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    A Story by Outlaw

         PART FIVE

           SHIVERS IN SATTAL - I

    Getting up very early he took a cold bath at the spring and then pulling on his clothes and boots set out for the lakes...

    The placid Nal-Damayanti lake in the morning glow looked ethereal as he approached the shore, and pausing at the edge he watched the eastern sky glow with the slowly emerging sun, the flocks of birds lifting off the surrounding trees with a joyous cacophony, welcoming the new day, celebrating life. And as the warm rays broke free of the encircling forests, he moved on to the next lake, Lake Panna... and then on to the cluster of three lakes Ram, Laxman and Sita, sitting on the shores, watching a few odd couples paddle out in the small boats.

    It was late morning when finally getting up and going to the restaurant near the lake he had his breakfast before moving on, into the woods... By late afternoon he was back in the tiny settlement, enjoying a very delicious lunch!

    There were a couple busload of tourists too, having just arrived from Nainital, having lunch, loud and boisterous with the joy of having been to such an amazing place, having witnessed the incredible wonders of Mother Nature!

    And as he sat listening to their wide eyes banter, he spotted a lone figure at the corner table across the room... Slim and tall, he must have been around Shaantanu's age. He couldn't explain it, but the person seemed to grab his attention, drawing his eyes repeatedly back... and as he kept looking up at the attractive figure of the stranger, he felt an odd sensation, deep within... Something inexplicable... something akin to a sensuous glow...

    Leaving the wonderstruck travelers, he quickly walked out of the little eatery and following a bridle path down the eastern side of the town, went into the jungle once more. He would walk around, enjoy the peace and return later to his camp, and maybe then spend some more time by the lakeside...

    The trail here was awesome... through thick oak forests, dark and deep... the thickets bursting with the colorful blooms of the Himalayan wild flowers, the forest filled with the varied calls of birds. Walking further on he came across a tiny pool in a small clearing and sitting down he watched a woodpecker labor away at the trunk of a nearby tree... the regular, rapid beat of it's sharp beak against the ancient wood filling the air.


    They had met everyday after that first time together... but again, Vivek had never mentioned sex, they, as usual, talked a lot and each time they were alone, they kissed - hot, passionate kisses that left Shaan breathless... weak kneed... desiring...

    It was about a week later that he had taken Vivek home, to his apartment, and they both knew the purpose, no word need have been spoken... the eyes had said much, as had the touch of the hands...

    And like the first time, Vivek stood him near the bed and slowly undressed him... taking off the shoes, the socks... and then working off the belt before sliding down the pants... burying his face in the aroused crotch... inhaling the musk... licking the covered shaft before taking the briefs off and wrapping his lips around the erect penis... making Shaan yelp, lifting up on his toes as his stomach muscles contracted violently, the balls a tight knot at the base of his buzzing phallus...

    And as he was sure that it would happen, his cock would explode... Vivek had withdrawn... making him groan with disappointment.

    "Now, you undress me", the older boy had said, standing up and pulling off Shaan's t-shirt.

    With a gurgle and excited fingers Shaan undid each button, the task seeming impossible as the trembling digits slipped and stumbled... But finally the shirt was off and he had squatted in front of his lover, tugging down the zipper, staring wide-eyed at the obscene bulge, his tongue already licking the parched lips... Lowering the pants and then the briefs... he had gasped, his heart slamming like crazy...

    He had remained there, on his knees, his eyes staring at the cock, unblinking... so much alike, so beautiful! And then, with trembling hand had reached out, tentative... unsure, grasping the hot shaft...letting out a gasp... as the contact made him shudder with passion...

    He had remained seated, stroking the rigid column, almost mesmerized...feeling it flex and jerk under his caress, the tiny slit spurting pearly drops each time he squeezed the throbbing shaft. Totally enamored...and curious, he had darted his tongue out and licked the tip, tasting the clear ooze, salty and strong, intoxicating!

    He had wanted to take it in his mouth, suck on it like Vivek had sucked his, but he was unsure... a bit bashful... debating... wishing he would be told... But Vivek hadn't made the request, instead bending forward had pulled him up by his shoulders, embracing him and then kissing him... the strong hands around his slim waist, sliding down the back, grasping those firm buttocks, kneading the soft mounds... touching, caressing... sliding between, into places that no one had ever been to before... the two cock rubbing, both rigid, both pulsing with anticipation.

    Laying him down on the bed Vivek had covered him, kissing, nibbling and licking all over, down the stretched neck and over the heaving chest, sucking on the tender boy tits, and going into the armpits... tugging at the fine hair with pursed lips...lower still, his whole body... thrilling him, making him thrash with wild abandon... moaning continuously... crazed by a maddening desire, wallowing in the lewd sexual arousal...

    He had cum again, within minutes and Vivek had then rolled him over... repeating what he had done before... making him open up and want... pushing back the spread ass in shameless wantonness.

    Flipping him around one more time Vivek had pulled back, forcing Shaan to groan with shocked surprise as he flickered his eyes open to look up... Watch as Vivek got off the bed and picked up his trousers, retrieving a packet and a tube...

    The whole act of Vivek putting on the condom was so erotic, so sexy, that Shaan had shivered as he lay and watched. He had never seen a condom being put on and it all seemed so fascinating... staring on in wonder as Vivek took it out of the foil, watching him hold it with both hands and place it over the bloated head of the pulsing penis... It throbbed and flexed as he squeezed the latex teat between his forefinger and thumb and then unrolled it over the fat shaft with his other hand... Shaan shivered and felt his own cock twitch, as the ass hole pouted out at the thought of soon being penetrated...

