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Sunset Escape

Character Descriptions:
Chase Marshall – A 19 year old boy who is struggling to fit in with others. He is 5’10” with a slight toned torso, and his skin is lightly tanned. This boy has eye catching facial features especially with his deep ice blue eyes. He has the most appealing short dirty blonde hair. Grew up in the country and just recently moved to Oregon. Sadly, he has only been in Oregon for a month.

Ethan Summers – A beautiful 20 year old boy that is 5’9”. This lovely boy has a nice tone to his torso. He is slightly pale with a shaggy light brown hair. He has the most beautiful grayish hazel eyes. This boy has no trouble with being social. He was raised in southern California but just recently moved to Oregon. He has been in Oregon a little over a year now.

 Chapter 2

Today Phil decided to assign Chase to another department so he can complete the training. The day went by awfully fast comparing to most days. When I got home, I just changed out of my work clothes and watched some TV. About 9 I wanted to go see if Chase was home. As I was going toward his apartment, I noticed that Chase wasn’t at his apartment. So, I decided to go on the roof of the complex to watch the sunset. I usually, go up there when I want to be alone and to think. I have never seen such a beautiful sunset till tonight. I mean, every night has been very beautiful but nothing like tonight. The sky was fading from a dark blue to a pinkish orange and there were a few stars. I just laid back and stared at the sky. Who knows how long I was on that roof but out of nowhere Chase was standing over me smiling.

“Hiding from me?” Chase asked.

“Oh no, I noticed you weren’t home so I came up here to see the sunset. Why are you up here?” I responded.

“I decided to go have dinner with Irene. And I was looking for you.”

“Irene, the dixie blonde girl?

“Yea, that’s her. She, thought I was a straight boy.”

I laughed and said, “You aren’t straight from what I have seen.”

He sat down with me and asked, “How often are you up here?”

“I’m usually up here 3 or 4 times a week. It helps me to think and relax. There are times when I come up here to think about my mother. Yeah, we had loads of fun. I remember one time we went to this one cool toy store and we would go done the isles and attempt to play with the toys but we never could.” I laughed a little “She always made an attempt to give the best birthday parties ever. Whenever my dad would find out he would go on a rampage. I remember cry on my 17th birthday in my room because dad was so drunk and pissed that mom threw a small party for me birthday. Eventually I fell asleep and before I knew it was morning. I couldn’t find my mom or dad anywhere and the car was gone to. I figured they went to the store or something like they always do. So, I got in the shower and got ready for school. Just before I took off to school the door bell rang. When I answered the door there was two police officers. At that time I was terrified to hear what they had to say. One of the officers said ‘Son, you need to come with us.’ I didn’t know what to think. I went ahead and went with them to avoid trouble. We pulled up in the hospital ER. Now, I was getting really terrified to find out what happen. The two officers escorted me into the ER where we met with some guy in his 40s. He explained to me that he was my parent’s lawyer. We were walking to a room where there were two doctors. The lawyer calmly told me that my parents were in an accident.” I started to choke up a little. “One of the doctors told me that my father was under the influence of alcohol and they have collided with another car. They also told me that my mother was pinned into the car seat by the front end of the car smashing into her. I was in denial because I didn’t want to hear this but I was in tears completely. My mother and I were very close to each and the one person in the world that I hated killed her. After about 30 minutes I calmed down, the doctor proceeded and said that they managed to get my father removed from the car, but died early this morning from the front of the car. Before the doctor could even continue I blurted out ‘Good the bastard got what he deserved.’ Everyone in the room was shocked to hear me that my father wanted me to have the house and every penny that he has. I say this. So, the lawyer explained everything about the will and my rights. I learned found out that my father had well over $400,000 saved. I’m thinking to myself that selfish bastard and he kept saying he didn’t have any money. That sure was a lie. Anyways, I sold the house and went to live with my aunt up till I was 19 and I moved here.”

Chase was holding me as I cried out my eyes. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you.”

Chase and I went to his apartment and we were holding each other on his couch. Apparently we fell asleep like this because all I remember was seeing his face and now it’s bright in the morning. I just continued to hold Chase as he sleeps then I proceed in running my hands through his beautiful dirty blonde hair. It was about another hour before he woke up and when he did he just smiled so warmly and continued to hold me.

Chase asked, “Shouldn’t we be getting ready for work?”

“Nah, I will just tell Phil that we won’t be going in. Hey, don’t forget I’m one of the store managers.” I responded.

“Then in that case we should in the shower anyways to get squeaky clean.”

I laughed a little, “Lead the way then.”

After we got done showering, I went back to the living room while Chase went to prepare some breakfast. I didn’t mean to be snooping around his stuff but I noticed that he had some type of presentation schedule in about a month or so in his home town. I went into the kitchen and asked him about this presentation. He told me that every since he graduated that he has been actively part of the gay community and his high school’s GSA club. That he is going to be giving a presentation suicide and drug usage. During the day we just got to know each other more. I found out that he used to be a vegetarian but he sort of has a problem eating meats but not so much as before. Most of our day consists of us learning about each other and watching a few movies.