PART 10 --Akido Probes

Leaving the gym the three officers left the base and headed toward the motel bar. Akido followed Rut and Jack, and after sitting at a booth Akido bought beers all around. Alex Cordoba was tending bar, but Russ was not yet evident. The three officers shot the shit about lifting and improving their bodies. Akido was promoting his version of the daily dozen calisthenics designed to keep marines fit. He especially approved pull-ups for developing shoulders and benching heavy weight for the chest. Apparently, it had worked for him because he had a forty-five inch chest tapering to a thirty-inch waist. Akido' daily workouts emphasized a single muscle group. And, after seeing him naked in the sauna, Rut could only admire the great looking body Akido had developed. And, from a sexual standpoint, Rut thought he might be hot in bed, judging by the way he had looked at Rut and Jack while they were in the sauna.

Just as Akido was calling it a night, Russ walked in and Rut introduced him to the Colonel. Russ was dressed in white, tee shirt, jeans and sneakers. He was now a practicing masseur and personal trainer, working at a local gym frequented by military personnel from the base. He was putting into practice all the things that Tex had taught him when he was bodybuilding with him.

Akido, looked closely at Russ and again his memory failed. Akido thought Russ looked familiar, but could not place his face now. Rut told Akido that he and Russ were old friends and use to work out together. With that extra clue, Akido was able to identify Russ as the dancers date that night in the gay bar in North Carolina. Small world, he thought.

Akido split and told the two lieutenants that he would see them tomorrow. Akido had to think about this situation concerning Rut and Russ, and what aspect Jack played in the group. Akido knew that Jack and Rut had side-by-side rooms at the BOQ and thought that might prove interesting. Arriving back at his BOQ, Akido left his door open and proceeded to strip down for bed. He had some paperwork to go over, so as he sat in his thong underwear reading and he waited until he heard the two lieutenants return to their quarters.

Akido pulled on a robe and walked down the hall barefooted to where Rut and Jack roomed. He was quiet and listened intently for any sound that came from the rooms. He heard the usual bathroom noises and then there was quiet. Akido was aware of movement inside Rut's room. He squatted at the keyhole and peered into the room, which was dark. He could sense more than see two bodies in the room in close contact, and he felt his own manhood harden inside his thong.

Compulsively, he decided to knock on the door and, on a pretense, borrow some toothpaste from Rut. There was no immediate response, but when Rut did come to the door, he was in loose fitting boxers and Akido noted his cock was semi rigid with a spatter of pre-cum spotting the boxers. Rut, as usual was totally unconscious that he was hard and let Akido into the room while he searched for a tube of toothpaste. Akido let his robe fall open when he took the toothpaste from Rut, and the tent-pole in his briefs was showing. With thanks, Akido backed out of the room without covering himself. Akido absent-mindedly turned back to Rut and asked him to come with him as he needed to discuss something of importance with Rut. "Come as you are, you won't be long," said Akido.

Rut followed Akido to his room. Akido was occupying a vacant general officer's suite, with bedroom, sitting area and private bathroom. It was somewhat luxurious, compared with Rut's Spartan room.

"Sit down, please," offered Akido.

Rut obliged, mumbling "Yes, Sir."

Akido looked uncomfortable. He sat with the robe parted and Rut had an excellent view of Akido's now rigid cock with its mushroom cockhead peeking out of the waist band of the thong.

Akido stammered something about this conversation being off the record and that Rut need not feel obliged to confirm or deny what he was about relate to him. Akido then re-counted the events of the gay bar and the dancer that looked remarkably like Rut.

Rut pondered why the colonel had a woody. It was a huge boner, popping out of his waistband. Looking at the colonel's penis, Rut could feel himself getting hard. Rut discounted the fact that Akido was wearing only a thong. Rut was used to being naked or nearly naked, and he didn't mind others being naked too. Rut knew his body was a thing of beauty and he knew how it effected others. He had seen straight men get hard just looking at Rut's body! Rut had that kind of reaction from guys when he was nude.

While Akido recounted the experience in the gay bar, Rut began to piece together the story and realized the Akido must have been at the bar in order for him to tell him about it. Rut knew he had been found out, but he knew also that he wasn't asked about anything specific and under no circumstance was he about to admit that it had been himself. He listened intently but decided that he was not going to jeopardize his career in the marines by admitting he was a strip dancer at gay clubs.

Akido wasn't looking for corroboration. He knew what he knew and that was all he wanted to know. No admissions were necessary. He had no plans about doing anything about the young officer's career. Akido was horny and only wanted some action. At least that is what Rut began to understand.

"What to do, what to do?" Rut thought out loud, and searched for an answer.

