Prologue: This is the second chapter and it contains over five thousand words. The premise of the story is how two young men, in their twenties, find each other and fall in love. The older of the two returns to his home town after a long hiatus for his tenth class reunion to reconnect with an old boyhood friend, only to find and fall in love with another. The two men are presented with many obstacles along the way towards love and life fulfillment. If you are looking for immediate down and dirty sexual scenes this may not be the story for you; however, there are moments of intimacy and sex throughout the story. The following document prepared in block paragraph format using 14 font sizes for easier reading. The author hopes that readers will follow the story chapter by chapter as it unfolds and enjoy the story.

The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the type of subject matter contained herein do not read any further.

The Tenth Class Reunion

Chapter II: Fulfillment of a dream

Authored by Robert the Red

On Thursday morning after a fulfilling night of self-pleasuring Joshua Scott awoke thinking about all that lay ahead and everything that had happened while he had been in California the past month on business. The fulfillment of his dream to attend his tenth class reunion was just days away and he was filled with angst. During the month of June Josh had demonstrated his prowess in the board room, at golf, and his knowledge of racing to clients; in fact, those last two weeks of June had been huge business successes for Josh. He had spent the month of June in Northern California, and the last two weeks traveling around the Napa and Sonoma Counties; the heart of California wine country, playing golf and entertaining clients.

The culmination of entertainment events had been the big NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway the last weekend of June. Josh who was a big NASCAR fan had taken the opportunity to impress the high profile clients by getting tickets to the NASCAR racing weekend. He had taken them to the race where they got to rub shoulders with some of the drivers and car owners. On Monday after seeing the clients off at the airport in San Francisco he traveled south to meet a client for business and golf on Tuesday and Wednesday in Monterey, California. Thursday was a paid leisure day before Josh officially started his two weeks vacation on Friday, July 1, 2005.

With a brisk morning walk along the beach under his belt Josh returned to the hotel for a light breakfast of fruit, fiber and coffee before checking out. He was fresh and ready to kick off his well deserved vacation. Although Friday was technically a company day there was nothing scheduled, so Josh was free to spend Thursday and Friday how he saw fit. Josh called down to the desk requesting that the tank on the white SUV be filled with gas before checking out of the magnificent hotel located in the heart of historic Monterey. The vehicle was readied and brought to the front entrance of the hotel, so Josh could get started on the trip heading south along Highway One towards Ocean Breeze.

The highway that runs along the Big Sur coast is one of America's most scenic highways. The drive to Ocean Breeze is a little over a hundred miles south on the coastline highway and takes at least three hours on a good day with no traffic tie ups. It's a leisurely drive that follows the contours of the coastline. The gawkers, curves and frequent stops to appreciate scenery conspire, resulting in more photographs per mile than miles per hour. Josh felt that the only thing better than a summer drive along the Big Sur coastline highway was to make the trip riding a motorcycle.

With a full tank of gas in the SUV Josh headed south towards his old hometown of Ocean Breeze. He leisurely drove along the coastline all morning finally arriving at the Breeze Wood Suites in Ocean Breeze around one Thursday afternoon. Josh was pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel had provided him a preferred VIP suite with a view of the beach; close to the pool, and exercise room. The company's travel coordinator, Denise, and Josh were great friends and even though the visit was not official company business she had taken the liberty of booking him into the same hotel that was booking Josh's high school reunion. She had called ahead and explained to the manger that Josh was on a special mission: his tenth high school class reunion. The management seemed more than happy to schedule Josh and ended up giving him the reduced reunion rate too.

Once Josh got checked-in and his baggage had been taken up to his room he carefully put his things away. He then bundled his business attire and called the desk for the bundle to be picked up and sent out to the cleaners. Josh then took a few minutes to hook his laptop up to the high speed Internet connection the hotel provided to check for any last minute e-mails. He entertained the thought of calling the Miller's to see if Phil was around before going for a visit, but decided to surprise them instead. So, once all administrative and housekeeping details were out of the way Josh put on casual attire in preparation for the visit to his old neighborhood; the unofficial first day of his vacation was about to begin.

