That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 11 - The Tests

On Monday morning when I woke up, I was spooned against Bill, but our positions were reversed. My aroused penis was laying against his back side opening. I so wanted to start moving but decided to pull away instead after what had happened last evening. My ego was still smarting from the bashing it had taken.

I climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked at the clock and looked out the window. It looked like a perfect day for a run. I leaned down and tickled Bill around his belly button, "Want to go running, little boy?"

Bill surprised me. He pulled me down on top of him. "I'll go running with you, but I thought you were going to take advantage of me earlier when I felt your little worm running up and down my backside."

I pulled away, "Bill, I wanted to have my way with you, but I'm still smarting from the verbal beating I took last night from you and your mother."

Bill crawled out of bed and I watched as he sauntered to the bathroom. I caught myself licking my lips. 'What is the world is happening to me?'

We went running and when we got to our picnic table, Bill pointed and we sat down and Bill started to talk, "Les, I know that you are going to be busy today, but could you do two things for me please? First, make an appointment to have the boys tested to make sure they are your sons which I am sure they are. This may sound strange, but would you please have yourself checked for HIV/AIDS?"

I started to object but Bill held up his hand, "Les, I know that you didn't mess around, but the fact that Lisa did is what concerns me. If you haven't had sex with her for seven years as you say, the likelihood you have the diseases is minimal. I have been tested every year since the creep used me. I have tested negative for the last eight years."

I wanted to lean over and kiss Bill, but at the same time I wanted to smack him on the mouth. I just stood, "I think we had better get back to make sure the boys are up."

I started to run and Bill caught up with me, "Damn it Les, What is wrong with you?"

I stopped and turned to Bill, "Father Archer, I don't understand what you want from me. First you say you want to explore a relationship, then you tell me you were hoping I would take advantage of you this morning and now you want me to be checked to make sure I haven't contacted any of the social diseases. I haven't the foggiest idea what you want anymore. Let's just go home, so I can cool off and make sure the boys are up."

Nothing more was said as we made our way back to the house. I went up the stairs and woke David, I whispered, "Anymore accidents last night?"

David whispered, "I took care of that last night in your shower."

I moved to Darrin, who was curled up like a ball. I kissed him and whispered, "Good morning Mr. Sunshine, time to get up and make the world a better place."

Darrin yawned and looked up at me, "Dad, I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I died and no one missed me."

"Dear Son, we would all miss you if you left us. You look fine to me this morning. I guess I'd better check to make sure all your pieces are still here." I started to lift his pajama bottoms and he yelled, "Dad, stop I have to go to the bathroom."

It was like he was a flash of lightening as he dashed across the room.

I went to the twins' room and they were both cuddled in Denny's bed. I crawled in bed with them. I yelled, "I'm so tired that I don't think I'll go to school today."

Danny sat up, "Daddy, stop pushing, you're going to make me fall onto the floor. We'll get up. It would be much nicer if you had come in and said, "Sons, it's time to get you little butts moving."

I looked at the two giggling boys, "So get your little butts moving."

I went down to the kitchen to check to see if I needed to do anything for the boys' breakfast. Mom Archer had everything under control and she handed me two cups of coffee. "Here this should get you and Bill jump started. I guess the boys are already awake. I can hear them giggling."

I was going up the stairs as Bill was coming down. I handed him his cup of coffee and we said nothing to each other. I took my shower and was thinking 'I'm acting like a young kid. I want everything to be perfect and that's not possible. I guess I'm acting like a spoiled brat, but Bill is acting almost the same. Is that what love is like?'

When I got to the kitchen everyone was eating. Mrs. Archer started to stand but I put up my hand, "Mother Archer, I am a big boy and can help myself. You eat and enjoy."

While we were eating, I announced, "Guys, I'll take you to school this morning. I have a bunch of work to catch up on. I'm going to try to make an appointment to have you all tested over lunch. Don't worry, there aren't any shots involved. I'll call the school and let them know if I can arrange it then we can go to McDonald's or wherever you want for lunch."

The guys did the clean up and went to brush their teeth and get their things for school and Mrs. Archer looked at Bill and me, "Okay guys, what's happening, it's like there is an igloo in here. I suggest that you get over it before the boys pick up on it."

Any further conversation was stopped because; David came in and announced, "Dad, we're ready. Thanks for the good breakfast Grandma. See you tonight Daddy Bill."

I left with the boys and dropped them off. Linda was already in the office and it was just after 8:00 and we didn't officially open until 9:00. The morning was chocked full of clients and I needed some time to do personal business but I guess that wasn't to be. Linda came in and brought me a cup of coffee, "Les, Mr. Cooper just called and said he was running late."

I looked at Linda and took a deep breath, "Thanks Linda that gives me a minute to make a phone call that I need to make."

Linda left and I called Doctor Fitzgerald's office, the receptionist answered.

"Hi, this is Les Phillips, I would like to have some DNA testing done over the lunch time and then have me checked to make sure that I am not HIV/AIDS positive."

