Chapter Two


JJ Michaels


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From Chapter One...

"That was intense and after the initial pain the pleasure I felt was so powerful.  Is it always like this when you get fucked," I asked.

"It depends on the guy fucking you.  He should always take time to bring you along with him as he works up his climax.  He should always show gentleness also when entering you or the pain can be terrible."

"It was at first really bad, but I think it was because I was a virgin.  But God once you had us in a good fucking rhythm I couldn't believe how good it felt."

We kissed more and then the other two yelled to us from outside.

"You two done or do you need more time?" Brandon asked.

"Are we done Marc?" Josh asked.

"Could you give me another fuck before you go or do you need more time to get it up?"

"We aren't done yet so go occupy yourselves," he shouted as he climbed on top of me pushing his cock into my well lubed ass.

Chapter Two...


When we finally emerged from the hut, I could barely walk.  Andy could tell from the way I was moving, I had been fucked by his lover.  Josh had a good nine inch cock on him and it was quite fat around.  Brandon stood there with a pleasurable look on his face.

"Wanna go for a moonlight swim Brandon," I called to him heading towards the water.

"Hey wait for me buddy," he yelled and ran after me.

He tackled me just as I was about to jump into the water and we both crashed into a wave.  He came up and grabbed me, pulling me close to him.

"So buddy whatta ya think about this man sex?" he asked.

"It was totally hot Brandon, but I'm still not sure if it's what I want, whatta you think?"

"It was great and I really like topping.  Did you top or bottom Marc?" he asked looking into my eyes.

"I fucking bottomed and man what a different feeling to have a stiff cock up my ass.  It hurt like hell at first, but he took it slow and easy with me.  Once I relaxed and got use to having him in me, I kinda enjoyed being fucked."

"I couldn't believe how great it felt to blow my load in a tight ass and that kid gave me a ride of my life."

"I hope it doesn't bother you that your son and I had sex together."

"Nah, not at all buddy.  At first I thought it strange that my friend was having sex with my son, but once Andy and I got going, I soon forgot all about you two."

We swam and talked for almost an hour before we decided to turn in for the night.  We walked hand and hand back to our hut and kissed in the moonlight.

"Come on lover, let me show you how an older guy can make love," he said.

He lowered me down onto the mat and lay down beside me with his chest lying on mine.  He looked into my eyes as he stroked the hair from my forehead and slowly kissed me passionately.  The beating of our hearts as we kissed seemed to be music to our ears.

"Marc," he said looking into my eyes once we broke our kiss, "I know we haven't known each other all that long but... I'm falling in love with you."  He kissed me once again.

"I know the feeling Brandon.... I feel the same about you.  I never thought I'd fall in love with a man.  But knowing you Brandon as I have... I love you also buddy," and we kissed passionately again. 

"Brandon, I'm having a hard time here because I do love my wife, but I mean it, I'm falling deeply in love with you.  Do you think this is considered cheating on Mary?"  I asked him.

"I don't think so buddy, but only you can be the one to decide that," he said.  "If you'd rather not do this Marc, I totally understand."

"It's not that I don't want to do this sweetheart, but I'm torn between what I am feeling for you and what I feel for Mary."

I pulled him down to my lips and we kissed so tenderly that all the doubts melted away as he held me to him.  Never before had I felt so vulnerable and yet so secure in the arms of someone.  We broke our kiss and stared into each other's eyes as the moonlight flooded our hut.

"Make love to me Brandon," I said.  We kissed as he climbed on top of me.

He kissed his way down to my nipples and he sucked on one ever so gently.  He licked his way across to the other and then nibbled on it driving me into a sexual frenzy. 

"Yeah lover, work that nipple," I said holding his head to my breast.

He nibbled it harder until I was at a point of sexual bliss.  He moved down to my dripping cock and licked off the sweet liquid from the tip.  Then he swallowed my cock down to the root driving my ass off the mat to feed him more.

"Oh fuck lover, suck my cock," I said holding his head in my hands. 

He sucked up my cock, spending time sucking the sensitive head before going back down to the base.  He did this for several minutes until he had me at the edge of my climax.

"I'm getting real close lover," I said as he dropped my cock and moved to my balls.