It felt good to be free dressed in casual clothing instead of a suffocating business suite. By two in the afternoon Josh left the hotel and drove towards his old neighborhood with vivid visions of reuniting with his old friend Phil swirling in his head. Josh was nervous as he slowly drove down his old street towards the meeting with his former best friend. Josh noticed a good-looking shirtless young man mowing the front lawn of his old house. The boy appeared to be in his late teens, possibly Asian, or at least part Asian. The lad looked at Josh's slow moving SUV smiling and waving at Josh as he drove by the house. The young man was definitely a hottie who had immediately caught Josh's attention. A very eye pleasing package so pleasurable to look at that the lad had stimulated Josh's sexual curiosity.

Josh stopped in front of the Miller's and waited a few seconds for his state of arousal to subside, and then got out of his vehicle and walked to the front door. He couldn't wait to see his old neighbors and best friend again. Josh rang the doorbell and nervously waited. Mrs. Miller answered the door; immediately recognizing the caller standing on her front porch she excitedly took Josh into her arms for a big hug and inviting him inside. Once inside Mrs. Miller announced Josh's arrival to all in the family room. The Miller family all stood up to greet Josh and started speaking at once, so happy to see him.

Mr. Miller said, "My goodness young man you get better looking with age, just look at you."

Josh blushed and said, "I know; it's a curse I have to live with," he and the family all laughed at his humorous wisecrack.

"So, we understand that you have really done well for yourself since leaving the Air force, graduating from college with honors, and then landing that job," Mr. Miller said.

Josh had kept those close to him informed about his life and accomplishments, "Yeah, I guess I am just a lucky guy."

"Luck had nothing to do with it young man. You worked for what you have today, unlike others I know."

Josh felt more at ease, but wondered who the others were Mr. Miller spoke about, however he dismissed the thought. He and the Millers continued to chat catching up on all the news. Strangely neither parent had mentioned Phil yet, so Josh thought it was time to ask the whereabouts of his old pal. Josh sensed by the looks he was getting from family members when he asked about Phil that all was not well in the Miller realm. Mrs. Miller dismissed the other two teenage siblings from the room while Mr. Miller became serious, offering Josh a drink and asked him to be seated. Phil's parents began the painful task of explaining to Josh that Phil was not the same person that he had known when they were kids growing up together. From what Josh was hearing things had not gone well for Phil, and life had not been good to him since he returned to Ocean Breeze.

The Millers explained to Josh that Phil was in the midst of a messy divorce brought on by chronic unemployment, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Josh would also learn that Phil never finished college and had been in and out of jail four times for DUI and domestic violence arrests since returning to Ocean Breeze. Josh was at a loss for words; he couldn't believe what he was hearing, Phil was the golden boy back in the day. Josh asked where Phil was, whereby Phil's dad motioned towards the back of the house telling Josh not to expect too much. It seems that Phil had been banished to the screened in back porch of his parent's house; where was doing what he did most days, sleeping it off. Mrs. Miller told Josh that it was about time for Phil to get up and get moving if he wanted anything to eat. She invited Josh to stay and share dinner with the family. Josh excused himself and headed towards the back of the house, a house that he knew well, to find his old pal.

Josh was anxious as he entered the back porch area where Phil was living. He recoiled in total shock; he was unprepared for the squalid conditions he saw Phil living in, and was repulsed by the repugnant smell of things. Josh immediately knew why Phil's father had banished his son to the back of the house. His dad probably just turned the hose on the place every few days to wash it out. The area was in a complete state of disarray; it stunk of stale booze, lingering second hand cigarette smoke, urine and feces as well as stale vomit. Josh was totally taken aback by the sight that met him; Phil's appearance, and the conditions in which he was living. There sprawled on the disheveled bed was Phil; his once fit and trim former best friend who now appeared bloated, pale, and unkempt.

Josh guessed that Phil now weighed at least 250 pounds; he had put on more than a hundred ponds since Josh last saw him, and had a bloated belly. His former best bud was far cry from the fit and trim teenager he once knew; furthermore, Phil was in dire need of a hair cut, shave, and most definitely a bath. He appeared to be in something of a stupor lying there in all that squalor watching Jerry Springer on television; then he noticed Josh standing in the doorway. Josh thought to himself, the Jerry Springer show, what a meaningful metaphor for Phil's life.

