PART 9 -- Enter the Dragon, Yoshi Akido

Caution, if you are under 18 or it is illegal in your community, do not read this story as it contains graphic descriptions of a sexual nature. It is fiction and has no bearing on any actual living person or persons.

Lt. Colonel Yoshi Akido, the battalion commander, commanded four training companies and one Headquarters Company. The cadre consisted of eighteen officers (all the rank of captain or below) and about thirty non-commissioned officers. Each of the training companies had four platoons and several squads in each platoon. Each platoon was led by a hardcore drill instructor under direction of platoon officer. Most of the men involved were new recruits about the age of eighteen. Each company was in a distinct stage of the eight-week basic training program. The Lt. Colonel was a youngish looking, late thirty something kinda guy. A bachelor, recently divorced, living in the same BOQ as Rut and Jack.

Akido came from a family of career soldiers. His dad and grandfather had served in the army, but Akido wanted the marines. So, after college he enlisted and went to officer candidate school. He was a fifteen-year veteran, had risen fast to the O-5 level, and was on track for a full bird. He was sitting in a bird colonel's billet so it was just a matter of time.

In his youth, he had aspired to be a bodybuilder. He bought muscle magazines and dreamt of one day being a top competitor. Along about the same time he found that the sight of muscular men, in posing straps, was a turn-on. It wasn't long until he progressed to the magazines that showed full frontal nudity. He liked the handsome, well built models with huge genitalia that were popular with gay men. He particularly liked the big muscled, big dicked, hung men that appeared in some magazines. He wasn't at all attracted to twink type guys; they did nothing for him.

During high school, Akido competed on the gymnastics team and he was a swimmer. Early in his career, he found that he did not have the body type suitable to gymnastics; he was too tall at six foot one inch. Swimming suited his long, lanky body to a tee. He enjoyed lifting weights in high school and during college, he continued his bodybuilding. Weight training served him well and it helped him excel in his military career. He was particularly pleased with the body he had developed over the years and now in his mid-thirties his body had the mature musculature of a man that had trained hard for a long period. The only thing he had failed to accomplish was competing in bodybuilding.

Since his divorce, precipitated by the arduous military life and long separations, he found that he was attracted more and more to the male of the species. Particularly young, muscular men that were so attracted to the marine way of life. And there were more than sufficient distractions in his battalion. Akido found it difficult sometimes meeting all the young men assigned to his battalion because of the instant sexual attraction he felt toward some of these men. His battalion seemed to get the best looking, hard bodied young men from the entire East Coast. However, having so much hunk eye candy around, heightened his awareness of his changing sexual appetites. He had tried to remain celibate after finding that his libido did not respond to the women he met. He concluded that he must be, at least, bisexual and was very curious to experience male to male sex. However, in today's military, homosexuality was still a taboo so he had to be very circumspect.

So, Akido took to traveling to different parts of the state during weekends. He would visit porn shops and buy magazines and videos. Then, back in his motel room, he would masturbate to the great pictures of big muscular guys with hard dicks. The videos helped him immensely too, to understand the rubrics of various male sexual practices. He began to finger fuck his butt, putting as many as three fingers up and trying to massage his prostate to orgasm. He purchased masturbation aids and contraptions to enlarge his penis. He subscribed to various male mail order vendors, specializing in the sale of underwear, lounge wear and clothes to wear at the gym. He particularly like the Australian rowing shorts that he bought, which allowed him to work out in the gym without a jock because they formed a satisfactory pouch to protect the family jewels. Akido also bought a variety of thongs and he was especially fond of the sock jock he bought that allowed him to wear tight jeans without appearing to wear underwear.

All these things contributed to an overall sexual persona that he was trying to develop. But, after a while, these ancillary accessories lost their ability to stimulate him sufficiently, so he began to seriously think about a man to man sexual encounter. He finally decided that he needed to try an up close and personal experience, a one on one situation to determine if these sexual fantasies conjured up in his mind would actually bring to him a sense of sexual gratification.

