That's Okay

By E Walk

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Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 1 - The Blow Up

I was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper, when my wife entered the room. I looked at her, "Good morning, honey."

"Don't honey me, you worthless piece of junk. I know what kind of pornography you have been looking at on the computer. I realized shortly after the twins arrived that you were queer. I'm leaving, and I never want to see you or the brats again."

Lisa turned and headed for the garage door. I watched as she carried two suitcases to the car she drove. I was so stunned that I couldn't move. I had no inclination that she hated me so much. She had started to sleep in the guest bedroom shortly after the twins arrived and we stopped having sex. I really wasn't that sorry about that either. I began to notice men more and more, conjuring up some ideas of what it would be like to find a man that I could love.

I was shaken out of my stupor by a young voice, "Dad, where's Mother?"

I looked at my eleven year old son, "David, your Mother left and won't be back."

"That's okay, Dad. All she has done lately is yell at the four us, and she is always telling us how lazy and worthless we are. The only times she was even nice to us was when that Mr. Ken guy was here."

That caught my attention, "David, go make sure your brothers are up and help the twins get dressed for school. I'll see what I can find for breakfast.

There sure wasn't much food in the cupboards or pantry. I did find some eggs, bread, cinnamon, blueberry syrup and milk so I made some French toast. The seven year old twins, Danny and Denny, came skipping into the kitchen, "Hi Daddy."

"Good morning sons, why are you so happy this morning?" I was surprised, because they usually were rather somber.

Danny looked at me and put his hands on hips, "Dad, it will be so nice that there won't be anyone yelling at us like a wicked witch."

Our discussion was interrupted by David, "Dad, Darrin says he doesn't feel very good. He thinks he is going to puke."

This is going to be one of those days. "David, please help your brothers get their breakfast. Everything is ready. I'll go check on Darrin and then see about getting you to school."

I stopped in the laundry room and grabbed a bucket and went to Darrin and David's room. I felt Darrin's head and he was indeed warm. I went to the bathroom and got a thermometer, and he had a temperature of 100.8. "Darrin, I'll go get you some water. Would like something to eat?"

My nine year son shook his head no and looked like he was going to throw up at the thought of food. "Darrin, will you be okay while I take the other boys to school?"

Darrin looked at me with his big blue eyes, "Dad, where am I going to go? I don't think I will be going too far away from the bucket or the bathroom. Besides, it will only take you about 15 minutes. Don't worry Dad, I'll be fine."

As I was going down the steps, a thought hit me, 'I hope the rest of the day doesn't go like the first hour has. My wife left me. A seven year and nine year old son practically told me I'm stupid. I'd better get with it. It was like a light snapped on. I had to check on the banking accounts and what about my business? I'll just have to do one thing at a time.'

When I walked into the kitchen, David had the twins putting their dishes into the dishwasher. I was surprised, "Thanks for helping guys."

Denny turned to me, "If we didn't do this, Mother would yell at us and tell us how lazy we were."

"Guys, I'll take care of the rest of the cleanup while you go brush your teeth and get your backpacks. Its warm enough that you shouldn't need any coats today."

The three guys returned and Denny asked, "Where are our envelopes?"

I had no idea what he was talking about, "What envelopes?"

David answered, "Every morning, Mother would hand us envelopes so we could buy a daily lunch ticket."

Now I know that I'm not the richest person in town, but to pay for the boys' lunches daily was a little too much. "Guys, I'll tell you what, I'll go into the school with you today, and you can show me what to do to get you some lunch tickets."

I drove to the school, parked the car, and the three boys showed me to the place where they paid for their lunches. I looked at the lady behind the machine, "I would like to pay for my four sons' lunches for the month."

She looked at David, "David, please push you pin number."

David did as he was told. The lady looked at the twins, "Since I can't tell the two of you apart, would one of you please push your pin number?"

Danny and Denny had completed their business. The lady asked, "Where is Darrin this morning?"

I looked at her, "I am amazed that you know all four of my sons' names. Darrin is ill this morning. I am sorry, but I didn't realize that the children had PIN numbers, and I have no idea what Darrin's number might be."

The lady pulled out a book, "That's okay Mr. Phillips, I can punch in his PIN and his account will be credited." She did so, and I handed her most of the currency I had in my wallet since I hadn't thought to bring my check book which I rarely use.

The guys departed for their classrooms and I stopped in the office to report that Darrin was home ill. The nurse's aide informed me that there was a 24 hour flu sweeping through the third grade. I hurried home to check on Darrin and he was sound asleep. I covered him and went to the computer and pulled up Lisa's and my joint checking account, which I thought was more than sufficient to pay for the every day expenses and the household bills. I pretty much had left the house and day to day expenses to Lisa to take care of and only rarely had she asked for more unless there was a major expense.

I was surprised when I looked at the balance in the account. There was still over $10,000.00 in the account, but when I went back over the transactions for the last six months there were some sizeable unidentified withdrawals. I immediately initiated actions to have the account closed.

I called my office. My secretary answered and I informed her that I wouldn't be in today and asked her to reschedule my appointments. "I might be in later." I said as I hung up.

Just so you know, I am a Certified Public Accountant and have done quite well. I have some of the wealthiest people in town as clients. I think they look at me as their stereotype of an all American family man. I guess that is about to change.

I sat there and decided that I needed to seek help. I didn't know where else to turn, so I called the church where we were members. The office manager answered, and I started, "This is Les Phillips, may I speak to one of the Fathers please?"

