there listening to the two guys making love until Brandon turned to me and kissed me on the lips.

"What the fuck was that for buddy?" I asked him.

"Just wanted to see what the attraction between men was Marc," he said nervously.

"Well if I kissed a woman like that, she'd be gone before I could possibly try to get a second one."  I said with a giggle.

"So are you saying I can try to kiss you again Marc?" he asked, still with a twitch in his voice.

"I guess if you want to, but you'd better make it a good one because you won't get a third chance."  I answered firmly.

We look into each other's eyes for a few moments, and he slowly lowered himself down to my lips.  We pressed our lips together as I felt his tongue pushing against my lips.  I opened my mouth and let his tongue inside as we fought for dominance.  The kiss was long, hard and passionate as we continued our kiss.

"My God, now that was some kiss buddy," I said once we broke our kiss.

"Yeah it was and you sure can kiss really good guy," he said with a smile.

"So now what.... do we take it further or let it drop right here?" I asked him.

"What do you mean.... sex?"  He asked in return.

"Well Brandon, if we're going to find out what it's all about, we might as well go all the way."  I suggested.

"God I never thought of that Marc, but do you really want to go that far?" he asked.

"Only if you do, but no if you don't."  I tried to reassure him.

"Can we stick to kissing Marc?  I really liked kissing you and I don't know if I'm ready to try sex with a dude."

"Sure buddy and I feel the same way.  Kissing is one thing, but having gay sex is another."  I felt a bit relieved.

Brandon kissed me again and this time he held me close to him.  His arms were wrapped around me as we kissed passionately as the darkness of night surrounded us.  Once he broke our kiss, he turned me away from him and then pulled me to him.  His arm laid over me and rested on my chest as I spooned comfortably into him.

"Goodnight buddy," he said holding me close.

"Goodnight my friend," I said as I kissed his arm.

The next morning we were wakened by the boys staring down at us.

"Well don't you two make a cute couple," Josh said with a grin.

"I thought you two were straight Marc," Andy said grinning just as widely as Josh.

Brandon's leg was over my leg and his arm was still over my chest.  I had his hand in mine as we woke up.

"We got cold during the night guys and that's all.  Nothing gay happened, so don't get your dicks up," Brandon said flatly.

"Well it's just that we sleep like that dad.... and to see you two like that just looks funny."

"What...?  We can't find love in each other if we want?" Brandon questioned before he kissed me as passionately and hard as he had the night before.

I wrapped my arms around him as I pulled him on top of me.  Again, we kissed like lovers in love.

"Wow dad!  Now that's a kiss," Josh exclaimed.

"My God Brandon, that was a kiss and a half," I said pulling him in for another.

"My gay dad," Josh said hugging Andy.

"Whoa....!  Wait a minute son... we are not gay here.  We were just kissing to see what the attraction between you two was all about."

"Yeah right dad and next you'll be telling me that you're fucking just to relieve your tensions."

"We aren't fucking son, and have no intentions of doing that."  Brandon said with just a hint of disgust in his voice.

"Yeah whatever dad," Josh said, walking away with Andy.

"You kissed me back Marc," he said with a bit of a question in his voice.

"Yeah buddy I did because I wanted to."  I replied honestly.

"Are you falling for me or are we falling for each other?"

"I think we're falling for each other Brandon.  I've never looked at a man before, ya know, like this and I'm sure I will never will again."

"Marc you're the only one I've ever kissed since Claire.  She was my first and only and now you.... you're my second kiss."

"I've had a few girls, but since Mary you're the first one I've kissed like that."

"Does this feel like cheating for you?"  He asked.

"I don't know 'cause I always thought that cheating was with a woman... not a man."

To answer each other, all we could do was grin.

We got up and headed out to survey the island.  It took us roughly two hours to walk the perimeter.  We found a few good places for food.  We gathered fruit and some wild vegetables for meals before we headed back to our base camp at the overturned plane.

That night we ate our meal of fruit and veggies.  It wasn't a gourmet meal, but it filled us.  We'd remade our huts and again, it was time for bed as the sun sank below the horizon.

"Goodnight boys," Brandon said.

"Yeah goodnight dad and Marc.... have fun," Josh said as he and Andy walked away laughing.

"They think we're having sex, don't they?"  I asked.

"Well after that display this morning, we`d have a hard time convincing them otherwise."

"Ah... Brandon... did you get a hard on when you kissed me this morning?"

"Yeah, sorry buddy, I didn't think you felt it.  I'm so sorry... I guess embarrassed for that man."

"I got one too and it bothered me as well."

"Let's kiss and see if it happens again Marc."

We kissed hard and passionately for quite awhile and sure enough, our cocks sprang to life.  I could feel Brandon grinding his cock into mine as he lay on top of me.

"I'm hard Marc and so are you," he said; his breathing becoming deeper.

"Yeah I am... now what do we do?" I asked.

"I don't know guy.... let's ask the boys ok."

We went over to the area where the boys slept and there they were - kissing and in the nude.

"Ah son.... can we talk to you for a minute please," Brandon asked making Josh and Andy jump and then grab for their clothes.

"Dad you could've made some noise or something.  What do you want that can't wait until morning?"

"Ah... we want to know how to have sex together."  Brandon asked sheepishly.

"You what," Josh asked laughing.

