Prologue: The premise of the story is how two young men, in their twenties, find each other and fall in love. The older of the two men returns home after a long hiatus for his tenth class reunion in search of and looking to reconnect with an old boyhood friend, only to find and fall in love with another. The two men are presented with many obstacles along the way towards fulfillment of life and love. If you are looking for immediate down and dirty scenes for your sexual gratification this may not be the story for you; however, there are moments of intimacy and sex throughout the story. The following story was prepared in block paragraph format using Times New Roman size 14 font for ease in reading. The introductory chapter contains about five thousand words and is divided into two parts. The author hopes that readers will follow the story chapter by chapter as it unfolds enjoying the story.

The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the type of subject matter contained herein do not read any further.

The Tenth Class Reunion

Chapter I: Introduction

Authored by Robert the Red

Joshua Scott was totally stoked about the idea of attending his tenth high school class reunion. Every since he found out about the reunion he had become nostalgic thinking about visiting his old neighborhood and school. The reunion was scheduled for the Friday and Saturday after the Fourth of July weekend, so there would be ample time to catch-up on all the scuttlebutt about his friends and former classmates. Josh had spent six years living in the small west coast town of Ocean Breeze, and grew into adulthood at Ocean Breeze High School. However, Josh had not been back to Ocean Breeze for almost a decade and the last trip back a most painful one for him.

The self imposed exile from Ocean Breeze had been a form of psychological self preservation for Joshua Scott. For the past eight years he had been disturbed and haunted by ghosts from the past. He would now return to the area where he spent those years of puberty and adolescences, knowing that the visit would hold bittersweet memories. According to Josh, the memories of those six years he spent growing up in Ocean Breeze were the best years of his life; it was the memories of the years after graduation that were unforgettably mournful for him. Josh had lost track of his best friend, but worst of all; his entire family had been wiped out in a tragic accident two years after he left home to join the Air Force.

After the death of his family Josh returned to Ocean Breeze briefly for the funeral and to put into motion family affairs. His father's personal friend and attorney took care of most of the administrative and business details. There was a living trust and his parents had sound financial and estate planning prior to death, so probate was a relatively simple process. Josh had been well cared for as a result of that prior financial planning. The most painful thing for Josh was to clear certain personal property from the estate and put those items in storage. Josh had sorted through and kept certain personal effects, but most of the furniture had been auctioned off when the house was sold. Josh had been very busy during the two weeks leave he was allotted from the Air Force, thus he had not had leisure time to seek out and visit with many friends while on leave. When the leave was over Josh returned to the Air Force to finish out his enlistment.

Josh joined the Air Force for four years right out of high school as a means to an end: a college education. Josh had not been the best student at Ocean Breeze High School. He had not been an academic standout or an ace athlete while in school, just mediocre at best. Because of the average grades and lackluster performance as an athlete Josh failed to earn one of those coveted scholarships upon graduation from high school; thus, stifling a chance of attending a prestigious Ivey League College. Many of Josh's high school friends however went onto big name colleges by way of scholarships or their parents paid their way. Josh chose to earn his college education the hard way.

With four years of honorable and meritorious service in the Air Force complete, Josh marched onto a notable Midwestern university campus, where he flew through five years of college curriculum, graduating cum laude, earning a double major and two minors. Almost immediately after graduation from college Josh interviewed and landed a high-paying position with a large and very prestigious firm headquartered on the east coast. When Josh had interviewed he wasn't sure he was qualified for the position, and was up against some stiff competition. Armed with an impeccable resume and letters of commendation and recommendation from his commanders in the Air Force and college faculty; plus his bearing, charm, and a most congenial personality, Josh won all the key corporate players over and was hired within a few days of that interview.

Josh had thoroughly dazzled the big wigs at corporate headquarters with his academic credentials, manner, and style. Josh had made an indelible impression on his bosses from the get-go and continued to impress them with job achievement, eagerness, and attention to detail. Josh's job basically entailed client entertainment and preparation; Josh was an advance person for the corporation. His job was to meet with and entertain clients, thereby preparing them for future high level meetings with corporate executives. He was also an on-call trouble-shooter and mediator for the company. Although Josh was on-call twenty-four seven the job entitled him to meet with some very interesting and worldly people. Josh thoroughly enjoyed the new job, and it fit him and his lifestyle like a glove. The type of job many folks spend a lifetime looking for but never find.

The job required Josh to travel throughout the United States and abroad. Of course, he enjoyed all the perks along the way. The position provided a very rewarding expense and per diem account that allowed Josh to wine and dine clients in sumptuous style; plus, he stayed at the more upscale hotels while he entertained and traveled. Furthermore, the company furnished Josh with a top of the line SUV every two years for his work, and the company gave him four weeks paid holiday leave a year to start. Needless to say, a single twenty-eight years old Joshua Scott was in hog heaven enjoying his job and living life to the fullest.