Brandon sucked my balls taking them one at a time into his mouth and moved them around in his mouth sending new sensuous thrills through me.  He dropped them and started licking his way down to my tender rosebud, running his tongue all around my hole.

"Yeah man that's it.... drive me insane," I said as he plunged his tongue into my rosebud.

He continued to fuck my ass with his tongue bringing me to the edge once again.

"I'm going to cum!"  I shouted as I felt the sperm flowing up from my balls.

He moved to my cock just as I exploded into his hot mouth.  I shot rope after rope of hot cum down his throat as he swallowed each drop until I had none left to give him.

"Wow that was awesome baby," I said as he moved up to kiss me.

He positioned his cock to my rosebud and gently pushed in.  The head popped in and I realized the pain again.  For a moment, it was excruciating.

"Stop please Brandon," I called out as the pain increased.

He stopped and kissed me while we waited for the pain to subside.  

"I love you Marc."  He said while my body relaxed into the pleasure of his hot cock.

I love you too," I replied, "It's OK now.  Make love to me."

He slowly started to push in further until he bottomed.  Once again, he waited for me to relax and soon we began to make love.  He was gentle and loving as he took his time to find a rhythm to make our love in unison.  Soon I was matching his every thrust.

"Fuck me lover, hard and deep," I said heavily as he lifted up and started to increase his speed.

He pounded my ass with the fury and passion we were both feeling and soon we were riding to a rhythm of fury.  He almost pulled out before slamming hard back in and soon he had me at the edge once again.

"I'm going to cum lover, fuck me faster and deeper," I howled as I shot my seed out onto my chest.

He picked up speed and started pounding my ass as he quickly as he could, now coming to his edge.

"I'm going to cum lover can I shoot inside you?" he asked.

"Give it to me sweetheart," I panted as he shot his seed deep into my ass.

He pounded away as the rhythm took over and he shot his seed into me.  I pulled him down to me and kissed him deeply as we both finished our climax in the sweet afterglow of our lovemaking. 

"I love you Marc with all my heart," he said as he pulled out of my ass.

"I love you too Brandon."  Again we kissed with an overwhelming passion as we drifted from our climax.

We cuddled into our spooning position and soon we were fast asleep.

The next morning we were wakened by the sound of a plane flying overhead.  We all rushed out to the beach just to find that the plane was leaving.

"Do you think they spotted our plane dad?"  Josh asked.

"I don't see how they could have missed us," Brandon replied.

We sat on the beach and ate what food we had left from the night before.  We spent the next few hours waiting to see if the plane or a boat would show up.  When it didn't, our hopes were dashed and we decided that we needed to gather some more food for our next meal.

"Dad what if they come back while we're gone off gathering food?" Josh asked.

"Why don't you two stay here and Marc and I'll go gather the food."  Brandon suggested.

"I guess so, but what do we do if they return," he asked.

"Just make yourselves visible... try building a fire," he said.

With that plan in place, we headed off into the jungle and began to gather some fruit and wild vegetables. 

"Do you think they really saw us Brandon?"  I asked, having already formed my own opinion.

"No not really.... they were flying way to high to be a search plane.  It was probably an island hopper heading to another island."

"So why give the guys false hope Brandon?"

"They needed to have their spirits lifted if only for awhile."

"You don't really think we're going to be found do you," I asked him.

"Seriously Marc... no, I don't.  Someone would've found us by now."

We finished gathering what we could carry and made our way back to the beach.  The boys had a fire going and were staring out into the blank ocean.

"Dad there's been nothing since that plane earlier," Josh announced disappointedly.

"Well don't give up hope son.... someone will find us eventually," he said.

We stored our provisions in what was left of the plane and worked on reinforcing our huts.  We decided to swim for a diversion and after awhile we headed in for a nap after we built up the fire.  Once we were inside our hut, Brandon asked if I was still comfortable with us as a couple.

"Marc you have been really quiet ever since we had sex last night," he commented.

"I'm still trying to come to terms with having gay sex Brandon.  It seems to go against everything I've ever believed in," I confessed.  "And what do we do once we're rescued and get back home?  I've fallen in love with you.  Just how do I handle that lover?"

"What do you mean buddy?"

"Well I'm married and I love my wife, but now I've fallen in love with you as well.  Do we sneak around like a couple having an affair or do I leave my wife to be with you?"

