DISCLAIMER: The following content contains sexual activities between boys. It is recommended that you are 18 or older to read this. If find this offensive or is not permitted where you live I will have to ask you to please leave this story. However, if you do chose to read this story then I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did when writing this.

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This is my first time in attempting to write a story. So, I could use some feedback :-). Also, this story is completely fictional.

Sunset Escape

Character Descriptions:
Chase Marshall – A 19 year old boy who is struggling to fit in with others. He is 5’10” with a slight toned torso, and his skin is lightly tanned. This boy has eye catching facial features especially with his deep ice blue eyes. He has the most appealing short dirty blonde hair. Grew up in the country and just recently moved to Oregon. Sadly, he has only been in Oregon for a month.

Ethan Summers – A beautiful 20 year old boy that is 5’9”. This lovely boy has a nice tone to his torso. He is slightly pale with a shaggy light brown hair. He has the most beautiful grayish hazel eyes. This boy has no trouble with being social. He was raised in southern California but just recently moved to Oregon. He has been in Oregon a little over a year now.

 Chapter 1

I groan as I hear my alarm clock going off at 5:30 and I throw my pillow at the clock hoping it will shut off. Knowing that I have to get ready for work, I sit up in my bed realizing that the sun hasn’t even started rising yet. I begin to rub my eyes. I get up and head to the shower, turning the water on as I hop in. Lathering up my whole body and notice that, as always, I had a morning woody. I know that if I don’t get off now, it will drive me insane. I take a handful of hair conditioner and apply it to my cock, beginning to stroke nice and slow. After a minute or two I begin to massage my balls. I am stroking my cock faster as I moan softly. After several minutes, of massaging my balls while I masturbate, my body begins to tense up tightly. Moaning and groaning with pleasure, I begin to shoot 4 or 5 streams of cum. I quickly rinse my body and start drying off. I make my way to the kitchen and get a bowl of Cheerios with a small glass of orange juice. As soon as I finish eating it I get going since I'm already running late.

When I get to work I am informed that I will be training a new employee. So here I am thinking “ah fuck, not another newbie”. As I prepare for my day of hell having to train someone new, I see the cutest guy ever walking in. He had the most perfect tan ever and his hair is gorgeous. I see him walk up to my manager and they both start walking towards me. Now, here I am thinking that my manager is just going to introduce me to him and all. As soon as they approach me I can’t help but get a quick head to toe look of him. When I meet up with his eyes I almost die. He has the most beautiful ice blue eyes ever. He starts to smile slightly then I feel my face flush, I know I'm blushing.

“Hey Ethan, how are you this morning?” said Phil. Phil is my manager and we have gotten along great since I started here.

“I’m doing well this morning. How about yourself?” I reply.

“That’s good to hear. I am doing quite well. You are one of our best employees here at the store and I would like you to meet Chase.” Phil responded. I’m thinking to myself that Chase is a really cute name and I begin to smile warmly.

I nod slightly and Phil continued, “I would like you to train him this week.” My heart starts to race like mad when I hear him say that. It’s going to be hard as fuck to keep my paws off of this new boy.

I said, “I would be more than willing to train him.” I put out my hand hoping he will shake it. He reaches out grasping my hand...WOW! This guy has a nice grip.

As Phil was departing he said, “I’m sure you two will do great working together.” When I first saw his eyes I was in awe. They were beautiful ice blue eyes. I wanted to stare into them for as long as I could.

Chase was standing there smiling warmly then he said, “You ok Ethan?”

I snapped out of it and replied “Oh yes! I’m so sorry! I just spaced off thinking about something.” I started to blush to a light shade of a pink. “I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new here or no?” Ethan asked.

Chase hesitated in responding. Then he finally said, “I just moved here from Michigan.” He paused for a moment. “You don’t get out very much do you?”

I looked at him oddly then I said nervously, “W-w-why you ask?”

Chase chuckles a little then he responded in a British accent, “Well you are a wee bit pale, wouldn’t say so mate?” He just had the cutest grin on his face.

I looked devilishly into his eyes and said, “Well, I don’t get out very much. Say, you have a very nice tan. How you manage to get such a nice tan in Michigan?”

