PART 7--Rut & Russ Reunite!


Caution, if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your community, do not read this story as it contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. It is fiction and has no bearing on any actual living person or persons.

Russ got the word Rut was coming back to the states and planned his schedule so that he could meet him near Parris Island. Parris Island was the USMC basic training camp on the East Coast and was loaded with hot, young jarheads. Nice, he thought, Rut on a military base with thousands of hot, young, athletic males, most of them cut off from any sexual contact. Eye candy all over the place, where temptation abounded. What was worse, thought Russ, Saudi and celibacy or Parris with don't ask, don't tell? What a conundrum thought Russ.

Russ rented a Sebring convertible, loaded the trunk with his luggage and personal effects. He had given up his apartment and was planning on renting something outside Parris where he and Rut could spend Rut's free time. It was hot, weather in the 90's, and very humid. He dressed in old, worn, 501 cutoffs that were a little snug in his crotch. Underneath he wore a string thong, that just barely contained his equipment and he had taken care to align his package to show it to full advantage. His shaft and balls confined in the thong and coupled with a metal cock ring, snaked down his left leg, and anyone could see he was one hung stud. The 501's were well worn in that area and even the casual observer would notice Russ's huge meat.

Russ's body had responded well to the heavy lifting and his chest, back, shoulders, abs and hips were ripped with sinewy muscle. He didn't wear a shirt he wanted to work on his tan. His once sloping shoulders were now thick and wide. Clearly, he had put a lot of work into his shoulders which were now capped with huge deltoids and his traps set off his large neck muscles, giving him a square, wide look. His pecs were like two steel plates, with great cleavage and his hard, pert nipples stuck out from just above his rib cage. Below his chest his abs were washboard perfect, and he had left the top button of the 501's open.

Cruising down the highway in the ragtop he was clearly on display to all, especially to SUV drivers and truck operators. Also, he kept a copy of the latest issue of Muscleplay, opened to a nude muscle centerfold guy. This naked guy was built like a Mr. America with a big cock. Russ kept it there on the front passenger seat for all to see. The guy was very butch, with huge muscles. His body had more than a few tats and everything visible was pierced. Ears', nipples, bellybutton, and a real nasty Prince Albert protruding from the piss hole of this really hung dude with a huge hard-on. Man, piercing that cockhead must have hurt thought Russ. Russ wondered what it might feel like to have that rod hammered up his love chute.

More than a few times a horny trucker tried to get him to pull over at a rest stop. One guy even held up a hastily written sign, begging Russ to follow him for a real good time. Russ tempted though he was, refrained because he was saving himself for Rut. So, while he enjoyed the attention, he was merely a fucking tease. For Russ it had been too long since he had a dick up his ass or even sucked some manmeat, and he was ripe for sex. But, he continued along hoping to get it on with Rut in a few hours. He avoided most roadside rest areas and used only restaurant facilities, where he was less likely to be accosted or tempted as he had seen some mighty fine looking studs on the road in those big rigs and SUV's.

He did eventually get pulled over by a state trooper who had followed Russ for a quarter mile or so before flashing his lights and pulling him over. The six foot, handsome trooper got out of the cruiser, put his hat on and got his clipboard and walked up to the Sebring. Looking at Russ from behind really dark sunglasses, he asked "Where you going in such a hurry, big guy?"

Russ was pushing away his copy of Muscleplay magazine, while stammering something about a little emergency. The trooper was young, tall, blond and not only good-looking but built like a brick shithouse. After blatantly appraising Russ, and apparently liking what he saw, judging by the bulge in his pants, he asked for the usual registration and driver's license, which Russ produced. The cop found it all in order. The trooper took pains to explain why he had pulled him over. He was monitoring CB chatter about the great looking, well built, naked dude cruising the highway in a convertible causing a whole lot of rubber necking and racing to catch up for a look-see. So he suggested Russ put the top up or cover up his great looking body or he would have to run him in for causing a disturbance.

Russ agreed and the trooper was set to let him go before saying: "Oh, by the way, let me have that magazine you've been flashing around, I hear it's got a great looking centerfold?"

Russ pulled it out and turned it over to the lawman and suggested looking at his own photo spread, which was in the magazine. Look at page 64, he told the big cop.

The young cop looked and let out a slow whistle saying "Your one fine looking dude and really well hung." All the while adjusting his cock.

Russ noted the bulge in his tight pants was getting bigger.

"I've half a mind to haul your ass in to let the other boys see what they missed today." The cop told him.

Russ protested that he wasn't doing anything, "Just working on my tan, boss!"

The trooper got Russ out of the car and told him to assume the position. The cop patted Russ down while Russ had his feet spread apart and his hands on the hood. The cop spent some time feeling his ass and rubbing Russ' crotch, apparently looking for contraband. It was a fairly pleasant pat down since the cop was gently caressing his body. Fortunately, he missed the butt plug and cock ring. Finding nothing he told Russ to undo his cutoffs and drop them.