"We want to know what to do after the kissing."  I said equally embarrassed.

"Josh come here and let me speak to you," Andy said as he walked away, then after a while, they came back.

"Dad you go with Andy in our hut and Marc let's you and I go to yours."

"What are you two doing," Brandon asked.

"We're going to show you 'cause it's easier than trying to tell you."

"Brandon are you ok with me and Josh having sex," I asked.

"As long as he's ok with me and Andy," he replied.

Josh and I went into our hut and he had me remove my clothes.

"Are you a top or bottom Marc?"  Josh asked.

"A what?  I don't know what you mean," I explained.


"Do you like to fuck or get fucked," he asked.

"Oh fuck!  I never thought of that.  I don't know.... do I have to pick at this minute?"

"No you don't have to, but we can just go with the flow.  Me.... I'm a top myself," Josh said.

Josh and I began by kissing as he laid on top of me - his tongue searching out my mouth.  My hands started to roam over his back and down to his ass mounds.  Our cocks are throbbing as we continued to kiss and the sensations I was feeling started to overtake me.  I wondered to myself if Brandon was experiencing the same feelings. 

Josh broke our kiss and looked into my eyes; just inches from my face.

"Are you still comfortable with this Marc?"

"Yeah I guess," I said as he began to nibble on my neck.

Slowly, he kissed his way down to my nipples and then bit them gently, sending electrical waves through me.

"Oh fuck that feels so fucking good Josh," I said as I held him to me.

He moved to the other nipple and bit and sucked on it, causing me to arch my back as he attacked my tender nipple.  Then he moved down my belly and licked and kissed all around the base of my cock.  Slowly he sucked up the shaft to the head that's now dripping with pre-cum.  He took the head of my cock into his mouth and slowly swallowed my cock down to the base.

"Fuck kid that is so hot," I said as he moved back up my shaft.  Increasing his pace, he moved more quickly up and down on my cock until he had me close to the edge.

"I'm so close to cumming Josh," I moaned. 

He dropped my cock from his mouth started sucking my balls.  He sucked them together and then dropped them and started licking and sucking the area behind them.  He sucked and licked his way to my virgin rosebud and then ran his tongue all around it.  This new sensation had me thrashing in delight as he pushed his tongue into my ass.

"Fuck Josh that's wild," I yelled as I lift up to give him more entry.

He fucked my asshole until he had me so close I was about to lose my mind.

"I'm going to cum Josh," I said and he moved quickly to my cock just as I shot the biggest load I could ever remember.  I shot rope after rope of cum into his mouth as he pushed a finger into my ass, rubbing my special spot as my cock emptied its load.

"Don't stop man I've got so much to give you," I howled as I shot more cum.

He put another finger into my ass and worked it around as I continued to cum.  I was spent, but still hard as he pulled his fingers from my virgin hole.  He sat up and positioned his cock to my hole and then pushed in.  The head popped through, but the pain is horrific, and I have to yell out to him to stop.

"Stop Josh please," I yelled as the pain increased.

He bent down and we kissed so tenderly.  Soon the pain subsided.  As he kissed me, he slowly pushed his cock in further and further, until he finally bottoms.  He waited for me to adjust to the feeling.  We were still kissing and soon the pain passed.

"Are you alright Marc," he asked and all I can do is nod - yes.

He started to pull out to just about all the way before slowly pushing his cock back in again.  He did this several times until we're in a rhythm that's moving our bodies together as one.  He quickened his pace and stared down into my eyes.

"Fuck me baby boy," I said, pulling him down for a kiss.

He kissed me harder and aggressively now and then broke his kiss before lifting up.  He increased his pace and is now pounding my ass as he found a rhythm that'll bring him to his climax.  I can feel him hitting my nut with his cock and soon I am ready to cum once again.

"I fucking cumming again Josh," and I shot my seed all over my chest.

"I going to cum Marc," he moaned.  "Can I shoot in you or out," and I just held his ass, wordlessly telling him to shoot.

He lets loose with his seed and I could feel the warmth as it filled my inner bowels.  He slammed my ass with all the power he had as he continued to shoot his cum deep inside of me.

"Yeah man fuck my cock," he said as I met his thrusts with pushes of my own and he continued to fill me with more of his cum.

Once he was spent, he collapsed down on top of me.  We rested as we came down from our high then we kissed with all the passion we felt.  He pulled his softening cock from my ass and fell to my side, pulling me into a kiss that was so soft and so long.

"God that was one powerful fuck Marc," he said looking into my eyes.  "You make a great bottom."

"That was intense and after the initial pain, the pleasure I felt was so powerful.  Is it always like this when you get fucked," I asked.

"It depends on the guy fucking you.  He should always take time to bring you along with him as he works up to his climax.  He should always show gentleness also when entering you or the pain can be terrible."  Josh explained.

"It was at first... really bad, but I think it was because I was a virgin.  But God Josh, once you had us in a good fucking rhythm I couldn't believe how good it felt."

We continued to kiss tenderly until the other two yelled to us from outside.

"You two done or do you need more time?" Brandon asked.

"Are we done Marc?" Josh asked.

"Could you give me another fuck before you go or do you need more time to get hard kid?"

"We aren't done yet, so go occupy yourselves," Josh shouted as he climbed on top of me, pushing his cock into my well lubed ass.

To be continued...

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