As Josh moved towards his former best bud a surly Phil lashed out at Josh, "What the fuck you lookin at mother fucker, you here to bust me again?"

Josh thought to himself as he moved closer, how depressing, his former best friend of six years didn't even appear to recognize him anymore. Josh calmly approached closer and asked, "No, I'm looking for my one-time best friend, and wonder where he is and what happened to him?"

"Fuck you, I ain't your best friend you cum sucking asshole."

Josh ignored the vile comments, but did back up a little as the stench repulsed him saying, "Phil, I was wondering if you feel up to enjoying a week or so with your old pal?"

Phil came back with another surly reply, "Fuck you asshole. Git the fuck outa my room I ain't your old pal."

Again, ignoring the viciousness of Phil speech and taking another step backwards Josh asked, "Just curious, are you planning on attending our tenth class reunion?"

"Fuck you and your fuckin class reunion shit!" Phil lashed out, "I don't wanta be seeing you or none of them other piece of shit losers I went to school with again."

Josh thought to himself who was Phil to be calling anyone a loser as he turned without saying another word, shook his head in disbelief, and walked away from his old friend in state of dismay. Josh thought to himself maybe later he could talk to Phil. He returned to where he had left Phil's parents and asked, "So, is that his normal attitude and surly disposition, and is that how he spends his life now?"

"I'm afraid so Josh. He's having a good day today, sometimes he's much worse," Mr. Miller said with a frown.

"Damn!" Josh exclaimed, "I'd hate to see him on a bad day. How long has he been like that?"

"About five years, but he's gotten almost unbearable to live around the last two or three years," Mrs. Miller stated with tears in her eyes.

Josh replied, "Almost unbearable, how do you put up with him?"

"He's our son Josh," Mrs. Miller said.

"So, all he does is lay back there in that stinking hovel; drink, smoke, and watch television?" Josh asked.

"Pretty much, that's his day. Shameful, all he does is watch soap operas, Jerry Springer, and other mind numbing shows. He hasn't worked at gainful employment in months. Hell I can't even get him to mow the grass or take the trash out to the curb," Mr. Miller said in disgust. "his problems and loss of interest in life all seemed to start after he was kicked out of college at the end of his second year. You know, his grades took a nose dive, so he got the boot."

"I think it was all the partying in college," Mrs. Miller said trying to apologize for her son's actions and behavior.

"No hon, it was not the college party life, but it was definitely the drugs and people outside of college that he hung with. Hell, we all partied a little in college, but drugs will do in the strongest person." Mr. Miller stated emphatically.

"Really sorry to hear all this," Josh said.

"When he came home from Princeton he hooked up with that same gal he'd been seeing all through high school, they had a baby out of wedlock. From then on all they did was fight about that; she accused him of not being the baby's father, and he accused her of sleeping with half of Ocean Breeze. They had another child and decided to get married. After that things began to improve slightly. He got a job and started to straighten his life out; however, after a few months of blissful marriage they were at it again; more name calling, drinking, drugs, and fighting; now they're divorcing, and he's facing possible jail time for domestic abuse charges. Just one big mess," Mr. Miller said.

Mrs. Miller chimed in, "they both have to share the blame, and the ones that are suffering the most through all of this are those two beautiful little boys. It looks as though we may end up with the two boys eventually. They are in custody of child protective services at this time," Phil's Mom continued with tears in her eyes.

Josh mutter under his breath, "Boy, this really sounds like a Jerry Springer show, probably a three episode event," Josh then said to the Millers, "again, I'm so sorry to hear all of this I guess I should have called before I showed up unannounced."

"So, you mother fuckers be out here talkin shit about me?" Phil said rudely as he appeared in doorway of the room with a smoldering cigarette hanging out of his mouth scratching at the crotch of his boxers.

"No one is talking trash about you son. Please, go get some clothes on and please don't speak like that around your mother."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Also try to remember there are guests in our house, so show a little respect," Mr. Miller said looking at his son with great displeasure.

