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    Copyright © Author, October 2006

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART EIGHT


    As he blinked and slowly stood up he saw the stranger more clearly... Slightly taller than Shaantanu, he looked about the same age, a couple of years older maybe, and surprisingly handsome... broad shoulders and sharp features... the curly, black locks sleek and shiny in the morning light, fascinating. And then, with a start, he remembered... it was the same person that he had seen the previous afternoon, at the restaurant at Sattal!

    "Hi..." the young man said, smiling in greeting.

    "Uh, hello..." Shaantanu replied, still a bit shaky from the shock of this sudden appearance. He hadn't heard a single rustle, a single stone roll under the approaching feet... this was one of the most silent approaches that he had ever experienced... it was eerie...

    "Trekking?" the person asked again.

    "Yes..." Shaantanu answered, heading for his tent.

    "Same here..." the young man said, following him, "Where from? I'm coming from Ranikhet, via Almora and am headed for Nainital."

    "From Nainital, going to Naukuchiya Tal and then back to Nainital."

    "Hey, that's great!" smiled the man, "Was getting a bit lonely, now we can trek together... Oh, by the way, I'm Kushanu." he added, offering his hand.

    "Hi, I'm Shaantanu." he replied ignoring the proffered hand.

    "You don't mind, huh," Kushanu asked, "you know, about going on together?"

    "Well..." Shaantanu didn't know what to say... He was still a bit shocked with the suddenness of it all... and now this offer of company. But he was already feeling very lonely and the more he was alone the more Vivek seemed to be coming into his thoughts, tormenting him in his dreams... Plus, there was that odd feeling of being stalked... he had never felt that way before, but the past two days it had been really unnerving, especially after the forest went dark. A companion wouldn't be a bad idea!

    And, he didn't know why, but this guy seemed nice, he felt very attracted to him. "Sure, no problem," he smiled back.

    "Hey, great!" Kushanu gave a happy smile. "You've been here before?"

    "Yes, many times."

    "Ah, this is my first time in Kumaon, though I've trekked the Gharwals, Himachal and Sikkim. It's a passion with me."

    "I've been to Gharwal and around Shimla too, but never been to Sikkim. We always come here, every year. I've done all the trails and even been to the Pindari, Sundardhunga and the Kafni glaciers."


    "Yes, mostly my Dad and I and also my mother sometimes."


    They had reached his tent now and as Shaantanu entered he asked, "Where's your tent?"

    "Oh, just over that crest... you see, I was very late yesterday and so didn't go searching and just pitched my tent as soon as I found a clear spot. And lucky I did so, for almost immediately the rains started. And this morning as I was hunting for some water source I came across your tent and followed you to the stream..." he grinned, peeking into the tent.

    "Oh..." Shaantanu said, fiddling with the zip of his backpack.

    He needed to take his bath before setting off for the day's trek, and now this stranger... What was he supposed to do? Though he had enjoyed being nude these past few days, he just couldn't now strip naked and prance off to the stream with this guy around! He couldn't get naked before this stranger... besides, somehow, the guy had enamored him, making him feel all funny inside, and terribly shy!

    "Will you take your bath before starting for Bhimtal?" asked Kushanu, as if reading his thoughts.

    "Um, yes..." Shaan replied, "I normally take a bath before starting for the trek," still wondering how he would ever do it, take his clothes off for the bath, as long as Kushanu remained there... And to keep his underwear on... where would he stuff the wet piece of clothing?!

    "Great, me too, I always take my bath in the morning, before setting out," Kushanu smiled, "Well, you just wait while I go over and get my towel and a change of clothes."

    Shaan nodded, unable to trust his voice.

    But as soon as Kushanu turned and walked into the tree line, he sprinted down the incline, to the stream, and looking back over his shoulder divested himself of his clothes, before walking into the cool waters. But today he didn't take off his briefs... he wasn't sure how soon Kushanu would return... Scrubbing himself he quickly got out of the water, not remaining as long as he would have liked to, as long as he usually stayed... and as he reached for the towel he heard the footsteps, looking up to see Kushanu walk down the slope.

    "God, you didn't wait for me, huh?" Kushanu said as he neared the stream and saw Shaan getting out of the water, still dripping wet.

    "Well, thought I'd finish packing while you took your bath," he replied, hurrying and pulling on his clothes, scared to remain bare for even a moment... afraid his body would betray him!

    "OK, fine..." he replied already taking his shirt off.

    Stealing sly glances he watched the older boy strip off his clothes, down to his briefs and then after a brief pause he shed even that! Standing there for a moment, his back towards the wide-eyed Shaantanu, and then walked into the stream...

    He was feeling such a tremendous arousal... as if Kushanu had cast a spell on him! His hands shaking uncontrollably as he sat, watching, the packing all but forgotten... the nervous fingers twiddling with the zipper of the sleeping bag.

    He had never felt this way, not with anyone... yes, he did admire a good-looking guy when he met one, and he even gave a second glance... But never `drooled' like he was doing now... hadn't done it, not even with Vivek, not till they had become lovers... never this aroused, this hot with lust... It was crazy!

    Was this what people called `on-the-rebound'? Was this his desperate reaction to the break-up? Or, was this the magic of Kumaon... or maybe, Kushanu's incredible sexuality... that was getting him all crazed!

    And as he sat watching, he saw the muscles of the back and arms twitch and ripple as Kushanu washed himself, not too pronounced, yet firm and subtly toned... his eyes unable to tear away... The skin smooth, almost translucent... And then, as he turned around, Shaan felt his eyes travel lower... over the flexing pecs, the flat abdomen... lower... down to the dark thatch of pubic hair... and then the genitals! He gasped and quickly turned away... totally ashamed by his behavior... feeling his own cock throb in his pants, leaking precum!

    Burying his face into the backpack, all concentration, he stuffed the clothes and other items in, haphazard, rolling the sleeping bag but unable to fold or zip it up properly, trying again and again and each time making a bigger mess of the task!

    "What's the problem?" he heard Kushanu ask and turning around saw him standing above him, still buck naked, the ample cock literally in his face!

    It was large and full, the black curls still wet with beads of water clinging to the individual silky strands, glistening as it caught the light of the sun... the pink glans peaking out from under the partly retracted foreskin, like a shy bride from behind her bridal veil. Gulping hard he quickly looked away, mumbling something incomprehensible.

    "Let me help you," Kushanu said, dropping down by his side and taking the rumpled bag from his hands.

    Shaantanu could only manage a grunt as he quickly pulled away his hands and turned away, standing up, attempted to dismantle the tent... and today it seemed a most impossible proposition...

    "I'm sorry, is my nudity bothering you?" he heard Kushanu ask again, now standing by his side, the sleeping bag neatly rolled and secured... the towel wrapped around the middle, covering his nakedness.

    He shook his head vigorously, but unable to utter even a single word.

    "Well, when camping, and especially this far away from all humanity, I always bathe in the nude, what am I supposed to do with wet undergarments while hiking..." he was saying, "hang it from a pole like a flag and carry it around?"

    Shaan didn't bother to answer, avoiding even looking at his new companion.

    "Do you always keep you briefs on, huh? And then stuff the wet piece in with the other clothes?"

    Shaan shook his head as Kushanu took the tent from his shaking hands and folded it.

    "Then why today?"

    Shaan looked up, into the eyes, pleading...

    "OK, lets go, now you help me pack up my stuff!"

    End of part VIII

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