That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 10 - Moving In

Bill and his Mother followed us to the house and the boys went to change clothes. Mrs. Archer looked at Bill, "Why don't you and Les go start moving your things here so you don't have to pay another month's rent? The boys are right. You need each other. The boys will protect you. I am sure that they would never intentionally say or do anything to cause either of you any problems."

Our discussion was interrupted by Darrin, "Grandma, we need to take food to Grandma Hattie. I'm going to go see if she needs anything. I'll be back shortly."

Darrin was out the door before anyone could say anything.

I went to change clothes so I could help Bill start bringing his things to the house. We were just getting ready to take both vehicles to his apartment when Darrin came in with a list. "Dads, here is a list of some things that Grandma Hattie would like you to pick up at the store for her. I hope you can read my writing." He handed me a list and $40.00.

1 doesin eggs

1 small lof of bred

1 head of letus

galon of milk

1 box of wheetees

Sum fresh froot if it looks good

Darrin continued, "I'm going to get the other three guys and we're going to mow and trim her lawn."

Mrs. Archer was listening, "Darrin, you boys are too young to be doing things like that."

Darrin put his hands on his hips, "Grandmother, we have been doing our lawn for a year. Mother said it was the least we could do."

Talk about a kick in the gonads; that was almost the last straw. I think I'm going to throw up.

Darrin disappeared and came back with the other three boys. We watched as the boys went across the street. David was pushing the lawn mower and he had goggles on and hard shoes. Darrin was carrying an edger and the twins had sets of clippers.

We watched as the boys started to work. They obviously had a system. Mother Archer finally spoke, "The guys know what they're doing, so why don't you two start moving Bill's things, and don't forget to get the things that Hattie needs. We need some things too, but I'll take care of that while the boys are in school tomorrow."

Bill and I took both vehicles and started to bring his things to the house. Fortunately, he had rented a furnished apartment so there wasn't that much to relocate. We had the vehicles filled and we stopped at the grocery store and got the things that Grandma Hattie wanted.

When we got back to the house, I took Grandma Hattie's things to her and gave her, her change. She smiled, "Thanks Les, I'm glad to see that Father Archer is moving in with you and your family. I'm going to have fun watching what happens at your house. By the way, your boys are just marvelous. I can't believe that they turned out so well given the way your ex was."

I thought to myself, 'Why not kick a guy when he is down?'

I went back to the house and Danny came to me, "Dad, we're ready for inspection."

I was at a total loss, "What inspection?"

Danny looked confused, "Don't you want to check to make sure we did the yard right?"

Bill stepped in, "Danny, the yard looks great. Why don't you tell the other three guys that they need to stop for today? Mr. Davidson is going to be here shortly with your new bicycles."

That was all it took. The equipment was put away and the boys were sitting on the front steps waiting.

Bill and I unloaded the cars and put his clothes in my bedroom. The rest of the things we put in the garage. It was 5:30 when Mr. Davidson pulled up. He unloaded the four bicycles from the back of his truck and handed the guys their helmets. The four boys were beaming, Darrin asked, "Dads, can we try them out?"

Mother Archer answered, "Yes, but make sure that helmets are strapped on properly. If you meet any people walking, you need to get off and walk until you have passed them. We wouldn't want you to hurt anybody. Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes. Someone needs to deliver Ms. Hattie's dinner."

I answered, "I'll take it, Bill please watch the boys. The boys took off and I got the hot food for Grandma Davidson. When I got to her house, Mr. Davidson was talking with Grandma Hattie."

He looked up, "Mr. Phillips, Mother tells me the boys mowed and trimmed her yard for her and that you have been providing one hot meal a day for her. I really appreciate what you and your sons are doing for her."

I was almost at a loss for words, "Sir, it is the least we can do. Your Mother has been looking out for my boys for I don't know how long. I didn't realize it until the other night."

I felt as if I needed to leave or I was going to say something I shouldn't. I kissed Grandma Hattie on the cheek. "Enjoy you dinner."

I shook hands with Mr. Davidson and thanked him for taking care of the boys' bicycles so fast.

I walked back across the street and saw Mr. Blackburn, the next door neighbor talking to the boys. All I could think was that something bad had happened. When I approached the group, I heard Mr. Blackburn say, "Guys, I'll pay you twenty dollars to do my lawn like you did Mrs. Davidson's and your Dad's."

David looked at me and I nodded yes. David spoke for the four guys, "Sir, we'll be glad to do it, but it will be after school tomorrow before we can do it. Would that be okay?"

