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    Copyright © Author, September 2006

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART SIX


    Going into town he had a hearty breakfast of local delicacies and then making a few purchases, some fruits and some edibles, returned to the rockery.

    Once back, he again went to the spring for another refreshing bath, and then packing everything, he dismantled the tent and set out for Bhimtal. It was about 23 kilometers away and would be a near 12 hour-long trek, if the trails were good and he could make brisk progress. But then, he wasn't too keen to rush, he didn't feel the need to reach Bhimtal that night itself, he could always camp on the way... and then carry on the next day!

    Leaving the town he soon turned away from the bridle path, the route he had followed the previous evening, and walking down the sharp incline looked back at the snow laden peaks in the distant, marveling at the beauty of nature, pausing for a moment to take a few more shots of the scene before turning back and hurrying on.

    Soon the canopy of trees obscured the view of the distant snowcapped mountains, the trees growing taller and denser, covered in lichen as they shot up high, blocking out the sky above. The path, which had up until then been quite reasonable, soon became a series of deep furrows in the earth, carved deep by the rains over the centuries. Though he had been in this general area, he had never been on this path, and for a moment wondered if he had done the right thing by not sticking to the trail he had used before...

    The route continued over vast stretches of dense forest, but within a short period had leveled off, more even and therefore less taxing, sweeping and contouring around the hillside like a giant, undulating snake.

    And then suddenly, he was on the metal road, the other side less dense. Crossing over, he went down the steep slope and leaving the forested area emerged into an uncultivated field... walking on towards the village ahead, seeing young children playing in the dirt, happy in their own little world... and as he passed by, they looked up and with big, happy grins waved at him, as if they had been friends for ages, meeting again! Waving back, he handed the kids some of the fruits and then walked on... continuing through the village before descending into a low valley, dense with fir, pine and rhododendrons, crossed by another shallow stream.

    Setting down his load he rested for a while, debating whether to pitch tent here for the night or carry on for another hour or so... He could easily cover a few more kilometers before dusk and that would mean less to go before reaching Bhimtal the next day, so why waste a few hours of trek!

    But this place was amazing, so peaceful and tranquil... Taking off his shirt he squatted by the waters edge and as he splashed his face with the refreshingly cool water he had the urge to take another bath... He was sweaty, and a quick swim would feel great he decided and quickly wiggling out of the shorts and briefs he walked into the stream.

    It truly felt amazing... and this stream being relatively deeper was perfect for swimming, the bottom clearly visible, the shiny pebbles glowing as the sparkling water flowed over them.

    It felt so invigorating, so relaxing, as he took lazy laps... the cool waters caressing his body, flowing around and touching every fold, every crevice... making the skin tingle. And suddenly he sensed himself grow hard, the penis pulsing and stiffening between his legs, the soothing waters flowing around the turgid flesh, contrasting with the raging heat of the aroused phallus... Moving towards the shallow bank he rested against a rock protrusion and lowering his hands, under the water, took his penis in a loving grip... both hands toying with the throbbing shaft... stroking the length... Closing his eyes he ran his hand along the flexing column, his other hand moving lower, cradling the heavy balls...

    The water swirling around his pumping hand, around the cradled balls, felt awesome... and it felt so different, doing it under water... the water's movement adding to the sensation, to the amazing eroticism... sensuous, taking him higher and higher still... his hips lifting off the rock as the stomach muscles flexed violently, the legs now stretched out under the gurgling current, twitching with the involuntary spasms...

    With eyes shut tight, he panted, his hands a mere blur as it beat the fevered column, the tongue rolling over the full lips, the skin flushed, the light hair bristling...

    With a groan he felt the final shudder, as his stomach convulsed and jerked, the balls liquefying and shooting out of the slitted tip in a gut-wrenching, powerful column of fluffy white... up and then pulled down by the current...

    He slumped back on the rock, drained... and as he sat, languid, eyes half closed, he watched the stringy, white ropes of semen turn and flow with the eddies... away... downstream...


    Re-strapping the backpack he set off again, stepping over rocks, across the stream. It was darker here, the vegetation lush and dense, the grass growing tall... totally silent! And walking along the pine scented trails he suddenly had this uncanny feeling of being followed...

    He stopped on numerous occasions and looked around, but he neither spotted another human being, nor any animal... He had trained himself, over the years, and could sense an animal, even if he couldn't see it, and he had had a few 'encounters' with the various residents of the jungles in the past... yet this didn't seem like an animal...

    Over the past two days he had encountered countless troops of monkeys, flocks of ghoral on the rocky ledges and the odd herds of chital... and there had also been the lone jackal scurrying away at the approach of his footsteps... but beyond that he had seen no other animals, nor the dreaded Himalayan black bear... and no predators!

    He knew, when the big cats stalked, they were silent, but he had noticed no pugmarks as yet and other than a mountain leopard he wasn't expecting any other cat on these trails... Besides, when the cats came hunting, the jungle folks always raised an alarm... Birds raising a raucous, the monkeys crazed as they climbed higher, filling the air with their ceaseless warning chatter... and there was a lot of warning calls going out... but this was silent, in fact too quiet for a jungle... almost unnatural!

    Shrugging, he continued, hurrying on along the dappled trail, but a bit more cautious now... And if things came to a head, well, he was prepared, he thought, his hand unconsciously patting the small, licensed, pistol at his waist, a gift from his father, after he had turned twenty-one, the previous year.

    "Now, you too have one," he had said handing it over to an excited Shaantanu, "and can go hiking alone!"

    Suddenly the trees thinned and parted to form a small, rolling meadow... slightly raised from the surrounding ground, lush and green, with just a few odd shrubs, festooned with sweet smelling, colorful flowers. And right in the middle of the clearing stood a large rock, sticking out from the grass covered earth like an engorged phallus. It was such a tranquil setting... and there was the sound of a gurgling brook running somewhere close by, beyond the hump...

    Climbing up he saw the ground roll down on the other side, where a narrow stream rushing on, over rounded pebbles, the water crystal clear... and on the opposite bank the jungle was once again thick and dark!

    Setting down his pack on the slope leading down to the stream he sat down, drinking in the beauty of pristine nature... He would camp here tonight he decided, and then continue on to Bhimtal in the morning. This place was just too romantic not to spend time... ah, only if he had Vivek with him now...

    End of part VI

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