Prologue: The following document is prepared in block paragraph format using 14 font sizes for easier reading. The third chapter contains over five thousand words. The premise of the story is how two young men, in their twenties, find each other and fall in love. The older of the two returns to his home town after a long hiatus for his tenth class reunion to reconnect with an old boyhood friend, only to find and fall in love with another. The two men are presented with many obstacles along the way towards love and life fulfillment. If you are looking for immediate down and dirty sexual scenes this may not be the story for you; however, there are moments of intimacy and sex throughout the story. The author hopes that readers will follow the story chapter by chapter as it unfolds and enjoy the story.

The story is fiction by nature and contains descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting adults. If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or are offended by the type of subject matter contained herein do not read any further.

Note: The author does not advocate or endorse excessive consumption of alcohol, consumption of alcohol or drugs while operating a motor vehicle, or abusing any illegal substances; moreover consuming quantities of beer and smoking weed is not a good combination. However, there is one thing that marijuana will do: reduce one's sexual inhibitions.

The Tenth Class Reunion

Chapter III: Sexual Nirvana

Authored by Robert the Red

"Dude, we'd better get goin if we're gonna make it back to my place before dark," Keith said.

For Josh that statement sounded strange, because for so many years the house on Avocado Drive had been Josh's Home. Josh and Keith had really been enjoying each other's company since they had hooked up earlier in the day. They had visited and got to know each other a little better on that bike ride to Ocean Breeze bluffs overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean; now, it was time for them to start bicycling back towards town before dark. Much of the return ride would be easier than the ride up earlier in the afternoon, because the ride back was down hill. All along the journey back to Ocean Breeze Josh laid back a little eying Keith's extraordinary body, especially his buns bouncing on the seat of the gold mountain bike. The young lad had a hella nice swimmer's physique; Josh assumed that he surfed from their earlier conversation at the bluffs.

The boys arrived at Keith's house just at evening twilight. Keith unlocked the garage and they put the bikes up for the night. Josh had forgotten about the earlier episode with Phil at the Millers, and had totally warm up to Keith's company. Despite the seven years age difference Josh was enjoying Keith's company and was looking forward to spending more of his vacation with Keith. He was sure that he would never reestablish a connection with his former best friend. He felt that Phil was so spun he was beyond help.

"Dude, you really wanta go for a motorcycle ride?" Keith asked, jarring Josh from his thoughts, "I got an extra bike, riding gear, and helmet."

"Sure sounds like a great idea you don't have to ask me twice. I haven't been out on a motorcycle in a few months," Josh replied enthusiastically.

Josh was happy for the companionship and felt that an evening motorcycle ride might be the catalyst to cement their friendship. As the boys put the bikes back on the hooks in the garage Keith explained to Josh that the newer yellow Triumph Daytona was his and the three years old red Ducati belonged to his dad. Keith told Josh that he and his dad didn't get to ride together much anymore since his father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier in the year.

Keith disconnected the trickle chargers from the bike's batteries, and they pushed the two awesome looking sport bikes out of the garage parking them on the drive. Keith handed Josh a soft towel and they began wiping the dust off the bikes. They also checked to make sure the tanks full; checked oil, and air pressure in the tires. Finally, Keith told Josh to pull the SUV into the garage explaining to Josh that they were going to head out to a special place on the coast for dinner and might not be back until late. Josh pulled his sporty white vehicle into the garage and returned to where the two bikes were parked.

"I think we'd better go grab quick showers before we take off; you know, knock the sweat and smell from the bike ride off our bods." Keith stated.

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"This is a really nice place where were goin for dinner Dude," Keith replied.

Josh and Keith headed into the house climbing the stairs like two teenagers to shower. Of course, showering would give the two more chances to steal glances of each other's bodies in different stages of undress. Once they finished showering they dressed; Keith wore Levis and a dark polo shirt, while Josh put on the same clothes he was wearing before the bicycle ride, dark Dockers and the polo shirt. As they were leaving Keith's bedroom Keith gave Josh one of his extra leather jackets, pair of riding gloves, and a white Shoie full-face helmet to wear.

