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    Copyright © Author, October 2006

    A Story by Outlaw

         PART NINE

           LOVE BY THE LAKE

    With everything packed, they soon set out together, for Bhimtal...

    Following the dappled path they walked deeper into the deodar forest... watching the birds and small animals scurry away as the strangers approached, troops of monkeys raising anxious cries, grabbing their young ones, as they scampered up the trees.

    The path was lovely, lush and cool, following a deep ravine bursting with dog rose and wild raspberries, the woods filled with the sweet smell.

    "You know, this place looks more lush, more green..." Kushanu said as they walked through the dense jungle.

    "Yes, Kumaon is much more lush, more verdant, than the Gharwal region. Other than a few exceptions, Gharwal is in fact more rocky and bare." Shaantanu replied. "I've been around Mussourie, trekked to the Dodi Tal, Yamunotri and also Gangotri glacier. Some of the areas are lovely, lush and dense, but large parts seem less so, more rocky. I've also been along the usual pilgrim's trail, and those areas are greener. But I love this place!"

    "Yes, I can see why," answered Kushanu, "Have you been to the south?"

    "Only Mahabaleshwar, once, not below that," Shaantanu replied, "Heard that there are some lovely trails in and around Munnar and the general area."

    "Yes, me too, but never got to go there yet," he said and then added after a brief pause, "Hey, why not plan something together, you know, go hiking to the south later this year, huh?"

    "Nice idea... but... uh..." Shaantanu wasn't sure, he hardly knew this guy, how could he be planning a vacation with him? But then, he was starting to like him a lot with each passing moment... And the main thing was, they were so much alike, in so many ways... and this passion for the wild, for hiking...

    "You know something, you think a lot... try to analyze everything," suddenly Kushanu said breaking into his thoughts, "Listen to your heart too, once in a while, just give into your passion, it wont hurt!"

    Shaantanu smiled but didn't answer... He was thinking again, thinking of the past... the `listen to your heart' had triggered memories... He had let go and succumbed to the passion of his heart, to the wooing of Vivek, and finally had found out that all those promises, all those emotions were just to get him into bed, nothing more substantial... He was just another ass conquered, another number chalked up against Vivek's tally!

    "Once bitten, twice shy?"

    `God, was he a mind reader?' thought Shaantanu, staring at his new found companion in wonder.

    "No, I'm no mind reader Shaantanu, your face is like a child's, mirroring every thought, every emotion as clearly as the surface of those crystal lakes we've just left behind," He replied with a smile, seeing the look of wonder, of surprise, on Shaan's face.

    This was unnerving... but he dare not think anymore, or Kushanu would read even that... and then to his consternation the thoughts of that morning came to his mind... the thoughts he had as he watched Kushanu take his bath and change... And the more he tried to rid his mind of the memory, the more it grew... God, this guy would read this too... what a shame!

    But thankfully Kushanu didn't say anything else for the rest of the way.


    It was around noon when they reached the vicinity of Bhimtal, the largest lake in the region and the only one with an island in the center!

    Nestled in an unspoilt green valley at the height of 1,371 meters, Bhimtal was another picture perfect spot, the crystal blue lake like a jewel in the middle of the lush valley, the tiny island giving it a dreamy charm, the beauty and romance enhanced! And as they scoured for a decent campsite for the night, Kushanu tapped Shaan on his shoulder and pointed to a tiny little pool set deep in the woods further away, down in another little valley.

    "That looks perfect, don't you think so?" Kushanu asked.

    "Yes..." he replied.

    "You've been there?"

    "Yes, but never camped there. Went for a swim once, while trekking around Bhimtal. It's a tiny pool, shallow but clean."

    "Let's go then!" Kushanu said sounding excited.

    And together they scampered down the slope, heading for the tiny valley with its quaint little pool.


    The night was bright as the full moon shone down from a clear sky... seeming to float, suspended in ether, magical... like a virgin in her snowy white bridal attire, glowing, the blinking stars like tiny little girls in her train...

    "Such a romantic place... so beautiful, so perfect... Ideal for spending with someone very special." Kushanu said suddenly as they sat on the edge of the tiny lake by their tent, chatting, the crackling fire casting a soft glow on their face, giving them warmth as the night air quickly turned chilly...

    And as if on cue, Shaantanu couldn't help but think of Vivek... The first kiss... that passionate first encounter... Oh, why couldn't he get over him... why?!

    "Thinking of someone... someone special?" he heard Kushanu ask in a low voice.

