Chapter Three


JJ Michaels


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From Chapter Two...

The crewman radioed back to the ship and told the captain that there are four men stranded here on the island.  Within a few minutes, we gathered up our luggage and backpacks and headed back to the cruise ship.  Brandon and I watched the island grow smaller as we got further from it.  My feeling was that maybe we were going to lose our magical piece of paradise.... and maybe, our relationship.


We reached the ship and were helped aboard, then taken to the ship's doctor.  After a routine examination, he decided that Brandon, Josh, and Andy were just fine and only in need of some good food and clothes.  When he looked at me though, he had to ask what happened.


"Well doc," Andy began, "he cracked his head pretty badly and I stitched up his wound as best I could, but even after he regained consciousness, I thought maybe he'd had a concussion."


"You did this?!" the doctor asked glancing at Andy as he examined the wound on my head.


"Yes sir, I did."  Andy replied somewhat shyly, intimidated by the doctor's exclamation.


"You did a very good job son, although your barbering skills could use some work."  The doctor added with a giggle.  "OK Mr. Spencer, I want you to stand in front of me, feet together, eyes closed, with your hands at your sides, then bring your outstretched finger to your nose.... first your left, then your right."


That was an easy thing, but I had in the back of my mind that I'd just been pulled over by a cop and was undergoing a sobriety test.


"Good!" he exclaimed.  "Now I want you to pull up your right leg, hang on to it for ten seconds."


Once I had my right ankle in my right hand, I started to giggle.  "But hhhoonnesht osssifar, I wasn't shpeeeedin'" I slurred through the giggles.  That brought a laugh from Brandon, Josh, and Andy.


"You were so!"  Brandon laughed.  "Do you know what the speed limit is on a sandy beach?"


"Hell Dad," Josh said through his laughter, "even I know it's slower than the glide speed of the C one-fourteen."


By that time, all five of us were laughing, but I was able to control my balance for the ten seconds before I collapsed face down onto the exam table, laughing my fool head off.


Once we settled down, the doctor announced, "OK, I don't think we have to worry about any side effects from the concussion, but I think I'll check those stitches tomorrow and maybe we'll have to take them out.  Mr. McKinney, you weren't working under the most sterile conditions at the accident site and we don't want any infection setting in.  Mr. Spencer, I want to see you tomorrow at noon."  With that, he gave me a pat on the back and sent us on our way, but not before the captain walked into the sick bay.


The captain had arranged for us to get some clothes from the various passengers that had kindly donated them.


"We have an empty state room, but you'll have to double up," the captain explained.  "We're quite full and if not for a last minute cancellation, you'd all be sleeping on hammocks down in the lower decks of the ship.  One last thing for now.... after you've refreshed yourselves and had a rest, I would appreciate it if you would dine with me at my table this evening."


"Thank you Captain, that'll be fine and we really appreciate your kind hospitality," I said.  A steward showed us to the stateroom with two queen size beds.  Before he left, the steward also showed us the closet where our luggage, backpacks, and donated, semi-formal clothing had been placed.


"Wow!"  Josh exclaimed.  "Talk about first class!  This is beautiful!"


"The first thing I want to do is have a shower," Brandon laughed as he headed for the bathroom.  Although it took a while because there was only room for one in the shower cubicle, we all ended up back in the bedroom, laying down sound asleep spooned to our respective partners. 


While I was waiting for my turn in the shower, I tried calling home with my cell phone.  No answer, but the connection was clear.  I tried Mary's work - again no answer.  Knowing that, we planned leaving the ship once it docked in the Bahamas, then making our calls back home then.


I was tired and exasperated and no doubt about it, we were beat after all the activities of this day.  The four of us certainly needed the rest.


That evening at dinner as we entered the dining hall - everyone applauded as we descended the stairs to the hall.

"Wow!  Brandon this is totally overwhelming," I said as we made our way to the captains table.


"Just smile and nod in appreciation dear," he said quietly in my ear.  Josh and Andy were eating up the celebrity status with great big smiles as they waved to all the passengers.


As we walked to the captain's table, many people greeted us and we thanked them for their kindness and apologized for extending their trip while we were rescued.


