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    Copyright © Author, September 2006

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART FOUR


    Having packed everything Shaantanu once more climbed up to Bhowali and went straight to the fruit market. And though it was still very early, the market was already teaming with people making purchases for transport to the big cities in the plains. Buying some more fruits he walked out of town... he had decided, first to Ghorakhal and then to Jeolikote, before moving on to Sattal.

    Walking through the fir and pine forests he followed the trail for a short while and then leaving the forest, he moved beyond, past fields and farms... lush fruit orchards... and then back into the jungles... moving on to Ghorakhal, a health resort.

    The trek today was much easier... or maybe he was quickly getting used to it again... whatever, it was less tiring and the trails were also decent on this section... And he was happy for it, for he knew to cover the whole route, as he had planned, he would have to make good progress, else, he'd be stuck way short of Sattal.

    Within an hour he had reach Ghorakhal and after spending some time walking through the narrow lanes, he had his breakfast before moving on, to Jeolikote... another beautiful resort, famed for its butterflies... honey and strawberries!

    By noon he had reached it and the small town seemed even more beautiful than he could remember and after having a very nice lunch, refilling his canteen he set out once more, for Sattal, his next stop.

    Walking past farms and sprawling private estates, he moved into the jungles and then sitting down at a clearing, deep in the woods, relished the succulent strawberries, listening to the birds, watching a large group of clacktaped hares frolic about in the bushes... the outside world, all but forgotten!

    It was approaching the hour of dusk when he reached Sattal. Situated at an altitude of 1370 meters, the place was a unique and totally unforgettable experience... A cluster of seven interconnected lakes set amidst a thick oak forest, it was a scene straight out of a picture postcard... And as he approached the hill town he spotted the first of the remaining five lakes, Nal-Damayanti Lake and as always felt drawn to its shores, standing there in the soft, cool breeze, all semblance of tiredness seeping out of him.

    Now it looked even more beautiful, as the surface simmered with the myriad hues of the evening sky, making him forget everything. He flopped down on the bank and sat, gazing into the far horizon, across the lake, over the silhouetted mountains that surrounded the town, captivated...

    And as the flocks of returning birds announced the arrival of dusk, he finally got up, going to the far side of the lake, to the very edge of the woods, in search of a decent camping site. He had debated about whether to take a room at the forest lodge or camp out in the open and had decided that it would be the tent in the woods and not a room at any hotel, lodge or rest house, these few days, the wild it would be!

    The western sky was a kaleidoscope of colors as he approached a bare piece of area, devoid of all trees and rocky, plunging into a low valley where a gurgling spring suddenly gushed out of the rock face to form a narrow stream rushing into the deep woods, flowing over smooth pebbles ... Deciding that this would serve his purpose, he put down his backpack and surveyed the incline, choosing the right spot to set up the tent.

    And as he stood back having put up the tent, he decided that he would spend the next two days here, in the serene locale of Sattal, land of the tranquil lakes and misty mountains... He would walk the trails in the surrounding woods and sit by the lakeside... it would be absolutely wonderful. In fact he was already feeling so much better... the magic of the Kumaon seeming to already take a large measure of his pain away...


    Stripping naked he went down to the spring and sitting on the bare rocks splashed water all over, more a frolic than a bath, but it was fun... and as the air turned cooler he finally got up and drying himself walked back to where he had left his stuff, finally putting on some clothes.

    He had thought about going back to the lakes, about walking around the tiny settlement, but as he rolled out the sleeping bag, he decided that he would remain there instead, light a fire and just spend time writing in his dairy... and maybe try making calls if the phone worked.

    Luckily, it did and he spoke to both his parents and his sister, telling them how much he was enjoying the trip, the trek... how beautiful the place still was and how much he was missing them!

    It felt so nice, to have spoken, but it also made him aware of his own loneliness... suddenly wishing that he had someone to talk to, share this place with... this moment. And the thought almost instantly brought back memories of Vivek... their time together... the time he had met Vivek, about a year back... that first time... still so fresh, so memorable!

    For a brief moment he toyed with the idea of calling him too... just to say a hello... but then he realized that he was being the fool, Vivek was very clear about what he wanted, and there was no point in trying to cling on... it would only cause more disappointments, more hurt.


    It was during the final year of business school that he had met Vivek... at Armaan's party.

