My name is Jerry. I live in the centre of Amsterdam in a studio.

This is a story about my first gay sexual experience and what happened afterwards.


Tad and Jerry


It all happened a few years ago when I was a student (dentist) in Amsterdam 3rd year. I am Dutch, 6 ft 3 inches, normal build. Sports are waterpolo and golf. Brown hair and eyes. No hair on my chest but enough red hair above my crotch and a thick mat of blond hair on my arms and legs. An uncircumcised cock of 6 inches (8.5 inches erect) and loose hanging balls. I have what they call a typical swimmers build


I have had 2 girlfriends but somehow the relations didn't last. I always thought that the reason was that I didn't give them enough time. Sex was an obligation and just physical. It didn't give me much satisfaction. Of course I looked at the boys in the showerroom but never really expected that I was gay.

Being gay was something that didn't happen in our family and was a thing that wasn't spoken of. How tolerant we were towards others.


After my second relation broke off and being the end of the schoolyear I decided to make a round-trip through Europe during my whole holiday. My parents helped me with money and I could borrow my mum's car, a Volkswagen Rabbit. Sleeping I did in little country hostels of which I had a whole list.


I started in Normandy and drove along the Atlantic coast to the South of France. I wanted to see the medieval city, more a gigantic fortress, of Carcassone. It was hot almost 105 degrees and a thunderstorm was building up.

When the thundering began I sheltered in a little cafe and asked a guy who was sitting alone at a table if the other chair was available. We started talking about the usual things tourist talk about. But he had a cute face and a lovely smile. What's more a marvellous sense of humour. While the rain was pouring down we got on very well. His name was Tad a student in Montreal, Canada 2nd year architecture. His father was a dentist so he knew what I was going to do. He had no girlfriend but spent his time biking in the country and playing tennis.


He was on a hiking/travelling tour through Europe too and had no real travelling scheme in mind. He slept also in small country hotels. He had started in London via Normandy and the Atlantic coast to Carcassone, just like me. He even had lain on the same beaches in Montalivet, the largest nudist beach in Europe.

Tad was 1 year younger than I am. When the rain stopped I proposed to him to drop his gear in my car and to go on sightseeing together. When we were finished he could drive with me to my little hotel in the country which had enough rooms available. He agreed and we had a marvellous time with lots of laughter.


At the end of the day he asked me what my next stop was and I told him that I only planned two days ahead. The next stop would be Lourdes and than to the mountains of the Pyrennees. I suggested that he could join me, what would save him lots of time and we could have some more fun.

I was very glad that he agreed. We drank some more wine and went to bed in our separate rooms.


I could not sleep. Everything went through my mind. The way Tad looked, his eyes, his slightly sunburned nose, his mouth with that dazzling smile, his strong hands, his clothing, white tee-shirt, khaki Bermuda, white socks and high Timberlands. His legs, nice calves with black hair and a nice brown tan,


I could not get him out of my mind and suddenly I realised that I was in love, madly in love with the guy.

It gave me a shock because it never happened in that way before in my life with my girlfriends or anybody else. Did that mean I was gay?


The next morning I was rather early, so I loaded my gear in the car and went to his room.

He opened the door only wearing a towel around his waist and was shaving himself. He apologised for being late. He didn't sleep well that night.

I sat on his bed and talked while observing his body. Definitely a guy that did some sports using his legs. No hair on his chest or arms, hardly any in his armpits. I had never seen a guy with such a soft and smooth skin on his chest and face. Than he dropped his towel and went to the tiny bathroom.

He wasn't shy but behaved quite normal. A well developed chest that showed a sportsman. Thank goodness not overdone. From behind his chest was rather broad and massive. His butts were really masterpieces and had almost the same colour as the rest of his body so I guessed that he did lay naked in the sun just as I did on the beach. His cock was just as mine uncircumcised and looked a little bit smaller than mine, his balls without hair hang close to his body. He had a thick bunch of black pubic hair and a little bit of hair growing down from his bellybutton to his crotch. I thought that his cock wasn't completely limp.