    He shook his head.

    "The look says otherwise..."

    Looking up he gave a wan smile, shaking his head once more, "Nothing like that..."

    "You have a very nice smile, but you hardly use it," Kushanu continued, "you must have heard that adage, about using only four muscles for a smile and over 64 for a scowl? Well, you should be smiling more often, you look so much better with a smile."

    And as he sat, eyes glued to the flame, the flush rising... again he heard Kushanu add, "If, once it has failed you, if once it has caused you pain, doesn't mean it's something to be avoided... If you have made a bad judgment before doesn't mean everything you see, or everything your heart wishes you to do, will be wrong. There'll always be someone who will value... who will know your true worth. Don't let one bad experience break the desire; make you give up trying. Life is too damned beautiful to let go, too precious. Just look around you... is there anyone, especially someone who can't appreciate, worth giving all this up for? It's not your loss, Shaantanu, it's the loss of the person who couldn't understand, couldn't value what he had... And you don't grieve for a fool!"

    'Love... relationship... He had tried it and it hadn't worked... it was like oil and water, they never mix... This guy was right, if someone hadn't valued his love, his total devotion to the relationship, then why the hell should he go around crying his eyes out, denying himself?' Shaantanu thought as he sat, eyes fixed on the flames, captivated by the whole atmosphere, enamored by the presence of Kushanu sitting by his side... feeling very aroused.

    'To hell with all the crap about love, emotions, about growing old together, if the whole fucking world could do it, was doing it... why should he deny himself, cling on to an unattainable dream... Kushanu was real hot, sexy... and seemed interested himself... and he himself was very attracted towards this guy... Then why not go ahead... He had his needs too... The place was perfect... and he was in the mood, had been feeling hot for the past two days... so why not just have sex, when it was available, was being offered... and just enjoy it!'

    And as he sat debating, once more he heard Kushanu, "You don't need to be afraid, don't suppress your heart's desire. There's no shame in love, Shaantanu..."

    It felt so weird... like Kushanu was reading his every thought, his every emotion... He had noted it since early that day, as soon as they had started for Bhimtal... Kushanu saying things, asking him exactly what he was thinking of... it seemed so uncanny! And now it was absolutely embarrassing! It was like everything that came into his head was like the pages on a computer monitor large and clear, for Kushanu to read... Each word and each sentence startled him... Did his face really mirror his every thought or did this guy know some magic?

    And he had had thoughts about Kushanu... erotic thoughts... that morning, and even later, as they had walked through the dark woods... and now... Thoughts about what he wanted to do with him... explicit thoughts... Could he read those too?

    Kushanu was silent now, and as Shaantanu sat, staring into the fire, watching the blue and orange flames perform their erotic dance, he felt Kushanu slowly, almost caressing, brush away the lock of hair that had fallen on his forehead... he gasped, unable to control, as a shiver ran down his spine...

    The finger remained... slowly dragging over his high cheek bones... lower... over his chin and then he felt the strong fingers hold him, turning his face... and as he closed his eyes he felt the hot breath wash over his face, before the moist lips met his...

    With a moan he parted his mouth and felt the tongue slither in...

    Slowly tugging off the tee Kushanu pushed him back onto the soft grass... crawling over him, the lips joining once more... feeling him shiver under him as Shaan moaned into his mouth...

    Gripping his shoulders with both hands Shaan moaned louder, his body, totally limp, like clay in Kushanu's hands... And as Kushanu kissed, licked and nibbled his way down, along the neck, over the bobbing adam's apple, to the heaving chest, Shaan just lay under him, whimpering, in the grip of a maddening arousal... eyes shut tight, the tongue desperately licking the parted lips... desire inundating his very soul... He knew only hunger...

    Licking around the stiffened nipples and flicking the wet tongue over the tiny nubs, Kushanu took one into the moist embrace of his mouth, sucking on it and heard the almost animal groans as Shaan pushed out, higher... shoving his chest into his mouth... lifting his back off the ground, the hands now reaching up, gripping his head, the fingers wrapping around tufts of his silky curls... tugging.

    Sucking on the left he kissed his way to the right, sucking it in, nipping the tender bud... and then back again to the left... on and on... getting the whole chest sopping wet... the tiny boy tits smarting red... tingling... And then he moved higher... along the collarbone... into the pit... the tongue dragging along... swiping and swirling in the shallow cavity, making Shaan wriggle at the awesome sensation... and then pursing the lips to tug at the delicate hair...inhaling the healthy male musk...