Josh's late June business itinerary put him in the same general area of the country as his old home, at the time scheduled for his high school reunion. So, when Josh had accidentally discovered the news about the reunion he immediately began making arrangements to attend. He requested two weeks of vacation time, and because July and August were traditionally slow months of the year for his type of job with the company Josh had no problems securing the time off. Once the two weeks block of vacation time was locked in, Josh had the company's travel department reserve a suite for him at Breeze Wood Suites Hotel. The only thing left was to make it safely back to Ocean Breeze for the big event.

That last week of June was an agonizing one for Josh as he dutifully attended to mundane business details that cluttered the calendar that last week of June. That last week Josh drove between cities and appointments more absorbed in thoughts about classmates and the reunion than business. As he worked his way down the west coast from Seattle towards the ultimate goal he thought about many of his old classmates and teachers, and was eager to see them all once again. Josh was curious to find out how different classmates had done thus far in life, and secretly wanted to flaunt his new position to his fellow classmates and friends, especially a few of his old teachers.

There was one person in particular with whom Josh hoped to reconnect: his boyhood best friend Phillip Miller. Josh hadn't heard from or seen Phil since the summer they graduated high school and both had gone their separate ways the following fall. Josh had always been curious about Phil; what became of him, and wondered what he had done with his life.

Josh had managed to maintain contact with most family, friends, and neighbors from his past life in Ocean Breeze, but his best friend had been an elusive character. He had written to Phil numerous times while in the Air Force and college, sending the letters to Phil via his parent's address, but never received a direct response from Phil. The Millers were on his list to send cards out to at holidays, and Josh always got a Christmas and Birthday card from Phil's Mother. However, that was the extent of communication with the Miller family. So, the visit to his old neighborhood would hold bittersweet memories for Josh.

The last time Josh was back in Ocean Breeze was to attend his family's funeral. Josh's entire family had been wiped out in a horrific motor home crash two summers after Josh graduated from high school. Josh had been granted fifteen days of emergency leave from the Air force to attend the funeral and attend to family matters. At the reception after the funeral Phil's parents told Josh that Phil was still back east, where he seemed to be doing well and enjoying college life. Josh just instinctively knew that his old pal had done well in college and was doing great in life. As Josh drove through traffic that last day prior to the start of his vacation his recollections were focused on memories of the past, but most of all about locating his best friend from high school days.

Phil was almost a year younger than Josh and had been a semester behind him in school when they first met, but the two had somehow managed to overcome age and grade differences to become best friends. Phil was the first person Josh met when the family arrived in the new neighborhood; it was the summer before Josh would begin eight grade at the local middle school. Phil lived across and down the street a few houses from the Scott family's new home. Josh fondly recalled those carefree days of his youth and that first summer he spent with Phil.

Josh reminisced mentally about how Phil immediately sprinted over that summer morning in June when Josh's family arrived in the new neighborhood to greet them. Josh also remembered how hyperactive Phil had been, telling them all about the family that lived in the vacant house they were about to move into. Phil had been such a gregarious kid and what a chatter box. However, after a few years Phil calmed down once he moved from puberty into adolescence; in fact, towards the end of high school Josh almost sensed sullenness in his demeanor.

Josh thought back about how he was the one who tried to appear more mature and stoic when they first met, but Phil just told Josh to take the stick out of his ass and chill out. There were so many great memories of the Miller and Scott family's outings and parties. The Millers had invited the Scotts and other neighbors over for a Fourth of July BBQ that first summer living in Ocean Breeze. A BBQ and pool party thrown by the Millers to welcome the Scott's to the neighborhood. After that Josh's family begin attending the same Christian church as the Miller's, and Josh joined Phil's scout troop and little league. Josh truly had great early memories of growing up in the old neighborhood.

Before that first summer in Ocean Breeze ended the two families had bonded becoming very close friends and neighbors; moreover, Phil and Josh became best of friends. Oh, one other thing: Josh and Phil both discovered sex about that time of their lives, too. The next morning Josh would get-up and make the drive south to Ocean Breeze. However, on that last night before vacation was to begin, Josh lay on the king bed in the hotel room idly playing with his erect penis, thinking about the first time he and Phil fooled around sexually.

Josh's thoughts drifted back to that last weekend in August that first summer when the boys were left alone and began the secret process of fooling around sexually with each other. Josh recalled the experience as if it had happened yesterday. Before school was to start in the fall the Millers and Scotts were scheduled to take off for a four day Christian retreat weekend. Although the retreat was family friendly Josh's father was having some construction and landscaping done; therefore, he didn't want to leave the property unattended.