He shampooed his hair and soaped his body, cleaned his crack and pulled down his foreskin and wiped his glans carefully. He didn't really show it to me but I could see it from an angle. I felt my cock coming to life and it stood clearly visible strait in my Bermuda's. My god it was hard and pulsing like hell.

When Tad stepped out of the shower. I didn't know what to do. His cock had definitely grown a bit. I stood up and said that I would order breakfast and fled out of the room. He must have seen my erection. I waited at the table nervous as hell. What would he say, would he cancel the trip and leave me?

He came down and joined me for breakfast and just talked about the rolls, the coffee, the weather, and the route we were taking. I sipped my coffee and was so nervous and trembling that I spilled half of it over my Bermuda.


He smiled and said that we should clean the lot before we started and we went to his room. I took off my Bermuda, which he took and tried to clean the coffeestain with water. My boxer was wet also so he suggested that I took that of too so that everything was clean. Hesitantly I took it off and sat there naked, thank God with an almost flaccid cock. I could see that he looked at it while cleaning. I knew that it wouldn't take long to get an erection. I already felt the blood pumping. He just kept looking at it and said that it doesn't happen very often to meet a guy with blond hair on his legs, red pubic hair and brown hair on his head. As my clothes were thoroughly wet he suggested that I should wair one of his fancy boxers. He took one out of his bag and said that he had only the one he wore yesterday and still clean. I agreed and put it on. It gave me a very good feeling and I was glad to be able to hide my dick

Because of the heat he suggested that I should drive in those boxers and that nobody would care or notice.


We went down paid our bills and went to my car. He asked if he could drive, he was accustomed to a Volkswagen Rabbit, so that I could read the map. It was already so hot that he took off his tee shirt and Bermuda and took place behind the wheel just like me in his boxershirt. After some hesitation I took off my tee shirt as well and we drove off.


The plan was not to take the highway to Lourdes but to travel through the countryside. From my side I kept glancing at him.

I saw the slight bulge in his boxer and couldn't help feeling the blood pumping in my cock.

I got nervous again and didn't pay attention to the roadmap so that we took the wrong road.

He stopped the car in a small offroadparking place and bent over to my side to look at the map. While doing so he placed his hand on my thigh. He bent further and was practically leaning against my chest. I could smell him and felt his warmth. My cock sprung to life in a way it had never done so fast. My boxer seemed to burst under its pressure and I knew that within seconds its head would pop out. I started trembling again.

He looked up and asked what the trouble was. He had noticed my trembling during breakfast. And now again.


He looked at me and put his hand on my cock. I just bent my head.

He told me not to worry and placed my hand on his crotch. His cock was rising also. I told him that I was afraid that when noticing my erection this morning he would say good bye and leave me.

He smiled at me and squeezed my cock. He pulled away the top of my boxer and my cock jumped out. He took it in his hand and it felt wonderful. Never in my live before had a man hold my cock.


He than said that from the beginning he felt that there was something but that not for a moment he had thought of leaving me. On the contrary. He had been thinking about me the whole night. With one hand I took his head and pulled it against my chest. He lowered my boxer and started pulling my dick. It felt like a sensation somebody else doing it. He pulled my boxer all the way down to my ankles.

He took my balls in his other hand and fondled with them, while going over my glans with his finger. Precum started oozing out, lots of it and his hand became slippery. I was so excited that I lost control very fast and started cumming. An explosion of sperm that hit the roof of the car twice. It wouldn't stop and my chest was covered with cream. He kept my cock in his hand until it became limp and my breathing was back to normal. Than I reached over for a towel and started cleaning his hand, my chest and the roof. Two stains kept visible for the next years


Now it was my turn, but sitting behind the wheel is not very comfortable. So we stepped out of the car and I asked him to lean against the door of the car that was not or hardly visible from the road.