Akido stood up and the robe he was wearing dropped off his shoulders and onto the floor. He stood in front of Rut and removed his thong, grabbing the waistband and pulling it hard down over his long, rigid pole that was oozing pre-cum. Aikido's cock was at eye level and Rut was admiring the construction of the corona around the mushroom capped head. The head of the cock was glistening in the half-light of the room but Rut could see how the wetness made it appear lustrous. Rut was half tempted to take it in his mouth, but under the circumstances, he could not be so bold. Better to let the scene play out before doing anything rash.

Akido reached out to Rut with his arms, placing them on Ruts wide shoulders pulling him up to a standing position. The colonel then reached out to Rut, placing his hands on his hips pulling him closer to him. Rut could feel the colonel's hot cock press against his own hard dick and it felt good. Both cocks were jammed up against his belly. Akido's hands started to pull Ruts shorts off and Rut didn't resist. When he was naked Akido walked him over to his bed and pushed him into a sitting position. All the while Akido was rubbing Rut's torso with his trembling hands.

Akido whispered to him, saying "I've longed to take you in my arms since the moment I first saw you naked in that bar. You are so fucking sexy, and I cannot help myself."

With that Akido began to kiss Rut around the mouth but Rut did not respond, he remained passive and let Akido make the moves. Akido kissed his eyes and ears, his mouth and nose, trailing kisses down his neck and pausing to graze at his great pecs with their conical nipples pointing downward. Taking each nipple in his mouth, he sucked each until they were hard. Still Rut was passive, caught up in the moment, but could not make any overt move himself. Akido left a trail of kisses through the eight-pack abdomen and paused to lick the belly button. Finally, he could not contain himself any longer and went down on the massive cock towering up from the crotch with the huge testicles resting on Rut's thigh. Akido's mouth encircled the head of the cock and his tongue licked greedily all over the mushroom cap. Rut's hard on was huge and he was gushing seminal juices into Akido's hot, masterful mouth. Still Rut could not act other than to lie on the bed and enjoy the moment.

Softly, at first, Akido worshiped the penis in his mouth but soon that softness turned into a frenzy and Akido began thrusting his head back and forth on the big cock hoping to bring Rut off. But Rut wasn't ready to cum yet. Akido's head was between Rut's hard thighs and his shoulders were under the legs, which Akido began to lift up so that he could have access to Rut's love chute. Akido managed to take each of Rut's testicles into his mouth and bathe them, and then afterwards he parted Rut's legs and gained access to the anal cavity, which he began to explore with his hot tongue. Akido bathed the anus opening and shot his tongue inside while his hands played with Rut's cock and balls. Soon Akido began to insert a finger, then two inside Ruts ass. Rut was delirious with the pleasure and didn't mind when Akido began to lift himself up, raising Rut's legs in the process and Rut could feel the pressure of Akido's long, hot cock knocking on his asshole.

Akido commanded Rut to open his pussy and let his hard, wet tool enter the anal cavity. Akido was used to fucking reticent guys and usually got his way whenever he hooked up with a guy. Guys told him he gave good head and fucked like an eight-teen year old kid. Akido needed to release his pent up jizm now! Rut, loyal to the corps, knew he would have to obey a lawful order, but he was debating whether he had to obey this one. Akido placed his tool at the entry and began to push his way inside Rut. Rut winced and howled letting out a cry of pain that forced Akido to stop just as he was about to push the head of his hard pole inside Rut's cunt hole.

"No, no way," pleaded Rut! "I can't do it, let me out of here," he cried. It was not a whimper, but rather a command Rut would have given any of the tough soldiers in his company.

Akido, countered and in his best command voice told him "Shut up, you bitch and take my pole up your ass like you know you want it. " And he continued " I'm going to fuck you good, so you won't be able to walk for days, once I get my prick up there."

Rut, obviously the bigger, stronger younger guy pushed Akido away and refused to let him fuck his ass. He held Akido down on the bed and he reasoned with the senior officer to "hold off on this. I'm not ready to be fucked by you or anyone yet." "If you want sex, it is restricted to sucking and rimming; otherwise, I am out of here."

Akido decided to placate Rut and eased out from under the big body of the junior officer. Akido again knelt in front of Rut, again took the rigid tool in his mouth, sucking and licking the big cock using his experienced tongue and throat to pleasure Rut. After awhile he quietly brought Rut to climax, with Rut shooting ropes of sperm deep inside Akido's mouth, which could barely contain Rut's love juices? With his mouth filled with cum, and he could no longer swallow another ounce, he raised his mouth to kiss Rut, depositing Rut's own cum into his mouth where they both tasted its goodness.

Rut thought Akido had done a fantastic job in bringing Rut to orgasm, and now it was Ruts turn to pleasure the colonel.

