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    Copyright © Author, September 2006

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: The first part of this story was in first person... but from the second part it will be a third person narration.

    Would love to hear from you all.

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART TWO


    Next day, a Saturday, he sat in the room, alone... and though the kids were very excited to have him staying with them, his sister didn't allow them to bother him too much, but that was a difficult task, his brother-in-law finally taking them out for the day, so that he could be alone...

    Sunday was no better, and though he made an honest effort to be normal, act normal... to take control of himself and his emotions... even play with the two little boys, yet Vivek, his thoughts, his final act of betrayal, just wouldn't leave Shaantanu alone... And each time the kids had to pull him out of his reverie, their little minds wondering what had suddenly happened to their usual joyful and `fun' Mamaji.

    And the nights were equally painful, as he lay awake late into the night, totally unable to comprehend as to what had so suddenly gone wrong, why did it have to be this way... where did his love fail... crying himself to sleep... Hoping that once Monday came and he went back to office, maybe things would change, he'd get to handle this better...

    But Monday seemed as painful as the past two days and as he walked into office, everything seemed to have changed there too, everything different... It wasn't the same anymore... Every greeting seemed like a slap on his face. Every smile seemed a smirk... everybody seemed to be laughing at him, at his fate... And every eye had that knowing look... and that look of pity!

    It was getting unbearably suffocating... He wanted to get away from it all, run away... run away from reality, run away from the pain, find peace, find solace... He just couldn't get over the betrayal, the humiliation... it kept stabbing at his heart with ever increasing ferocity.

    That Friday, after work, he walked up to his boss and applying for an extended leave, decided on going for his favorite activity - trekking... Trekking in the hills of Kumaon!

    He would go alone, trek the hills.... loose himself in that beautiful wilderness... work out every trace of Vivek from his system... he needed to go, to get away from the hurt, the pain and the shame...


    Shaantanu pushed his way through the crowd as he searched for the coach and his seat number... finally spotting it before climbing into the carriage.

    His was the upper left berth, and he would have three other companions in his cubicle, but the seats were still vacant as he entered. Un-strapping the large backpack he placed it on the top berth and slowly sat down, leaning back, closing his eyes. He was off... off to the hills... the land of the big cats, so beautifully romanticized by Jim Corbett!

    He loved Kumaon... the hills, the trails and the paths... the majestic mountains with it's snowcapped peaks, the rolling meadows, the dense forests with its wealth of flora and fauna... The rambling brooks and the beautiful waterfalls as they plunged into the placid pools in a shower of silver... And the sheer beauty of the numerous lakes alone, was worth the arduous uphill journey... He had always loved it, ever since childhood. He had been to all the places there - Nainital, Almora, Ranikhet, Corbett, Mukhteshwar... and had walked all the trails... even the glaciers. It had been like an annual ritual with them, every summer... Hiking, trekking, camping... The place had such happy memories... Memories of joyous childhood... of camping and angling... of long walks... And after his sister's wedding, and his mother's refusal to go hiking anymore, memories of going there with his father... and the real treks... longer ones, to the glaciers... He had done all the major routes!

    Kumaon was a hard-to-resist package, where myth, religion, folklore combined with spectacular natural beauty to create an unforgettable experience... It was the place for unwinding, for introspection.

    And there was enough to do, for everyone... from boating and angling to adventure sports... long walks to treks of all levels of endurance...

    But after graduating from business school and getting this job, just over a year back, the annual treks had stopped... He hadn't been there, instead he visited home now and his mother refused going off for vacations, insisting that they remain at home so that she could 'take good care' of him! The only time he visited Nainital was last October, for a short weekend, along with Vivek. But they hadn't gone trekking as Vivek refused to exert himself or rough it out in the wild!

    This would be the first time that he would be doing it alone, would be trekking alone... but then, he needed to be alone... needed to get away... he was desperate!

    And as he waited for the train to start he was jerked out of his thoughts with the entry of a group of loud and noisy young boys, all about 16 and 17...

    "Ah, here it is..." said a young man, about Shaantanu's age, placing two large bags under the seat.

    He was soon followed by two of the boys.

    "Alok," called one of the boys from down the passageway, "the other seats are here, all four together."

    "OK, fine, place your backpacks there and come over here," called back the man, obviously the leader of the group.

    Moving slightly to one side Shaantanu made place for the boys to sit down and as the two sat the other four joined them... the seven of them sitting down.

    "So, are we ready for the hills?" asked the man called Alok.

    "Yes!" roared the boys, loud, happy.