Mr. Blackburn agreed and the guys took their bikes into the garage. Danny came and asked if they could use some clothes to get the dust and dirt off of the bikes. I got some clothes and took them to the boys. "You will need to wait until after dinner to clean the bikes. Grandma Barbara says that dinner will be ready just a couple of minutes. You need to come in and wash your hands."

There was no argument, and after dinner the boys did the cleanup without prompting and then they went to make sure their bikes were spotless. Dr. Jacobs had walked over and he and Grandma Archer were sitting on the porch. I told Bill about my conversation with David in the morning. "I need you to help me explain what is happening to him. I probably did a very poor job trying to answer his concerns this morning."

Bill threw up his hands, "Wait a minute, I am a priest and not a sex expert."

I shuddered, "Bill, I wasn't implying that you were a sex expert; all I was doing was asking your help in helping David understand what is happening to his body and to reinforce what I told him this morning. Bill, please help me. I wasn't ready for this."

The boys came in from the garage, Darrin looked at us, "Hi Dads, where's Grandmother, can we have some dessert, please?"

I looked at Bill but answered, "I'll tell you what, guys, I want you three younger boys to go get ready for bed and put on pajamas while Father Archer and I talk to David. Before you ask, David is not in any trouble but there is something we need to talk to him about."

Darrin threw up his hands, "We can tell when we are not wanted, come on Danny and Denny. We'll take a shower together and flood the house to get even." The three youngest sons left.

David was standing almost like a statue, "Dads, what did I do wrong?"

Bill pulled David close, "Son, you did nothing wrong. Your Dad told me what happened last night, I think we need to talk some more about what happened. David you are a man now. There are going to be some changes to your body. Your penis will start to grow and you will get some body hair around it and under your arms."

Bill looked at me, "Les, come here and show your son what I'm talking about." Bill had me raise up the shirt I had on and showed David the hair in my armpits. He then surprised me when he unbuckled my belt and opened the fly and pulled down the briefs so David could see my pubic hair.

David seemed to be transfixed, but Bill wasn't done. He put my briefs back in place. His next comment really shook me, "David, here feel what your penis will be like when you are older." He put David's hand on my penis and had him rub over it.

David's eyes got really wide, "Daddy Bill, is your penis as big as Daddy's?"

Bill was so calm, "David, that has nothing to do with what is happening to you. Les, please get me some paper and a pencil and then go make sure the other three boys are okay."

I got the paper and pencil and went to check on the other three boys. But they were coming down the stairs in their pajamas as Mrs. Archer was coming in from the front porch, She looked at them, "I guess you guys are ready for some pudding. Where's David?"

Darrin answered, "David is talking to Father Bill. They have been very mysterious. So I guess it is about something that they think we are too young to know about."

I went back to the dining room where Bill had drawn a drawing of what happened when a male and female had intercourse. He had labeled all of the organs with correct medical terms. David looked concerned, "Daddy Bill, my testicles are tiny. Won't they be empty if I keep having dreams like I did last night?"

Bill motioned with his hand for me to answer; I did so as best as I could, "David, as you grow older, your testicles will get larger. They will finally stop growing, but our bodies have a way that they can resupply the testicles with more semen and sperm. It is rather complicated. I think we have explained enough for tonight and that you need to think about what we said. Grandmother Barbara and the other boys are having dessert in the kitchen."

David started to get up to leave. I pulled him to me, "David, if you have any questions come to Father Bill or me and ask. Don't ask your friends. In fact I would really be happy if you didn't talk about sexual matters with your friends at all, but that is going to be very difficult. In the next several years you all are going to become very excited especially when you are in the showers after Phys. Ed. Classes or sports events."

David had started to leave but turned around and came and hugged both Bill and me, "Thanks Dads, you're the greatest."

David joined his brothers and Bill looked at me, "I guess the father knew best. I think you were very smart to have us talk to David. Just think, you only have to do this three more times."

I looked concerned, "Bill, are you planning to leave already?"

Bill shook his head, "Les, we need to be realistic. We don't even know if we are compatible. Remember you just lost your wife and are feeling lonely and sorry for yourself. I don't think that either of us is ready to make a long term commitment at this point. You don't even know if you are really gay. Whatever happens, there are four reasons we need to go slowly to make sure that they don't suffer anymore."

Bill stood, "Let's go check on those four reasons and get them settled."

We walked into the kitchen. The three youngest boys were rinsing their dishes. Darrin loaded them into the dishwasher. Bill spoke up, "Guys, while David is finishing his dessert and taking his shower, why don't I read to you if you have a book you would like me to read?"