The boys put their riding gear on as they bounded downstairs. Once out on the driveway standing by the bikes Keith asked Josh if he had ridden sport bikes before; Josh assured him that he had, and furthermore that he had the "M" endorsement on his license required for riding motorcycles. Keith told Josh to go ahead and ride his Dad's red Ducati. Keith turned the key in the electric lock to lower and lock the garage door. The boys fired up the bikes and let them warm up before heading down the street and out onto the highway.

"Josh," Keith hollered over the engine's roar, "you sure you know how to ride one of these bad-ass bikes?"

Josh smiled and nodded an affirmative as he pulled the white helmet on and tightened the chin strap. He made a circle and pointing motion with the index finger of his right hand as a signal for Keith to pull out and take the lead. Keith tightened up his colorful full face helmet, finished zipping up his black leather jacket before gunning the bike's engine and popping a small wheelie out the driveway. However, he dropped the front wheel of the bike down to the payment just before he got to the street. Josh on the other hand eased the clutch lever out and slowly twisted the throttle taking off normally on Mr. William's Ducati following Keith down the street past the Miller house.

The boys had to pass by the Miller's house to get out to the highway. As luck would have it Phil was in the front yard still half dressed swilling beer and yelling vile racial slurs at the two as they passed by. Josh couldn't help wonder what had turned Phil into the sullen person he had witnessed, and why he was so bitter and vile towards everyone and life itself. As the boys passed the Miller house and entered the highway Josh put Phil out of his mind and concentrated on the pleasures of riding and the company of his new found friend. Keith hadn't told Josh where the two were going for dinner, just that it was about an hour from Ocean Breeze on highway one.

Once out on the highway the two young men rode side by side for a little over an hour before stopping at a quaint little café for dinner. For some unexplainable reason Josh had become totally enamored with Keith. Now, as the two sat across from each other in a dimly lit romantic booth at the little out of the way café Josh had more time to study Keith. Josh drank in the young man's exotic appearance much like he would consume a fine wine. Keith had an infectious smile set off by a perfect set of white teeth; his light brown skin, black hair, and smoldering dark eyes made Keith appear so damn delicious and desirable. Josh wondered, was Keith just being a nice guy or did he have an ulterior motive behind that genial personality of his. Josh sure did; he would surely like to see the full nude version, moreover he wanted see the full nude version in bed with him before vacation time was over.

There was no doubt that Keith had fast become attracted to Josh, and he desperately wanted to see the handsome older hunk sitting across from him totally nude. He wished that the two could have showered together earlier. Josh decided to play things safe and find out if Keith was secretly flirting with him or just being Mr. Nice guy before attempting any further advances. Josh sat across from his new friend fantasizing about the two romping sexually together, and as the boys continued their conversation Josh was becoming more aroused and wondered if Keith was too.

Josh tried to put the sexual thoughts aside while the two finished their meal. They lingered over coffee as they continued to chat about their personal lives. Finally, after more than an hour of eating and getting to know each other at the romantic picturesque café overlooking the ocean Josh demanded to pay for the meals. Keith argued that he had invited Josh, so he should pay. Josh convinced Keith that he had an expense account, so he would do the honors as he would get reimbursed for the meal. Keith finally caved and Josh whipped out his credit card and paid. Josh couldn't believe that dinner for two came to less than forty dollars.

Once the bill was paid the two young men got back on the bikes and headed towards Ocean Breeze. Josh had truly enjoyed a super evening thus far with Keith, and was savoring the serene ride through the night along the coastline highway. As the two rode both were thinking about all that had happened and what might happen in the future. Josh secretly wanted to take Keith back to his hotel room and have his way with him on that big king bed. Unbeknownst to Josh Keith was entertaining a similar notion about the two of them enjoying more of each other's company in his bedroom when they got back to Ocean Breeze.

When the boys arrived back in Ocean Breeze it was well after ten when they finally reach Keith's house. They put the bikes in the garage, plugged the trickle chargers back to the bikes, and then Keith asked, "Hey, want to go for a swim to relax after that awesome ride Dude?"

"Sorry, don't have any swim wear with me," Josh said apologetically.

"Dude, don't need any, we just go skinny dipping," Keith said flashing that big infectious smile and communication seductively to Josh with the dark eyes.

