I had a hell of a day today, lots of adrenaline, very interesting. I'm a contractor, mostly residential remodeling. I was working in a nice part of town today, finishing a job. Right after lunch I was using my router to make sawdust all over a lady's living room. When I shut it off, I heard the sound of Canadian geese flying overhead and went to look out of the window, thinking that it was a little early for them to be flying north. In the two weeks I've been working here, I've seen only one pedestrian, and because I viewed it as a "safe" neighborhood, I left the doors of my van open while it was parked in the driveway. I stepped out on the porch to get a better view of the big "V" formation flying overhead. I don't know if I heard a noise or what made me look toward my van, but I noticed that it was rocking slightly. There's $15,000 or so of tools in it and they are my livelihood, so I was down there in an instant.

My van is a Dodge Ram with a divider between the cab and the cargo area. As a safety idea, I disengaged the linkage from the inside door handles on the rear and side doors. My idea was that if somebody got in through the front by breaking the glass, they still couldn't carry tools out the back. Today, the back doors were open, but not the side doors. I hadn't cleaned it up recently, so there were tools and stuff all over. The compressor was pulled out and had been running. A large folding ladder and tools I hadn't put away cluttered the floor.

I don't know who was more surprised when I stepped around the back and came face to face with a young guy about to step out of my van with a toolbox in his hand. Since I was blocking his exit, he dropped the toolbox and jumped over the stuff and tried to get out of the side door. He couldn't get that open and the door in the divider wouldn't open because the compressor was in the way. The shelves on the back doors hold a variety of hammers so I grabbed one and just stood there. He finally stopped trying to get out and turned to look at me. He was a Spanish kid, about 17, short and skinny, maybe 125 pounds. I'm 5' 10" and 180 pounds, 50 years old but not very soft. His frightened eyes looked like does eyes. I saw that he was cornered, the only way out was past me and he didn't seem to want to fight his way out. He just stood there, not saying a word. I wasn't sure if he was shaking or not. He had the baggy jeans and baggy hooded sweatshirt that the kids like to wear these days, concealing the shape of his body. I just stood there studying him, knowing that I had the upper hand. His face was perfectly smooth, he didn't have to shave. Kind of an angular face. Wavy black hair covered his forehead and fell over his ears. I was thinking that I would like to touch this kid, but I really didn't want to beat the shit out of him. I hadn't heard his voice and the only thing I had said was, "What th' fuck?!" when I first saw him. I saw that he was indeed shaking. I figured that I may as well turn him over to the law and reached for my cell phone. That sparked an immediate reaction from him. He started to talk as fast as he could, I assume to talk me out of calling the police, but all in Spanish. If anything, his eyes got bigger, beautiful black eyes. Long straight nose, lovely thin lips. I liked watching them move when he talked. I guess it was like watching a trapped animal; it was fascinating to watch him. I wanted to watch him some more and ratcheted up the tension by pressing three numbers, not 911. He held his hands up like he was praying to me to not call the cops ... and he pissed himself! I don't know what "I'll do anything" sounds like in Spanish, but I was sure he was saying it. I closed up the phone and put it away. A nasty plan was forming in my mind.

I knew he would run the first chance he got so I had to be careful to not let that happen. I laid the hammer down in front of me and motioned for him to come to me. Very slowly, timidly he came toward me, climbing over my tools. I think he just then discovered that his pants were all wet. I saw him look over my shoulder and I shook my head. He finally got to where I could get a hold of him and I held his wrist and put a nylon wire-tie around it, then put another one around his other wrist and a third connected them together behind his back. He was essentially handcuffed. I put some more wire-ties in my pocket. I was getting aroused by his youthful good looks and his fearful expression. I led him around to the back of the house and into the pool cabana. He gave me no trouble, just going to his fate, whatever it might be.