"I don't be respectin no mother fucker, and this asshole is just a piece of shit you be lettin in here sittin on my couch. So, why don't you get the fuck out of my house you worthless piece of shit!" Phil yelled looking directly at Josh.

"I didn't come here for any type confrontation or trouble Phil. I'm visiting with your Mom and Dad and they we're just filling me in on what's happened around the neighborhood since the two of us graduated from high school," Josh said trying to defuse the situation.

"You remember one thing son this is our house, you're stay here is tenuous and you're skating on thin ice Bub. You and Josh were like brothers for years and a second son to us, and he's welcome in our home anytime, you understand me you ugly unruly thing!" Mr. Miller shouted at his son.

"You know Phil; I worked very hard to make it back here to see you. All I wanted was for this to be a special Fourth of July celebration this year, kinda like the very first one we all shared together years ago. I also wanted us to attend our tenth high school reunion together," Josh said somberly.

"Fuck you, I don't want you around me and don't wanta hang with you. I ain't goin to no fuckin reunion with you or anyone else, understand that asshole!" Phil shouted, "now get the fuck out of here!"

"Phil, would you please tell me what I've done to piss you off so badly?"

"Fuck you Mother Fucker I don't be explainin shit to you or no one. Maybe I oughta just be killin yo mother fuckin ass!" Phil ranted.

"That's enough Phillip!" Mr. Miller stood up and shouted at his son, "another statement like that one and I'll have the police over here and you'll be spending the rest of your time until your trial starts in jail cell. Remember your living here because your mother and I posted bail for you until you go to trial."

Josh sensing building tensions and not wanting to provoke any further confrontation said, "Yeah, I think it's probably best for all of us if I leave now. It was nice to see you all again," Josh said to Mr. and Mrs. Miller as he stood and moved towards the door.

"Yeah, git the fuck out you chicken shit asshole!" Phil screamed after his old friend and parent's as they walked Josh to the door apologizing for their son's unacceptable behavior every step of the way.

Josh continued to hear more rotten mouth rants from Phil over the apologies from the Millers as they all walked towards the front door. The last thing Josh wanted during his vacation was to be injured involved in some domestic squabble and spend time recovering in a hospital, or having to stick around for the legal proceedings. Josh felt confident that he could adequately defend himself against Phil, but due to Phil's irrational behavior he didn't push things. Besides, Phil might have a weapon hidden around the house that he would be willing to use in his present state of mind. So, Josh decided to take Falstaff's advice and see that discretion is the better part of valor thereby leaving Phil and his plight behind.

At the curb Mrs. Miller hugged Josh and kept apologizing for her son's terrible behavior. Josh handed Mr. Miller his business card with his cell number and e-mail address on it. He then told the Millers that he would be staying at the Breeze Wood Suites for a couple of weeks and if they needed anything to contact him at the hotel or call the cell number. Josh bid farewell to the family, unlocked the SUV, and got in, started the vehicle, made a U-turn, heading back towards his old house and the hotel.

As he passed by the old home place he slowed once again to have a last look. The shirtless young man had finished mowing the lawn and again waved at the slowing SUV. Josh slowed to a crawl for one last look, but moreover he slowed to scope out the shirtless young man waving at him from the front lawn. Josh felt compelled to stop. He now had the time to visit, so he decided to stop and talk to the young man that had waved at him twice.

"Hi, my name is Joshua Scott; I used to live in the house and that was my bedroom," Josh said from the open window of the SUV proudly pointing to the closest two bedroom windows on the second story.

"Hi, I'm Keith Williams, Jr., it's my bedroom now bro. At least for a few more days," the shirtless young man said a little dejectedly as he walked towards the new white SUV with his hand outstretched for a greeting.

Josh shut the vehicle off and got out. The two men shook hands and high-fived with each other as they gave each other the cursory once over looking each other up and down. Josh thought to himself how hot the guy looked. He also thought that it was too bad the boy wasn't a little older or he was a little younger, because he could become seriously enamored with the young man standing before him. But, he figured that this kid was already taken by one of the sweet young high school girls in Ocean Breeze.

"Dude, you got one bad-ass Pimp Mobile there," Keith said admiring Josh's new SUV, "and phat-ass wheels too bro."