Of course, he had to be discreet so he selected an escort service and had a rendezvous in a distant city. Akido had selected a big, muscled blond escort up near Richmond, Virginia who had advertised in a gay magazine. Jeremy was a tall, muscular 185 pounds, with lots of muscles and reasonably attractive, you could fuck him without resorting to putting a bag over his head. However, he was not really Akido's fantasy man, but never-the-less a man that was willing to put out and try to satisfy a sexual appetite that otherwise might go unfulfilled. He advertised he was versatile and Akido suspected that meant he could be fucked. So they met at a restaurant, had drinks and dinner, which Akido paid for and then went back to Akido's room. Akido was paying for the night because he had a lot to learn and wanted it to me a slow, memorable occasion.

Back at the room, Jeremy played a cassette and did a slow strip for Akido. When he was down to his thong, which barely managed to contain his advertised eight-inch equipment, Jeremy began to strip Akido of his clothing. Jeremy, in his thong, showed promise of a great cut cock, which was suggested by the outline under the sheer fabric of the thong. And, he started lap-dancing Akido. Akido was immediately aroused and developed a huge hard-on early that was pushing his briefs up and out and the head of his dick was protruding from his waistband. Jeremy ground his ass into Akido's cock and had Akido gushing pre-cum like crazy. Akido wanted to get naked, but Jeremy kept both their bodies minimally clothed.

Akido's body was well developed, he was ripped and there were great striations throughout his upper torso. His pecs were thick and smooth, his pits were hairless, his chest cavity huge and one could actually count the ribs on either side of the chest. His almost eight pack abs tapered down from his chest to narrow hips and a small waist that measured about thirty inches. Akido's entire body was smooth except for a treasure trail that spiked into his briefs from his belly button. Akido was proud of his washboard abs and slim waist and hips that his Calvin's' loosely covered. Jeremy was worshiping Akido's body with his mouth. Kissing and sucking his engorged nipples, his shaved armpits, his washboard abs, his indented navel, and finally, in a decisive moment Jeremy, kneeling in front of Akido, took Akido's 7 inch meat, covered by the briefs, into his mouth. Jeremy began to pleasure Akido, sucking the pre-cum right through the cotton briefs. Jeremy eventually lowered Akido's briefs and removed them from his body thus freeing his seven-inch thick cock. Jeremy engulfed the entire shaft and sucked it inside his mouth with one quick motion. Jeremy's tongue washed the head of the cock, carefully licking the corona that surrounded the magnificent cockhead, and he tongue fucked Akido's piss slit. All the while he vacuum pumped Akido's meat to orgasm. This was the first time Akido had received a blowjob from a guy and he was very pleased with the wild sensations experienced. While this was not his first ever blowjob, this was the best one he had ever gotten! Men sure knew how to please other men, were not afraid to swallow the ropes of cum that Akido gushed out when he climaxed into Jeremy's mouth, and the cum filled his mouth and leaked on his chin as there was too much for Jeremy to swallow or for his mouth to contain. Jeremy licked his cock clean afterwards.

Akido also gave his first head fuck to a man, and truth be told he did a credible job. Unlike tongue fucking a pussy, he sucked cock with gusto and gave Jeremy a blowjob. It was awesome. It was Akido's first time ever blowing another guy and Akido liked the taste of cock in his mouth and enjoyed bringing a guy off and swallowing his jizz.

Eventually, during the night Akido got to ass fuck Jeremy. Jeremy had Akido sit in a chair while he straddled Akido and slowly lowered his puck hole on Akido's rigid penis. Jeremy guided the rigid torpedo like penis into his bud opening and slowly lowered his ass down so that it completely engulfed the penis. Slowly Jeremy began raising and lowering his ass cheeks and squeezing Akido's penis until he brought him to climax. Akido enjoyed the fit of his penis in Jeremy's love chute and Jeremy's expert manipulative way he massaged Akido's cock to orgasm. Akido shot his wad into the condom encasing his cock.

