Chapter Four


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From Chapter Three...


"Yes.... I'll have the steward take you to the radio room," he said, summoning a steward to the table. "Would you show Mr. Spencer here to the radio room and set up a ship to shore call to the number he'll give you," he instructed.

"Yes Captain. If you will follow me Mr. Spencer," he said leading the way. Brandon, Josh, and Andy were right on my heels as we got to the radio room.

They set up the call and handed me the phone as it rang on the other end. Tom picked up the call and I could tell by his voice that things were not well.

"Dad, it's me Marc," I said. He didn't reply - all I could hear was silence. "Dad, are you there?" I asked.


"How dare you call here now you selfish son of a bitch," he yelled into the phone. "I hope you've had fun there in the Bahamas partying while your wife lay dying."


"Dad, listen to me please," but he continued to yell.


"Your wife called for you all the while she was in that hospital bed. Her last words were to tell you she loves you."


"Dad, I wasn't in the Bahamas, our plane crashed six days ago and we were just rescued by this cruise ship...." I screamed hysterically, but he cut me off once again.


"She died last night you fucking prick. I can't talk to you now," and he immediately hung up.


I walked out of the radio room and out to the deck. I stared at the water as it passed by. Suddenly all memories of last night's love making left my mind and were replaced with the anguishing thoughts of Mary dying on a hospital bed.


"Mary why did you insist that I go without you," I cried aloud. "I love you, sweetheart, and I am so sorry for what I've done."


I climbed up on the railing and looked down at the water. I took in a deep breath as I let go of the railing...




Chapter four...


Suddenly there were arms around my legs and instead of falling forward; I was falling backward, landing on something softer than the ship's deck.


From below me, I heard Josh exclaim, "Whooof!"


"No! No!" I screamed. "Let me go. I need to be with Mary!" Josh had a vice-like bear hug on me holding me tight to him as I rolled to the side.


"MARC!" Brandon screamed. "NO! You can't leave us. We love you!"


I lay there sobbing hysterically as I listened to his words - as I remembered my father-in-law's voice full of hatred and pain. My Mary was dead and I couldn't bring her back. Still sobbing, I looked up and saw Brandon and Andy's faces. I saw the pain in their eyes.

"Marc we know you're upset over your wife, but this isn't going to help her if you kill yourself," Josh exclaimed. "Why don't you just come back to the room and let's talk about this."

"She's died in the hospital and I'm here enjoying myself with your father."

"Marc you didn't know she was in the hospital and she did tell you to go without her. Now come on buddy and let's go back to our room." Brandon said.

I went back to our room crying because of the morose feelings I had swirling through my mind. Once in our room, Brandon held me in his arms.

"Sweetheart let's talk about it," he said holding me in his arms.

"Get away from me!" I shouted at Brandon pulling away from him. "I'm not your sweetheart and don't call me that," I said angrily as Brandon looks to the boys.

I went into the bathroom and when I came out, Brandon came up to me.

"Listen to me Marc... it's not your fault that Mary was so sick. You had no idea she was going to be hospitalized before you left home. What we became to each other is not why she went to the hospital."

"How the fuck do you know why she went in the hospital? If I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you and had perverted sex either. Now she was punished for my sins with you," I said looking at him with bitterness and hatred in my eyes.

"Marc please listen ...," but I cut him off.

"Just fuck off and leave me alone fag," I yelled storming out of the room.

I headed back to the deck and took a lounge chair and lay down. A while later a steward came by and asked if I'd like a blanket.

"Yes that would be nice," I said to the steward who retrieved it and handed it to me.

A little while later Brandon found me sleeping on the lounger and awakened me.

"Marc come back to the room please to sleep," he said.

"Why? Are you horny and need my ass to fuck?" I snapped at him. "Well I'm no longer your piece of ass guy so leave me alone," and I pulled the blanket up to my chin.

"But Marc please, please don't do this buddy," Brandon pleaded.

"I said goodbye Brandon, now leave me alone."

As Brandon headed back to our room in tears, I guess he realized that he'd lost his best friend and lover. At that moment, I couldn't have cared less. I wanted my Mary back and I couldn't have her.

"Mr. Spencer," a steward asked standing beside the chair.

"Yes what is it now," I snapped disgruntled at the disturbance to my thought of grief over Mary's death.

"I have a telegram for you sir," he said handing me the telegram.

I took the telegram from him and opened it quickly.