Rut took a break, waiting until his body recovered from the tremendous orgasm. Akido's pole was still rigid and leaking pre-cum. It was sexually stimulating to lie looking at Akido's tense muscular body. Rut loved the masculine body, took his hand, and moved it about Akido's chest, playing with the hard nipples that poked out from the underside of the well-developed pectoral plate. Akido's rib cage revealed every rib and the ridges of his six-pack throbbed with every breath he took. Akido's chest was heaving, sometimes gasping for air in anticipation of what was about to happen. Rut took his two large hands and placed them around the center of Akido's small waist, his thumbs pressing the belly button cavity. Rut was amazed how small Akido's waist and hips were. He leaned into Akido and pressed his cock against Akido's eight-inch piece. Akido had a smooth body except for the small rectangle of pubic hair that was located just above the eight-inch pole crowned with a mushroom helmet that was wider than the rest of the shaft. Scrunching down in the bed Rut was eye balling Akido's love tool. It looked so big in comparison to his small waist. Taking both his hands, he grasped the cock and Akido uttered a guttural sound deep in his lower abdominal area that Rut actually heard coming through the six-pack and the mouth. This thirty something year old guy was the oldest man Rut had ever been with during a sexual encounter, but unless you knew his age, one would think he was years younger.

Rut told him how beautiful he was, looking adoringly at the cock he was about to smother with his mouth. He sniffed the aroma of the cock, could smell the pre-cum that was dripping from the piss slit, leaned into it, and gently took it on his tongue, still holding the shaft and balls with his hands. Rut could feel the body tremble beneath him and contract as though he was about to shoot his ejaculate from deep within his testicles. Rut backed off.

"Don't, don't," cried Akido, "do it again."

Rut again placed the tip of the shaft on his tongue and again Akido's body trembled beneath him and he could feel the testicles clench. Ignoring the warning, Rut took the entire shaft within his mouth and licked the corona and blood engorged shaft while applying some vacuum pressure, moving his head up and down the shaft very gently. Akido placed his hands on Rut's head and pushed his cock deeper into Rut's throat. It was so pleasurable to Akido that he wanted to prolong his ecstasy, but his body was compulsively thrusting in and out of Rut's mouth uncontrollably.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" shouted Akido as his body convulsed and spewed rope after rope of cum deep within Rut's gullet. Rut was in danger of drowning on the jizzim so he forced his head back, out of Akido's strong hands and allowed Akido to spray his remaining love juices over both their bodies. Now spent, Akido wanted to lick his own cum off Rut's body, which he did, cleaning it up completely.

It was late when they finished and their bodies needed time to replenish and refresh. Neither wanted the experience to end, but they knew morning was coming and a full workday was before them. Heatedly they assumed a sixty-nine position and began to lap at each other's cock and balls. Rut was fingering Akido's bunghole and Akido was doing the same.

Akido confessed that he wanted to fuck Rut's ass, and Rut would have liked to do the same to Akido. "Just finger fuck me for now and let me get use to the idea," Rut told him.

Akido would have liked to have that huge love pole up his chute, too. Akido remembered what it had felt like on the first time that he attempted fucking with Jeremy. But after all this time his memory was blurred and he thought it might prove satisfying to do it now, so he promised Rut he would consider it. He considered all the pleasure he had given other men by fucking them, and thought he might be missing out on some pleasure by not getting fucked up the ass by some hot looking dude like Rut.

Later that night, Rut lying on his own rack, thought about giving up his fucking cherry. The matter was beginning to consume all his thoughts. Big deal he thought, just do it and get it over. However, with whom, he thought? He was in lust with four men: Russ, Jack, Akido and Alex.

Who could give him the most pleasure? He had top fucked three of the four guys, and that had been great. The partner was always pleased. Who gave him the greatest pleasure?

Russ' new dick was tremendous and certainly felt huge in the mouth, what would it feel like up his ass? Russ of course was his "fuck-buddy" friend and they enjoyed one another immensely.

Jack had a great piece of meat and a tremendous muscular body. He was good in bed; he felt he could handle his prick easier because it was thinner than the others were. However, Jack was a novice at male sex, would he really appreciate the offering?

Alex's meat wasn't overly large but was very attractive and Rut felt that it was manageable too. But, their relationship was based on purely physical attraction. Not that there is anything wrong with physical attraction but there should be a male bonding ritual, and that had not happened. Physical sex was great, but Rut needed a human emotional element in any relationship.

Akido was his superior officer, they were not on an equal footing, and Akido used his position to manipulate Rut. But, Akido was good! Akido had the passion. He wanted it badly. Bad, in this case, might be good.

Author's note: Who should get Rut's cherry? Any thoughts? Let me know. The final chapter is on its way.