"Gentlemen how nice that you could join me," the Captain said as he stood and shook our hands.  "I radioed the US Coast Guard to tell them about your plane crash and they'll meet you in St. Thomas once we dock."


With a wave of the captain's hand, the floor was swamped with servers, each carrying big trays of dishes full of food.  The dinner was scrumptious and the vacationers at our table, (actually the Captain's Table) were very intrigued as each of us relayed our experiences with the plane crash and our stay on the island.  The Captain was also quite entertaining as he told us of other stories of people who had been stranded on various islands throughout his career.  There was a constant parade of beverage servers constantly cruising the floor.  Brandon and the boys each had two glasses of wine.  Andy warned me that I was only allowed one, just in case of any concussion after effects.


With our main course consumed, and while we rested at the table waiting for our dessert, the Captain stood and clapped his brass bell that sat at his right side three times to get everyone's attention, then gave us a very moving toast to the silent diners throughout the room.


"Ladies and Gentlemen," he began, "on this voyage we have already experienced an event that seldom happens on a cruise ship.... the rescue of these four brave and resourceful gentlemen.  Marc Spencer, Brandon Barnes, his son Joshua Barnes, and Andrew McKinney.  It is a maritime law of the sea that any distress call must be answered.  Therefore, your cruise aboard this ship has been extended for a short while today.  Not to fear though, we will be able to make up the time during our nighttime sailing when we leave St. Thomas.  Rest assured that you will end this cruise on time and your time at our ports of call will not be shortened.  Just to clarify the scuttlebutt that has been flowing through the ship, I should explain that these four gentlemen seated here were flying a two-engine aircraft to the Bahamas when they were blown off course on a clear day and their aircraft ran out of gas and it was fortunate for them, that they were able to crash land on the beach of that island.  As you can see, the most serious injury was to the pilot, Marc Spencer.  With the ingenuity and resourcefulness, it was Andrew McKinney that was able to stitch Mr. Spencer's wound.  Although their six-day stay on the island does not compare to any Robinson Crusoe tale of adventure, they were able to survive on various fruits and vegetables they found on the island."  He raised his glass of champagne as he continued.  "Gentlemen, as our guests on this ship, we raise our glasses in admiration and appreciation of your success, knowing that you will succeed in any future adventures throughout your lives."


The crowd was unanimous with their appreciation of the Captain's toast - each raising their glasses in our honor saying, "Hear!  Hear!"  "Well Done!"  "Congratulations!"  Throughout the tinkle of glasses tapping together. 


I looked at Brandon; he looked at me, both of us with big smiles on our faces as we toasted each other.


"You were the pilot Marc, you make the speech," he said quietly over the hubbub of the dining hall.  So I stood, wondering what the hell I could say that could match the diners' enthusiasm.


Once the din had subsided, I began.  "Captain Trimble, ladies and gentlemen.... on behalf of Brandon, Josh, and Andy, we'd like to thank you for your kindnesses today.  Just as Captain Trimble is responsible for all the lives aboard this ship, as the pilot, I too was responsible for the lives of the passengers in my airplane.  Regrettably, sometimes the responsibilities we burden are made more difficult by unforeseen circumstances provided by Mother Nature even on a clear day.  There's no doubt about it.... everything we do in life has its risks.  When an event like this happens, we turn to each other for help.... and it's always there without question, without hesitation, we come to each other aid.  Such was the case when I was injured.  Andy here didn't think twice about what had to be done.... he just did it with his limited medical skills and a desire to save my life.  Then again, such was the case when we boarded this ship.  Our vacation trip didn't prepare us for the accommodations aboard this cruise ship, yet you didn't hesitate to provide us with suitable clothing from your wardrobes so that we would feel comfortable here with you tonight.  Your hospitality and kindness has been truly appreciated.  The experiences we gain when we're on vacation stay with us all our lives.  Usually, they are pleasant experiences.... that's why we go on these vacations.... to broaden our horizons and fulfill a pleasant destiny and broaden our thinking that we can take back to our day-by-day lives.  For the four of us, this vacation turned into a turmoil that has truly broadened our horizons together and thanks to all of you, has truly been a vacation to remember.  Indeed, you are.... our heroes.  Again, on behalf of Brandon, Josh, and Andy..... Captain Trimble, we thank you and your crew of very competent sailors and staff for rescuing us and for all the people on board this ship, we thank you for your understanding, kindness, and appreciation of our plight."


