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    Copyright © Author, October 2006

    The Final Chapter

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART TEN


    The chirping of the birds woke him and as he blinked his eyes open, staring up at the bright blue sky above, he realized that he wasn't inside the tent... and then he remembered, they had slept out in the open, still naked, still wrapped around each other... And as he moved, Kushanu stirred, opening his eyes and smiling at Shaan, kissing him on the lips.

    "Good morning..."

    With a shy smile, Shaan returned the greeting, snuggling closer, suddenly blushing furiously.

    "You look great when you blush that way," Kushanu said with a grin, pulling him closer, the morning erection nudging Shaan's belly.

    Soon the two young men were moaning as they joined once more... rejoicing!

    Shaantanu loving it, thrilling in it... This was so different from the, almost brutal, sex that he had become so used to, with Vivek. Sex with Kushanu was so much more erotic, so sensuous, so tender, almost mellow... and, so very passionate! This was lovemaking... not just satisfying one's lust!

    Biting into Kushanu's shoulder he stifled the cry of joy, lifting higher, urging him on...


    The day was beautiful and both went straight to the lake as soon as they had finished their bath and eaten. Taking a paddle boat they slowly cut across the placid lake to the picturesque little island in the center and spent the rest of the morning sitting there, talking... and when hunger finally forced them up, they walked into the tiny restaurant on the island, the only one, and ate their lunch before paddling back to the shore and walking into the forest.

    It was around dusk that they returned to their camping site by the side of the shallow pool, tired and sweaty from the long trek into the jungle, both extremely happy... and stripping naked dived right into the cool waters!

    Swimming around they finally settled on a rocky ledge, the water about chest deep, and as the sky turned a fiery crimson, they were moaning into each other's mouth, the hands roaming, ceaseless... both penises rampant with desire.

    With his hand stroking the length, Shaan pulled Kushanu closer and then turning around placed his hands on the rock, spreading his thighs as he raised his ass in offer, looking back over his shoulder, the eyes communicating his yearnings... Kushanu moved in, his thick cock settling on the inviting crack, prying the cheeks apart as it slid in between them... dragging along the deep cleft... the breath coming in hot spurts, labored...

    Both men panted, the heart rapid as they prepared for the sexual union that both craved for... But now the tiny orifice cringed shut, against the water, the body reacting naturally, attempting to keep the water from entering, holding shut... And as Kushanu grunted with the effort, nudging and pushing... forcing the resisting entrance to relent, Shaan relaxed his muscle, willing it to open... open to let in the penis.

    Gradually, almost in slow motion, the sphincter pouted out and grabbing the bloated head, sucked it in, making Kushanu groan at the awesome sensation... hunching forward, his hips jerking as he thrust in.

    To fuck under water was something new to both of them... and it felt mind-boggling in its eroticism, and the sheer experience!

    The cool water caressing and flowing around his swaying balls, along the sizzling shaft, was heart-stopping... and as the raging phallus pulled out and plunged back into the depths of the churning inferno, Kushanu could hardly breath, his pelvis jerking and flexing of it's own volition... beyond control!

    The experience, for Shaan wasn't any less magnificent... the tiny anal mouth adamant, cringing tighter against the encroaching waters... gripping the throbbing column in a vice, making the entry of the penis into his bottom even more pronounced... more thrilling... sensitive... The water flowing around his own aroused genitals, the coldness in sharp contrast to the raging heat of his tingling loins, adding to the pleasure... Carrying them higher... sucking them deeper into the whirlpool of ethereal bliss...

    With eyes shut tight and hands gripping the slim waist, Kushanu labored away between the spread thighs, marveling at the contrast between the chilling waters of the pool and the moist heat of the innards, as Shaan held on to the slippery rocks, his knees weak with hunger, the stomach heaving with naked lust as he pushed back, grunting with each entry, squeezing the shaft as it pulled out...

    It was unbearable... and Kushanu felt the spasm... violent and gut wrenching, his stomach nearly doubling up, sending his hips into a frenzy, rapid in it's motion... forcing the large cock deeper into the convoluted depth of the shuddering colon... Shoving in and holding still, he howled in euphoric joy, flushing Shaan's bowels with the copious man seed, filling him to the brim, triggering his explosion as the swollen prostate felt the vibrating pressure of the spewing penis... Shaan cried out and tottered, his knees buckling as his head lowered, dipping underwater, his cock shooting the thick semen into the churned waters, massive!

    They both fell apart, totally drained, breathless... thrilling at the new experience... the muscles slowly relaxing, undulating, as they floated languidly, in the now stilled water, savoring the soft afterglow... the heart gradually climbing down from the crescendo it had reached.


    The morning was bright and clear as the two young men woke up... and though the body was once again hungry, even after the almost non-stop celebration of the previous night, quickly getting up they headed for the pool before packing up and setting out for Naukuchiya...

    Naukuchiya Tal, the small, nine-cornered lake, the deepest and the most spectacular of the Kumaon lakes, set at a height of 1218 meters and surrounded by thick oak forest in the backdrop of the towering hills, was a short four kilometers away... and today the trek seemed like a walk in the gardens, as hand in hand, they walked down the jungle path, the undergrowth loaded with wild roses and raspberry blooms... And before they even realized it, they had reached the lake!

    It looked incredible in the morning light, crowded with lotus and teeming with the migratory birds... the air filled with the delicate scent of the bloom, intoxicating...

    Sitting on the shores they watched the few tourists paddle around in the small boats... and though Shaan had done all of it earlier, this time, while hiking alone he had not felt the urge... But now, with Kushanu by his side, his heart soaring with a newfound joy, he wanted to do it again, go out boating... and even paragliding, which this place offered.