I burst into tears as I read the confirmation of what he'd said on the phone. I sobbed uncontrollably into my hands. Brandon was standing beside me. I guess the steward went to the room first to find me.

"Marc how can I help you buddy," He asked putting his hand on my shoulder.

"You've done enough, so if you really want to help me you can leave me alone. What part of `I don't want to be with you' don't you understand Brandon?"

"It's your pain that's talking and not the real you," he said.

"Now you're a shrink and know what I'm thinking and feeling huh? Well you don't know jack, so fuck off and leave me alone Brandon," I said getting up and walking away.

I went off to find the captain and inquire as to when we'd be docking and he told me that we should arrive in less than two hours. I tried my cell phone and was surprised that it worked; so I dialed my father-in-law to tell him I will be home that day.

"Dad this is Marc," I said once Tom answers the phone.

"What the hell you want? I told you in the telegram not to bother coming home," he said angrily.

"Dad listen to me please," I tried to say, but Tom refused to listen.

"I don't know why my Mary loved you, but she must have seen something in you that we didn't. Well now she's gone and I don't have to pretend to like you any longer shithead," he snapped and hung up the phone.

I found myself sinking further into despair as the ship docked. The Coast Guard was waiting for us once we disembarked.

"Gentlemen I'm Lieutenant Stevens and I'm here to escort you back to the United States," he declared.

"I'd prefer to fly home lieutenant if you don't mind. My wife just died and I need to get there immediately," I said holding back the tears as best I could.

"I totally understand sir and I'll arrange for you to fly home via the United States Air Force. If you gentlemen would also rather fly, I can arrange to have you all fly home together."

"We'd be so grateful sir if you could arrange that," Brandon said avoiding looking at me.

The arrangements were made for us to take a military flight and within two hours we were airborne and on our way home. I totally ignored Brandon and the others as we flew back to Miami, as Brandon and the boys gave details of the plane crash to a reporter on board.

The reporter was returning to the states from covering a military exercise in the Bahamas. He'd heard from the crew about the crash and wanted an exclusive on the story.

"So tell me how'd you survive without food or water," he asked the boys.

"We found fresh water in the jungle as well as fruit and wild vegetables. It wasn't the Ritz, but it maintained our metabolism," Andy said.

"We constructed shelter from the parts of the plane and palm branches," Josh added with a smile. "We had our hut and dad and Marc had theirs."

"Why the separate shelters?" the reporter asked.

"Well Andy and I are gay and wanted our privacy," Josh replied.

"Is your father and Marc also gay?"

"I am not gay sir, so I would ask you to let that subject drop," I said emphatically.

"He's having issues right now," Andy whispered to the reporter.

"I see... he's in denial," Gary the reporter said rather smugly to himself.

I think Brandon was about to confront the reporter when the pilot came over the speaker.

"We're approaching Homestead Air Force Base so please make sure your seat belts are fastened," the captain announced.

The plane approached the runway and I was quite nervous as the ground quickly came up to meet the plane. Suddenly, I was having flash backs of the crash. I closed my eyes and Brandon reached across the aisle from me placed his hand over mine. Startled, I quickly opened my eyes and moved my hand away, but Gary noticed the gesture and wrote it down on his pad.

Once the plane was stopped and we got off, I quickly hurried to find a ride to Miami. I saw Gary hurry to a telephone to call in his story so that it could make the afternoon paper. I was able to get a limo for the four us and the driver dropped Brandon and the boys off first before taking me on to my home. I totally ignored them during the drive.

I unlocked the front door and entered my quiet empty house, pausing inside the door to take in the scent of the room; filled with the smell of my wife's perfume. Chanel No. 5 was always her favorite and it still lingered in the air. Tears came to my eyes as I realized that she wasn't there to greet me. I fell to the floor in tears.

"Mary oh Mary, why did you have to die!" I yelled out in agony.

The pain in my heart was overwhelming as I lay on the floor in tears. When I finally awoke, the room was dark and I heard the sound of someone unlocking the front door. I got up and turned on the light just as the door swung open.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" I asked, surprised to see him.

"Don't you dad me you fucking fag!" Then unexpectedly, Tom swung his fist, hitting me square in the face.

I fell back into a table and me along with the table crashed to the floor. Tom stood, hovering over me with hatred and anger in his eyes as I tried to get up. I was a bit unfocussed as he kicked me in the stomach knocking me down once again.