When we got inside, I led him over to the washing machine and started it. It occurred to me then that I should check for weapons and patted him down just like I had seen on TV, but I made sure to touch his ass and dick as I did it. I reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet out and glanced at it and put it in my pocket. I saw that he had some papers and pictures and a little money. I bent down and motioned for him to lift his foot and I took his sneakers off. I then unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his pants. I couldn't help myself, I took a swing at his ass with it before putting it down, not vicious, but pretty hard. He sucked his breath in. I just pulled on his pants and they dropped to around his ankles. I tapped his legs and he stepped out of them and I threw them into the washing machine. I then reached up and pulled his brown and beige stripped boxers down. He murmured something, but I ignored it and threw them into the washer too.

He had a nicely shaped cock, maybe only four inches soft, uncut. Just a little bit of soft black hair above his cock, smooth beautiful balls. His legs had just a bit of dark fuzz on them. He was just looking down, very submissive, I couldn't tell if he knew I had a huge hardon bulging at the front of my pants. It was his ass that I really wanted to see so I turned him away from me and lifted his sweatshirt up. I wanted it off, so I pulled my pocketknife out and cut a wire-tie from his wrist. He put his hands up so I could pull his shirt over his head, his t-shirt too. I threw them into the washer. He stood there perfectly naked, so smooth. Not one hair on his chest or belly. Perfect, dime-sized nipples. Beautiful light brown skin, like mocha. I didn't feel that I had to retie his hands. I didn't think that he was going anywhere nude. I would catch the occasional glance from him, but mostly he looked at the ground. I started to caress his shoulders and arms. He was skinny, but had some nice muscle definition. His ass was gorgeous, a typical boy ass, tight cheeks, those big dimples on the sides.

I'm pretty much a top, but I knew I wanted to suck that cock and rim that beautiful ass, but he smelled of piss. I led him over to the shower and turned it on and I started to take my clothes off. I thought I saw a brief flicker of a smile when I dropped my trousers and my 8" cock sprang out. I pushed him under the water and squirted some shampoo into his hair. He started to reach up to wash it, but I pulled his hands back down and started to massage his scalp. When I finished with that, I soaped up my hands and washed his face and worked my way down over every inch of his body. His neck, massaging his shoulders, down his back, rubbing his chest, squeezing his nipples, rubbing his belly, grabbing his cock and feeling it start to get a little hard as I jacked him, then his ass, oh, what a fine ass. I tapped his legs so he would spread them and I massaged his cheeks and ran my hand up and down his hairless crack, stopping every so often to finger his hole. I reached between his legs to handle his cock which was now quite a bit harder. I pulled his foreskin back and cleaned it thoroughly while he squirmed. I soaped down his legs and feet. I motioned for him to rinse off while I quickly soaped myself.

We stepped out of the shower and I handed him a towel. It was such a pleasure to watch him move while he dried himself, his muscles flexing here and there. He was certainly more comfortable than before. He still wouldn't look at me, but he was no longer shaking and I was pretty sure he was up for whatever was coming. It didn't seem foreign to him. I spread some chair cushions on the floor and put some towels over them. I motioned for him to sit down on them with me and I thought he was doing it before I motioned. I laid him down and started to caress his chest and nipples. His cock was half hard and jumped in my hand when I touched it. It grew to between 5 and 6 inches with the head sticking out from the foreskin. I bent over and pulled as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. He sucked in a sharp breath, but did nothing to stop me. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a few minutes. I heard his breath getting shorter and didn't want to make him cum so quickly. I turned him over so his nice boy-ass was sticking up. I pulled his cheeks apart and buried my tongue in his crack. That got a rise from him, he pushed his ass up toward my tongue and I heard him groan at the same time. I reached under him and pulled his cock down so I could lick from his cockhead to his ass hole in one lick, all the while holding his ass cheeks apart with my hands. I could feel them tighten as I got closer to his asshole with my tongue.