As he was walking towards me he replied, “Well, haven’t you heard of tanning bed? So, shall we get started?”

At this point I was so beet red! I just embarrassed myself in front of the cutest guy. I knew that today was going to be the quickest day of my career just by training him. I thought to myself for a second that sounded a bit kinky. I finally responded, “Ah, yes we should get to training. First of all have you ever used a touch screen register before?”

“I have always have used those old dinosaur registers. They kind of remind me of one of those silly 'As Seen on TV' products.”

I just laughed a little bit then said, “Well that is true. I remember when we first had those dinosaurs in this store. One of the former employees would bitch to hell and back because she couldn’t get the thing to work.”

Chase cracked up laughing, once he calmed down a little he said, “Before I moved here, my manager, reminding you she was in her 50’s, would constantly be complaining how the register never works. I remember one time she got so pissed she looked like Barney.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. As the day went on I managed to teach him how to use the register and which he learned pretty quick. It’s about our lunch break and I’m debating on whether or not if I should ask him to lunch. It seems like my brain is like a cat fight trying to win a battle. Finally, I just decide to grow some balls and ask the guy to lunch. Surprisingly, he accepts the offer. He never had P.F. Chang’s before, so we went there. Lunch was a blast; we had such a great time. As time neared for us to go back to the store, I began to think of possibly giving him my number. Then I thought that I could potentially scare the guy away. I ended up voting against the idea.

When we returned back to the store I started to train him on approaching the customers and assisting them with their needs. I noticed that he was checking out my body. When he noticed that I was observing him as he was checking me out, his face turned beet red. I smiled warmly and whispered to him, “You are very cute when you start to blush.” Poor guy, he turned so red that it looked like he was turning purple. I have never seen a guy get so embarrassed like he did. So, we finished up the rest of the day by showing him how to fill out the paper work for evening shift. As we were leaving the building I noticed he was heading towards the bus stop. I began to hesitate on offering him a ride. I finally grew big enough balls, almost the size of a melon. So, I went up to him and shyly asked, “Hey, want me to give you a lift?”

Once again, Chase blushed into a deep red. He responded quietly, “U-U-Uh s-sure I would like that.” We smiled warmly to each other and walked to my car. I started driving towards the apartment complex that I lived in and he said, “You live here too?”

I looked at him oddly then smiled, answering softly: “Yea I do live here also. What’s your apartment number?” He looked like he was hesitant to tell me his apartment number.

He points to the building that had the number 1253, “Its 308.”

“Really? I’m surprised that I didn’t run into you yet.”

He looked puzzled, “What you mean?”

“I live in apartment 203.”

I pulled into my reserved parking space. He followed me to my apartment instead of going directly to his. Before opening the door to my apartment, I turned around he was literally five inches from me. I smiled warmly as he did the same. Once inside, I invited him to take a seat on the couch as I got some cokes. When I entered the kitchen I carefully spied on him. God he has a wonderful figure and body! I was a little unsure whether he was actually gay or not. I entered into the living room and handed him the coke as I sat down next to him. “What made you decide to come to my apartment?” I asked shyly.

“I-I uh thought you wanted me to come to your apartment … I can go if you want me to.”

“No, actually it gets lonely here. I'd like for you to stay unless you have other plans for the evening.”

He smiled, “I don’t have any other plans this evening.”

“Want to watch a movie or something?”

“I heard that Raising Helen was going to be on tonight.”

I smiled “We can watch that. What is it about?”

“Well, its just one of those typical drama movies. You know like the ones where the mama and the dada died and so the sister gets the kids.”

I giggled a little bit, “Mama and dada? You are an interesting boy” I said with a smile.

He blushed, “You got a problem with me saying mama and dada?” he responded. Then he said in a little doll like voice, “Mamaaaa.”

I just giggled when he said that. “You know there’s nothing wrong with mama and dada. Care for popcorn?” I said.

Chase half shouted back, “Sure, if you don’t mind, without better or salt.”

“Oh, no I don’t mind. Funny actually, I like it plain also. I have always thought I was a weird boy or something when I have things a bit different.”