Josh thought to himself that Keith was so sexually alluring standing there he couldn't refuse the offer, so he asked one last question, "What about your parent's, what'll they say?"

"They won't be back until Sunday sometime; they're off at some military reunion in Reno. Just you and me bro," Keith said with a seductive smile handing Josh a bottle of cold Bud Light from the fridge," besides, you got to start to chill Dude, you're on vacation."

"What the Hell, nothin better to do, and as you say I am on vacation," Josh replied twisting the cap off the longneck bottle of beer. The two clanged the bottles together saluting further adventures that evening.

Josh quickly realized that he was going to get his wish: to see Keith totally nude in just a matter of seconds. The two new found friends pulled a couple of swigs off their beers as they kicked their sneakers off on the kitchen floor and began to undress. Josh tried to keep his eyes off Keith's body, but couldn't resist peaking. The more Keith disrobed the better the view. Of course, unbeknownst to Josh, Keith was stealing glances and entertaining the same lustful thoughts about Josh.

There was a pause as the two stood across from each other in the kitchen wearing nothing but their skivvies waiting to see who would be the first to drop drawers. It was evident that both preferred Joe Boxer designer underwear. The moment of truth finally arrived Keith pulled off his black designer Joe Boxers first and didn't attempt to hide his manhood from Josh.

Josh was pleasantly surprised by what he saw; not too big, not too small, but just the right size toy to play with Josh thought to himself as he proceeded to drop his designer Joe Boxer drawers. Both boys stood completely naked in the kitchen in front of each other cautiously eying the other's bodies and semi flaccid manhood's. Both young men appeared similar in size soft.

"Last one in the pool gets to suck my a dick," Keith said jokingly, his voice trailing off as he sprinted past Josh out the open sliding patio door towards the pool with Josh following closely behind carefully eying Keith's beautiful bouncing buns.

Keith hit the water first with a beautifully executed dive off the edge of the pool as Josh followed closely behind. Both boys were excellent swimmers and possessed good diving forms. The two men surfaced and swam towards the deep end of the pool for another go around.

"Guess I won and you lost Dude. So, you want to suck it now or later," Keith said with a humorous sneer.

Then Keith jumped out of the pool and took his position on the diving board preparing to dive into the deep end of the pool. Josh carefully eyed Keith's form while he prepared for the dive, and marveled at how perfectly magnificent Keith looked poised on the board preparing to dive. In view of the last comment both boys somehow were managing to maintain fairly flaccid looking equipment during the whole pseudo-sexual experience of skinny dipping and diving. Josh still was unsure if Keith was joking or for real.

"You're pretty good," Josh complimented Keith.

"Yeah, I was on the high school swim team all four years and swam for the JC team two years," Keith replied enthusiastically as he dove into the water again.

Once Keith surfaced Josh replied, "No kidding, I swam all four years when I attended high school and I try to swim everyday at hotel pools while I'm on the road."

"Cool, you ever get to do any surfin Dude?" Keith asked.

"Not much anymore," Josh replied, "swimming for me is like totally addictive, but when I was younger and living here it was the waves man."

"Totally Dude," Keith replied, "We'll have to get the boards out and do it before you leave."

"Sounds great."

"By the way when you get tired of swimmin we can totally relax in the hot tub my dad installed a couple of years ago," Keith said pointing to the gazebo.

Josh replied, "we didn't have a hot tub when I lived here, but I'd like to try it out."

The boys continued to dive and swim for a few more minutes before they tired of the pool. By the time they both got out of the water, toweled off, and headed for the house it was closing on midnight. Once in the kitchen Keith grabbed a couple more beers from the fridge and the two nude bathers headed back out towards the gazebo to relax in the hot tub. Both were now comfortable in the company of each other nude. Keith set his beer down on the edge of the tub and then excused himself, telling Josh to go ahead and get into the tub that he would be right back. Keith went back into the house to retrieve a couple of highly select marijuana cigarettes he had secreted away for special occasions. Keith felt that this was a special night for celebration and wanted to share some special smoke with Josh on this auspicious occasion.

Keith returned to the pool with two joints, "Ever smoke any of this?" Keith asked proudly holding up the two thinly rolled marijuana cigarettes.

"It's been a while for me, high school," Josh replied a little skeptical.