I reached over and grabbed Brandon's hand, he grabbed Joshes, who grabbed Andy's and we stood there with our hands held high as the applause from the diners overwhelmed us.  As we sat down, the diners all stood up and continued with their applause.  Hell, I didn't think my speech was that good.


Once the diners had seated themselves again, the floor was again mobbed by the many servers with our desserts.


The whole experience in that dining hall was one that I'm sure the four of us will never forget.  After we were excused, the Captain suggested that we take a leisurely walk around the areas of the ship and to enjoy the moonlit views of the ocean. 


Within the ship, we found decadence.  In addition to the sumptuous food at every café and restaurant, there were gambling casinos, a gym, swimming pool, and a few theatres where films and live performances were going on.  The Captain was right; the view of the ocean on a moonlit night was extraordinary.  No doubt about it, it was a romantic feeling that overtook us. 


Josh and Andy had been holding hands the whole time since we left the dining room.  Personally, I didn't want to embarrass the other passengers on board, considering how nice they had treated us.  However, once we reached the somewhat privacy outdoors on the deck, I was quick to grab Brandon's hand which brought a big smile to both of us.  The four of us leaned against the rail, looking at the water and the ocean beyond with the moon's reflection coming from the horizon, right up to the side of the ship.  Brandon nudged me as he pulled me closer.  He gave a quick nod, to look over my shoulder.  I looked behind me and there was Josh and Andy, lipped locked into the most sensuous embrace.  I pulled Brandon into an equally sensuous embrace and we really kissed long, hard, and passionately for a very long minute.


"Oh lover!"  Brandon exclaimed when our lips parted.  "I need you.  I need you inside me.  I can't leave this ship not knowing what it's like to have a man inside me.  Please, if never again, do this for me tonight."


"Are you sure darlin'?  It gonna hurt, but I promise to be gentle.  Remember, I love you."  I said with all eagerness.


"I know you do," he replied.  "Hey guys," he said to Josh and Andy, "come on.  We're gonna finish this in the bedroom."


"Oh yeah!"  Andy slurred heavily with passion.  "Are we gonna switch again?"


"Sorry boys... not tonight, but you're welcome to watch from your own bed."  Brandon said with a smile.


The four of us walked quickly, to our stateroom with the boys getting there just before us.  As soon as I closed the door, Brandon pulled me into a very passionate kiss that equaled the one we'd shared on the deck.  When we parted, we started grabbing at each other's clothes, anxious to get to the naked touching of each other's bodies.  The boys were already on their bed naked, passionately fondling and kissing one another. 


I pulled Brandon over to our bed, he lay down, and I sidled up to his side reaching for his hard cock as I again kissed him, our tongues intertwining in a medley of passion.  When he broke our kiss, my mouth was right beside his ear, so I started to lick it, kiss it, then onto his neck, and in my eagerness down to his chest, spurred on by his quiet moans.  His chest, his nipples were a treasure to behold.  As I licked, sucked, and gently bit each nipple, his moans accelerated my eager movements.  I continued south, with my tongue bathing the inside of his belly button for a moment, until I gazed briefly at the treasure of his manhood.  I started by licking the clear liquid of his precum, savouring the smoothness and taste before I engulfed his hard on with my mouth.  Bit by bit, stroke by stroke I was able to finally swallow its length without gagging.  My hand followed up his leg until it was cradling his balls, which were firm and covered in its silky bag and hair.  Brandon's moaning was really turning me on at this point.  I was in passion's heaven when I engulfed one of his testicles in my mouth and let my hand gently wander down his perineum.  Before I took his other one in my mouth, I added some saliva to my hand and went lower with my hand to his rosebud, gently massaging it while I sucked on his scrotum.  Brandon raised one of his legs so I could have better access.


I heard heavy breathing coming from the other bed and Andy say, "Bran, take this."


I inserted a fingertip into Brandon's ass.  Wow, it was warm in there. 


"Whoa there my love," Brandon said, "try some of this first."