Denny piped up, "I have a chapter book about a dog, from the library, in my backpack. Can we read that?"

Bill and the boys disappeared and David was finishing his dessert. I looked at him and suggested, "David, after you put your dishes away, why don't you take a shower in my bathroom. Just make sure you clean your mess."

David looked at me and winked as he went up the stairs.

Mother Archer asked, "Les, why don't you get me a glass of wine and then tell me what has you agitated?"

I got her the glass of wine. "Am I that transparent? What did I say that makes you think I'm agitated?"

"Look Les, I've been a mother for many years, I can tell when something is bothering someone."

I was starting to get tears, "Mom, I just feel like everyone has been kicking me around for not knowing what has been happening here at home all these years; and now Bill says that we are not ready to become involved in a long term commitment."

Mom Barbara got another glass of wine, "Les, you want to skip that exploratory phase of a relationship and that will lead to certain disaster. Just let your and Bill's relationship develop naturally and don't try to force it. You're primary concerns at this point in time needs to be your four wonderful sons. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to bed."

The three young guys came into the kitchen, Danny spoke for them as he put his hand on my arm, "Daddy, you look sad. We're going to go brush our teeth and go to bed. Will you please come and kiss us goodnight?"

I went to check on the boys and they all hugged me and thanked me again for their bicycles. When I got to David, he held me tight. "Thanks Dad. I'm glad that we talked."

I was almost going to go take a shower and crawl into bed, but then I remembered that Bill was going to be sleeping with me. I went back downstairs and Bill was sitting on the sofa. There were two beers sitting on the coffee table. He motioned for me to come and sit beside him.

I sat beside him and he pulled me close, "Les, I'm going to tell you why we need to make sure that we really want to be in a relationship. Like I said earlier, we don't even know if you are gay. More importantly, I was hurt very badly once before as I am sure that Mom and Father Roberts have already told you."

"I was a senior in college and I met the man of my dreams, so I thought. He was good looking, had a great personality and he offered me a job and even put me in an apartment. What I didn't know was that he was already married. At work, everything was fine and he would stop by the apartment almost every night and make love to me. Finally that lovemaking turned weird. He would tie me to the bed and put a mask over my face."

"It was no longer lovemaking it was brutal sex. The final thing that happened was that one night he brought some of his cronies with him and they started to use my body after I was bound and blindfolded. I had enough money saved that I just left and didn't even take my clothes and went home to Mom and Dad, who was still alive at the time."

"They helped me and I went to see a therapist and visited with our parish priest. I decided to become a priest. Les, I have been celibate for ten years. I promised myself I would never let myself be hurt again. I don't know what happened to make you attractive to me, but I think Darrin might have had something to do with it when he called me Daddy Bill."

Bill finished his beer, "Les, let's just go to bed and cuddle if nothing else. I hope we can do it without any clothes, but I will understand if you choose to not do so."

I put my hand on his thigh, "But you are the one who said never on the weekends."

Bill looked at his watch, "But it's already Monday in London, so we can do whatever you want. Now let's go to bed."

As I was walking up the stairs, I thought to myself, 'Bill is as scared of what is happening as I am.'

Bill took his shower first so when he came out of the bathroom, I went to take mine. When I came out of the bathroom, Bill was waiting for me. He immediately started to fondle his testicles, "Daddy Les, do you think these things still work? I think you better check them out, but first I think I need a kiss so that they can get charged up."

I caressed his testicles and proclaimed, "They seem to be fine. I guess you also want me to check your lips and tongue."

Bill pulled my face to his and forcefully kissed me on the lips and pried his way into my mouth with his tongue. I felt a certain part of my body beginning to grow and I pulled away, "Bill, I thought you said we were going to need to go through an exploratory phase."

Bill took a deep breath, "Les, It has been so long, and I find you irresistible. You're right; I got carried away. Let's just go to sleep and talk more tomorrow. But can we at least cuddle tonight?"

I snuggled back against Bill's weapon and sleep finally came after my mind reviewed the events of the day.

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Editor's Notes: I am so pleased to see this relationship blossom. These two men really need each other and they both need the love that the children can give them. Grandma Archer knows what they need and I think she will do all she can to help them realize how much they mean to each other and the kids.

Knowing from previous stories, just how wonderfully E Walk presents his people, I am certain that this beautiful story will not disappoint us,

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Other Notes: E. Walk has done it again with a very warm and fuzzy chapter full of character growth and interaction. I am eagerly looking forward to more chapters as I am very interested in seeing the relationships' grow. I am afraid though that Lisa might reappear some how.

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