I never dreamed of doing it but I pulled down his boxer straight away, buried my face in his crotch and took his erect, bent cock in my mouth. I couldn't take it all the way without choking but buried my nose in his pubic hair. Oh boy how I loved that feeling and smell. Pulled down his foreskin and started licking and sucking his gorgeous cock. I kept on going and couldn't stop. Being the first time that I gave a blowjob I wasn't experienced. He just moaned and held my head with his hands, slowly moving his cock forward, so I guessed I didn't do too badly. Touching the inside of his legs with my hands made him shiver


He must have been very hot because it didn't take long or I felt his head grow and his cock stiffen. He screamed I'm cumming and tried to pull my head away, but I wanted him all the way and didn't want to loose one drop of his juices. It came like an eruption. I had difficulties swallowing it, but it went down and tasted strange but nice.

I couldn't let him go and kept his cock in my mouth and sucked it like a sleeping baby sucked his thumb. Even when it was limp I kept on sucking it with my nose in his hair, one hand on his balls and one hand on his thigh.


Tad pulled my head away and when I stood up he pulled me against him and hold me tight.


Is this the first time that you have sex with a male he asked yes it was and it looked as if my nervousness had gone. I loved it, and looking at him, he did too


When we became quite again we decided to continue the road to Lourdes but whenever we could get on the highway we would do it and try to reach our hotel as quick as possible.

In the car we talked a lot about our discovery of being gay. He didn't dare to come out although his sister had caught him once with some gaypictures and guessed it. His parents and brother had no idea. The same with me.

While driving we kept touching each other. He had jacked off years ago with some friends but being scared of discovery had stopped it. He had never analsex either.


My cock and his were not as limp as usual after cumming and when touching it you could feel it react immediately. As it would take some hours before we reached our hotel I pulled down my boxer and let him play with my toy while driving. Making it hard and let it soften again and so on. I had my head on his cock and managed to suck him while we went over a mountain pass and cars behind us. During that trip just fondling made me cum twice.


Near Lourdes we went to a little hotel booked a room and went upstairs. The door wasn't closed or Tad took me in his arms. Squeezed me and said that it was his turn to make me happy.


I was pushed on the bed and he pulled down my boxer. He just started stroking my cock and balls until I almost couldn't handle it anymore. Than he took my rockhard cock in his mouth and pushed his tongue under my foreskin and licked my glans, which is very sensitive. He pulled my foreskin down and started licking all over. He went over my belly, my bellybutton, and my legs. It was unbelievable what feelings he set loose. I tried rolling and bucking but he just held me tight. When he felt that my seed was ready to explode he took only my head in his mouth and really squeezed my balls.

The explosion came with an unknown power. And didn't seem to end. He kept on sucking and swallowing while I bucked and moaned. When he had taken the last drop he climbed over and kissed me on my mouth and pushed his tongue right in. It was the first time a man had kissed me and let me taste my own cum.

I knew than that I definitely was gay and would never have sex with a girl again. I brought my mouth to his ear and softly told him that he had given me the best experience of my life and that I loved him. He lifted his head, looked me in my eyes and told me that he loved me too,


It was still in the afternoon and I wanted his cock again, but suggested that it would be better to visit the city first to have a drink and a meal and returned to our room early. He agreed but standing up I saw that cock again with that thick bunch of hair right in front of my face and just lost all senses and started to suck him again. I loved his seed and kept on playing with his nipples his hair his balls until he came again. It seemed that he gave me more of his seed than the first time. I couldn't swallow it all and it dripped from the sides of my mouth.

We were exhausted and sweaty so we took a shower (together) jacked off again and went down to the bar and had a few beers.


On my question if he wanted to stay in bed instead of going to town he laughed and told me to keep the best for the night as three times cumming in one hour does use some energy.


Lourdes was an experience we both will never forget and we stood there watching all those pilgrims while we held each other's hand. Seeing all those people with their misery and hope made us realise that we were healthy and gay and not healthy but gay. We just had to accept ourselves as we were and let the rest of the world do what they like, if they had a problem with our love well that was their problem and not ours. We didn't care about the people around us. I sometimes put my arm around him and squeezed him or kissed him slightly in his neck.


For both of us it was a sensation and marvellous experience to walk around with nothing to hide. Even showing that you love a man. We felt free.


When we came home and went to bed we started all over again.