After Akido's initial introduction to male fucking, Akido then had to decide whether he needed to be fucked. At first, the thought of being fucked had appealed to him. He wanted to experience the sensation of having a huge cock up his love chute. He really wanted to do it. Jeremy started by rimming Akido and finger fucking his anus to expand the opening to accommodate Jeremy's large cock. Akido enjoyed the sensation of having his prostate massaged by Jeremy's fingers when the pain had subsided. Akido's cock became rigid and he could feel his sperm well up in his testicles ready to shoot his cum without further manipulation, but at that point Jeremy attempted to substitute his penis for his fingers. He entered Akido's ass and tried to penetrate it but Akido resisted. Jeremy attempted to divert Akido's attention by manipulating his cock, but he continued to resist. Jeremy told him to relax and let it happen, to push out his sphincter while Jeremy pushed his meat further into his asshole. But, when Jeremy tried to push his huge lubricated dick up Akido's anal cavity, the pain Akido experienced was too great. Crying out in pain, Akido decided that this experience had to be postponed. In retrospect, Akido felt he had betrayed his heritage by not continuing the experiment to conclusion once he had agreed in principle to do it! He also felt he betrayed the credo of the corps that simply stated: "... a winner never quits and a quitter never wins!" Akido decided not to loose his virginity that night. It was postponed and he doubted that he could ever really bottom for any man!

In the morning, Jeremy woke Akido by rimming his fuck hole and inserting his tongue deep within his butt and Akido swore that this was the only way to be woken, then Jeremy concluded with a quick mutual blowjob and he split. Akido paid the fee and thought it had been worth the money. He analyzed the situation and decided that it had been the right thing to do. Akido had immensely enjoyed the experience. Compared to all his heterosexual experiences this had been more rewarding. Man-to-man sex required greater involvement in the sex act, and it consumed more energy than the usual passive sex he had known with women. Akido liked the rough sex best. He knew he liked it and decided that he needed to do it again, and again. Akido thought he was insatiable, and that he would never get enough sex, and he felt he had to make up for all those years he had denied himself this pleasure. However, paying for sex did not appeal to Akido.

So Akido started frequenting gay bars and tried to hook up with similarly oriented men of his own age or younger, that appealed to his libido. They had to be young, good looking with an athletic build. Akido was a handsome man and he usually could find someone that attracted him physically. Akido disguised his buzz cut and his naturally black hair by coloring it a lighter shade of brown with bleached blond highlights and wore a do rag which carefully concealed most of the top of his head. When on the prowl for sex, he wore the usual muscle shirt that showed several tattoos on his arms and back and revealed his incredibly muscular torso. He complimented the muscle shirt by wearing very tight, faded Levi's that showed his basket and bubble butt.

During these sexual encounters, he managed to look anything but what he actually was. Instead of a jarhead marine officer, he looked more like a leather guy looking for some S&M. Some might say that wasn't too big a leap of faith to go from one authoritative type to another. He was not into the S&M scene, however it pleased him to adopt a persona that allowed him to escape his rigidly structured life as defined in the military. All the while he enjoyed meeting guys, sucking cock, getting laid and enjoying great male sex almost every weekend.

It was during one of these sojourns that Akido was visiting a gay bay in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. There he came across a great looking young blond guy that was dancing and stripping nude to the applause of all the men at the club. The guy was fantastic looking.