"Listen you queer piece of shit, just stay down there and you won't get hurt!" he shouted. "Now I know why I never liked you... you're a faggot," he said spitting at me. "I'm only glad that my Mary wasn't here to see this."

"Tom, what the fuck are you talking about? I'm no gayer than you are," I said getting up.

"Don't take me for a fool, I read it in the afternoon paper," he seethed through clenched teeth. "You and the others were on an island having sex while your wife lay dying," and then he sucker punched me right in the gut, knocking me to the floor again.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" I shouted at him from the floor. "I'm going to call the police if you don't."

"I just came to get an outfit for my daughter," he said. "The funeral home needs it for the wake."

He stepped over me and went upstairs to the bedroom and returned a short time later with the clothes.

"Don't bother to come to the funeral home either, I'm going to instruct the director not to let you see her!" he said shaking his fist at me before walking out the door, slamming it behind him.

I lay there and cried from the pain and the shame I was feeling. I recalled the questions the reporter had about me being gay and how that must have made it into the paper. I looked out on the doorstep and saw the afternoon paper lying on the stoop. I retrieved it and went back inside to read it. Opening the paper I saw on the front page the story in black bold letters.


Local Men Spends Week on Deserted Island.

By Gary Casagrande


Marc Spencer, Brandon Barnes, his son Joshua Barnes and Andrew McKinney were rescued by the luxury liner Princess of the Seas yesterday. Their plane that they were flying in to the Bahamas crashed last week on a deserted island in the Caribbean. Mr. Barnes fired off flares when the ship was spotted and Captain Trimble dispatched a skiff to retrieve the stranded men. Once aboard the ship they were examined by the ship's doctor and aside from a head wound to Mr. Spencer they all checked out fine.

When asked how they survived their ordeal without food or fresh water, I was told that they found water, fruit and wild vegetables in the jungle. The made huts from the material scavenged from the wrecked plane and palm branches. They made two separate huts for the two couples because according to Mr. McKinney, he and his partner were gay and wanted their own privacy. When asked if the other two were a gay couple also, Mr. Spencer quickly denied being gay. I was lead to believe that he was in a state of denial about his sexuality.

See Stranded on page 7 for the rest of the story.

I flung the paper across the room and quickly picked up the phone. I dialed Brandon's number and got him on the second ring.

I heard, "Hello."

"How dare your son and his queer boyfriend tell that reporter I was in denial of my being gay," I shouted into the phone.

"Marc listen neither of them said you were in denial, he just assumed that," Brandon said.

"Well Tom read it and when he came to pick up Mary's outfit for the funeral, he beat the shit out of me," I said angrily. "I'm going to sue that reporter and the paper for liable."

"Marc please calm down," Brandon said. "May I come over to talk to you?" he asked.

"No you may not, you've done enough damage to me already," I shouted and slammed down the receiver.

I was beside myself and fell on the sofa sobbing in despair, agony, and grief. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke, it was morning. I went upstairs and decided to take a shower before heading over to the funeral home. In spite of what Tom had threatened, I was determined to see my Mary before her image was taken from me forever. As I paused at the mirror, I noticed my eye turning black, which caused me to start crying all over again.

"I deserve this for the sex I had with Brandon," I said through the sobs as I looked at the bruises on my face.

I was about to strip down when the doorbell rang. I slowly headed downstairs to answer it.

"Who is it?" I asked without opening the door.

"It's us Marc, Darien and Darren," a voice said from behind the closed door.

`Oh shit!' I thought, `what the hell do my twin brother-in-laws want?' "What do you want; did you come to beat me up too?" I shouted.

"No we didn't Marc... would you please just open the door?" Darren asked.

I opened the door and stood aside to let them in. They froze when they saw my face and the wound to my head.

"My God Marc, did our dad do that to you," Darien asked.

"Yeah he did, except for the one on the top of my head. That was from when the plane crashed. I suppose now you came here to laugh at me didn't you?"

The boys just hugged me and soon I was crying in their arms as the tears fell uncontrollably down my face. They held me tight as I cried myself out and led me over to the sofa.

"Dad was wrong for what he did to you Marc. We were there during our sister's last minutes." Darren said. "She wanted us to tell you that she loved you and not to mourn her Marc. She told me to tell you to find someone to love again."

"We saw the article in the paper yesterday and if you want to talk about it we're here for you. You see Marc, Darren and I are both gay too and Mary knew it, but never gave away our secret," Darien confessed.

"I never knew that you were both gay!" I said in shock.