    Armaan was a fellow student, and the only person then, who knew about him, his sexuality. They had both been passionate about tennis and the game had brought them close, and with time they had come to form a team, the most successful team! And when Shaantanu came to understand his friend and partner, he came out to him, confessed!

    Armaan had been amazing, had taken him around, introduced him to other guys and with his encouragement Shaan had started attending the parties, first a bit reluctant, but later, more comfortable...

    However, he never really enjoyed himself, and he could never identify with any of the people he met there... Sex seemed to be the only goal... it was the only priority for them all, just an endless, a mindless mating session. That's what every person seemed to be looking for!

    Yes, he too was a normal, healthy young man of twenty-one and with an equally healthy libido... but for him sex was much more than just those ten minutes between the sheets... and he just couldn't imagine stripping bare and parting his legs to any and everyone... It had to be someone special, someone with more than just a good face or a good body... and an interest in fucking.

    And after the initial introduction, he knew Vivek was just that, the person of his dreams - amazingly handsome and equally charming...

    Vivek had called him the next day and kept at it, meeting up, initially for coffee or dinner and then an odd movie... And they talked, talked a lot... about love, about companionship, the depth of emotions... About growing old together, sitting and watching the sun set as their hair turned white... And he had so much to ask... so much to say, leaving Shaan totally breathless with joy, with wonder! Yet in all that time he never once mentioned sex... And that for Shaan, had been refreshingly different... and with each passing day he had felt more drawn towards this amazing person.

    And then it was The Day, the day of the Big Game... and Armaan and he had won it convincingly, the crowds cheering, joy and happiness all around... and as he walked off the grounds he saw Vivek standing, a big smile on his face, the pride genuine...

    He asked Shaan to accompany him, and they went...

    It was a short ten minutes drive and as they entered the small apartment that Vivek shared with another friend, he had pulled Shaan to him, close, hugging him tight... and they had kissed, a long, passionate kiss... a kiss that expressed all the unsaid things that they had felt over the four odd months that they had known each other.

    And as Vivek's tongue explored his mouth, their young body pressed hungrily together, Shaan had thrilled at the prospect, happy to be crowning his hard earned victory at the games with this final fulfillment of his long cherished desire.

    "Come..." Vivek said, pulling away and grabbing his hand, leading him into the bedroom.

    Standing him by the bed Vivek dropped down on his knees, his hands stroking the bare, smooth thighs, making the soft skin tingle as the light hair bristled... sliding up higher... into the shorts... the fingers groping around the groin...

    And Shaan had just stood... his body shuddering from head to toe... his heart slamming wildly in the rib cage... the ears buzzing... eyes shut tight as the nostrils flared, sucking in air.

    Quickly unbuttoning the shorts Vivek slid them off, crushing his open mouth over the steaming, jockstrap covered crotch, kissing the stiff shaft, running his tongue along the well marked bulge, nibbling at the swollen head... and then with both hands he pulled off the jockstrap, exposing him, making the erect penis spring out and sway with joy... throbbing with turgid passion... the sticky fluid of love hanging in strings, wetting the thighs, the lush pubes...

    Suddenly standing up Vivek pulled off the sweat drenched tee and pushed him over, onto the bed, and as Shaan fell, with a groan, the older boy's hands stroked his bare legs, pushing them further apart, sliding up to his groin, holding him, stroking him... and then lowering his face, running his tongue all over, along the groin... over the pubic tangle, along the flexing shaft... making Shaan thrash around with pleasure, moaning as his hands grabbed fistful of the sheet, ass lifting off the bed...

    Opening wide, Vivek had covered the twitching cock head... wrapping his lips around it, then sliding them down along the length... taking him in! Making him howl out loud at the new sensation... making his legs flex and tremble... the toes curl and uncurl... And then had worked wonders with that hot mouth around the buried shaft... till the whole world had just coalesced into a nothingness, everything concentrated on that single point at the base of his spine and he had exploded... going numb... nearly blacking out!

    And as the mouth slowly withdrew, with half closed eyes, through a haze, he had watched Vivek stand up... slowly pull off his clothes, standing naked before him, fair and godlike in his muscular nudity, dreamlike... The erect shaft standing proud, steely, large! The pubic hair neatly trimmed, making him stare in open fascination at the perfectly manicured pubes!

    He was like a rag doll as Vivek climbed in, rolling him over... and as he lay, his stomach fluttering with the unknown, his mind crazed with anticipation... he felt the strong fingers... kneading his buttocks, caressing the full globes... parting them... And then had felt the hot breath...

