NOTE TO READER: This is a true story, names have been changed to protect the innocent, or well not so innocent. If you don't approve of reading about relationships between two guys, then don't read it and go somewhere else. If you aren't old enough to read this where you live, then don't, but who am I to stop you.

Thanksgiving Surprise

It all started on Thangiving Day. My roommate was in Portland visiting relatives for a couple of days. So that left me alone in the house. I had moved away from my family the month before. So I have no family here. I was kind of depressed all day, not only from being away from my family, but because I had just broken it off with my boyfriend, if you could really call him that. We had only been seeing each other for a few weeks and it just didn't work out. We are still friends though. That is a good thing. Back to the story at hand. I din't do much other than watch movies and surf the net all day. I was in and out of the local chat room all day. I met a few guys to talk to, but nothing more than that. Until later, that is.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 29 years old, brown hair with some gray in it, 180# that I really should do something more about, blue eyes that some say are quite beautiful, and I'm 5'9" tall. Oh and my name is George, not my real name of course, but so what, its just a story.

I was in the chatroom that night. Like usual, there was small talk with some of the guys there. I was an ok day, everyone talking about their days and the food they all ate. Me, I just had some spaghetti, it was good by the way. While I was there I got a few private messages, nothing really to write home about, just guys feeling their way around the others in the room. Looking for something that I wasn't able to give them. I wasn't really looking to get laid out of it, I just wanted some conversation. There was this one guy in the chatroom that had been there a while. I know that because his name was at the top of the list. I had seen him in there a few other times that I had been in there that day. I was just about to leave the room, when he sent me a private. We talked about this and that. Then he asked if we could talk on the phone. I was like sure, and the guy gave me his number. He asked if I could call at 11pm, and I said that I could do that. I didn't have a clue what to expect, he didn't have a pic to send to me at all. For all I know, this guy was butt ugly or a psycho, for that matter. Little did I know....

So I call him at 11. I ended up going over to a friends house to watch a movie as well as spend the night, but that is another story in itself. He was drunk when I was talking to him. But he had a wonderful voice, very nice. He described himself a little bit. He had about the same body as I do. He's 20 and black. That didn't bother me at all. He told me that he had a 7" cock. Which was cool. I told him that mine is almost 6", which it is about 5 3/4" the last time I measured. We didn't talk on the phone very long, but I gave him my number and he was going to call me the next night.

Friday rolls around, I clean the house, wash the dishes, and wash clothes. I was doing this to keep busy, you see. I was a little nervous about that night. I didn't really know what to expect at all. What if this guy was a psycho, more importantly, what if he wasn't. As it turns out, he isn't. I waited until the specified time when he was supposed to call. He was supposed to call when he got off of work, which was about 10:30pm. He called promptly at 10:30, which I thought was very nice. I like promptness. He said that it took about an hour and a half to get to where I live. I was thinking that put him in the city about midnight or maybe 12:30. So I waited and waited. It was about 1:30 and I was about to give up. I went out to smoke my last smoke before I went to bed. I wasn't going to wait any longer. I was tired. So I got undressed and into bed. Settled into watching a movie. About 5 minutes later, the phone rings. It was him, he wanted to know where we could meet but he was a ways out of the city yet. He tried to tell me where he was, but I didn't know, I just moved here. I told him to get on the street with all the fast food joints and then call me from there. He called from the Jack in the Box. I told him to wait there and I'd be there in about 10 minutes. I still had to scrape the windows, they had frosted over.

I get to the Jack in the Box, and there was the car he described to me. Nice car, I thought to myself. Here I am driving an 18 year old GMC P.O.S 4x4. I park the truck right next to him, get out and go to his window. I get to his car, and oh my god, this guy is so cute. He was black, no mistake about it. Not really dark, kind of a mulato color really. He had on all the nice stuff. Nice fancy watch, big gold ring, gold bracelet. The kind of stuff that guys with some money wear. We did the introductions and shook hands. Nice hands. And I ask him if he wants to follow me to my place.

