Stranger in the dark

by Erik Maskot

It was dark in the narrow alleyway. It was raining and it was misty. Because of the rain and the heavy traffic on the main street about fifty feet behind me, I couldn't hear the person walking behind me. Suddenly he was right behind me. When he put his arms around me, I started to fight, trying to get loose, but I soon realized he was stronger than me and gave up.

With one arm held firmly over my chest, he started squeezing my ass buns through the fabric of my jeans. As he moved his hand to the front of my jeans and squeezed my cock, he whispered in my ear: «Just relax.» He sounded young, I thought, maybe eighteen like myself. I felt a tongue licking my ear, and his bulge rubbing against my ass.

My cock grew hard. He took this as an approval to continue, and pulled my jeans and boxers down, then started jerking my cock.

«It's pretty big,» he whispered. I didn't answer.

He unzipped his own pants, and soon I felt his naked flesh against mine. His large cock rubbing against the crack of my ass. If it was possible , my cock grew harder.

«Oh yeah, you want this,» he said in my ear.

He let go his arm off my chest. Instead he put both his hands on my hips, parted my buns and pressed his cockhead against my tight hole. I had to put my hands against the brick wall of the building right next to me.

I don't why I did this, but I pressed my ass against the stranger, and helped him enter me. At first it hurt, but then his head popped inside, and his cock slowly slid all the way in. I moaned loudly, and was afraid that people in the main street would hear me. But there was no way. Traffic was too loud, and I also heard thunder in the distance. Rain was pouring down. Cold water running down my face and body. A flashing light, a roaring thunder, and then all was black. Electricity was out. No street lights in the main street. Soaking wet the stranger was holding around my waist, fucking my ass.

Panting, he said in my ear: «You're the best fuck I've had in a long time.»

«I wish you could stay in my ass forever,» I replied. This turned him on, and he started pumping faster and harder.

«I'm coming,» he moaned and put his head on my shoulder.

«Cum inside me,» I replied. «Don't pull it out.» And just a few seconds later I could feel his warm manjuice filling me in spasms. The stranger let out a loud screaming «Aaargh.» He was holding me tight, and we were standing there like that for a long time, the rain still pouring down, the lightning flashing and the thunder rolling over our heads, and his cock still inside me.

Eventually he let go of me, pulled his cock out, and buttoned his jeans. He was about to leave as I put my hand on his shoulder and said «Why don't you come with me to my place? I'd love to finish what we've just started,» I said. My cock was still rock hard.

He turned towards me. I couldn't see his face, as it was completely dark. The thunder seemed more distant now.

«You're exceptional,» he said. «Nobody ever asked me this before.»

«Well, what's your answer?» I had both hands on his shoulders now. He smelled good, and I had a feeling he looked as good as he sounded and smelled.

He said yes, and I was happy. I pulled up my boxers and jeans that were dripping wet. At first they felt cold and uncomfortable, but as they were sticking to my skin, they turned me on.

I grabbed the stranger's hand, and we started walking through the dark. With the lights from passing cars I found my way home in the darkness pretty easily. The hard part was walking the stairs up to the 6th floor, as the elevator didn't work either. But I've walked the stairs hundreds of times before, and I just pictured them in my head. This way I also found my door, unlocked it, and felt my way around my apartment. This must be how being blind feels like, I thought.

The stranger was right behind me the entire time. I took my clothes off. Actually they were sticking to my body, so I had to pull them off.

I turned towards the stranger. I couldn't see him in the dark, but I heard him breathe right next to me. I started unbuttoning his shirt, and put me hands on his chest and stomach. He's perfect, I thought. Smooth skin, and a rock hard six-pack.

«My name's Erik,» I said to him. «What can I call you?»

With his sexy voice he replied. Pablo. So, he was a latino. He didn't have an accent, though. I started making a picture of him in my head. A sexy latino stud with tanned skin and short dark, almost black hair.

I went down on my knees and started unbuttoning and pulling down his wet pants. His big cock slapped my face as it popped out. He was obviously ready for more action.

As my hands ran over his asscheeks, I just adored him. His entire body was so firm and muscular, I just knew he had to be an athlete.