The voice on the phone answered, "Father Roberts is in a meeting, and probably won't be free for about an hour. Father Archer just walked in; let me connect you with him."

"This Bill Archer."

"Hi, Father Bill, this is Les Phillips. I would like to schedule a time to meet with you. It probably can't be today, because I am home with a son who is not feeling well."

"Les, why don't I come to your place? I have nothing scheduled until one o'clock; I should be able to be there in about twenty minutes."

I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself. Darrin was sleeping in his room and I couldn't leave him alone. Heck, here I am an old man. I have four beautiful sons and my wife of 13 years just up and left me. Hey I'm 36 years old and am not too bad to look at. I'm six feet tall and weigh all of a 175 pounds. I have blue eyes and dirty blond hair. "What else do you need to know?"

"Yeah, I love the opera and classical music; and yes, I think I am probably gay and should never have gotten married, but at least I have four beautiful sons."

My conversation with myself was interrupted by the doorbell. I opened the door and was surprised. I hadn't realized how big Father Archer was. He was an impressive specimen of manhood. I shook his hand and there was something like electricity coming from it. I felt a tingling in my groin.

I invited him in and led him to the living room. He surprised me, "Why don't we sit here on the sofa and you can tell me what's bothering you?"

I'll say one thing for the Father, he sure didn't waste words.

I quickly explained everything that had happened and Father Bill offered, "First, I think you should call a lawyer and talk with him. George Degan goes to our church and I think he would love to get his hands on this case. Second, you need to find a way so you can get back to work and be assured that your sons are being cared for properly."

Our conversation was interrupted by Darrin, who was dressed only in his briefs, "Daddy, I'm hungry. Please, may I have something to eat?"

Father Bill and I walked into the kitchen with Darrin and I fixed him a bowl of chicken noodle soup with some saltines. Darrin devoured the food and asked, "Daddy, will you please take me to school? I can't miss this afternoon. We have our dress rehearsal for our music program and I have a solo. Please Dad. Daddy Bill, make Dad say it would be okay."

I went to get the thermometer and stuck it in Darrin's ear. When I looked at it, his temperature was normal. I patted him on his bottom, "Go get dressed, but if I get a call saying you are ill, I will confine you to your room for two minutes."

I was blown away by his answer, "You mean we won't be put in time out for two hours any more?"

Father Bill and I looked at each other and we were both wondering what we had been unknowingly told. I took charge, "Move it buster, or you will be tardy for the afternoon and then I'll probably get a phone call from the school for that also."

Father Bill looked at me, "If your other three sons are anything like Darrin, you are going to have your hands full. I think I might be able to help you with your dilemma. Let's get this whirlwind of yours to school and then we can go have a quiet lunch. I'll call my mother, and we can take her to lunch. Don't sweat it man, you will love her and she may be the answer to one of your problems."

Father Bill made a phone call and we were going to pick up his mother in thirty minutes. Darrin came in with his backpack and we were off again. Darrin jumped out of the van, "Dad, we'll be waiting at the corner for you after school." So much for being sick.

Father Bill directed me to where he lived; we had no more than pulled up in front of the building, than a spry older lady came out of the door. "Not too bad, you were only 42 seconds late. Where are we going to eat and I don't eat at fast food places? I just want a nice cup of soup and half of a sandwich and maybe a dessert."

I took them to a nice delicatessen where I liked to eat, because it was quiet. Mrs. Archer was about to change that. It was like she had a zillion questions.

The outcome of the inquisition was that she wanted to see the house and meet the boys before she would commit to coming and living with us. It seems that her husband had just recently passed away and Bill was her only child. Bill was living in an efficiency apartment until he could find a more suitable place for them to live. He had given his mother his bedroom and was sleeping on the sofa.

During the expose, Bill and my legs had been touching and my not too little appendage had come to life. I put my hand on Bill's lap and also felt some signs of life.

Mrs. Archer and I dropped Father Bill at the church and I took her back to the house. I showed her around and when we got to the guest bedroom where my wife had been sleeping, it was totally empty of any belongings. Mrs. Archer looked at me, "Les, I hate to tell you this, but your wife has been planning this for some time. You just don't walk away with two suitcases and leave a room devoid of anything. I am guessing that she has had a lover on the side."

I told Mrs. Archer what David had said this morning and she responded, "Well, we will need to find out about this Mr. Ken that David mentioned."

She switched gears, "Les, please don't let my Bill be hurt again. He already has had one unfortunate affair and the man turned out to be a real creep. He was into domination and he had Bill's mind so confused that I was afraid that he would not recover. But Bill sought help from a higher authority and thus he is now Father Archer."

Oh my goodness. What is happening? I just lost control of my life. This morning, my wife walked out on my boys and me, and now this lady is talking about moving in with her son who sends funny feelings to my groin. What are my sons going to think?

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Editor's Notes:

What are his sons going to think? Well, since Darrin called Bill, Daddy Bill, I think he, at least will like the idea. I wouldn't be surprised if the others follow suit. This is a great beginning to what I am certain will be another wonderful story.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

I want to thank E Walk for joining The Story Lover's Home and writing this story specifically for the site. I have a very strange feeling that this is going to be a wonderful story. The characters are already have depth too them and are easy to love. I am definitely looking forward to hopefully many more chapters of this story. I really want to know who that Mr. Ken guy is.

TSL AKA The Story Lover