We get to my place. By this time my roommate had gotten home from the bar. It was 2:15am already. We both get out and get a good look at each other. He was better looking than I expected. A little bit shorter than me, but very good looking. We go into the house after I finish my smoke. I have been smoking way too much lately. We both had to pee before we went to my room. I had to because I was on my 3rd jug of water for the day. He had to since he left his place. So he really had to go. Then we went up to my room. I started the movie that I had been watching. We made some small talk for a little while. Then he laid down on the bed. I had to pee again, so I left the room. When I came back I laid down right next to him. When I touched him, it felt really good. Almost like electricity, but not quite. I could feel his passion in his touch. We watch my movie a bit more, still talking all the while. I had my hand on his leg. I touched his hard cock through his pants. And it was very hard. Then I suggested that we put in a porn flick, just to break the ice a bit. I put in on of my favorites. We watched it a little bit. I turned and we met with a kiss. He had so much passion. It was a very passionate kiss. We laid on the bed making out and feeling each other for a long time. At one point, I went down to his pants and started chewing on his hard cock through his pants. I sucked on his ear, that made him go wild. Something to remember for future reference.

The flick ended before we even got our clothes off. So I turned on the radio. Then back to kissing and enjoying each other. It was almost 4 before the first shirt came off. I took mine off first, then he did. Back to kissing we went. Oh so much passion in his kisses. Rubbing on each others bare chests was like heaven. It felt so good. I haven't had this much passion in lovemaking in a long time. And that is what this was, it was lovemaking. Not just a fuck. We made love. I slowly roll us on our sides, he starts taking off his pants. And I take my own off, never breaking our kiss. Once we were undressed, we continued on with the kissing and rubbing each other. I go down on him. He tasted so good. I licked the head of his cock, and then down the sides. I come back up to the head, and took the whole thing down. I bob up and down for a little while, playing with his balls at the same time. I stop and we kiss some more. He rolled me over onto my back, and took me down in one quick motion. I was in heaven. It felt so good. He sucked for a little bit. Then he used his tongue to play with the head of my cock. He licked it up and down. Playing with my balls all the while.

We start kissing again for a while, rubbing up against each other. I go down on him again. And got him really hard again. I rolled him over and moved him up to my face so he could face fuck me. I love doing that. We traded and I started face fucking him. I came back down to his face and we started kissing again. We kissed for a while. I put us in a 69. I took him in my mouth again. I paid special attention to his balls. I love licking and sucking on a nice pair of balls. I sucked below his balls making him writhe with pleasure. And slowly moved back to his cock. I bobbed up and down on it and got him really hard. I started to play with his hole, trying to get him loose for what was to come. We broke the 69 and started kissing again.

I went to the drawer where I kept my condoms and got one out. I put it on after asking if he was ready for this. He had never been fucked before. A nice virgin ass. Very tight. I get him all lubed up after I get myself all lubed up. I start my penetration very slowly. He said that it hurt. I told him that it always hurts a bit the first time. Hell, I have pain every time I get fucked. But it does go away. So I took it out. Got some more lube on him and my cock. I try again. I got all the way in very slowly. He was so tight. But he said that the pain was not going away. So I did as I promised him, I pulled out.

We went back to kissing for a while. He was shaking, so I held him tight and told him not to worry, I was not dissapointed at all. And I wasn't, he gave it an honest effort. He tried and that is more than some men will do. Once he started to get hard again, he went down on my cock again. He sucked with wild abandon. He is a great cocksucker. He knows just how to do it. He is just as good if not better than I am. We start kissing again. I reach over and get another condom and hand it to him. He puts it on while I get myself all lubed up. I start sitting on his cock. Slowly at first, it had been a while since I had a cock in there. It hurt a little at first. On the second try, I went all the way down on his cock. I rock back and forth on his cock. It felt so good. But my legs were getting cramped from that position, so I suggested that we roll over and do it that way. I pull off of him and we roll over. He grabs some more lube to get his cock slicker. He slides into my waiting hole easily. That felt soooo good. I was feeling so good by this point. We get a rhythm going, faster and faster. Then we slow down and he asks me if I want to do it "doggie style". I have only done that one other time, but it felt good that time. I'm all for it, I tell him. I get into position and he slides into me again. And he fucks my hole. I start stoking my cock. I was having the most extreme pleasure that I have ever had with his hard cock sliding in and out of my hole while I was stroking my own hard cock. He told me when he was about to cum, and I was almost there as well. Then he filled the condom, just as I came all over the bed. It felt so good to feel the warmth of his cum in the condom just as I was shooting my load.

After we cleaned up a little bit in the bathroom, we talked for a while. By this time it was 6:00am. We fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke to use the bathroom at 9:00, we were in a spoon position. I came back from the bathroom and went right back to him and fell right back to sleep. We woke at 11:00, he needed to go home so he could get ready for work. I am to call him tonight when he gets off. I think that I will. Not because of the great sex that we shared, but because of his great personality. Last night was such a great experience for me. If I have my way, there will be more of those nights to come.

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