Mr. Miller immediately put a pool and RV pad in the backyard. He also was having the entire front and back yards landscaped. There had been contractors working around the house most of the summer since the family moved in. The pool company had not completely finished the landscaping around the pool or put the fence back up. So, Mr. Scott approached the Millers about letting Phil remain behind with Josh for the long weekend to watch over the property. With that approved the two preteen boys who were into puberty would stay behind all by themselves for four days of fun and sun in Ocean Breeze.

By that Friday afternoon in August the pool company had finished all the landscaping and the fence was back up; however, there was still no swimming in the new pool. So, there would be no wild pool party for the randy lads; instead, they would be forced to use the community pool to swim. Of course, the boys were more interested in showing off their developing physiques and puberty driven sexual prowess than swimming. Once at the pool the two changed into swim wear; scanty swim suites that were revealing of their youthful masculinity.

Attired in skimpy swim suites the two lecherous lads tried their best to impress and pick up on young girls that frequented the pool; of course, hoping to score some sex. Phil, who at the time, was just a little taller and his body a little more toned than Josh's tried to impress the girls with his body and the bulge concealed in the tight swim suite; a nice sized bulge for a boy his age. The girls seemed to pay more attention to Phil, more so than Josh. Josh didn't seem to mind the preference that girls showed for Phil and never expressed any dissent. Josh remembered how he had focused his attention more towards the cute boys at the pool than the girls.

Josh recalled that the biggest turn-off for the girls was the fact that Phil smoked cigarettes. Phil thought it was cool to light-up a Marlboro to impress the chicks, but they didn't care for that type of smoker arrogance, and especially the second hand smoke. Smoking was something Josh had never indulged in or taken up in his life. Oh, Josh and Phil like most young boys experimented with marijuana, but that was the extent of illicit drugs or smoking for Josh. Josh always felt that if Phil had quit smoking he could have been an outstanding athlete in high school. However, when the boys entered high school it was Josh that chose to go out for different sports programs, not Phil.

Phil developed more of an interest in girls, music, and marijuana as he got into high school; whereas, Josh diligently toiled at academics and the athletic programs that he was involved in at school. Josh also became embroiled in the drama club and school productions. Later on Phil began hanging with some of the more unsavory characters around school. Surprisingly, academics came easy for Phil, but for Josh school work was pure drudgery. Josh managed to graduate from high school more on his charm than academics with a less than stellar grade point average.

Phil on the other hand graduated middle school early with honors, so because of his grades was promoted ahead of his peers, and thereby started high school at the same time as Josh. Phil was the one who wound-up receiving the academic scholarships to one of the big fancy colleges on the east coast when he graduated from high school. Phil was just one of those guys that if someone crapped in his hand the steaming turd would turn to gold before it cooled. Josh also remembered how he had fought with his own internal demons all through his teen years: his sexual identity.

Josh began to discover, on that weekend the families were at the Christian retreat, that he was developing a real affinity for boys more so than girls. Josh recalled fantasizing sexually more about the boys at the pool more so than girls. After striking out with the girls at the pool and the teen club the boys had returned to Josh's house that hot August evening horny as hell. The two horny preteens both feeling a little randy began to engage in sexual games of show and compare; something that is fairly common for preteen and early teen boys. The two sex-crazed lads got naked and immediately erect in Josh's bedroom, whereby they began fooling around, comparing and measuring each others sexual equipment.

Once all the measuring had been completed and Phil was declared the winner of the longest cock measure-off the two got serious about some further sexual play. The two horny lads found some baby oil and began to engage in some mutual masturbation, whereby both managed to quickly fire their guns in rapid succession. However, when Josh approached Phil later that evening about the possibility of the two of them engaging in some mutual sixty-nine sexual pleasuring, Phil was reluctant, and told Josh that sucking dicks was gay shit, and he was not gay. So, mutual masturbation was as far as any sexual experimentation ever developed between the two best friends.

Eventually, the two boys quit engaging in mutual masturbation the summer after their freshman year in high school, and Josh refrained from any further pursuits involving sexual experimentation with his best friend. By freshman year Phil had developed a steady relationship with an older local girl, and by the time Phil was fourteen he was seriously boning the bitch, even though she was older. For Phil this continued all through high school, so Phil always had an outlet for sexual pleasure.

Phil continued to bone the bitch and other girls while they all attended Ocean Breeze High School; moreover, he had developed somewhat of a reputation for his sexual prowess throughout the high school. The buzz about how well-endowed Phil was for a young teenager, over seven inches of uncut man meat, had made its way through the school's social grapevine. So, Phil never seemed to have a problem getting women for sex. Phil's flaccid penis was an envious thing that hung well over five inches in length; in fact, Phil was the envy of many of his older male classmates, even Josh. So, he never seemed to be without a sex partner or do without sex during those teen years, and never tried to conceal it in the locker rooms.