"We asked her not to tell anyone, even you Marc. Our dad would never understand our being gay considering his affiliation with the Klan. I'd bet that he'd offer us up as trophies if he ever found out," Darren said.

"Well I don't feel to very safe myself this moment. He's forbidden me from going to see Mary or even going near the funeral home."

"Don't worry about that, Richard, the director there, is my lover and he'll let you have a private viewing Marc," Darien explained. "Just give me a chance to talk to him and we'll pick you up around nine-thirty tonight."

"Thank you Darien.... you too Darren."

"So... Marc are you gay or not?" Darren asked.

I told them exactly what went on once we crashed on the island and how Brandon and I became lovers. I told them also that I felt I was being punished for what I'd done and they blew that excuse clear out of the water.

"So Marc do you love Brandon or not," Darien asked once I finished telling them the story.

"I really don't know if I do Darien... or if it was just lust of the moment. I kept saying how I loved Mary and that it didn't feel right what we were doing. But then, things got all mixed up as we thought about how long we might have to stay on the island. Then when I heard about Mary, I started to despise his advances. Now, after talking with you guys, I must admit that I do feel something for him, but I think love is too strong a word for it."

"Well once this all calms down and you can recover your senses, you'll be able to sort out just what it is you do feel," Darien said.

"Rest assured that we'll keep an eye on dear old dad and keep you informed about what he's going to do about you," Darren added.

"About me!" I exclaimed. "Why should he do anything about me, it's none of his business if I am gay or not, but I'd appreciate it if you would give me a heads up if there's anything threatening."

"You can count on it Marc and don't let the old goat do that to you again," Darien said pointing to my face. "Well, we'll see you later tonight bro, so get some rest," Darien said hugging me.

"Thanks for understanding guys and I'll be ready when you get here."

"See you then," Darren said and kissed me softly on the lips. "If you are gay, keep me in mind bro. I don't have a lover and I always found you really hot," he said, giving me a wink.

It made me blush and the boys laughed as they left the house. I felt somewhat better knowing the twins were on my side. They made me think for the first time about Brandon in a different light, and I wondered if I was truly in love with him.

"No! I'm not gay!" I shouted with determination. "I just can't be!" ....and went back upstairs to take a shower.

I stripped down and looked into the mirror and there on my chest near my left nipple was a hicky. I stared at the mark and my mind recalled the night on board ship when Brandon gave it to me. I found myself smiling and then I shook my head and shouted, "I'm not gay damn it!" I just couldn't accept it.

Later that day, just about dark, I was sitting in the living room just continually thinking with the maze of images in my mind - first Mary, then Brandon, then Mary - the images flashed from one to the other. My thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang.

"Marc it's me Darren. Get the fuck out of the house now!" he shouted. "Dad and two of his friends are on their way over there now. They've been drinking and dad said something about teaching you a lesson you'll never forget."

"Thanks Darren but..." A crashing thud at the front door interrupted me as it flew open.

"There's the faggot," Tom slurred pointing at me. "Get the motherfucker."

I dropped the phone and shouted, "Call the police!" several times before the guys caught me. They grabbed me by the arms and held me as Tom slammed his fist into my stomach. I bent over in pain as my breath heaved from my lungs. Tom grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up. He was about to throw another punch, but someone grabbed his wrist giving it a twist.


"Not to my man you don't," Brandon said and landed a blow to Tom's face.

Tom went flying across the coffee table and crashed to the floor in a pile of broken furniture pieces. Then Brandon hauled off and struck one of the two guys that were holding me. He also went down on his ass as I swung my free arm and landed a right hook directly to the nose of the guy still holding my left arm. The invader grabbed his nose and screamed as he fell to the floor.

Darien came running into the room and Tom must have thought he was coming to help him.

"Get that bastard son," he shouted, but Darien just stood there looking at his father.

"How pathetic you look dear father lying there covered in blood," he said sarcastically. "I'm not here to help your sorry ass, but to help my brother-in-law," he said as Tom went red with fury.

"Your sister isn't even in the ground yet and you're taking that fags side," he shouted.

"Well dad here's a news flash... Darren and I are both gay as well, so what do you say to that?"

"Fags... you're all a bunch of fucking fags!" He shouted as the police came rushing into the room.

"Officer I want you to arrest these three fags," Tom said getting up, trying to stop his nose from bleeding.

"We had a call that someone was causing bodily harm to a Marc Spencer," one of the officers said. "Would you be Mr. Spencer?"