    "Uunnnnn...." thrashing and groaning, as the worshipping mouth glorified his young body, Shaan could only crave for more... his heart beating wildly as Kushanu moved lower again... along the hollow of the pecs, over the fluttering belly, down to the pubic arch... the mouth diving at the turgid column, through the cotton of the cargoes... nibbling at the swollen head... making him lift his hips off the ground... twist and turn... the legs spreading out wider... pushing the inflamed crotch higher...

    Undoing the button and pulling down the zipper Kushanu tugged off his pants, down the brisling thighs...past the knees and off... kissing his way up... back to the groin... and hooking his fingers in the waistband of the sheer briefs tugged them off too, all the way, stripping Shaan bare!

    And as Shaan lay on the grass bank, stark naked, the body simmering in the moonlight, Kushanu moved up his leg... the tongue fluttering back to the aroused crotch... and then in one swift move gripping and taking the raging penis deep into his hot mouth!

    Shaan yelped and shoved up... his fingers tugging at the hair, his legs stiffening and then jerking with an uncontrollable spasm...

    There was nothing he could think of, his mind totally numb as he bucked and thrashed under the oral ministrations of Kushanu, his cock like a towering volcano, rumbling... ready to rip apart with the force of the explosion that hovered just under... powerful... intense!

    And as the convulsions finally subsided and the muscles relaxed, he slowly sank back, feeling the mouth withdraw, releasing his spent cock... and then crawling over his languid frame... covering his gasping mouth, giving him a taste of his own passion!


    Lowering his face Kushanu kissed the open mouth, biting the full lips, hearing the gasps, feeling the heaving chest under his own. Pulling back he looked down at the handsome face, the almost desperate hunger reflected clearly... the desire... the closed eyes... the beatific smile on those luscious lips, now puffed, glistening... and pleaded one more time...

    "Look at me Shaan... I want you to look at me, please, don't deny me, not this first time..." whispered Kushanu as he paused, hunched over Shaantanu, his throbbing penis lodged at the mouth of the madly twitching orifice, "please open your eyes..."

    Fluttering his eyes open, he looked up, into Kushanu's eyes... his fingers digging in further as he tightened his grip on the arms... and with a low groan nodded... not ashamed, not embarrassed, but suddenly shy, overcome with an amazing coyness.

    With slow nudges Kushanu urged the tight opening to relent and as Shaan dilated his sphincter and opened up, the large head popped in... making both gasp and pause...

    It felt wonderful... Kushanu felt amazing on top of him, lying there, covering him... his own legs thrown over the powerful shoulders, the body nearly doubled up... his hands holding the strong arms in a tight grip, hanging on, as the penis traveled deeper... straightening the bends as it moved higher... filling him, thrilling him!

    And as Kushanu shifted his knees and moved in closer, the lush pubic arch crushing into the smooth bottom, Shaan clamped down with his rectal muscles, squeezing the embedded phallus, making Kushanu grunt and shudder... before, slowly pulling back, stilling the shuddering pelvis, he shoved in again, beginning the ritual of eternal lovemaking.

    With rhythmic contractions of the pulsing colon, Shaan slammed back... the air soon reverberating with the harsh groans and panting of the two young men as they labored at love, joined in carnal union... mouth to mouth, phallus to rectum...

    Wrapping his arms around the hunched shoulders, holding on tight, Shaan threw his head back and arching his body, lifted his shoulders off the ground... grunting with ecstasy... staring up at the heavens above, past the broad shoulder, seeing the moon, directly overhead, bright and full, glowing in all her silvery glory, as if smiling down her approval at the consummation... And as he closed his eyes, losing himself to the pleasure of sex, he felt the touch of the wet tongue lick along his collar bone... up his neck... over his ears and down again... and as he thrashed around with the pleasure of being fucked, he felt the bite... sharp and sudden... the teeth nearly sinking in... the mouth sucking on the flesh of his neck...

    For a fleeting moment he remembered the tales of the Cat Boys, heard on the train to Nainital... but he didn't care... he didn't care about anything... he was loving this, he didn't give a damn, if Kushanu turned out to be one of those shape-shifters, he didn't care if he himself would become one... all he cared for was that moment, that awesome eroticism... the beautiful sex that he was now indulging in!

    Crying out he grabbed turfs of the curly locks and pushing the face even closer, further into him turned his head, exposing more of his neck to the sucking mouth... surrendering completely!

    End of part IX

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