"I never gave that any thought my friend.  I wouldn't want to be the reason you and Mary split up.  I like Mary and she is such a sweet lady," he said.  "I guess it's something that only you can decide Marc.  If it's easier, I'll find a place of my own to stay so that you aren't tempted or pressured."

"No Brandon, that's not what I meant.  I want you here with me.  I guess I have to sort this thing out myself.  I do know that I am in love with you," and I pulled him to me and we kissed so tenderly and passionately as we held each other tight.

"I love you also Marc and I want to make love to you for the rest of our lives if you'll have me."

"Are you proposing to me Brandon?"

"Yes Marc, I am if you will have me for a mate."

"Brandon I don't know what to say," I said looking into his eyes.  "Do I have to give you an answer this moment?"

"Of course not my love.... you take all the time you need.  Marc, I just wanted you to know how much I love you."

"I love you so much Brandon, but this is moving so fast that I need time to think lover.  I want to, but I just don't know Brandon.  It was one thing to kiss you, but when Joshua and you fucked me it really did something inside me that I'm having a hard time understanding."

"I'm not angry nor am I going to pressure you Marc.  You take all the time you need to be sure that this is right for you."

We cuddled close and soon I fell asleep in the security of Brandon's arms.

I awoke in the middle of the night, startled to find myself alone.  I felt around for Brandon, but he was nowhere to be found.  I got up and slowly moved outside hoping to find him close by.

"Brandon are you out here," I asked quietly, but got no reply.

I walked down towards the beach and I could see him staring out into the ocean.  The moonlight was bright and his silhouette was striking.

"Can't you sleep buddy," I asked coming up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I'm sorry.... did I wake you?" he asked.

"No, but when I woke and you weren't there I wanted to find you."

"I'm fine buddy, I just couldn't sleep," he said.

"Is something bothering you Brandon?"

"Marc do you really want to know what's wrong?"

"Of course I do... did I do something to anger you 'cause you seem to be angry," I replied.

"Marc I'm really in love with you and its killing me to hold you close and wonder if I'm pressuring you at all," he blurted out.  "I know I said I wouldn't pressure you, but Marc, I'm going to find a new place to stay until you figure out what you want."

"I ah... but Brandon..." I was at a loss for words standing there.

"Marc let's go back and go to sleep before the sun comes up," he said walking off towards our hut.

I lay there in Brandon's arms, hearing the gentle breathing of his sleep.  I was so upset over the thought of his moving out of our hut that I couldn't sleep.  I noticed the firmness of his cock as it rested against my ass.  I wanted him, but I was still in love deeply with my wife Mary and that was tearing me apart inside.  Although I had enjoyed the sex with Brandon, I still wasn't completely comfortable with it. 

Brandon shifted in his sleep and pulled me even tighter to him as he snuggled his face into the back of my neck.  I could feel his breath on my skin as he slept and it sent shivers down my spine. 

"How could I have fallen in love with a man?"  I asked myself.  "I've always been so masculine and never once did a man turn me on sexually.  But here was Brandon holding me tightly to him as if he might lose me if he were to let me go.  I could feel myself deep inside - feeling a deep kindred emotion for him and that's what I was trying to understand.  He'd told me he was going to move out of our makeshift hut so that I could figure out what it was I was feeling.  Now I found myself not wanting him to go.

I turned to face him and found myself almost at the brink of tears.

"I don't want you to leave me alone here Brandon!"  I said almost yelling.  "I love you and I want you to make love to me," I said as he sleepily smiled at me.

"Marc I love you more than I could have ever imagined I could love a man," he said looking into my eyes.  "I don't want you to be doing this just to keep me from moving out until you decide."

"I've decided Brandon... and I want you to share my life with you.  I don't know if we'll be here for years or if we'll be rescued next week, but it's you I want."

"What about Mary?"

"I'll cross that bridge if we ever get rescued, now make love to me lover," I said pulling him into a kiss.

I pulled Brandon on top of me as we kissed so deeply and passionately.  Brandon took his time as he moved down to my neck kissing and nibbling as he went.  He slowly started to kiss his way down to my nipples and gently bit on one and then sucked it so hard that I was beside myself with pleasure.

"Oh my God lover that is so sensuous," I said as he moved to the other one and again I was in ecstasy.