"You care to join me?" Keith asked cautiously, "you're on vacation."

"Oh Hell, why not, I am on vacation," Josh said giving in to temptation.

Keith and Josh took a couple more swallows of beer before they blazed up and began to burn the joints. As they got down to the very last little bit they were laughing their asses off at any little thing the other would say. Consuming beer and smoking weed is not a good combination for most things; however, there is one thing that marijuana does, lowers one's sexual inhibitions.

Josh spoke up innocently saying, "Man, I'm getting hungry."

"Remember, you can eat me if you're hungry Dude," Keith said with conviction.

The two boys looked at each other silently, but lustfully. Which one would make the next move? Keith suddenly lunged across the tub splashing the water over the edge taking Josh into his arms and began passionately kissing him on the mouth. Josh immediately opened his mouth eagerly accepting Keith's aggressive tongue. They began dueling with their tongues making out like master swordsmen in a courtyard. By this time both boys were fully aroused and high. Their hard bodies pressed together. They could feel each other's rock hard cocks pressing into each other's abdomen. Both boys were high on marijuana and were in the throes of euphoric sexual Nirvana; where would the blissful experience lead?

The two were fast approaching that moment of truth in their newfound relationship; their hot bodies we tightly intertwined, locked together in the euphoric pangs of passion in Keith's backyard hot tub. Josh and Keith had consumed two beers a piece and each smoked a marijuana joint since returning to Ocean Breeze so all inhibitions had been thrown to the winds. The two young men were ready to explode sexually.

An explosive situation sparked by Josh's innocent remark that he was hungry. Not an uncommon response after one has smoked marijuana. To which Keith replied in earnest, "You can eat me if you're hungry." Now, anyone knows that a remark such as that one could not go unchallenged and was bound to spark some type of sexually explicit physical response from any hot-blooded American boy lusting for the other's body. Restraint had clearly been thrown out the window as the two found themselves passionately and physically committed to each other. So, while the two young men enjoyed each other's company they were both deep into lustful thoughts about the other mentally planning the next move and how to end their present plight on a pleasurable note.

Thursday night was fast approaching Friday morning on that unofficial second day of Josh's vacation where he found himself engaged in a heated sexual situation in Keith's back yard hot tub. The boys broke their passionate embrace long enough for Keith to begin softly caressing and kissing Josh all over his face and then moving onto nibble at his ear lobe. The sexual energy that was flowing between the two hot-blooded young lovers was like electricity flowing through high tension power lines. Such powerful feelings; feelings Keith had yet to experience before, and feelings Josh hadn't felt in quite a while. Keith whispered into Josh's ear how much he wanted him. Josh was consumed with passion for Keith and side yes. Keith continued nibbling on Josh's left ear lobe whispering seductively into his ear. The two men ground their hard hot bodies together creating waves that lapped over the edges of the hot tub. Eventually, Keith's cock slipped between Josh's legs and Josh could feel the hot prong prodding at his ass hole.

Josh wanted nothing more than for Keith take him anally satisfying his sexual desires. Josh had learned early in life that he totally enjoyed anal sex and for him there was nothing that could compare to a good ass fucking. However, Josh had certain rules when it came to cornholing. Josh was into all the pleasures of sex but not into pain; therefore, he shied away from guys who were overly endowed penetrating his ass hole. Josh preferred guys with an average size penis; preferred them to be cut, and most of all he wanted his lovers to take their time exercising a lot of foreplay before entering him. The thing Josh most hated was when a guy squirted as soon as he entered him. Josh felt that there was nothing more disappointing than to finally be entered and then for the top to go flat. Josh also didn't let every sexual partner take him anally, only the one's Josh felt were committed to some type of relationship ever made it to home plate with him, and those who did had to practice safe sex.

Before Josh would let Keith take him and make love to him Josh wanted to know for sure what type of relationship the two were interested in and where the relationship was headed. Josh broke free from the upper body clinch looking soulfully into Keith smoldering dark eyes while their lower bodies remained intertwined. Josh was well aware of the explosive sexual energy building within his body and was sure that Keith was experiencing the same feelings. Josh knew that if he didn't stop his new found young lover's sexual advances soon there was going to be one hella big mess to clean-up. Josh gently took hold of Keith's head cupping his face kissing all over it and tenderly saying, "If we don't ease up there's gonna to be the biggest mess you've ever seen floating around in this hot tub by morning."