    Looking out into the dark exterior Shaantanu sat back, shutting out the chatter around him. And as the train started to move, first slowly, pulling out of the platform and then gradually picking up speed he listened to the ramblings of the group around him... All members of some local hiking club, on their first excursion to the Himalayas... terribly excited and extremely enthusiastic about the planned weeklong trek, covering Ranikhet and Almora, via the Corbett National Park.

    "Alok, tell us again about the werewolf or whatever you were talking about back then..." asked one of the boys.

    "Do you really want to listen? You think it's a fairy tale, huh?"

    "No, we don't!" said a couple of boys, all giggling as they moved closer in a huddle.

    "Honest Alok, we believe you, please tell us more..." said the first boy.

    "You guys are always making fun, eh... But I'm from the mountains, I've seen the victims... I've heard the calls!"

    "Please... tell us..." the boys went in unison.

    "Modern people consider it a fantasy tale, a myth, but the record of the werewolf is one of the most ancient and widespread, with stories of the creatures being found as far back as written history." Alok began. "These shape-shifter legends can be found from all over the world and some of the earliest accounts come from Romanian and Greek sources."

    The boys moved closer, their faces earnest with rapt attention.

    "But what we are talking about aren't werewolves, rather these are werecats..." He continued, "they are shape-shifters who are similar to werewolves, except that they turn into some species of feline instead of a wolf. In the Kumaon region it's the leopard, or rather the black panther, that they change into..."

    All the boys gasped, moving in even closer.

    "In India, the weretiger is already famous, or rather infamous, portrayed as a menace to livestock who might at any time turn into a man-eater. Jim Corbett has mentioned them in his books. Even Pliny, the Greek, had mentioned about people with dog heads that lived in the Indian Himalayas... and Alexander's chroniclers also mentioned them, only making them more ferocious..."

    "Wow!" the boys went together.

    "Yes, even earlier to that, from around 6000 BC, there are cave drawings of wereleopards from Catal Huyuk..."

    "Cool..." said the first boy.

    "Yes, but very few people know about the Indian wereleopards, and practically nothing has been written about them. Sleek, black leopards, called locally as the 'Cat Boys'."

    "Cat boys?" asked another boy, "What happens? How do they change?"

    Shaantanu smiled, sitting in his corner, drawn inexorably to the incredible discussion. God, he had been to this place so many times... it was like home-away-from-home for him. He had spent so many days and nights out camping in the hills, in the wilderness... and hadn't even heard about such tales, ever...

    "As I mentioned, these are young men, usually healthy and strong, normal boys from the villages in the hills. But once they have been bitten, they themselves turn into a black panther and roam the jungles in search of their victim... In fact, they even enter the hamlets and villages, transformed into their human form, in search of the perfect male... and once they have chosen a person, they make friendship with the victim and then take them deep into the jungle and drink their blood... They may kill the person and devour the whole body or just drink the blood and leave him to die..."

    "This sounds like that Hollywood movie, uh... um... 'The Cat People'."

    "This is no movie Akshay, this is real and I've seen the bodies myself!"

    "Tell us more, please..."

    "They are very powerful and strong and once they turn into a leopard they grow even more strong... you know, like the werewolf and wereleopards of the west."

    "Oh, are they too dependent on the full moon to transform into a cat, uh, panther?"

    "The linkage of the full moon to werewolves seems to be more of a dramatic license than real." Alok explained, "However it is an interesting notion, since the full moon has been associated with creating madness in humans and to be a period when man and beast have a magical connection."

    "So, what about these leopards?"

    "No, they can change as and when they want... whenever they need to drink human blood. In fact, werecats tend to be less influenced by the lunar cycle than werewolves, and they can change back and forth at will."

    "Wow... and how does the victim change into a werecat, uh, Cat Boy?"

    "Well, that happens only on full moon nights. On normal nights they just drink and leave the victim to die or they may even eat them whole, as I said... But if it's a full moon night and they just bite or drink the blood and leave the victim alive, then that person will change into a Cat Boy."

    "Wow... and we'll have a full moon night in about five days!" said one of the boys as the others giggled in nervous fascination.

    "How can you kill them, I mean if they are killing all the young men in the village, what is your protection against them?" asked a boy.

    "Yeah, and how can you recognize one?" asked another.

    "Well, the problem is that they are so normal, so human, that you can't even think of them as evil, as Cat Boys... and once in the jungle, at night... as they turn into a black panther, it's too late..." replied Alok. "But yes, there are a few signs, that may give a hint..."

    "Like what?"

    "OK, it's said that they are always young looking..."