    "Hey, want to go boating?" he asked, turning to Kushanu.

    "Sure, lets go!"

    Renting a boat they paddled around the lake, the birds flying away as the boat approached and then settling down in it's wake, complaining vociferously at being disturbed in their peaceful swim... and then they just let the boat drift around, turning with the water's flow, bobbing with the tiny waves that the light breeze created on the surface... content to be together, sitting in the middle of the lake, silent, exchanging unspoken promises... before paddling back to the shore and climbing up to the summit of the nearby hill...

    A group of teens, that had trained earlier, was into a short flight over the wooded slopes, gliding into the valley down below, as they reached the summit. So flopping down on a ledge they awaited their turn for the exhilarating experience...

    How right Leonardo da Vinci was when he had said, `When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return'... Shaan had been doing it since he was a young teen and after all these years and having done it in so many places, he knew the thrill and the joy of launching himself from the edge of a cliff or a high place and then `flying' off into space! It was so glorious, to fly like a bird... soar hundreds of feet above the ground... so uplifting! The sheer feeling of total freedom as he glided through the air made him forget all his worries on the ground down below... To take in the magnificent sights and the beautiful landscapes from a bird's eye view... experience the world from a totally new perspective... Wonderful!

    Much later, back on the ground, good ol'Mother Earth, they walked deeper into the woods and searching out a small clearing settled in for the night.

    Setting up the two tents, they gathered dry woods and lit a fire, sitting down, talking.

    From the higher perch they could still see the lake through the trees, the dim lights from the surrounding buildings reflecting on the placid surface.

    "You know, it's said that if you can see all the nine corners of the lake at the same time it brings you great luck," said Shaantanu, looking up at Kushanu, watching the handsome face glow in the light of the fire.

    "Have you seen it ever?"

    "No, it's really not possible..."

    "Well, I've seen you, and that's brought me luck, why bother about the impossible!" Kushanu said, moving closer, taking him in his arms, the lips joining in passion...


    The sharp smell of the morning dew felt invigorating as Shaan crawled out of the sleeping bag. Like the past two nights, they had slept out, the canopy of the moonlit sky serving as their `tent', the real tents being used just to store the backpacks.

    Walking into the restaurant they had their breakfast and soon went up the hill for another thrilling paragliding session... before walking back for lunch and then into the woods again, wandering around, hand in hand... euphoric!


    They got up early and both running naked to the brook jumped in, splashing water at each other, frolicking in the cool currents, for a moment almost forgetting that they needed to hurry if they really planned to start the over seventeen hour hike back to Nainital...

    It was the ninth day since Shaan had embarked on his trek, and already two days past his scheduled return... But he had called Mr. Tiwari and informed him of the changed plans, telling him that he would spend another few days there. But his leave from the office was also coming to an end and he had to return... So, reluctantly they had decided to go back, return to Nainital and then back home...

    Finally getting out of the water they ran around, still naked, playful, pulling away and throwing the clothes as Kushanu attempted to pull them on... swatting each other's butt... the soul aroused with renewed desire, the cock erect... and then they were wrapped up in an embrace, moaning as the bodies joined, making passionate love on the grass by the brook...

    It was much later, as the heart finally slowed down and the sun crawled higher in the sky, they finally, getting up, pulled on some clothes and then picking up and strapping their gears set out for Nainital... embarking on the final phase of their trek.

    But progress was slow... they didn't feel the need to hurry... maybe it was the unspoken thought of parting, of losing each other once they reached Nainital... maybe, just the need to be together a bit longer, in this incredible environment, squeeze out another moment of joy... Stopping to embrace, to kiss... dropping the load, as the clothes came off time and again, the body joining repeatedly in another soul enhancing union... Not bothering with the time, with reaching their destination... just immersed in the breathtaking splendor of the surroundings and engrossed in the extraordinary company of each other!


    Having camped overnight, they finally reached Nainital late in the evening, long after the sun had set, delayed by the repeated breaks and pauses in their journey as they snatched another tender moment of togetherness, savoring one more brief moment of union, before getting up and carrying on... both reluctant with the imminent parting, both desirous of stretching it a bit longer...

    The Mall stood forlorn, it not being the tourist season, as they walked into town and as they strode down the almost deserted street, Kushanu looked around and said, "God, we are late, hope I can get a room now, I don't have a booking!"

    "I already have a room, can't you stay with me?" Shaantanu asked, not sure... yet, they had already shared so much.

    Kushanu smiled, squeezing his hand and they walked into the tiny inn, together, Shaan collecting the key to his room, both walking down the corridor.


    It had been the most glorious ten days of his life... and the next day at Kadgodam, they parted, as good friends, nay, much more than just friends. But Shaan didn't know what the morrow held for him... for them, and though sad to see Kushanu go, he wasn't despondent. He had realized that, if they were meant to be together, then things would work out.

    There had been enough hints from both sides, and time would tell... but he wouldn't `cling' anymore, he would give it an honest try and hope for the best. He liked Kushanu, had come to love his company in those short four days... but he wouldn't impose himself on anyone, not anymore. Neither would he `succumb'... He had a lovely time and would love it to continue... And Kushanu seemed a decent and honest person, and he had made promises... Shaan would let things happen, shape up on their own, as and when the time was right... And then, they could be together... But till then, he would wait.

    There is something about Nature... about this whole place, he had already forgiven Vivek, and though not exactly forgotten him, but held nothing against him anymore... That was the magic of Kumaon... He was finally at peace!


    And, at the end of this long narration, would once again like to thank 'R I C', my dear, proud friend of the 'P K C' (Polished Knob Club), for the invaluable help rendered in the writing of this tale... like the bright beacon of a towering light-house, guiding me safely to the harbor! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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