He wore a pair of old worn 501 levis, torn in strategic places, just under his back pockets so the buns of his bubble butt showed, the knees and the crotch area, were also threadbare. Under the enormous bulge of his crotch, the material was so thin that there were just a few threads concealing his cock. Clearly, he was in danger of letting it all hang out since he skipped underwear, and Akido thought he had seen his pink mushroom helmeted cockhead poking through the threadbare crotch. He wore his long platinum blond hair in a loose ponytail, tied in the back off his face. A beautiful pair of western alligator boots and a black leather jacket finished his outfit. The guy had the look of a "Dukes of Hazard" cousin about him in that outfit. It looked like he had a stash of chewing tobacco in his back pocket, as the outline of a round packet was visible. The dancer, up on the bar, stripped slowly while gyrating to music that sounded like it was from an old burlesque act. Soon, the only clothing he was wearing were his tight torn jeans, which were opened at the fly and one could see the beginnings of his dark blond pubes. His cock seemed to grow inside the right leg of the jeans and was now exposed, showing at least an inch of cockhead through the hole in the jeans. Amid catcalls of "Take it off" and "Strip naked," he finally began to lower the jeans so that his bubble butt was exposed to the delight of his male audience. "Lower, lower," they shouted so the dancer complied and he soon was naked up there on the bar. Every eye in the joint was on this gorgeous man.

The dancer had a beautiful body. Big, about 6'3" tall, weighed about 205 pounds or so, had these wide, wide shoulders, with great guns for arms. The chest was deep with thick pec development. A narrow waist and hips, muscular thighs and great looking calf muscles. He had eight-pack abs to die for. However, for me the most interesting part of his anatomy was his dick. It was about seven or eight inches cut, vascular with veins clearly defined running up and down the long shaft. The dancer's body had been shaved and he had trimmed his pubic bush into a small rectangular shape, situated just above the base of his shaft. The hairless ball sack hung low and was almost as long as his penis. He had the most beautiful mushroom cockhead Akido had ever seen. When he walked his dick swayed like a pendulum, first left and then right, while he danced across the room. He had a great tan, except for the G-string tan line. Every once in a while he bent over so we all got a good view of his rosebud asshole and low hangers. Clearly, this male stripper was the sexiest person Akido had ever seen.

After dancing, he mingled with the audience naked. He held a long neck beer, the same way you'd hold your cock to jack off. Every once in awhile he sensuously swigged the long neck beer as though he was about to suck a cock, his cheeks hallowed and his lips tormented the bottle opening with his tongue with every sexual swallow.

The guy was sexually stimulating and when he looked at you, he usually wet his parched lips, as if wanted to quench his thirst on your cock. With every gesture, his body language indicated his desire for you and your cock. About two hundred guys were getting the same message and, like Akido, they probably came in their jeans that night without ever touching themselves. Fucking fantastic! The hat was passed around and guys not only threw in their money but some tossed in paper with telephone numbers and notes. At one point in the festivities, some guy knelt in front of the dancer and began giving him head. The dancer continued sucking his beer and talking to others in the large group that surrounded them ignoring the cocksucker at his feet. Akido learned later that the guy was a fluffer, whose job it was to see that the dancer had an erection, whenever his dick went limp he sucked it back hard. Akido wanted that job and would have done it free. The dancer made the rounds of the tables and his hard, erect dick was tantalizingly at eye level for all to inspect and enjoy. The dancer seemed to be unconscious of his nakedness and apparently enjoyed the attention of the crowd. About one percent of all the people in the world should ever be naked, and this guy was at the top of the list of people that should never wear clothes. The dancer was a beautiful man in every sense of the word.

Whether the dancer actually came or not during his rounds about the club Akido never found out, but he held a rigid cock for about two fucking hours. Beats all hell how he managed that. But other guys, like Akido, actually came in their pants. The smell of male sex, sperm and testosterone permeated the air. The appearance lasted about two fantastic fucking hours, then the dancer pulled on his jeans and joined another great looking dude at a corner of the bar and they shared some quiet time together. Apparently, they were lovers, judging by the tongue that was exchanged when they kissed and embraced each other. That guy was one lucky fucking guy to be with the dancer.