Brandon slowly moved down to my throbbing cock and took it entirely into his mouth sending waves of pleasure through me.  Slowly, he pulled off my cock and then swallowed it again.  He quickened his pace on my cock and for several minutes he took me to the heights of pleasure.  Before I knew it, I was close to the edge and Brandon dropped my cock and moved to my balls just as he had before.  He took them one at a time giving me further pleasure as he sucked them around in his mouth.  He licked his way down behind my balls and down to my tender rosebud running his tongue around my rosebud.  He knew how much I loved that sensation.

"Oh fuck lover you have me so turned on," I howled as Brandon plunged his tongue deep into my ass.  "Oh yeah I'm going to cum," I shouted and Brandon quickly moved away from the rosebud and took my cock into his mouth.

I shot my first shot of sweet cum as Brandon put a finger into my rosebud.  I shot rope after rope of hot cum into Brandon's mouth as Brandon pumped my ass with his finger.  I continued shooting a couple of more shots until I'd surrendered all I had.  Brandon dropped my spent cock and moved up to kiss me with all the passion we felt giving me a taste of my own cum.

"I love you Marc," he whispered in my ear.

"I love you also sweetheart," and we kissed deep and tenderly.  "Fuck me lover hard and deep," I pleaded.  The anticipation was overwhelming as Brandon placed his cock to the entrance of my ass.

He slowly but firmly pushed his cock into my ass and I involuntarily cried out in pain.

"Oh yeah that's it lover," I said as the head popped through and the pain ceased more quickly this time.

Brandon tenderly bent and kissed me as he waited for me to relax.  After a few moments, I was able to relax and Brandon slowly pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in.  We soon found our rhythm and made love to the music of their beating hearts.  Brandon gazed into my eyes as he sped up his thrusts.  I was meeting each thrust with a push of my own, bringing both of us, once again to the edge.

"I'm going to cum again lover," I said as I started shooting my seed again, this time, out onto my chest.

Brandon pounded my ass like a stallion in heat as I continued to shoot my cum over and over.  Brandon continued to fuck me feverishly reaching his own climax exploding deep inside my burning ass.

"Fuck me love," I whispered as Brandon filled my ass with his hot seed.

I was pumping as rapidly as Brandon continued to my ass.

"Yeah sweetheart ride my cock," I howled as he continued to shoot his cum.

Brandon finally collapsed on top of me and we joined in a passionate kiss.

"I love you Marc with all my heart," Brandon said as he slowly pulled his softening cock from my ass.  "Are we alright with what we just did?" he asks?

"I'm not sure about you lover, but I'm more than alright because you've stolen my heart Brandon.  I love you so much and I never thought I'd ever in my life say that to another man."  I pulled him into a kiss.

As our post-orgasmic high ebbed, we cuddled together into our spoon position and fell asleep as we swooned in the afterglow of our love making.

"Dad get up there's a ship!" Josh yelled.

Brandon and I got up quickly and rushed outside shielding our eyes in the bright morning sun.  Andrew had stoked up the fire and it was blazing away.  We ran down to the shore and there it was - about three miles out - a cruise ship.  Brandon ran back to the wrecked plane to get the flare gun.  He fired it off high into the sky hoping the ship would see the flare.  He waited for a few moments then fired another flare.  The wait seemed interminable, and then one went off from the ship.  Without hesitation, Brandon fired off the third flare and immediately the ship fired off one more.

"What's that mean?"  I asked.

"They've seen our flare and know we need help."

"Are we going to be rescued dad?"  Josh asked.

"It certainly looks like it son."

We watched as the ship came closer to shore, but stayed about a mile out.  A smaller boat was discharged and approached the shore with two crew men aboard.

"My God are we glad to see you!"  Brandon exclaimed as the guys came ashore.  "Our plane crashed several days ago and we'd just about given up hope of ever being rescued."

"The captain saw your flares and sent us to see what assistance we could offer."

The crewman radioed back to the ship and told the captain that there are four men stranded here on the island.  Within a few minutes, we gathered up our luggage and backpacks and headed back to the cruise ship.  Brandon and I watched the island grow smaller as we got further from it.  My feeling was that maybe we were going to lose our magical piece of paradise.... and maybe our relationship.

To be continued...

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