I released his balls from my mouth and looked up to see Brandon holding a tube of lube.  I put a glob on my fingertips; put the tube back on the night table.  I lowered back down to his groin, once again, taking his cock in my mouth and reaching down to his hole.


I rubbed at his entrance in circles making sure that every part of his anal wall was getting lubricated as I entered with my finger.  Brandon's pleasurable moans encouraged me to enter with a second finger, stretching him just a bit more, before I slipped in a third finger, massaging his special spot the whole time.  With one loud moan, he came in my mouth.  I savoured as much of the taste as I gulped down the essence of his bodily fluids.


"Oh God, that feels so good!" he moaned loudly as I let my fingers slip from his hole.  "Please Marc..." he slurred, "make love to me."


I released his cock from my mouth and raised myself and his legs to my shoulders as I lined my cock up with his now stretched opening.  I was in seventh heaven with anticipation of pleasing this man - this man who I loved more than anything else at that moment. 


I pushed gently at his opening with my cock, feeling it spread with the pressure I exerted.  I had the head of my cock inside, when Brandon let out a grunt.  I stopped my pressure and remained motionless while he became used to the feeling and started to feel some pleasure from the excitement between us.


"Ooooh!"  He moaned, "Yeeesss.... oh please, let it slide in lover."


He continued to moan as I slipped in further and further, enjoying the tightness and the hot fluids of his anus.  I bottomed and held steady while I watched Brandon's face change from an agonizing ache to one of smiling pleasure.  Slowly I pulled back and went slowly back to the bottom again, watching the smile of pleasure on Brandon's face.  That was all the encouragement I needed as I started to fuck his ass, slow at first, and within a few strokes he was matching me, pushing against my thrusts with equal exertion.  Steadily we increased our pace until Brandon and I were both moaning. 


"Harder... deeper..." he moaned.   "Oh God Marc, I love it!  You're hitting my love nut every time!"


"Oh fuck darlin'," I moaned in return, "you're so hot and tight.  I've never felt it like this before."


We were both starting to pant from the exertion, I think me more from the climax that was starting to surge up from my balls.


"Oh God..." he moaned through his heavy breathing, "I'm cumin'.... I'm cumin'.... I can't hold it."  Suddenly his sphincter was pulsating on my cock as he spread a copious amount of sperm on his stomach and chest.


That did it for me.  Suddenly I was beyond the point of no return and I came in wave after wave of pleasure deep within his ass, falling slowly on top of Brandon sliding on the slippery cum between our bodies.  Breathing heavily, we kissed, hard and deeply passionate at first as my softening cock slipped from his ass, then our lips became tender and loving as we sealed a bond - a unique bond that I'd never felt with a man before.


I had tears ebbing from my closed eyes as we kissed.  Never before had I felt such a deep emotion of love.  All the times I'd made love to Mary couldn't compare to the emotions that I felt with this man under me.  I knew I wanted this in my life forever.


"Brandon, I'm so much in love with you," was the only way I could express my feelings when our lips parted.


"Marc, you know I'll love you forever," he replied as I wiped his tears from his cheeks.


"Yeess," Josh said quietly from the other bed.  Brandon and I looked over at the other bed to see both Josh and Andy nude, on their sides, with their elbows bent, their heads resting on their hands, smiling at us.  Brandon and I had been in our own little world, oblivious that there was anyone else in the room.


"Marc, Bran.... you're weeping," Andy said.  "Just so you know Josh and I have been there.  It's what you feel when the love is as deep as what you two have been feeling together."


Josh got off their bed and came over and sat on the edge of our bed as I rose up and slipped down beside Brandon.  He looked directly into my eyes.


"Marc, next to Dad and Andy, you're the most wonderful person I know.  Aside from a bit of sex that we had, I want you to know that I love you and well.... I hope you'll always be a part of our family."  Josh ended by kissing me gently on the forehead.  By that time, Andy had come to the other side of the bed.


"You have no idea how much I love the two of you...." he began, "not just for the ordeal we've been through, but also for the honest way you express your emotions.  Marc, Bran.... I hope you'll be a part of my life forever together with Josh."


Brandon reached up and pulled Andy into a hug as I did with Josh.  "You guys have to know that we love you too," Brandon said, "but we don't have to have sex with each other to prove it."