I was about to burst, but I didn't want to shoot my load yet. I wanted to feel his lips on my cock. I sat down on the pillows near his head and pulled his face closer to my cock. He looked up at me and I smiled. He moved closed and wrapped his hand around my cock and started to jack me. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his face to an inch from my cock. I could feel his resignation as he pulled himself a little further forward, closer to my cock and took it into his mouth. It felt heavenly. He worked at my cock with his hand and mouth until I was almost ready to explode down his throat, but I held off. I loved watching my cock disappear in his mouth, all wet. I'm sure this wasn't the first time he had sucked a cock. He seemed to be enjoying my 8 inches.

I pulled him off my cock and motioned for him to lie down on his belly. He looked a bit puzzled, but did as I motioned to him. Again, I licked his beautiful boy-crack and left it wet with my spit. I kneeled between his legs and when he felt my cock sliding up and down his crack, he murmured, "No, no." But that wasn't really an option for him. I lay down on top of him and raised my pelvis so I could have a straight aim for penetration. He started to tense up as the head of my cock touched his asshole. I knew that would only make it harder for him. I pushed his legs far apart and slapped his right cheek, as hard as I could. That left my handprint in red on his ass, but he loosened up. I spit on my cock and in his crack again and slowly started to enter. I was harder than I have been in a long time. He moaned and tried to pull his ass down into the pillow but I was relentless in my assault on his ass. I just pushed in slowly, but in nevertheless. When he would whimper, I'd let up and wait a bit for him to get used to my cock in his ass. After a long time, I had buried my cock completely in his ass and I started to pump in and out. He whimpered with each stroke. I loved the feel of his tight asshole around my cock, also the feel of his tight boy buns against my thighs. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his face to mine and started to kiss his smooth cheek, his eye, his nose, his beautiful lips. I think that surprised him. I pushed my finger into his mouth to make him open it so I could follow it with my tongue. He just lay there, letting me do what I wanted with him. I could kiss him, but he wouldn't kiss me. All the while I was pumping up and down into his ass. I reached under his chest and pinched one of his nipples, massaging it, twisting it and then pinching it tightly. I loved hearing him suck in his breath, that was about the only reaction I was getting from him. And then I felt his ass rise to meet my strokes, not much, but he was certainly in synch with me. Wow, the little fucker was enjoying having his ass plowed. That put me over the edge and I unloaded into his ass. It was a most satisfying fuck.

I laid there, caressing his face, running my fingers through his still damp hair, waiting for my breath to return to normal. I pulled on him and we both rolled over onto our sides with my now soft cock still in his ass. I was going to jerk him off, but it was too late! He had already cum all over the towel under him. He had never touched his cock. I had heard about guys who could cum from having their prostate massaged by a guys cock, but this was the first time I had experienced it. He was done.

I pulled out and we got up and headed back into the shower after I threw his clothes into the dryer. Afterward, we sat on one of the chairs and I caressed his body all over. It was sweet having the little thief sit on my lap while I jacked him. I made him stand up so I could suck on his cock and feel of his ass. He was getting aroused again and started to pump into my mouth. I was getting face fucked! Oh well, he had a sweet cock. I stopped for just a second to wet my finger put his cock back in my mouth. I pushed my finger into his ass until I could feel his prostate and began massaging it. I almost think that his cock grew another inch. He definitely picked up the pace. I don't usually suck cock, but I knew I was going to get a mouthful today. Sure enough, the boy suddenly shot all he had into my mouth. I gagged some, but kept most of it in. It had a much sweeter taste than I remembered from the last time I had tasted cum. He softly touched my hand for me to pull my finger out of his ass.

Just then the buzzer went off on the clothes dryer. I motioned for him to get his clothes. While he was getting dressed, I took his wallet out and looked through it. I recognized the street he lived on, it would be easy to find his house. I gave him back his wallet and walked him to the front. Just before he walked off, I said, "Mañana, aquí." Tomorrow, here. I wanted to fuck his little ass again. We'll see.