"So, it was the pimp ride that caught your attention not me," Josh said with a laugh, "yeah, the company I work for furnishes the pimp ride, but I put the custom tires and wheels on it."

"Sure is nice ride. How do I get a job with your company?" Keith asked eagerly.

"Charm and luck, I think," Josh replied humorously.

"So, you and I shared the same bedroom." Keith said, "that's very interesting. I'd like to hear more about that."

"Yeah, there are two big bedrooms on the second floor both the same size, plus the big bathroom. Really was a nice set-up. I had one bedroom to myself and my two younger brothers shared the other one. The twins slept downstairs," Josh said somberly remembering back to better times.

"Same set up for me and my brothers, except there're no twins downstairs, just Mom and Dad in the master bedroom and an office where the other bedroom was when you lived in the house."

"I guess being the oldest has its perks," Josh said with a laugh.

"So, any deep dark secrets hidden in the closets on the second floor?" Keith asked wryly.

"No, none that I know of. All the flies and spiders are probably dead by now and have taken any secrets to the grave," Josh responded humorously.

"I saw you stopped at the Miller's earlier. Do you know them or their son?" Keith asked.

"Sure do. Phil used to be my best friend when we were kids living in this neighborhood," Josh stated dejectedly, "now it appears he's turned into a real loser, really a flaming asshole from what I just witnessed."

"You got that right bro. He's been like that since I can remember. He came back here to live and he's been moochin off his parents every since. His parent's are really great people and super neighbors, but him, whew."

No kidding," Josh replied.

"Let me tell you the guy's a real work of art when it comes to gettin into trouble; police be down there all the time. Not to mention that he's one of the biggest racist assholes I've ever come across in my life. The older folks and the younger girls are all cool; in fact, we all attend the same church, and the girls go to school and hang out with my younger brothers. Yep, he's just a real foul mouth nasty ass dude. He beats the shit out his woman and little boys too," Keith stated emphatically but clearly disturbed.

"Yeah, I just learned all about that the hard way, but I didn't know about the racial thing, or about him beatin on his wife and kids. That's a no no with me. Phil used to be a really great person when we were younger," Josh said sadly.

"Sorry about your old friend," Keith replied, "but he's trouble now days."

Josh quickly switched gears changing the subject, "Yeah, this house was my family's home for years until they were all killed a few years ago. So, there are a lot of great memories here and sad one's, too," Josh said in a somber tone, his eyes beginning to tear.

"Yeah, my parent's bought the house from the estate when I was in middle school," Keith replied.

"No kidding, that's way so cool Dude. That's when I moved to the neighborhood, summer before I started eight grade," Josh said excitedly.

"Same here, wow that is so super cool Dude. Man it's a great neighborhood and the pool in back is super phat. Great for parties!" Keith said excitedly.

"Yeah, the pool was always a source of enjoyment. The pool was one of the first things my dad had put in after he bought the place," Josh said proudly.

The boys appeared excited that they had found common ground as they continued to reminisce and get acquainted. A much different reception than Josh received earlier at the Miller house at the hands of his former best friend. As the two continued to share stories Josh learned that Keith, like himself, was the oldest sibling in the family. Keith's younger brothers were thirteen and fifteen, and both were away at summer camp until later in the weekend. Josh discovered that Keith would turn twenty-one on the fifth of July; in fact, his parents had a big birthday bash planned for the Fourth of July to celebrate that milestone in his life and the national birthday.

In addition, Keith explained to Josh that his mom was Korean; his dad had married her when he was assigned in Korea while he was in the military and then brought her back to America. His Dad was from New York originally and he was Jamaican. Josh wondered if ethnicity was what caused the hostilities to develop between Keith's family and Phil, but he had never known his old friend to be a bigoted person.

From appearances it looked as though Keith inherited much of his ethnic physical characteristics from his mom's side; outwardly he displayed little in the way of his father's ethnicity. Race made no difference to Josh as he had always gotten along with people of all cultures and races. Josh judged people equally on an individual basis not by skin color; something he had been taught from birth by his parents. Keith went on to explain that his parent's had bought the house just before Keith's dad retired from the Navy. His last duty station was at the nearby base that was now closed. Josh looked at his watch sensing it was time to get back to the hotel.