Russ was perplexed, but didn't offer any resistance. With his shorts around his ankles the cop admired the view that the skimpy thong afforded. Russ, always the exhibitionist, offered to take the thong off and pulled it down to reveal a semi rigid cock. The cop let out a soft whistle and licked his lips.

"That's a mighty fine looking tool you got tucked away there my friend. I could do with a closer look, I think! What say you and I mosey on up the road and get it on?"

Not knowing what to do or say Russ mumbled "Sure, what ever you say, officer."

"Get in your car and follow me," the cop ordered.

Quickly pulling up his thong and cutoffs, Russ got in the car and followed the good-looking cop for about a mile until they came to a rest stop that was well off the road. Apparently, it was deserted.

The cop pulled in, parked and beckoned Russ to follow him inside. Once inside the lavatory the cop told Russ to strip down again and he fell on his knees to admire the exposed cock and balls.

"What a pair of beauties you have to go with that long fat cock, I could just suck them all night." The stud cop quickly undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles followed by his briefs. Once his cock was exposed he brought it alongside Russ' meat and compared the two. Grabbing both penises he gently massaged them in one big hand. Back and forth he went and Russ could feel the other man's cock rubbing against his own. Finally, he dropped the penis and pulled up his pants.

"No time for this shit now, but what say we get together later?"

"Sure," Russ promised.

The cop gave Russ a business card, with the name "Big Dick" embossed on it and a telephone number. Russ promised to call and the cop took off.

The cop followed him a ways down the road and when Russ pulled in at a gas station, the cop passed him by.

Dutifully chastised by his encounter with the law, Russ continued his journey until he finally got to the gates of Parris Island and tried to get on base. He had to check Rut's posting and get a telephone number, which he did. He called the battalion headquarters and was told the Lt. Smith was in the field and was not expected back until late that night. Russ didn't leave a message he wanted to surprise Rut, so he left the base in search of a motel. He found one not to far away, he registered and got a room with a king size bed, in which he looked forward to some rough, hard core sex with Rut, raunchily remembering the weekends of not too long ago when he and Rut had fucked their brains out.

Russ showered and changed into a more conventional outfit, golf shirt and jeans with socks and loafers. He had removed his cock ring and butt plug and wore comfortable whities. His ass felt relieved to be free of the butt plug, but his rosebud was well stretched and would easily accommodate Rut's huge love pole, which he longed to have up his tight ass. The butt plug was a surrogate for Rut's shaft, and Russ tolerated it knowing that Rut's penis would fit more comfortably as a result of his wearing it on a continuing basis. The butt plug was like an old friend now, and Russ only replaced it with a vibrating dildo when he wanted to experience simulated sex. He had given up wearing ball stretchers as his testicles had descended and were now considered low hangers, by anyone's standard.

His dick and balls were beautiful, he thought, and he loved displaying them. At the gym, in the locker room, he stood around talking to guys while nude and giving all that looked an interesting view.

Russ called Rut again at six o'clock, but he was still out in the field. Training exercises with the troops he was told. He called again at nine and was told by the duty officer that Lt. Smith had signed out and was probably at the officer's club. Russ was dismayed, he wanted to be with Rut but, short of enlisting, he couldn't get on base. Instead, he went to the motel bar for a drink and to see what kind of action there was. The bar was loaded with guys, and judging by the haircuts, they had to be marines.

One guy in particular stood out from the crowd. The bartender was a very good-looking Latino and unusually tall for a Hispanic, and very well built. He was about six feet tall, weighing 180 pounds, or so. He had a slim waist and wide, wide shoulders with great arms. His biceps and triceps were very well developed. He was dressed in cargo shorts that hugged his ass and showed his package to advantage. On top he wore a muscle tee shirt that displayed his pecs and abs like a second skin. Russ enjoyed watching him bend over and see the material of his shorts stretch over the two rounded globes of his ass. He had a barbed wire tattoo around the left biceps and the initials "AC" with a lightning bolt on the right deltoid. His pecs mounded under the shirt and his abdominal muscles showed through even in a relaxed mode. Take his shirt off, and you'd swear you were in a gay bar.

Russ found a space at the bar an ordered a long neck beer and he sipped it while looking around the bar at all the young warrior males gathered there. After awhile, the bartender offered him a drink, telling him someone down the end of the bar was buying. Russ looked down toward the end of the bar where a guy in a suit raised his beer in a salute to Russ. The guy was good looking and appeared to be in his late thirties. A straight looking business dude, not at all the type to hang out in a gyrene bar.

Russ asked the barkeep what the deal was and the Latino said: "What do I know? Maybe he is gay, and wants to get laid! You are some hunk, you know?"