    "That's too general, nothing more specific, huh?" asked Akshay.

    "Yes, they are supposed to have eyebrows that join in the middle and also their index and middle fingers are of the same length..."

    "Hey, Anuj, isn't your index finger and middle finger the same length?" asked Harsha.

    "Yaaaa...." replied the boy, lifting up his hands for all to see... and then clawing in the air he growled, "and this full moon night I'm gonna get you Harsha..."

    "OK, enough!" growled Alok, "It's also said that they love raw meat and are often seen eating it uncooked and the smell of flesh makes them excited, makes them sniff the air... Also, they are usually very slim and sleek, with jet black and silky hair."

    "Alok, is there nothing to protect you, save you from these creatures?"

    "Yes, there is..."

    "What? How?" the boys asked, almost together.

    "For one, as they turn into a panther and is about to attack you or bite you, if you throw a silver swastika over it's shoulder, it will make them powerless, weak, vulnerable... and it also makes them return to their human form... and then a silver knife stabbed through the heart will kill them."

    Shaantanu almost laughed out loud as he heard the banter... his hands unconsciously reaching for the huge, chunky silver swastika locket around his neck.

    "Cool, and if you don't have a silver knife or don't want to kill it...?" asked another boy.

    "Yeah, if you can't kill it?"

    "Well, for the time being he can't do anything to you, he is back as a human and totally powerless... but once he regains his power and can change back into a leopard he'll kill you. He can't let you go, it's the Cat Boy code."

    "But by the time he regains his strength wont the guy have been gone, run away?"

    "Yeah, vanished from the scene?"

    "Cat Boys are capable of astral travel, they can find anyone and travel anywhere!" Alok said.

    "Cool, wish I too could, then I could save a lot of money on my travel expenses!" grinned another of the boys.

    They all laughed.

    "Wow... this is real cool... wish we meet one!"

    "Don't even say it Harsha, you wont wish it if you really came across one," Alok warned.

    Shaantanu nearly laughed, 'What bullshit', he thought as he got up and climbed onto his upper berth, lying down and then turning onto his side, looked down at the opposite seat, watching the boys, their interest and excitement.

    "So, these creatures, these Cat Boys, are they always male?"


    "And they only pick male victims?"


    "Hey, are these Cat Boys gay boys or what?" asked another boy sitting at the far corner, and all the boys roared.

    "Don't make fun... but since you asked, yes, they only pick male victims, young and strong and healthy... It's said that they befriend their victim and then seduce them, serenade them..."

    "Wow, gay cats, eh?" and all the boys giggled.

    "Hey, listen, this swastika you mentioned, it has to be of silver?" asked Harsha.

    "Yes, pure silver."

    "Any particular size?"

    "No, it can be small or big, the only condition is, you must throw it over his left shoulder and it should go over him, onto his other side."

    "Oh, ok, and then it'll make him powerless and turn him back into a man?"


    "And don't these Cat Boys, grow old... I mean, you don't call them Cat Men or something, huh?"

    "No, they are always young, like the first time they were, when they were turned into one..."


    "Now, it's late, all of you go back to your own berths and get some sleep. We'll reach Kadgodam at six in the morning and then we take the bus to Ranikhet."

    "Uuuh... Alok, can't we chat some more? I'm not sleepy yet."

    "Yeah, who wants to sleep... lets sit up and talk... another horror story!"

    "Fine, you don't want to sleep then don't, but the other passengers need to, so you better switch off the lights and get into your bunks and lay there, awake..." Alok smiled.

    "Yes, I guess, your right, the other guys need to sleep..." said the first boy.

    "OK, guys, our story session will continue tomorrow, now it's to bed!" And they got up and went away, Alok and two other boys taking the three berths in Shaantanu's cubicle.


    "Yes, Harsha."

    "These cat-boys, do they actively pursue men? Seduce them?"

    "Why, got all hot and horny hearing about the gay cat-boys, eh?" giggled the other boy.

    "Shut up, Kushal!" Harsha snapped.

    "Well, yes..." replied Alok. "These wereleopards, or Cat Boys are said to exude a sexuality and sensuality that can enamor anyone, and their sleek, graceful form makes them very attractive... And many are rather amorous and occasionally teasing. They usually make their appearance to the tunes of a Bajuband, you know, the folk love-song of the hills... It's said they sing the tunes and then approach the person...

    "Horny guys..." piped in Kushal with another giggle.

    Ignoring him Alok continued, "And it is said that they are psychic too and can see things, read minds. And if they sense they have got your attention, then they can overpower your mind and take complete control, that's how they can lead you into the forest and then either... well, now go to sleep!"