But this time we were for the first time together in one bed naked and playing and cuddling with eachother.

We sucked each other again and after that I sat on his lap holding him tight when he asked me if I wanted him all the way. I loved Tad so much that I wanted to feel him inside me to get the closest to a man you can get and receive the ultimate gift a man can give. The beginning of his own life, the contents of his balls.


He told me that once that has happened you could never in your whole life say that it didn't happen. There was no way back. I felt his cock in my crack pulsing. He took some Vaseline from a tin and greased both his cock and my anus.

I didn't know how it would feel, if it would hurt. But I wanted Tad desperately inside me. He asked me to lay on my back with my legs widely spread out or with my feet in his neck. He leaned with his hands on my legs forward and I felt his cock against my sphincter. He slowly pushed while telling me to open up. Suddenly his head slid in and it did hurt a lot. I moaned and he stopped to let the pain ease a bit. He kept talking to me and stroking my legs and thighs than he pushed another inch until his whole cock was inside me. I felt his hair and balls against me. It felt filled up and it gave a strange pleasure. I laid there with my eyes closed when he started to pull his dick almost out. A feeling of relieve but than he pushed it in again. It went in rather easy and didn't hurt anymore, just that lovely feeling of being filled up.

He was right in and bent over to kiss me on my lips. Now you have almost everything of me he whispered, are you ready to receive the rest. I just gripped his arms.

He lay on top of me and I felt the pulsing of his cock inside me. My cock was hard again and it felt good between our bellies.

Than Tad came to live and started rocking, real fucking he said. I soon found his ritme and acted accordingly, I opened up when he slid in and pulled tight when he drew out. His cocked seemed to grow inside me. I bent my legs around his hips and when he was inside I hold him there while squeezing his balls. I could feel his dick jump inside me even rubbing my prostate. One moment he lifted his legs so that his whole weight was centred on his cock. His cock couldn't possibly go in any deeper. Than he sat on my bottom rubbing my prostate with his cock.


Suddenly he moaned that he was coming and he started fucking harder. His cock definitely grew bigger inside me and than he exploded. I felt his warm juices fill my bowls. Tad collapsed on top of me. His cock still inside me I kissed him and stroked him while holding my arms and legs around him.

He started kissing my passionately on my mouth, even my eyes and ears. He was crying. This was the first time he had analsex with a man and he found a virgin ass as well to do it with. His not completely limp cock slit out and he fell on his back and laid so until he became quite. Than he bent over to me, placed his head on my chest and started stroking my body.

That night I took a man for the first time too and the experience was just like his. Tad had some difficulty in taking my cock all the way, at the base mine was much thicker than at the top. When I nearly came it felt as if my cock was getting harder, longer and bigger. He even had our balls together in his hands. It feels lovely tight and warm to have your cock in an ass and cumming is better too. We both felt that we finally became men. And didn't just have sex but it was much more than that, it was the beginning of a new period in our life and perhaps a period of lasting love.

Of course we talked as well and one moment he asked me if sex with a man gave me the sexual satisfaction I missed until now. I confirmed that but mentioned that I had one wish. To practice all possibilities that are mentioned in the Kama Sutra. He knew it and we agreed to try it all the way.


The whole night we kissed, jacked off, sucked and fucked.

I woke up and saw Tad lying besides me with a hard-on. I was horny as hell and carefully took the tin with Vaseline. Put some of it in my crack, creased my anus and slowly without awakening him managed to place myself on top of him with my legs spread out. I carefully took his hard cock in my hand and held it erect. Lowered my ass and slowly let it slid in my hot ass all the way. He was still asleep but moaned and licked his lips. My dick was erect like a pole. When I started riding him he started wriggling and after an amazing long time opened his eyes. I lowered my head, kissed him and asked if he could wish a better way of waking up. His answer was a tremendous throwing up of his crotch and started rocking and pushing his dick inside me like hell.

I tried to keep our lips together what succeeded until he started moaning and I felt his dick growing because I squeezed my anus everytime he pulled out to milk him and than he came. I tried to hold my anus tight between the shots and he definitely felt that in the pressure on his balls.