Russ looked askance at the bartender, and replied that he wasn't interested in the guy, but if someone else were interested, well maybe it would be a different answer.

The bartender asked: "Got anyone in mind?"

Russ said, "Yeah, you!

The bartender's blue eyes lit up and revealed his interest. He said, "Hi, I'm Alex, I get through here in an hour, where are you at?"

"I'm Russ, in room 2, upstairs, I'll leave the door unlocked, come up when your through down here, we'll see what happens!

Russ tipped back his beer, drained it, and left shortly thereafter. Imagine, getting hustled in a straight bar. Back in his room he stripped naked, flipped the TV on, and flopped back on the bed. The day had been long and he was tired and before he knew it he was sleeping.

After awhile, there was a soft knock on the door, and Alex came into the room, locking the door behind him.

He came over and sat down on the bed where Russ was lying and saw that Russ was asleep. He had a cold six pack with him, which he set on the floor beside the bed.

Alex was confused, first time anyone ever fell asleep on him. His ploy of offering a drink from a stranger was just an opportunity to see where it led. Alex had given the guy a beer, telling him that it was from Russ, so when he talked to Russ he saluted him. Actually Alex had bought the beer, which gave him an opening to Russ, his real interest, and he didn't have to worry about personal rejection.

Now, looking down at Russ' beautiful naked body, he was glad that he had done it. Russ was fast asleep, right arm raised to his head, while his left hand was on his thigh. His eight-inch shaved penis was flopped back on his left hip and his shaved balls were splashed underneath. Even in repose his physique was outstanding. One could see the trench that ran from his neck to his navel and all the ridges of his muscular chest and abs. Alex thought he'd like to do some body shots with Russ, splash some tequila on his chest and suck it out of his navel. That would be a game for another day. Right now, he felt compelled to fall on his knees and bend over and eyeball that penis, to smell the musk and scent of the man. Alex smelled the cock and the aroma was powerful, he dropped his lips to the tip of the cock and his tongue licked the cut cockhead. Russ never moved he remained motionless. Alex enveloped the helmet of the cockhead and slurped the shaft in to his mouth. It was so thick he could barely accommodate it all, but he swallowed the entire shaft and massaged it with his tonsils. It tasted delicious. Russ didn't wake, nor did Alex's dexterous oral manipulation arouse him. So while he continued to give head Alex whipped out his own dick and massaged it to orgasm, shooting some of his wad over Russ' chest. He left shortly thereafter, Russ didn't wake up, and Alex left a note telling Russ he was disappointed they didn't hook up.

Russ was up early, and was disappointed that he had slept through the night without meeting the bartender. That Hispanic was one studly guy and one of the handsomest men Russ had ever encountered. He would have liked to see what would have happened had he remained awake for the meeting. He got up, and noticed the dried cum on his chest, and took a shower. Interesting, he thought Alex had a jack off session while Russ slept through it all. Russ dressed in conservative shorts and tee shirt and went out to the base, where he wanted to hook up with Rut.

As he was in the Guardhouse making a call to Rut's office, Russ saw Rut drive through the gate with another good-looking guy in the front seat of a jeep. He gave him 15 minutes and then called. He finally got Rut, who explained that he was on a training exercise that would take the next two weeks, and he wouldn't have time to meet up with Russ until then. He had just come in from the field for a shower. Russ was disappointed.

As he was leaving the Guardhouse, Russ ran into a platoon of gyrenes running in formation led by the Latino bartender from the motel bar. Alex looked real fine in the morning light. He had a fantastic body, which was clearly visible through his sweat soaked tee shirt and shorts. He watched his bubble butt, followed by 30 recruits, bounce down the road. He got a woody just looking at that ass. Russ, remembering the dried cum on his chest, decided to check him out now, and not wait until that night. So he got in his convertible and followed the group to their barracks. No one stopped him; the guard waved him through. So, when they got to a barracks area, he parked and watched the troops get dismissed and he then followed Alex into a separate building, apparently reserved for the NCO cadre.

Alex Cordoba was a marine sergeant, about 23 years old. He worked out, that was obvious as he had muscles on muscles. He could be a competition level bodybuilder. Which he was, having held a local amateur title back in NYC, as a teen! Right now he was in perfect condition. He trained the recruits in PT every morning and then took a shower and shave in the barracks before reporting to his main job on the base as assistant to the S3 Training Officer, Lt. Smith, who currently was going through a field exercise with some recruits. Alex was holding down the fort in his absence.

Russ followed him to the latrine/shower room and said hello and sorry to have missed him the night before.

"Me, too! You're a fine looking dude and we could've had a real good time. I know I enjoyed you for a little while even if you didn't know I was there. But, right now I got to shower and get to work."