Afterwards, going back to the hotel room, with a great looking younger guy, who Akido had picked up at the bar, he looked forward to a night of sex that promised to be out of this world. They both were hot to trot after that performance but unlike others that were copulating in the parking lot they decided to get back to the motel and have at one another with some comfort amenities. The dude Akido was with, in youthful enthusiasm no doubt couldn't wait to get to the hotel; he just pulled out Akido's cock while he was driving and sucked him dry before they got to the room.

Not all Akido's weekend excursions were so rewarding but that night he knew that male sex was the only way to go. He had got off just looking at a beautiful sensuous guy, and then enjoyed two hours of unadulterated voyeurism followed by a night of mad passionate sex. Way to go dude! Akido was pleased that he managed to pull his own weight that night in a night of give and take, hard enthusiastic sex. Akido thought he had performed like a fuckin' eighteen-year old!

It was traditional and customary that officer's reporting for duty at a new assignment called on the various commanders, including the base commander and battalion commander. So, perfunctorily Rut presented himself to Akido at the appropriate time to pay his respects. Akido, upon meeting Rut, felt a vague familiarity as though he had met Rut before, but couldn't remember where.

During the next several weeks, Akido kept running into Rut at various events and the familiarity grew, but Akido could not remember where or when he had met the young officer before. It wasn't until one afternoon at the base field house, after an intensive workout, that Akido came across Rut and Jack in the locker room. Both young officers had finished their workout and were striping down to take a shower and sauna. Akido saw Rut nude, swaggering down the corridor towards the sauna when that vague feeling of familiarity hit Akido once more. Both young men had phenomenal physiques and as they walked Akido noticed Rut's dick. Something about the way it swung like a pendulum appealed to Akido. He decided to take a sauna with them. All three of these guys collapsed on the benches, and Rut was spread eagled on the top bench, his big cock and balls on display. Akido noticed the lack of hair on Ruts penis and balls; even his ass crack was hairless. Rut's cock mesmerized Akido, who sat opposite him. That cock was beautiful, and yet oddly familiar, too! He remembered one other cock that was similarly beautiful, and he thought back to that night of the dancer in the mountains of North Carolina. Could this be the same man? What had happened to the head of hair? Rut's hair was cut high and tight, blond with platinum highlights, not shoulder length platinum like the dancer had! Could that dancer have had a wig? It dawned on him, immediately, that he was in the presence of the same man who had appeared as the ecdysiast at the gay club. Whose performance and presence was so intensely sexual that Akido had shot his wad in his pants without ever touching his cock. In addition, Akido realized he was infatuated with the young lieutenant. He wanted, needed to have sex with him! It was all he could do to control a compulsive impetus to go over and go down on that beautiful cock.

Akido complimented his junior officers and told them that they had developed their bodies to perfection.

Jack said "Thank you, sir."

But Rut, returning the compliment said "Sir, you have done a great job on yours, too! I really like your chest development, you'll have to show me what exercises you did to get such a huge chest." And, Rut stared at the Colonel, admiring his chest and other attributes below the waist.

Akido's ego kicked in and he invited both officers to share a workout with him the following day, "Maybe, I can show you a thing or two."

"After the sauna, lets go have a beer?"

Both Jack and Rut agreed.

But more about that next time.

Authors note:

Anyone got any idea how two guys who want to fuck, but don't want to be fucked get the other to bottom for them. We know how Akido feels about Rut, but what are Rut's feelings toward his superior? An interesting dilemma. How will these hot blooded men get around the don't ask don't tell aspect of the story, which is further complicated by the possibility of sexual harassment inherent in any relationship involving a superior and subordinate in a sexual relationship. Of course, these are problems for Akido. Will Akido be willing to sacrifice his career in order to proposition Rut, or will he find a way to have Rut want to get involved with him, without using undue influence. And what about Russ and Jack, both have a great desire to be the first to fuck Rut? Bottom line: Will Akido fuck Rut or will Rut fuck Akido? Alternatively, will both remain virgins? Suggestions are invited. Read on, in the next installment my solution may be revealed, unless I am sidetracked myself.