"So what, it's mine," Keith said with that big infectious smile.

Josh had all but forgotten about Phil at this point and time. He was sensing strong feelings that there was a possibility of a real relationship blossoming between the two before his vacation ended. The two young men held and caressed each other in a more subdued manner as the early morning hours wore on. They were silent for what seemed like eternity. They simply held each other and tenderly explored each other's bodies; neither one wanting the experience or night to end. As twilight broke over the horizon the two new found lovers gazed lustfully into each other's eyes, neither one had climaxed yet. It was almost as though they both feared that a sexual orgasm might end an evening of euphoric pleasure as well as their new found friendship. Keith was fast becoming irresistible as a new lover for Josh.

"Can you believe it's almost daylight," Josh said softly caressing Keith's face and hair.

"Yeah, I think we need to get out of the tub and go inside before some nosy ass hole discovers us," Keith said mournfully.

"Yeah, I think we really need to talk about our future and where it's head," Josh said in a more serious tone.

"Do you think that's a possibility?" Keith questioned.

"Let get out and talk about that in the house."

The two got out of the tub, dried off, threw their towels over their shoulders, and holding hands silently walked towards the house while their aroused states cooled. Once inside Keith pinned Josh against the refrigerator and began kissing him passionately.

After a few seconds Josh broke free from the embrace saying, "We need to talk about our future." Josh then led Keith over to the kitchen table where the two seated themselves and said, "So, where's this headed. You know all of this and what does each of us want from the other?"

"I know what I want. I know that I want you more than anything right now. I knew that I wanted you the first time you got out of your SUV in front of the house yesterday, and now I'm surer than ever of that fact," Keith said.

"Okay, so are you out and openly gay?"

"No. I not out, "Keith responded in a stoic tone, "furthermore, I really don't know if I'm gay, I mean I don't know what I am, but I sure would like to find out, and I'd like for you to be the one to help me discover who and what I am."

"So, you're unsure of your sexuality, but you now want to have sex with me?" Josh questioned.

"Yeah. I'm pretty much a novice when it comes to love and sex and all the gay stuff."

"Okay, but always remember love and sex doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to all people. Lots of people get the two mixed up and that's where problems begin. And as far as the gay stuff love is no different between gays or straights. Love is about people and what they feel for each other, not necessarily sexual identity and sex," Josh stated.

"Wow Dude, sounds like you got this all dialed in."

"Keith, I'm new to love and all this stuff too. I've just had a little more sexual experience than you and definitely been hurt a time or two," Josh said.

"Yeah I guess so bein you're a few years older."

So, where and to what level do you see our relationship heading?" Josh asked, "you know I'm here in Ocean Breeze for two weeks and then I'm on the road again, so what I mean, is this a one time fling? Or are you prepared for real commitment, you know, the real thing?"

Keith started to tear-up saying, "Dude, I don't know. I've never felt this way about another person before, guy or gal. I just know that I really like you Josh. I think it maybe real and I don't want to lose you."

"Know one thing for sure Keith you'll never lose me as a friend, maybe a lover, but not as a friend."

"Thanks for the reassurance Josh."

"So, now the big question, are you sure you're gay?" Josh asked pointedly, "or are you just infatuated and want to experiment sexually?"

"I'm not sure. I don't really know anything about the gay lifestyle on a first hand basis, just what I've read."

"Keith, if you come out to family and friends it will definitely change your life forever," Josh said in a no nonsense manner, "I was lucky in a way I didn't have to do that cause my parent's were taken before that issue needed to be addressed."

"Yeah," Keith acknowledged.

"So, I want you to consider all of that before you go advertising the fact that we're a couple, and remember once you come out there is no return."

"Oh no, I would never tell anyone about what we do together, promise."

"That's all well and good but telling someone isn't the only one way of exposing the truth."

"Really!" Keith exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah, there are so many subtle signs that people pick up on and they'll never say anything, but the seed of doubt has been placed. Then as the whispers and rumors spread we'll scrutinized more closely. As for me I don't want to see you get hurt and maybe disowned by your family because of a weekend fling."