    Lifting his legs high and spreading them wide Vivek had place them on his broad shoulders and then with loving care had applied the smooth, cool blue gel in the groove of his ass... nudging at his pucker, sliding fingers in, making it wet and slimy... And then holding his face had crushed his mouth over Shaan's...

    Surprise flitted across his face for a moment to be quickly replaced with consternation and disbelief. His hands shooting up to the older boy's chest and then slowly lower, to his waist, as if attempting to stop the relentless descent of the arched hips.

    "O God!" Shaan had gasped, his nails digging into the hollowed butt cheeks.... "You're so... ah, so... big..." he had gasped, "I... I can hardly... ah, breath!"

    Vivek had lunged forward, his pelvis powerful, crashing down between the parted thighs, tearing into him... making him grunt as he felt the healthy cock enter him!

    Vivek too had grunted, breaching the virgin portal, thrilling at such a tight orifice... and he had paused for a brief moment before pulling back and slamming in with more force... burying his cock to the hilt, his pelvis shuddering as he felt the moist grip of the thin inner membranes... flaring out, creating an awesome vacuuming suction, before clamping down on the embedded shaft with a suffocating grip, vice like!

    With his eyes closed now and the nostrils flared, Shaan rolled his head on the sweat drenched pillow, a steady gurgle emanating from his open mouth, his knuckles white with the force of his grip on the hunched shoulders of the older boy, as Vivek began rocking his hips in the ancient ritual of mating. He had felt his stomach churn, the colon in turmoil, as the rampaging penis stoked his innards... but he had also felt so full, so complete!

    Squeezing the strong rectal muscles around the invading cock, he had slammed back, thrilling at his own deflowerment, the mouth open as he hissed his joy, the full lips stretched over the clenched teeth in the agony of ecstasy!

    "Ah... please... please, slow down..." he had pleaded, as Vivek quickened the pace, unsure if he would survive such a brutal fuck... his ass gone crazy... the rhythmic contractions making Vivek even more ferocious, his groin smacking audibly against the naked butt... the cock pulling back nearly all the way and then lunging deep.

    But he hadn't seemed to hear... he was like a frenzied animal... intent only on his own release, interested only in cramming the last millionth on an inch of his sturdy cock deeper into Shaan's convulsing belly and unleashing the torrent of boiling cum that bubbled in his swollen testicles. With a great burst of energy he rammed in harder, speeding up the assault and with a sudden groan and a massive shove he slammed in, holding still... pouring his molten seed into the sheath that covered his cock.

    Shaan had been unable to move as he lay under the panting form of Vivek... his ass on fire... but his soul soaring high, happy!


    Lost in the memories of the past, he was suddenly brought back into the present by the loud grunts and tremendous rush of a herd of wild boars... come to drink at the pool. Unconcerned with the presence of a human, they went to the edge and having quenched their thirst ran off, back into the woods!

    And as he watched, fascinated, he heard the romantic strain of a distant bajuband wafting through the cool afternoon air, moving closer... seeming to circle the clearing where he sat, and then changing direction as it slowly faded away.

    By late evening the forest had taken on a different character, the colors fading into a solid mass of dark shadows, the low beams of light playing hide and seek through the foliage and then suddenly fading away. The woods now awake with the sounds of the nocturnal life, ranging from the beautiful to the utterly bizarre!

    Returning to the rockery just as dusk was setting in, he went straight to the spring and stripping bare, took another refreshing bath before returning to his tent and pulling on fresh clothes. It felt incredible to bathe and walk around in the nude here, in the lonely jungles... at one with nature... The cool air caressing every part of his body... and with the chance of someone coming by next to impossible, there was no hesitation either. He wasn't exactly the `bold type' or an exhibitionist, yet it felt good... and thrilling!

    And as the moon broke free of the surrounding trees and cast it's magical glow around the bare rockery, Shaantanu rebuilt the fireplace and lit the fire sitting down in the clearing in the midst of the dense forest, with not another human being anywhere, and took out his dairy, flipping through, reading...

    Memories came flooding back... memories of Vivek, and he felt himself grow hard, as he closed his eyes and lost himself in the past... the dairy falling off his lap as his hands reached up, roaming his chest, feeling the hardened nipples... tweaking them, remembering how Vivek sucked on them, bit them till he groaned with naked lust, pleading him to enter, fuck him!

    Pulling down the zipper he extracted the throbbing piece of flesh, the head pulsing as gobs of precum oozed out, coating his fingers with the sticky discharge...

    Stroking the full length he remembered the time when they had been to Nainital last October, the almost frenzied, nonstop coupling that they had indulged in, locked in the comforts of the hotel room... both insatiable in their ravenous hunger for more...

    He felt the muscles of the stomach tighten, as his balls crawled higher... his toes curling as the legs stretched out, tensed... The flexing became more furious... his whole body heaving as it prepared to expel the seed of life... and as he felt the first spasm he heard the distinct rustle in the nearby foliage... like something moving. Stilling his hand, still panting, he looked up, into the darkness of the trees... But there was nothing to be seen, just stillness and an eerie silence...

    Quickly stuffing the still erect penis into the confines of the shorts he got up, picking up and closing the dairy before putting a few more pieces of wood into the fire and slowly crawled into the tent... listening to the silence of the woods as he drifted off...

    End of part V

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