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    Copyright © Author, October 2006

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART SEVEN


    Within a week Vivek had moved in, and life had seemed so nice, so amazingly beautiful... The whole world suddenly so wondrous! They would spend the whole time, every free hour, wrapped in each other's arms, Shaan lost in love, totally smitten!

    The shower, the small kitchenette, the tiny living room... and of course the bed, all became a playground now, continuously rocked and jolted with the renewed union of the two famished young men... the hunger seeming insatiable...

    He had quickly learnt to suck, and suck deep... and after the first few days, Vivek had begun to bareback him, filling him with his copious discharge... his mouth, his belly and his bowels. And Shaan had felt even more complete, receiving the seed of his lover... thrilling in it!

    The mornings would begin with him crouched between the masculine thighs of Vivek and each night would end with Vivek grunting between his parted thighs... It was a dream-come-true... an amazing dream that he was living...

    Yes, the sex had become more and more rough, but Shaan didn't complain, he loved him and he was ready and willing to give it exactly the way Vivek wanted it... he had long stopped 'wanting', just happy to be with the person of his heart, just happy to give and he got his joy in that giving...

    There had been the odd whispers that he had heard, and took it as the jealous gossips of the other boys and had shut his ears and his mind to it all... But he had also begun to notice, after that heady first three months, the mellowing of passion, the fire less intense... It was now just sex, plain and simple, no longer that, almost worshipful, attention, that, hours of indulgence... Vivek didn't seem to care much anymore, and Shaan, in his naive simplicity, had put it down to the `settling-in' of a relationship, not complaining... only making a greater effort to keep Vivek happy...

    In retrospect, he had thought many times, over the past week, Love tends to sneak up on one, catching them totally unawares... Like a blinding flash.... and then before one even realized it, it was over, one was in love!

    But was that the case with him? If he analyzed, it looked different now... he had been desperate to try, to experiment, to succumb to his desires, the needs of his flesh... but had kept denying his wants, deluding himself with the thought that it could only be with a person he loved, and who loved him back... creating a situation... setting a trap for himself.

    And when Vivek had come along, he had just been taken in...`No, this guy really loves me,' he had told himself... He had shut his mind, and had let Vivek lead him... down whichever path he chose... desperate for love, desperate to try 'it' out... he had acquiesced... and then finally, nearly a year later, he now realized that it was all a mistake, he was just too good for Vivek to let go and having done his homework well, Vivek had laid the bait, with his 'promise of tomorrow', with his devoted attention, without even a suggestion of sex... and Shaantanu had taken it - hook, line and sinker!

    It made him feel so sick inside, so worthless... to have been treated as an object, a sex object... a commodity to be `conquered' with least regard for feelings... So demeaning... Being made a laughing stock in front of everyone... what a sucker he had been!


    Rebuking himself for having the thoughts, he walked down to the stream and splashed handful of water on his face and neck, the cool water feeling amazingly refreshing... and then cursed himself with a laugh for getting the shirt all wet...

    Taking off the wet shirt he climbed back up and opening the small bag, in which he had put the fruits which he had picked up that morning, went back and sat down on a rock by the stream, enjoying the delicious peaches...

    There was no rush, no hurry... He would take a leisurely bath and then set up the tent... and maybe just remain there, write some or just sit around...

    As he walked out of the stream, it was getting dark, and fast, as all forests are famous for - one moment it's light and the very next instant it is pitch dark! But he couldn't have picked a more perfect time for the hike. Though not a conscious decision, it was the waxing phase of the moon and there was enough light even at night, and it had been helpful, the past two nights.

    Pulling on a pair of shorts and the tee, as he set up camp in the lee of the upright rock, he heard the romantic lilt of the bajuband, vibrant with its passion, rustic yet sweet. Getting up he looked over his shoulder, wondering who could be out in the woods this late... singing a love song! And as the voice faded out with the shifting wind he heard the howl of a wolf deep in the jungle.

    Looking up he saw the nearly full orb of the moon, bright and white, washing the open ground with it's silvery light. The forest taking on a totally different character as the soft light fell on the green canopy, making the leaves glow and simmer... the darkness impenetrable under the thick foliage.


    Later that night, as he lay in the tiny tent, he heard the winds pick up, gusty... And within minutes it was a raging storm! The forest whining and swaying with the wind... the woods suddenly echoing with the thunder of the cloud burst...

    `What a sudden and dramatic change from just an hour earlier,' he thought, as he cuddled up inside the bag, the rain beating a steady rap on the sturdy tent roof!

    And as he lay in the howling winds, secure from the storm, he realized how right Vishaal had been, the tent was really amazing, not only light weight and convenient... but remarkably efficient too, the design making the wind flowing over and around it, easily and smoothly, the screen opening securely closed against the weather!


    The winds had howled all night, hardly letting him sleep in peace. He had been convinced that the bad weather had set in... and dreaded the thought of having to go into the nearest town, abandoning the trek midway... But luckily, the rains hadn't lasted long... and as he had lain, within the tent, watching the flames grow dimmer and dimmer before finally being extinguished by the rain, he gradually drifted off...

    It was very early, the sky still dark... but he was awake and slowly getting out of the tent he went to the brook... Shrugging off his clothes, he got into the cold rivulet, naked... shivering slightly as he stood in the waist deep water, the current stronger now with the added volume of fresh water from the rains, washing himself... Suddenly he sensed the presence, even before he felt the touch of the hand on his shoulder... And as he froze, the other hand passed around his waist and he felt himself being pulled back... against the body... And as they made contact he realized that the person too was naked... Closing his eyes he tilted his head back, resting it on the shoulder and feeling the face lower, the hot breath wash over his stretched neck... the moist lips make contact and then suck at his flesh... warm, soothing...and then the sudden bite!

    With a start he opened his eyes, groaning at the sharp pain, his hand instinctively reaching up... his finger encountering a tiny lump at his neck...

    Looking up at the clear sky above, through the roof of the tent, he realized that he was still in his sleeping bag, inside the tent...

    Sitting up, he withdrew his hand and saw the body of a tiny insect. He didn't know how it could have gotten inside, maybe escaping the rains... and throwing it away he rubbed the stinging pain, slowly unzipping and getting out of the bag. He had been dreaming again... but at least, this time it wasn't Vivek... instead it was a faceless stranger...

    And as he struck his head out of the tent, he was amazed by the sight...

    The sky above was now clear and azure blue, the sunlight bright... Everything looked so fresh and clean, simmering in the morning glow... the scent of the wet grass invigorating! Looking further out, across the panoramic view of the hills, he could see the distant snow capped mountain tops...

    Getting out he stretched... breathing in deep, the air fresh and pure... it was his fifth day out camping, and it was also the night of the full moon...

    Reaching into the tent he took his towel and the toilet kit, heading down to the rushing brook. And as he dropped down on his haunches by the water's edge, he heard the sounds of the bajuband floating over the morning air, amorous, suggestive... Dipping his hands in the cool water he let out a gasp of joy, thrilling at the prospect of taking a bath in such cold waters... he would enjoy it this morning!

    Splashing his face with the clear water and then gargling, as he wiped his face and removed the towel he saw the simmering reflection in the water... A man standing right behind him!

    Spinning around, he looked up, the sun blinding him momentarily... the figure towering over him, silhouetted against the morning sun.

    End of part VII

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