"Hey, it's been great getting to know you and recalling old memories, but I have to get back to my hotel. Maybe I'll see you again before I leave town," Josh said slapping the young man on the shoulder, and secretly hoping for another meeting with Keith.

"Yeah, stop by anytime. I'm sure my folks would enjoy meeting you. I'm heading out for an afternoon bike ride and then to get some chow," Keith said excitedly, "no one to cook for me."

Josh began walking back towards the SUV saying stoically, "I've got just enough time to hit the exercise room for an hour and do a few laps in the hotel pool before dinner."

"Dude, if you're lookin for exercise why don't you go for a bike ride with me instead of suffering in a sweaty smelly old exercise room at the hotel? Then we can grab some chow together later?" Keith asked invitingly.

"As you can see I don't have a bike, besides I don't want to interfere with any of your planned activities today."

"Shit man, you ain't no hindrance to me; in fact, I'd enjoy the company, you can use my brother's bike," Keith responded trying to appeal to Josh's sense of adventure.

"Sure sounds cool, sure your brother won't mind?"

"Naw, he's miles from here and not due back until Saturday afternoon," Keith said, "come on let's go get the bikes. There's a kick ass riding trail they put in a couple years ago that leads to a neat place overlooking the ocean."

It didn't take any further invitations from Keith as Josh responded with, "Great, sounds cool to me."

"Dude, pull the SUV off the street into the driveway and let's get goin then," Keith said energetically.

Josh got back into his SUV and pulled it up in the driveway, got out and locked it, and set the alarm. As he locked the vehicle Keith opened the garage door. Josh's eyes widened in surprise; there were two awesome looking sport bikes sitting side by side in the garage. Josh drooled; it had been months since he had ridden his own motorcycle.

"I thought that you meant bicycles as far as going for a bike ride?" Josh queried a little dumbfounded as he walked up to the colorful crotch rockets sitting in the garage touching them.

Oh, those. No, I meant bike riding as in peddle power. Maybe we'll ride those later," Keith said with an infectious smile.

Keith moved towards the back of the garage and retrieved two expensive looking mountain bikes from the ceiling hooks and set them on the ground saying, "These are what we be ridin this afternoon Dude."

"Sounds good to me," Josh said, "I could definitely use the exercise."

Keith looked at Josh and said, "By the way do you have an old T-shirt and pair of shorts to ride in? That shirt you're wearing is way too nice to get sweaty on a bike ride."

"Nope just what I'm wearin."

"Come on in the house and I'll get you somethin to wear. You fill up the water bottles while I run up and get the stuff," Keith said.

"Sounds great."

Josh couldn't believe how friendly and outgoing Keith was compared to what he had previously experienced from his former best friend. Josh thought to himself Keith was really a hot looking Dude. Josh continued to fill the water bottles as Keith reappeared with a T-shirt and pair of shorts for Josh. Josh capped the bottles and removed his polo shirt and hung it over the back of the kitchen chair, and then pulled on the T-shirt. The T-shirt fit was a perfect fit; both men were about the same size and build. Josh pulled off his Dockers to see if the shorts would fit, they fit nicely too, so everything was set for the bike ride. The two men departed the house making sure all was locked up and hit the road riding the mountain bikes. The two exchanged more personal information about themselves as they rode side by side. After a time riding they arrived on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

"Beautiful sight ain't it bro?" Keith said.

"Yeah, I'd almost forgotten about this place and how beautiful the view is as the sun goes down. The new riding trail sure makes for easier to access to this place," Josh said, "I used to come up here the hard way when I was a kid, just to think and meditate."

The two men sat on the edge of the bluff overlooking the ocean deep into thought and conversation. Each unbeknownst to the other was stealing curious glances at the other's body. Keith thought that Josh was great looking for a somewhat older guy and Josh thought that Keith was a real hot hunk. Josh was definitely captivated by Keith's exotic biracial appearance, but moreover his taken with his outgoing personality. Keith however felt Josh needed to loosen up a little and chill out if he was to thoroughly enjoy his class reunion and vacation.

And both boys yearned to see what each other looked like naked.


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