PART 8--Rut & Russ Reunite, part 2.

Caution, if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your community, do not read this story as it contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. It is fiction and has no bearing on any actual living person or persons.

Arggah! Arggah! Gawd! Rut exclaimed in ecstasy, as he released his sperm from deep within his testicles, through his shaft in an orgasmic frenzy. The journey of the sperm was interrupted after each gigantic spurt and captured in the well of the Trojan that encased his penis deep within Jack's body. At the same time, Jack was experiencing an orgasm of comparable size and duration. Jack's cum arced as it shot hitting him in the face, neck and chest and splashing on Rut's chin and chest too. They were face to face copulating after the best sex either of them had ever experienced. It was just gawdawful and it drained both of them so all they could do after releasing their ejaculate was to collapse on each other and enjoy the ultimate pleasure they had just experienced.

Rut had been in the field for two weeks and when he had returned to the BOQ, Jack had been there waiting. Jack had been at the gym and was still in his workout gear when Rut walked in to the bathroom they both shared. Rut was glad to see Jack. Rut for his part only wanted to get in that shower, but when he saw Jack's muscled body in the A shirt and his massive legs extending from the shorts and the handsome face he was suddenly, and happily sidetracked. Rut reached out with one hand and grabbed Jack around the hips, pulled him within reach and then, with two hands around Jack's waist he pulled him close, and smelled the grime and sweat of Jack's great body. Rut's hands fell from the waist, cupped Jack's ass cheeks, and pulled his hips toward him and they felt their cocks grind against each other. Rut knew then that a shower would have to wait until later.

Rut took Jack by the hand and led him to his room, remembering to lock the door. They kissed and let their tongues explore each other's mouth. In the meantime, Russ was pulling the shirt over Jack's head, which left him naked above the waist. Rut's hands explored Jack's anatomy, rubbing each nipple between thumb and forefinger, Rut could feel the nipples swell and harden. Jack's ribs were outstanding in relief and Rut gently kissed and licked his way down Jack's body until he reached his navel. His tongue darted in and out of the navel sucking the sweat and grime that had accumulated there. Jack started to unbutton Rut's cammys and let the shirt drop to the floor. Next he removed the tee shirt and Rut was then naked from the waist up. Jack opened the buckle of the belt, undid the top button of the trousers and zipper, pushed the trousers, and soiled boxers down at the same time. Rut's cock was rigid against his belly, and the trousers and boxers gathered at his boot-clad feet. Jack fell on his knees and looked at the ten-inch rigid cock that hadn't been bathed in a week and sucked in the heady aroma of the unwashed, grimy body that only soldiers in the field had. Jack buried his face in the pubes and smelled the cock aroma, which was overpowering. He opened his mouth wide and took the engorged head of the penis inside. His tongue bathed the cockhead while his lips sucked furiously. This was Jack's second time giving head but he remembered with pleasure how Rut had done it to him and so, being an apt pupil, he did a good job.

Rut needed to call time out. He wanted to get his boots off so he could be more active. In seconds, he had his boots and socks off then; he pulled Jack's shorts, jock off, and his sneakers, too. He held the jock close to his nose so he could enjoy the smell of sweat and other cock juices that had gathered there. Naked they lay down on the rack, head to toe, and began sucking each other's cock. Rut took Jack's balls, one by one inside his mouth and bathed them with his tongue. Jack followed the lead of Rut and whatever he got he gave to Rut. Rut managed to raise Jack's hips in order to gain access to his butt, and he tongue fucked his rosebud. The aroma there was great and Rut almost got his nose inside the anal cavity. Jack also began to tongue Rut's bud until Rut could not take it any longer and told Jack, he was going to fuck him.



He found a rubber in his trousers, slipped it on and lubed it with some spit. He raised Jack's legs to where they were resting on Rut's shoulders and pointed his shaft at the bud opening. He pushed softly against anal cavity and slowly Jack began to receive Rut's condom encased penis. Rut was huge, but Jack accommodated the rigid shaft with ease and slowly Rut entered Jack. Inch by inch Rut entered until Jack was comfortable with the rigid shaft inside his body. Rut gently massaged Jack's prostate and Jack was experiencing the beginnings of an enormous orgasm. Together they orchestrated the climax by each thrusting their hips in unison until Rut climaxed inside Jack and Jack spewed his sperm on both of them. It was not only good sex it was great sex.

After resting on top of Jack, Rut pulled his semi-rigid cock out of Jack and it released with an audible pop from Jack's tight ass. They lay next to each other on the rack, waiting for their strength to return. They talked softly to each other, whispering things only lovers said after great sex. Jack indicated that he would like to fuck Rut next time. Rut was still a virgin, having never been fucked by anyone, and was not looking forward to loosing his virginity anytime soon. Although in the heat of sex he might eventually give in, he could not really say when that could happen.

Rut remembered Russ had also wanted to fuck him and disappointed by Rut's refusal. Rut knew that someday, someone would get his cherry, but he did not know when that might happen. He supposed it would be given to the man he loved most in the world and someone he wanted to make happy. However, right now he did not know who that man was. He was chagrined to think that he thought at one time that Russ would be that man, but Rut had been unable to remain celibate and had cheated several times since he had made that promise to Russ. Now, here with Jack he had to compare the sex with Russ to what he had experienced with Jack and right now, Jack was top man. Of course, Rut had yet to see Russ and the changes he had made to his body.