I didn't wait long as I wanted to have his ass straight away.


We were hungry, thirsty and needed a good clean up.

After showering and breakfast we discussed our plans for that day. Needless to say that we had decided to continue our holidays together.

We should go with a cablecar to one of the tops in the Pyrennees, than we would walk for 5 a 6 hours to a secluded hut where we could stay the night and walk back the next day. It was primitive but certainly worthwhile. Moreover it was warm and high and in the mountains it is much more pleasurable than in town.

The thought of being completely alone a whole day was something that we wanted so we asked if we were allowed to stay an extra day right up. If we took enough food and drinks with us there was no problem but we had to report afterwards at the station that we were back in town.


The hut was situated at the side of a small lake with ice-cold and crystal-clear water. We were tired and hot of the long walk and took of our clothes before getting settled. Tad went to the lake to fetch some water and I lit a fire in the stove. While I was sitting on the edge of the table I saw Tad coming up with a hard-on. It made me horny seeing him walk with a swinging hard cock.

When he came in I told him so. He pushed his cock against mine and kissed me very hard and long while holding me very tight. I imagined that he wanted to fuck me and put my legs around him, but instead he pushed me down on the table and started kissing my nipples, belly and cock.

When my cock was hard he moved over to the side while I was laying there and started to jack me off.

He kept on kissing and sucking my nipples. He asked me to tell him when I felt the prickling behind my balls.

That was rather fast and than he put only his lips around the glans and jacked off very very slowly. It felt great and several times asked him to do it faster instead of slower. But he just went on and than when the whole lowerpart of my body seemed to be on fire my cock became thicker, my glans became larger and it looked as if my cock grew half an inch. It felt great; moreover when I looked at that big dick I couldn't believe it was mine, so big and solid. The whole length just as thick. Tad went over it with his tongue and lips and it stayed that huge. He told me that it was a cock to be proud of but that he was afraid of getting that huge dick inside his ass. When I came he swallowed the whole lot.

While he was at my side I had his cock in my hand and pulled it until it was hard. After I came I stayed on the table and he fucked me straight away. It was a good start of the night and Tad did take my big cock all the way in his ass.


I can tell you that being so high in the mountains walking around naked and having unlimited sex is great. Nothing to worry about just pleasing your lover. Tad must have set something loose in me. I never imagined that I could have so much sex and so often. In the grass, on the table, against the wall, you name it we did it. And we kept on producing amazing amounts of sperm as well.

In the afternoon we were dozing in the sun on a blanket in the grass. I wanted to explore his body, to taste him, smell him, and feel him and to etch that in my mind.and never forget. Beginning with sucking his toes, barely touching with my lips the hair on his legs and belly I went up to his ballssac, his anus, his butt, belly, nipples, armpit, neck, eyes, ears, I went all over him while he just laid there with his eyes closed and stroking me with one hand. It wasn't sex no it was plain love. But when I started kissing him on his mouth again he had my dick in his hand and off we went again. A whole morning of sex makes you tired and Tad was laying on his back having a sunbathe with me on my belly between his legs dozing of with his limp cock in my mouth. What resulted in a sunburned ass. At the end of the day both our asses and cocks were sore. No, raw is a better word


On the morning of our return walking I woke up with a very pleasurable feeling .Tad had his head on my thigh and sucked my cock. It didn't take long or it was hard as rock and he sucked me dry again.

While cleaning up the cabin we did it twice.


When we were halfway down to the station we had a view of the whole valley. I stopped and told him that I wanted to fuck him right at that place, completely naked. He started laughing and couldn't stop while I took off his tee shirt and lowered his Bermudas.

He had a hard-on already just thinking of being fucked. But I was first and had my clothes off in a jiffy. He bent over and I took him wildly. I really rode him like a bull. It gave me a kick to cum inside my lover right at that spot. He wanted his share as well and my turn to bend down came right away.