    There was the sound of a soft giggle from the bunk occupied by Kushal and then total silence.

    Shaantanu lay awake... suddenly very interested in all that he had heard. It sent a weird thrill coursing through his body... He had been to the area so many times, camped out, trekked, but had never heard any such tale... and this was the first time that he would be trekking alone... Were these stories true? Hah!

    Shaking his head in wonder, he smiled and turning over on his side, closed his eyes, his hand still holding the large silver swastika around his neck.


    The pressure on the nape of his neck increased as Vivek thrust deeper into his mouth, the bloated head sliding past the constricted opening, down into his throat... For a moment he felt an odd sensation and then it passed as he worked his throat muscle around the buried head, his fingers tugging at the large dangling balls, urging them to release their liquid treasures.

    He heard the grunt and felt the quiver and instantly knew that Vivek was on the verge... it would now be a matter of minutes...

    Suddenly Vivek pulled back, releasing his neck and pulling out... spit flew all over as gobs of saliva rolled out of Shaantanu's, suddenly empty, open mouth.

    "Wha... what happened?" he asked, confused, looking up at the hulking form of his lover.

    "Not in your mouth, not this time..." the older boy grinned, "get up on the bed," he commanded.

    Happily he got up and rolled over on his back, lifting his legs, high and wide, gripping the ankles in desire, his ass already aching with lust.

    Climbing over him, Vivek guided his rampant cock to the small opening and placing the large head to the wrinkled mouth gave a massive shove... forcing Shaan's ass to retreat as he gasped in shock.

    But there was no escape for the mattress halted further retreat and the rabid cock was unrelenting... following in hot pursuit... pressing down harder... forcing the tight sphincter to part... And as the thick head bored in, Shaantanu grunted, biting down on his full lips... suppressing the cry of pain... But he loved it when Vivek was rough, when he treated him like a sex object, fucked him like a street slut... didn't bother to use any lube... It hurt but also gave him a greater thrill...

    He knew that Vivek could never resist him... and he had every plan to submit to all Vivek's whims and fancies and brutal sex... so that Vivek couldn't do without him, would become totally dependent on him... his body, his mouth, his ass!

    Releasing the ankles his hands snaked between his parted thighs and grabbed the full ass cheeks of the older boy, digging his finger in, urging him on to complete the insertion... his legs already jerking with uncontrollable spasms as they pressed against the sides of Vivek's chest, coating the flexing muscles with a thin sheet of sweat...

    The cock was unrelenting... tearing mercilessly into his tender flesh... making his stomach churn... the thin membrane of the colon flutter, as the thick shaft drove deeper and deeper still, into the clutching channel...

    Throwing his head back Shaantanu let out a wail, "Oh. Vivek, please don't stop... make me take it... ah, make me take..."

    "Yes, Shaan..." Vivek grunted with the effort, "You'll take it, I know... "

    "Ooooo, fuck me... pleaseeee..."

    And that's when Vivek hit that magic spot... making Shaan howl with pleasure, slamming his ass back at the impaling phallus... the electric shock running up and down his spine, making him tingle all over... his stomach muscles doubling up in frenzy. He felt Vivek withdraw partially and then give one final shove, sending the whole length of the throbbing penis deep into his belly!

    Digging his nails into the flexing ass cheeks he wrapped his legs around the slim waist and moaned with delight...

    And as Vivek began the ritualistic hunching, the bed swayed with the rocking... soothing, almost sedative... and then suddenly, as the older boy slammed in hard, the bed too jerked and then went still, the rocking silent...

    With a start he woke up and the first thing he noticed was the total silence... and then as realization sank in, he remembered that he was on a train... going to Nainital... The cabin was dark, everyone still asleep. But the train wasn't moving, it was stationary...

    Lifting his hand he looked into his wristwatch and noted that it was 5.30 am. 'Must be Haldwani...' he thought, another half hour to Kathgodam, his destination.

    And as he slowly sat up the train gave a slight jerk and began to move again... Climbing down he swayed his way down the narrow passageway to the toilet at the end of the carriage.

    Splashing his face with the water he quickly unzipped and pulled out his still erect penis, forcing it downwards and letting go, relieving the pressure from his bladder... But his cock didn't go down, the pressure still there, the purple head glistening with the coated precum from the dream he just had...

    Walking out of the tiny toilet he wondered if he would ever get over the whole incident.... if ever he would forget Vivek... Or would these dreams never leave him alone, follow him wherever he went... haunt him, even to the end of the earth...

    End of part II

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