We were both cold from being so wet, so I led us both through the darkness into my bedroom, where we got into my bed and under the soft, warm blanket. Wrapped in each other's arms we started kissing. Passionately.

His hands caressed me at the bottom of my spine, and I grinded against his thighs. He rubbed both hands over the back of my ass and really seemed to be getting turned on. My hard cock throbbed against him, and I could feel his cock grow. It was an electric moment. I felt weak. He kissed my neck and I felt his cock throb against mine.

Pablo rubbed his chin on my chest and nipped the tip of my right nipple between his teeth. A sensational shcok ran from there to my groin. I felt I was close to coming, so I slid down and buried my face in his groin. I took his shaft in my hand and put my mouth over the tip. It was warm, wet, tautly smooth and solid. Pablo moaned, still softly, and slid his hands around the back of my neck. I thought he wanted me to suck him deeper and I tried to swallow the whole length of his shaft. I couldn't, so I sucked all around the tip, running my tongue around the firm ridge. I could taste a bit of his cum. I bobbed my head, sliding his dick into my mouth as far as I could without gagging. Returning to the tip and then sucking him deeper. I sucked and licked him firmly until he began to pump himself to his own special rhythm. He came very hard, staggering against me, and moaning loudly, his cock jerking as his cum spilled onto my tongue. I swallowed his warm load, and sucked him until his trembling stopped.

He pulled out, lifted me, whispered a «Thanks!» and kissed me deeply, sharing the taste of the load he had just given me.

Then he said «I want you to do something nobody ever has done to me before,» and rolled around, «I've fucked a few guys, and they've sucked me dry, but I've never had a cock up my ass. I want you to be the first one.»

I felt honored, and as he pushed his smooth ass towards me, I knew he was ready and willing. I wet my index finger and began to tease his asshole with it. He moaned deeply as I slipped it inside him and gently finger fucked him. His ass gripped my slick finger so tightly that I wondered how I'd ever get my cock inside him. After thoroughly lubricating my cock with saliva, I guided my cockhead into position. After a few moments he was able to relax enough to let the head of my cock slip inside him. I fought the urge to plunge my pole into him all at once, but instead fed it to him little by little. Slowly and patiently I worked my entire shaft inside him, all nine inches of it gripped by his hot ass. He grunted from between his clenched teeth as I began to move in and out of him slowly. At first I took only short strokes, but as his ass began to accommodate me, I was able to draw my cock out farther and farther each time. After a while I was sliding my cock back almost to the head, then plunging it back in to the hilt. Sensing the obvious pleasure, I began to pound his ass harder and harder.

«Fuck me harder,» he begged, and I did. With every thrust I could feel myself getting closer and closer to blowing my load inside him. He groaned loudly. I knew he was about to cum too. His asshole twitched and clutched my cock even tighter as he came. This put me over the edge, and I pumped his ass full of hot cum. For a few moments nothing in the world existed but the indescribable feeling of my orgasm. At last I collapsed onto him with my face pressed against his sweaty shoulders.

We must have fallen asleep like that, because the next thing I remembered was waking up with the room filled with sunlight from the outside.

I rolled over and discovered the tanned athletic body sleeping right next to me. Wow, was he gorgeous. I lifted my head to get a closer look at his face, and discovered it was the guy I've had a crush on for a long time, who lived in the next block, and that he was more beautiful than I'd imagined in my wildest fantasies.

A tear ran down my cheek. «Oh please,» I thought, «never let this guy leave.» I wanted to keep him forever. He could be my lover, my husband or my wife, whichever he preferred, forever.

As he opened his eyes, he smiled at me, and I whispered to him «Can I keep you?» He chuckled and kissed me.

«Well, of course,» he said. «You probably haven't noticed, but I've been keeping an eye on you for months. I live with my parents down the street, and I've seen you every day at school, trying to look at you without seeming suspicious. I was hoping that you were gay, but I never could tell for sure.»

I was surprised, because I had never noticed him looking at me.

«Do you think it's time you moved out of your parents' home?» I asked. «You could live here with me.»

He didn't answer at first, just put his arms around me and kissed me passionately. Eventually he said: «I wouldn't even consider leaving this bed long enough to get my stuff.» We both laughed.