To which Chase added, “You are not weird … yet. When did you move here?”

I was getting the popcorn prepared to be popped. “About a year ago. I wanted to get away from my parents. Plus, I was getting tired of the California scene. Why did you move here?” I responded cheerfully.

“That’s cool, I actually moved out here for the same reason. However, I wanted to move here because I found this scene more relaxing and I heard that the sunset here was absolutely gorgeous.”

“The sunset here is beautiful. Maybe we could watch the sunset tonight if we have time. What are some of your hobbies dude?”

“I love to play pool. I haven’t found any good places here with pool. Most of them are filled with drunken old farts and smoke.”

“Most of the pool halls here are pretty nasty. Haven’t you been to the arcade center yet? I know they have a pool table there.”

“I wasn’t aware of an arcade center. Maybe you can show me sometime.”

“Yeah, that would be cool. Anyways, do you know what channel the move is on?”

“I think it’s on a HBO channel.” So, I flipped to one of the HBO channels. Ah, just in time. As time went by, I noticed he was getting closer and closer to me. About, half way through the movie we were cuddling! OMG, his arms are so strong yet he was so gentle.

I was woken up by a surprise! Chase was kissing me! I smiled at him and I noticed the time. “Holy shit it’s really late. We must have fallen asleep”, I tiredly said.

“I have been up for about 10 minutes. I have been watching you sleep. Has anyone ever told you look very cute sleeping?” He said shyly.

“Nope, no one has ever told me that before. So, um do you want stay over tonight?” I replied.

Once, I finally woke up a little bit Chase and I start to kiss passionately. After about 10 minutes I got up and went to the kitchen to grab some ice cubes and put them in a small glass. Then, I returned to the living where I saw Chase was lying there comfortably. I walked up to Chase and slowly removed his shirt, and then I took an ice cube and placed it on the collar bone.

Chase gasped, “Oh God that feels so good!”

I began moving it slowly to the right nipple run the ice cube around the nipple then I slowly moved it to the left nipple and did the same as I did with the right nipple. I decided to let the ice cube slide down Chase's torso as I softly kiss around the collar bone. I began to kiss towards the left nipple as I play with his nipple with my tongue and he plays with the right nipple. Soon, I start to lick slowly to the right nipple and began to play with it too.

“Ooooooooh!” Chase moans.

I slowly begin to kiss towards the waist line and softly kiss from one side to the other. As I was kissing along the waist line I was playing with Chase’s left nipple. I slowly start to kiss back towards his lips and kissed him ever so passionately.

* * * * * * *

I was barely awake when I heard someone in the shower. I got up and quietly headed to the bathroom and that’s when I saw Chase in the shower. WHOA! Did I sleep with him! I was so confused I didn’t know if he slept on the couch or even remembered him sleeping over. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of orange juice. As I was drinking my orange juice Chase entered the kitchen. I literally dropped my glass when I saw his slightly toned body naked. I was in complete shock; I could never imagine something like this happening.

“What’s the matter Ethan? Never saw a naked guy before?” Chase said softly.

“…uh” I said.

He began to walk over “You ok? You seem a bit shocked or something.” He said.

“Uh, yeah I’m ok … just don’t remember much after the movie.” I said

He laughs a little bit, “It must have been one hell of a night then.” He responded.

“W-w-what you talking about?” I responded nervously.

“Oh, yeah we had the wildest sex ever. You mean you don’t remember any of it?” He questioned.

“… We had s-sex?”

He laughs, “No you silly but you teased me with an ice cube and your tongue. Then we cuddled together on your bed.”

Boy was I relieved. I wasn’t ready for sex but I still don’t remember much what happened last night. I was looking at him and thinking damn he's got a nice body. Before I realized it he was kissing me ever so passionately. We made out for what felt like, at least ten minutes. As we were playing tongue war with each other I was slowly sliding my finger over his smooth strong chest. When I met up with his left nipple I began to play with them.

“Oh yeah” He moaned.

After about another 3 minutes, we finally broke the lip lock. WOW! I have never experience so many feelings before. As I looked at him smiling so warmly and peacefully I observed his perfectly toned and tanned body. I have never imagined someone as perfect as he was