"I'm not... that fucking faggot... he is," he said pointing to me lying on the floor.

"Then you're under arrest for assault and battery with intent to kill," the officer said placing the handcuffs on Tom. The other officer handcuffed the other two guys and then looked at Darien standing there.

"Was he involved with the assault," the officer asked me referring to Darien.

"No officer he's my friend, actually my brother-in-law, and he was here to help me, along with Mr. Barnes here," I said gesturing towards Brandon.

"Then we'll need your statement after you've been checked out at the hospital," he explained.

The ambulance arrived shortly after and took me to the hospital. The doctor examined me and found, after several x-rays, that I had two badly bruised ribs.

The police also found three handguns on the guys and after I went down to the station to give them my statement, then they formally booked them on several additional charges.

Darien took me home where I found Brandon fixing the front door together with Josh and Andy.

"We're so sorry Marc about that article and what happened to you because of it," Andy said with tears in his eyes. "I never expected him to twist my words around like he did."

"Don't worry about it Andy, its water under the bridge now," I said with as much compassion as I could muster. With everything that had happened, my thoughts were clearer now and I knew I had to do some serious apologizing, and maybe, some backpedaling.

"Brandon can I speak to you privately please?" I asked.

"Of course buddy, what's up," he asked as we walked upstairs.

Once inside my bedroom, I closed the door and turned to Brandon.

"I owe you an apology my friend for the way I've treated you," I said as the tears started flowing from my eyes.

"No you don't Marc, I completely understand and you don't owe me anything," he said standing before me.

"Well I do owe you at least an explanation," I stammered through my tears. "Darien helped me to see just what a fool I've been. He was with Mary during her last moments and she told him that she wanted me to know she loved me and not to mourn her. She also wanted me to find love again with someone."

"Well I hope you do find.... the love... you had with Mary my friend," Brandon said kinda choking on his words.

"That's the thing Brandon, I have found that love.... and it's with you Brandon." I kissed him with tentative, yet tender passion. "I love you Brandon and I want to spend my life with you if you'll still have me." The anxiety and hope that raced through my heart and soul at that moment made me shake temporarily.

"If I will still have you Marc... there's never been anything I've wanted more," he said as he leaned towards me and kissed me.

"I have some things to work through," I confessed, "but with your help, I know I can make it love. Now I need to clean up and go see my wife," I said. "Would you come with me darlin'?" I asked.

"I'd be honored to accompany you to see your Mary," he said as we kissed in each other's arms.

I cleaned up and changed my clothes before leaving the house. Brandon drove us to the funeral home as Darien followed with Josh and Andy.

"Richard this is Mrs. Spencer's husband, Marc Spencer," Darien said introducing me. "Also this is his future husband Brandon Barnes and his son Joshua and Andrew McKinney, Joshua's husband."

"It's a pleasure to meet you gentlemen, and my condolences Mr. Spencer."

"Thank you Richard, now may I see my wife privately?" I asked.

"Certainly sir, just follow me."

I followed Richard into the Blue Room parlor, and there in a beautiful bronze casket, lay my Mary. I started to cry hysterically as I approached the coffin.

"I'll leave you to your sorrow sir," Richard said backing away and out of the room.

I knelt beside my wife who had a slight smile on her face as I continued to cry uncontrollably.

"I'm so sorry my love for not being here with you when you needed me most," I said through my tears. "I love you baby doll and will forever hold you in my heart," I said as if she could hear me. "I know that you told Darien and Darren that you loved me and not to mourn you dear, but how can one not miss their right arm if it's cut off? You told them to tell me to find love again and I've found love in Brandon. I know it's not the kind of love we had or that the world approves of, but he's a warm and loving man Mary. I think you realized that when you met him and got to know him those few times he came to our home. But although I love him deeply Mare, I want you to know that I will always love you sweetheart." I started to sob harder as a hand touched my shoulder.

I turned slightly and saw Brandon standing beside me, and he too was crying. I placed my hand on Brandon's as I got up from the kneeler. I bent over the coffin and kissed Mary's forehead and whispered, "I love you".

"I think she would have approved of us," I said as Brandon put his arms around me.

"I love you Marcus Spencer and I pledge my love and heart to you here and now in the presence of your wife," Brandon said, then kissed me tenderly.

"I love you also Brandon and I too pledge my heart and love to you. Now darlin', please take me home and make love to me."

The End


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