We continued our trip having sex at the most unlikely places all the way through the South of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and instead of the original planned end of his holiday in Berlin we went to my home in Amsterdam. In Italy we even did it in a church. We stopped in a tiny village for a drink and visited a very old church on the Village Square. It was very dark inside, but a magnificent light came through the painted windows and shot coloured rays through the church. We stood in the light right in the centre when Tad put his arms around me and murmured you may kiss the bride now. My answer was that I rather had his cock. He pulled me to a dark corner near the organ were I lowered my Bermudas, no underwear, and very quietly he took me. While we were fucking a door in the front of the church opened and two old ladies came in and started arranging flowers without noticing us. Tad started riding me again but had troubles to keep quiet when he came. It was rather exiting and I wanted to get rid of my load as well. Softly we took a seat in one of the benches at the rear. Tad sat down between my legs on the floor and unzipped my Bermuda, which he pulled down. I was sitting there halfnaked in a church with Tad sucking my dick between my legs The ladies saw me sitting there but didn't come closer. I came with a big load. Tad started choking and couldn't do anything about it. I could only grip the bench when I came.

We lit a candle to lighten our souls

We often exchanged underwear during the day, or didn't even wear it at all. We knew that we did have a wonderful time together and to remind us of this period we decided to set a small tattoo on our bellies, on the right side just above our pubic hair. Our astrological signs, his Leo and mine Aries. We even clipped off a bit of each other's pubic hair to keep in our wallets (I always carry it with me)

It was then that I came out to my friends, parents, brother and sister. They took it very well; some guessed it, others never noticed, although my mother cried a lot about it. In that week I told them about Tad and let them get aquatinted.

My father is a well-known surgeon and he got on very well with Tad. He knows a lot about people by just watching them. I caught him observing Tad and after a while he looked up at me and knodded his head. Later he told me that in his mind I could not have made a better choice and that we obviously were deeply in love with each other. He is usually right.


How the story continued?

Tad went back to Canada. We visited each other during holidays, which was difficult of course. But we took a fair amount of photos during our trip. So my room hangs full with his pictures, the nude one's in all wardrobes.

On that first trip of mine to Canada I met his parents. Tad too came out and told them about his sexual preferences, how we met etc. not about the sex of course. His grandmother a fantastic lady of 92 took the news, kissed us both and gave us a bottle of champagne. I still had to do 1 year and after my studies I went to Canada. Became a partner of Tad's dad.

Tad and I live together and are doing very well. He finished his studies as an architect. His grandmother which he loved very much died and left Tad a nice legacy. We bought a little wooden house in the forest near a lake, with a sauna, where we spend most of our weekends. In the sauna Tad always shaves my butt, balls and armpits and it usually ends with a lot of sucking. Mostly we take an enigma or a hose to clean ourselves completely. That's the only time I rim him deep after fucking. There is one unwritten law. As soon as we are there we live naked.

It is great to have a partner who you can trust completely, you can be open and feel safe with and don't have to hide anything for. Sometimes we say that it is a pity that we can't make our own children. Tad loved to have a kid out of me and I wanted one out of him. If only we could make each other pregnant.

We walk a lot in the forest holding each other's hands or with our arms around eachother.

When you are together for a long time you know each other's likings. I love to go through his pubic hair with my mouth and nose and nibbling and sucking his limp cock and balls and go over his whole body. Feeling his pubic hair against my butts is marvellous. Especially when he moves his cock inside my ass. He likes laying against my chest with his head, always playing with the hair on my legs and twisting it while I play with his hair and cock. Tad is still mad about the size of my cock and wants to have it in his ass as much as possible just for the feeling of being filled up. Which means that he often sits on my lap with my cock inside him and his legs and arms around me and kissing and stroking each other. Or the other way round just sitting on top of me leaning against my chest and keeping my cock inside him for as long as I can keep it erect.

Watching TV sitting naked on the couch with Tad laying between my legs and using my crotch as a pillow is our way of resting. We still have sex at an enormous rate and I am glad that we both have the same sexual appetite and wanting to do it at the most unlikely places. Although we never again had the same amount of sex on one day as that day in the mountains.

By the way we started allover again with the Kama Sutra.