After resting, Rut and Jack showered together, fucked around some more in the shower, finger fucked each other to clean out their love chutes, and looked forward to more sex later that night. Then dressed and went out to get something to eat.

After eating some fast food, they stopped at the motel bar to check out the action. The big Hispanic was bartender. Alex was dressed in a tight muscle shirt that fitted him like a second skin, and clearly showed his pecs and abs. His shorts were molded to his ass and his basket, heavy with shaft and balls was clearly on display. The sergeant was one hung stud and ripe for fucking. Rut liked what he had seen of Alex, and would have liked to get to know him better and more intimately, but with Jack there he was restrained. Rut sensed that there was a mutual bond between the rugged marine sergeant and himself, that he wanted to explore, but not right now, he thought. Rut and Jack said hi to Alex and shot the shit with him for awhile drinking a beer. Suddenly, a great looking guy, tall with a buzz cut, great shoulders and chest, dressed in a tee shirt and tight jeans, came in from the motel side of the bar and sat at one end. Rut thought he looked vaguely familiar but could not place him, as Russ' physical appearance had changed drastically in the last six months. Those slopping shoulders had been replaced with big deltoids and a huge chest filled the tee shirt. Russ too, failed to recognize Rut because of the change in his physical appearance since last they met, so he took a seat at the end of the bar and ordered a beer. In due course Alex mentioned to Russ that his boss, Lt. Smith, the great looking blond stud with the other great looking Adonis guy, was there and he had to cool it tonight. Russ, looked carefully, recognized Rut, and went over to say hello.

Rut was amazed at the transformation in Russ, and Russ was equally amazed at how Rut had improved his body to such a lean fighting machine. There they stood four of the most ruggedly beautiful men in the world. The testosterone and sex that permeated the air could have been cut with a knife.

Russ and Alex had been fucking each other every night for the past two weeks and had been looking forward to a night of sex after Alex got off, but plans have a habit of changing. Rut and Russ caught up on each other's life and before anyone knew it, the bar was closing up for the night. Russ got a couple of six packs and all four guys went up to his room to continue the reunion.



Rut wanted to see the changes in Russ' body so Russ began stripping as though he was doing his routine in a gay club. Slowly and tantalizingly, he removed his clothing, down to his string thong. His now rigid penis had extended the pouch so that his left nut was exposed and the lonely low hanging testicle descended while his shaft protruded and one could see the outline of his cut cock through the thin material. Russ began exhibiting his new body and after a minute of two, dropped his thong provocatively so that Rut could see his dick. Russ' surgically enhanced dick was great and was now rigid, flat against Russ' abs. By then, all of them were hard at the erotic sight of Russ nude and fully aroused. Before you could say shazam, they were all buck-naked and pawing each other's bodies and thrashing about on the king-sized bed. Rut and Russ paired off while Jack and Alex became acquainted with each other.

Rut was more aggressive than either Jack or Alex, so he was the first to go down on Russ' cock, but Alex and Jack had had a suppressed desire for each other so, fired by their desire, they began to explore each other sexually. Jack gave Alex's cock a head fuck and then Alex let Jack fuck him, while Jack sucked Russ' cock while Rut fucked Russ. Rut was amazed at the ease in which he had penetrated Russ' bud. Wearing that butt plug had really made Russ an easy ass to fuck.

This was Jack's first man fuck ever, so he enjoyed the pleasures of fucking Alex and sucking Russ' cock at the same time. After Jack got his rocks off inside Alex, Rut abandoned Russ and sought Alex out to add a new conquest, which he was so recently enamored of, while Russ and Jack began to know each other. Rut was getting sloppy seconds but Alex's ass was well lubed by the wad of jizz Jack had deposited there. Jack was really cock hungry so he stretched his neck, managed to find Alex's shaft, and began to blow him again, while Russ was fucking his Jack's brains out. Apparently the stamina for such wild fucking sex was a combination of youth, strength and voyeurism working together to produce an orgy of hedonistic warrior male athletic sex that only these magnificent studs could have commanded.

Rut wanted to experience the beautiful Hispanic's body that he had visually enjoyed while Alex showered that first day they met. After some sucking and petting Rut soon had his dick buried between the bubble-butt ass-cheeks of Alex and buried inside his love chute. Alex ass muscles worked on the cock filling his love chute, massaging it with his tight butt cheeks to orgasm.

Meanwhile, Russ and Jack were getting it on. Russ fucked Jack slow and seriously, wanting to enjoy Jack's great body to the max. Leave it to Rut to find such an Adonis as Jack. Four beautiful muscular and very masculine men, naked in bed, fucking! How much better could it get? The smell of testosterone and male love juices permeated the air and the aroma of sperm filled their senses. Once all had shot a load or fucked a guy they were satiated, and Rut and Jack left Alex and Russ and went back to their BOQ. Fortunately, it was Friday so they could sleep late in the morning. Everyone was laid at least twice and fucked twice that night, except Rut! He remained a virgin.

Sergeant Alex, having been laid by two lieutenants, now wanted to fuck Russ once more that night, and they went at it with renewed vigor. Alex had long wanted to get into the muscular lieutenant's drawers and was pleasantly surprised that Jack wanted him, too. Now, Russ with his legs on Alex's shoulders, let Alex pound his ass with gusto. He had really enjoyed the reunion with Rut, but had not planned the orgy that night, but began to think how great it would be if all four of them could share a house together while they were at Parris Island, home of the fucking best marines in the corps?

This may continue in Part 9, stick around.