"Josh, you have to know that after tonight, your Dad's the only one I want to make love to, but it doesn't mean that I don't love you and Andy as well."  I said as I rose up and kissed his forehead.  "Right now, I think it's time this family of ours went to bed for the purpose of sleeping.... we have another busy day tomorrow when we dock at St. Tomas and somehow get a flight home."


"Ya think?"  Josh smiled.  I recognized a certain innuendo in his expression.  I returned his smile with a nod of my head.  Both he and Andy got off the bed and switched places as Josh gave his Dad a hug and an affectionate kiss on the forehead and of course, Andy and I shared the same expression of devotion.


From the other bed I heard, "Goodnight lover," and, "goodnight my sweet."  After we'd cleaned up in the bathroom, I curled my back into Brandon.


I was in that same position in the morning when I heard, "I love you so much."  It felt so right to hear Brandon's voice as I blinked my eyes open.  


"Darlin'," I said, "those are the most important words in the whole world to me when you say them.  You know that I love you too, doncha?"


"Yup," he giggled as he turned me on my back and kissed me.  "Let's get showered and go for breakfast."


Before too long, the four of us were showered, shaved, and ready for the day.  We stopped at one of the restaurants for a great breakfast.  As we were finishing the last of our coffee, we heard an announcement from one of the staff.


"Marc Spencer.... Marc Spencer.... if you're in the restaurant, please make yourself known."  I stood up and waved in the direction of the voice and the man acknowledged me with a nod and a wave, then hung up the receiver of the phone he was holding, before coming over to our table.


"Mr. Spencer, the Captain is coming down to see you.  Allow me to refill your cups while you're waiting." 


We voiced our minds expressing our anticipation until the Captain arrived.  There were a lot of things that hit our imagination.


"I have a telegram here for you Mr. Spencer," he said as soon as he arrived.


"That would be me," I said as he handed me the telegram.  "I tried to call Mary, but I got no answer at home and her office number doesn't pick up either."


"I hope that everything's all right," Brandon said as I opened the telegram.


I read the telegram and I guess I went white with fear as the words struck panic in my heart.


"Marc what is it, tell me it's not Mary?"  He asked.


All I could do was hand him the telegram as tears ran down my cheeks.











"Marc who's Tom Riley?"  Brandon asked.


"He's my father-in-law and something must be terribly wrong with Mary."  I replied.


"Captain, how soon until we dock in St. Thomas?"  Brandon asked.


"We will be docking there in six hours," he said.  "I'm terribly sorry for any bad news you may have received Mr. Spencer."


"It's my wife, she's in the hospital in critical condition," I relayed.  "Is there any way to make a ship to shore call to Miami, Florida?"  I asked.

"Yes.... I'll have the steward take you to the radio room," he said, summoning a steward to the table.  "Would you show Mr. Spencer here to the radio room and set up a ship to shore call to the number he'll give you," he instructed.


"Yes Captain. If you will follow me Mr. Spencer," he said leading the way.  Brandon, Josh, and Andy were right on my heels as we got to the radio room.


They set up the call and handed me the phone as it rang on the other end.  Tom picked up the call and I could tell by his voice that things were not well.

"Dad it's me Marc," I said.  He didn't reply - all I could hear was silence.  "Dad are you there?"  I asked.


"How dare you call here now you selfish son of a bitch," he yelled into the phone.  "I hope you've had fun there in the Bahamas partying while your wife lay dying."

"Dad listen to me please," but he continued to yell.

"Your wife called for you all the while she was in that hospital bed.  Her last words were to tell you she loves you."

"Dad I wasn't in the Bahamas, our plane crashed six days ago and we were just rescued by this cruise ship...." I scream hysterically, but he cut me off once again.


"She died last night you fucking prick.  I can't talk to you now," and he immediately hung up.

I walked out of the radio room and out to the deck.  I stared at the water as it passed by.  Suddenly all memories of last night's love making left my mind and were replaced with the anguishing thoughts of Mary dying on a hospital bed.

"Mary why did you insist that I go without you," I cried aloud.  "I love you sweetheart and I am so sorry for what I've done."

I climbed up on the railing and looked down at the water.  I took in a deep breath as I let go of the railing...


To be continued...

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