Josh on the other hand secretly searched for and found willing male partners his age with which he could fool around sexually, thereby fulfilling his sexual desires and fantasies. One of the reasons he was drawn to athletic programs was the thought of seeing naked boys before and after events. He found that the baseball, swim, and wrestling teams provided a plentiful playing field of boys who wanted to willing yet secretly engage in mutual sexual activities. The boys would meet in secret at different locations to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies. Oh sure, Josh had a girl friend throughout high school, but she refused to engage in sexual intercourse. That was something she was saving for marriage. She would jerk Josh off occasionally and gave him head a few times, but that was the extent of it. So, Josh never aroused any suspicions that he might be gay while in high school.

After high school Josh had a few secret sexual flings with guys he met while in the Air Force, but nothing serious ever developed. Josh's first serious relationship with another guy was while he was in college during his second year, but that flamed out in his junior year. Josh was crushed when he found out the love of his life was cheating. So, after a heated confrontation the two lovers spilt up, and Josh never pursued another long-term relationship with another man. Now, all Josh had was fond memories of the past to comfort and warm him through those lonely nights on the road.

A horny Josh lay naked and fully erect on the king sized bed in his hotel room that last lonely night before heading to Ocean Breeze the next day. He slowly stroked his slong thinking about things from the past and how they might have turned out. He had developed somewhat of system for his self-pleasuring over the years. In the morning there was the quickie in the shower, but evening sessions became more meaningful and Josh had learned how to make them last longer. He had learned that the longer he prolonged an evening ejaculation the more powerful. This was going to be one of those long evenings of pleasure.

Josh decided he wanted more stimulation, so he got up and located the vibrating dildo and lubricant he kept in his little bag of sex toys. He had a few different toys in his bag of tricks; a different toy for different occasions. He retrieved the little red toy and took it to the bathroom to clean up the sex toy with soap and water, and then returned to the bed.

Back in bed Josh carefully lubricated the vibrator, and then pulled his knees back to his chest whereby he began to generously lube his asshole. Once Josh's ass was fully lubricated he carefully inserted the little red dildo that was dialed-up full speed into his anus. The red dildo was not that thick so he had no problems taking it in his ass, and he took the full six inches of it. Josh then positioned a pillow under his buttock, so the humming little dildo would not slide out of his ass hole unexpectedly.

Josh needed to get the head of the vibrating dildo in the best possible position for maximum sensation from the instrument. As the head of the throbbing sex toy found that sweet spot and rubbed against it Josh knew he had the artificial penis position properly. Within a few seconds Josh noticed a gleaming drop of pearlescent precum ooze from his piss slit, so with his right index finger he scoop the droplet of semen up, brought the finger tip to his lips, and tasted his succulent sauce. Savoring the taste of his pre ejaculatory man juice he slowly worked his fist back and forth along the shaft of his somewhat average size schlong. Every so often Josh would stop and let his finger tip and thumb linger around the pink head, circling and caressing the dark red corona and frenulum area beneath the head, two of the most sensitive areas of his cock head.

Josh was slowly pounding away on his pud with a closed right fist as he rhythmically ground his buttock into the pillow to get the greatest sensation possible from the vibrating instrument pressing against his prostate. He moaned with pleasure as he was blissfully fantasizing about a sexual scenario wherein one guy was working on the pink head of his cock with his lips and tongue as another man easily pounded Josh's bottom with his cock, meanwhile Josh was sucking on a third guy's slong.

As Josh fantasized about the all male foursome scenario he could sense an intense orgasm building within his body, so he brought his left hand up to his chest to began titillating his nipples. Within a few minutes of nipple play Josh erupted into a powerful orgasm, shooting whitish ropes of jizz over his head into his hair, onto his face, and chest. As Josh finished flogging his donger the remainder of his semen slowly flowed out the piss slit over the head of his semi flaccid flogger and down his hand. Josh wanted one more taste of his ejaculate, so he scooped up a few droplets and licked then off his finger tip much like a frog capturing an insect.

Josh lay there on the bed fully spent holding his now semi flaccid flagpole in a total state of sexual bliss. The vibrator continued to hum inside his anal cavity as Josh bask in the afterglow of another satisfactory self-pleasuring session. Finally, Josh pulled the vibrating dildo from his ass, turned it off, and like so many nights before, headed for the shower to clean-up the mess from his jerk-off session. Then he would return to the bed and go to sleep, maybe he would wake-up and do it all over again before the alarm went off, maybe not.

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