"OK, I'll keep you company, if you don't mind?"

"Not at all, it's great to be with you and just talk."

Alex went in the shower room and Russ followed.

Russ reached out and touch Alex's hip and let his hand wander down his thigh, feeling the quads, then it dropped down to the inner thigh and up to his crotch. Alex was hard! And big! His dick was straining to be free. Russ pulled the shorts down, and reached in grabbing the waistband of his jock, put his hand through it and fisted his dick. It was big, eight inches or more. Russ pulled it out and took a close up look at the penis. Russ was in love with cocks and he could look at them all day. He liked to examine the construction of the cockhead, looking for scars left over from the circumcision, finding none that was visible he looked closely at the mushroom helmet and the piss hole. He loved the vascularity of the shaft, seeing the engorged blood vessels snake there way through the penis was beautiful. Alex's skin covering the penis was darker than the rest of his body, for some reason, and Russ liked that. Alex, also had shaved his balls and carefully trimmed his pubes into a small area just above his shaft. Rut dropped to his knees and positioned his head so that his lips were touching the tip of the cock where Alex was dripping pre-cum. Russ licked it with his tongue and savored the sweet taste of Alex's man juice. He spent time just smelling the scent of the man and licking the penis head and shaft. With his mouth he explored Alex's body, sniffing the aroma of sweat that permeated the body, he buried his nose in the pubic hair and licked the pools of sweat that trickled down from the chest. Finally, rising to his full height he began to kiss Alex on the lips. Alex opened wide his mouth and sucked Russ' tongue into his oral cavity. They explored each other for some time.

Eventually, Alex managed to say, "Hey dude, I don't have much time, got to be on the job, so let's get it on."

Both of them stripped off their clothes, and embraced each other. Their dicks were of comparable size and girth and were like crossed swords, pushed back against each other's abdomen. Russ in frenzy begged Alex to fuck his ass, so he turned his back to Alex and spread his legs and ass cheeks to offer Alex his love chute while he grabbed some wall. It had been so long since he had some hard meat up his ass he couldn't wait any longer. Alex grabbed some soap to lube up Russ' anal cavity, easily penetrating it with two, then three fingers. Russ was ready to receive Alex's meat and Alex gently placed the head of his cock in the stretched rosebud opening. It slid in easily and soon Alex was buried inside up to his pubes, which tickled Russ' ass. Slowly at first Alex slid his shaft in and out of Russ' man pussy, but soon it became a frenzy of thrusting and Russ pushed back each time Alex's balls crashed against his own testicles. So, it wasn't long before Russ felt Alex tense up and then moan with great satisfaction as Alex shot his wad in four or five spurts inside Russ and then pulled out. Russ began to lick Alex's dick and to slurp the penis clean.

Alex wanted to reciprocate, so Russ then lubed Alex's ass with some handy soap and gently pushed his huge dick inside Alex. Alex moaned with pleasure telling Russ to go deep inside, which Russ did. Russ began to thrust his dick in and out in a humping motion getting into a good rhythm, and soon he came forcefully inside Alex, shooting his pent up man juices in six or seven spurts until he was drained dry. He remained inside Alex until they both regained their composure. Their first mutual sex encounter was all over in fifteen minutes. But, it had been a great fifteen minutes for both of them.

Russ told Alex to hang in dude; it would be better the next time, as he was planning to fuck Alex's ass later that night. Then they would take their time to enjoy the foreplay and have a more enjoyable fuck. This had been Russ' first time in a long time, and it had been too long since the last time he got laid so he had gotten off in a New York minute, and took the pleasure of the orgasm rather than wait and continue to enjoy the sex play.

Alex said he had to leave, so they finished rinsing off in the shower, they shared a towel to dry off and then got dressed.

Russ dropped Alex off at his office and went back to the motel. Russ got to think about what had happened and was somewhat disappointed, not having waited for Rut, but remembered with pleasure the sexual romp he had enjoyed with Alex. It was a wham-bang affair, but it was a promise of great sexual encounters in future. After all, wasn't it Rut who had first introduced him to man-to-man sex and all the pleasure of the flesh that that entailed? He rationalized his weakness and felt a whole lot better, then.

Later that afternoon, while in a horny, sexy mood, Alex had his haircut into a regulation high and tight and looked forward to being around the base for a time. He thought the high and tight fade haircut made him look fucking sexy and allowed him to blend in with the local population. Fuck, Rut was probably getting laid left and right with all these fucking marine hunks running around, so why shouldn't Russ get some of that man pussy while he could. Two weeks is a long time to remain alone when you're hot and horny for some hot male sex. This was his dick talking and not his brain.

The wrong head was taking charge of his life and he was just going to sit back and enjoy the ride, after all it had done a good job in the recent past.

Russ and Rut eventually meet up, but more about that in part 8.