"I see what you mean Dude. We'll have to be really careful."

"Yes, we'll definitely have to be discrete, but as careful as we may be there are those innocent telltale signs that may give us away."

"Like what Josh?"

"Eye contact is the biggest give away."

"Wow, I didn't even think about that," Keith replied.

"A relationship such as ours would be a full-time job so as not to give it away."

"Wow, you're so damn smart Dude."

"No, just older and more experienced in life and its hurtful ways my young friend."

"But, do you think maybe there's a possibility," Keith replied.

"Let's see, you're not out yet, you're not a practicing gay man, and you're not sure of your sexuality?" Josh queried, "I think we gotta shot, but there are some things that need to be resolved if we're going to have any type relationship. I'm curious are you a virgin?" Josh asked pointedly.

"Not really. I mean I played around when I was younger; you know, jerkin off and experimentin sexually with a couple of my buds, you know secretly, nobody knew that I know of. That's about the extent of it for me. Well, I dated a couple of girls in high school, copped a feel, and they gave me some oral sex," Keith said.

"So, you've never been in a long-term relationship with another man or woman?" Josh asked, "you've never had intercourse, or been penetrated by a man or penetrated another guy?"

"I've dry humped but never any actual penetration," Keith said with a questioning look, "why do you ask that?"

"A little while ago in the hot tub you cock slipped between my legs and was prodding at my asshole like you wanted in and you said that you wanted me. What you said and your actions would indicate that you knew what you were doing and what you wanted," Josh stated.

"Honest Dude, my dick just slipped down there unintentionally and that's what guys say to their girl friends when they want some," Keith replied, "now, what about you Josh?"

"Fair enough. No, I'm not out as a gay man, and don't know if or when I ever will be out. I am gay and have been all my life, but definitely don't advertise that fact. You know, probably wouldn't be a good career booster for me," Josh said very seriously, "once while I was in college I was in a two years relationship with a guy, but it ended when I found out he cheated."

"Sorry to hear you got burned Dude," Keith said.

"Yeah, it really hurt and took me a while to get over it, because I thought that we were really in love and meant to be together for life," Josh replied, "so, why don't we take things slowly and explore our feelings for each other, so as not to hurt each other emotionally."

"Hmm," Was all Keith could say in reply to Josh's confession and advice as he tried to mentally digest all that he was hearing.

"You know, let's not be telling each other that we love each other unless we really believe that were in love. For now we'll be in lust for each other," Josh said with a smile, "if you just want to get down and have some tawdry quick down and dirty sex to get our rocks off then I'm game. We can fuck and suck each others brains for two weeks and then never see each other again; however, if you're looking for a deeper more meaningful relationship then we need to talk a lot more and explore each other's feelings, wants, and needs," Josh said seriously.

"Sounds cool and very rational Dude. Maybe we need to spend some, as they say, quality time together while you're here on vacation and really get to know each other before there is any type of commitment. That way we can see if we are really compatible and what direction were headed with this thing," Keith replied eagerly.

"Why don't take a shower and get dressed then head to the hotel," Josh said

"Sounds cool, you want to shower together?"

"I thought you'd never ask that question," Josh said with a smile.

The two headed upstairs to Keith's bathroom where they stripped down and climbed in the shower together. They washed each other's bodies and made out with the shower running over their nude bodies. They fondled and stroked each other but not to fruition before stepping out of the shower to dry off and get dressed. They both secretly want to save that first special powerful orgasm for later, in Josh's hotel room.

Once dressed Josh said, "We can go for a run on the beach, so bring your running gear. Also, the hotel has a great breakfast buffet, and then after we eat we'll go up to my room and get better acquainted."

"Yeah, I'm really gettin hungry," Keith replied enthusiastically, "for some real food that is."

Josh and Keith headed downstairs to clean up the mess in the kitchen, getting rid of all the tell-tale signs in the kitchen and the backyard. Once that chore was complete Keith left a note on the board in the kitchen telling his parent's where he was and not to worry. The two grabbed the motorcycle gear, left the house, and Keith locked the back door. Their senses and sobriety had returned, so it was safe for them to ride.

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