    He wailed into the pillow as the wet tongue stabbed him... his most vital orifice... the very center of his being... And lifting off he pushed back his ass into the worshipping face... feeling the nose nudge into the cleft, the tongue flat now, dragging along the deep valley... swirling around, making him groan with lust...

    Hot, wet... loving... the tongue traveled along the crevice, lapping away... and then around the slit... delicious! The warmth of his mouth, the magical movements of his fingers playing along the perineum... around the ass mouth... and it got better and better, making his whole body shiver... the hips pumping the mattress in lust... the sated cock hard once again!

    And then it had stabbed the anal opening, insistent, probing the tiny mouth... making Shaan groan even louder, forcing his pelvis to lift off the bed and push back.... And it kept prodding... licking around the tightly clenched anus and then jabbing at it, as the pressure of the probing increased Shaan felt it relax and open up.... and with a gasp felt the tongue slip in!

    He had shivered at the sensation and felt his insides spasm... letting out another loud grunt and throwing his head back, he lifted his hips pushing back at the adoring mouth, seeking deeper contact with the salivating mouth. With bent knees and the legs kicking empty air he had cried into the pillow, wailing at the pleasure, wishing that Vivek would finally take him, make his ancient desire come true!

    Groaning heavily he pushed back harder and felt it slither further in... wiggling around. His stomach heaved and churned... the tender membranes fluttering. Like the surging ocean, pleasure roared at him and he surrendered, allowing it to carry him away on its delightful waves...

    He lost all track of time, blabbering incoherently, clutching the pillow in a tight grip, attempting to hang on to whatever sanity still remained. And as he lay floating under Vivek's awesome erotic manipulation, he gradually became aware of his hands once more, hands that were working around the ass, kneading and fondling the full globes in a slow, sensuous way... spreading them, massaging them, thrilling them. Making his body undulate... relax... every single pore open up... And then he felt a warm glow enter him, light up his insides.... radiating throughout his whole body.... filling him with its soothing warmth, dissolving everything. His rectum felt like a great big yawning cavity.... totally open and wide!

    He was ready for anything now... he could give anything, anything that Vivek could ask for...

    "Oooooooh...." he moaned, thrusting back at Vivek and feeling the tongue slide in even further!

    How long this went on he had no idea, but it had felt like hours, hours of impossible pleasure! Nothing seemed clear, nothing real anymore. His brain seemed to collect the awesome sensations, the details, but somehow unable to register.... unable of making sense! He felt languid, as if floating in space, the body listless, beyond the control of his mind, in a continuous daze...

    Vaguely he remembered being rolled over once more and then that same amazing moist embrace of Vivek's mouth around his raging cock... and then everything went black as he arched his body high, his insides rolling and pitching and then erupt in a crazed explosion!

    It was hours later that they finally pulled back and getting up had dressed again... kissing repeatedly... both already hard once again, with the promise of the possibilities...

    Shaan was floating on air as he got off the car and walked into his apartment block... he was happy, no, much beyond being just happy, he was ecstatic! And as he walked out of the shower, the only regret he had was that Vivek hadn't asked him for that final submission... He would have happily consented... he was in love and only Vivek could be that person, the person to take his virginity, enter him!

    And his not having asked for it that first time, not forcing the matter, not even expecting a return of favor, had actually made Shaan even more inclined towards Vivek... more ready to give!

    This was his idea of love... and he had been right about Vivek!


    And as he sat lost in his thoughts, the memories of the past, a slight rustle jerked him out of his reverie. Turning around he peered into the dark tree line but could see nothing. Looking around he saw the vast emptiness, the total silence of the night... Once more he looked hard at the line of trees, trying to see if he could spot anything... maybe it was some animal, a jackal... or maybe a hyena... brought over by the smell of food... But nothing moved.

    Getting up he put a few more pieces of wood in the fire and looked up into the sky. The moon was already high, nearly full now... shining brilliant, casting a soothing glow over the calm landscape, lighting up the open rockery where Shaantanu stood near his tent.

    Looking at his watch he decided that it was time to retire and crawling into the tent he pulled in his backpack, zipping up the screen opening. And as he lay down he heard the eerie howl of a distant wolf... followed by more howls... the woods suddenly reverberating with the calls of the wild!

    End of part IIII

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