A different voice came on, "This is Phyllis Cranston, Mr. Phillips. I'm Doctor Fitzgerald's nurse. How can I help you?"

"Hi Phyllis, this is Les. I would like to have my four sons and me checked to make sure that they are actually my sons. There is a reason why I would like to have the HIV/AIDS test, but I would rather not talk about it."

Phyllis responded, "The Doctor has a speaking engagement at noon, why don't you bring the boys in then. We don't need the doctor to do these tests, but we probably won't have the results back for several days."

I was on the phone to the school when Linda escorted Mr. Cooper into the office. I looked up and nodded, "Thanks, tell the boys that I'll pick them up at 11:45 and then we can grab a sandwich or whatever they want after we have our tests. Thanks ma'am."

I hung up and looked at Mr. Cooper. I didn't recognize the gentleman, "Sir, how can help you?"

The gentleman looked at me, "Mr. Phillips, I was your wife's insurance agent. I came to give you the check for the $100,000.00 policy that she had that named you as the beneficiary. Now if you will sign here, this should give you a head start on your sons' educations."

Mr. Cooper looked at me, "Mr. Phillips, your wife could be a real bitch, but she must have cared for you and her sons in her own way. I decided that she was a person with multiple personalities. Sometimes I loved her when she was with me. At other times I wanted to strangle her. Now, if you will excuse me I must be leaving. I'm running late today."

I was sitting there contemplating what Mr. Cooper said about Lisa having multiple personalities when Linda buzzed me, "Les, there is a Father Archer on line one, asking to speak with you."

I didn't know what to expect so I answered, "This is Les Phillips. How may I help you, sir?"

There was silence at the other end, "Okay Les, you have made your point. I'm sorry I upset you so much. Did you make an appointment for you and the boys to be checked? Don't you get it man; I care about the five of you. When I got to the church this morning I prayed for a long time and then talked to Father Roberts. He told me he thought we were both acting like prima donna adolescents."

I started, "So now Father Darryl is kicking me while I'm on the ground. For your information, I did make an appointment and I'm scheduled to pick the boys up in about thirty minutes."

I could hear Bill pleading, "Les, please lighten up. Pick me up before you go for the boys. You're making me feel worse than I felt when I was in the relationship I told you about."

I wasn't about to relent, "Okay Father Archer, make sure you are ready at 11:30."

I wasn't liking myself very much about now, but it seemed like everyone was telling me I was being a jerk. I went into the reception area, "Linda, I have a doctor's appointment for the boys. I should be back by 1:15 at the latest."

Bill was waiting for me when I got to the church. We didn't talk at all on the way to get the boys. I went into the school and the four boys were waiting for me. They went bounding down the sidewalk to the van. They were already strapped in by the time I got to the van.

We went to the doctor's office and Phyllis was waiting for us. She had the boys sit in chairs in the waiting room, "I'll take your Dad first. You need to sit here in case he starts crying."

She took a swab of my saliva and put it in a sterile container and then she took a sample of my blood.

She escorted me back to the waiting room. "Okay, who is next?"

David stood, "I'm the oldest so I'll go next."

David was back almost before he left and the other three boys were quickly done.

Phyllis escorted Danny back to the office and pointed at Bill, "What can I do for you young man. You look like you might need a bunch of shots. Why don't you come with and I'll check you out. Now move it mister, I need to eat my lunch."

The boys started to giggle, but Bill went with Phyllis and she took a sample of his blood as she had done mine. When we were finished I went to pay the charges. Phyllis looked at me, "There is no charge for today, but the next time you all come in with a cut finger or something the charges will be doubled. Now you boys make sure that Father Archer and your Dad don't get into any trouble."

The four boys were bent over from giggling but David said, "We'll try ma'am, but the four us will have our hands full. They are getting ready to have a boxing match. We'll call you and tell you who wins."

I looked at Bill and felt like I had been kicked you know where again by my own son. The boys opted for Burger King and as we sat at a table as the boys devoured their food while Bill and I picked at ours. As soon as the boys were finished and had gone to bathroom, we took them back to the school and I signed them back in. The principal, Mr. Larsen, came to greet me.

I shook his hand and asked, "Is there a problem, Mr. Larsen?"

Mr. Larsen shook his head no, "I just wanted to meet the boys' father, I don't think I've met you before. They are really wonderful boys. You should be proud of them."

I was almost at a loss for words, "Sir, I am very proud of them." I was going to add more but decided to stop there. "I need to get back to the office. I'm so far behind that I may never get caught up. Mrs. Archer will be picking the boys up after school."

When I got back to the van, Bill looked at me, "Les, please can the accountant and the priest be friends? I'll move my things back to the apartment if that is what you want."

"Bill, that's not what I want at all. Let's wait and talk about this tonight when we get home. I have a full schedule for this afternoon and need to get back to the office."

I stopped in front of the church. Bill reached over and patted my upper thigh, "Remember we have a date to talk tonight."

On the way to the office, my mind was jumbled, 'What's happening to me? I'm a grown man and I'm acting like one of my sons.'

Fortunately the afternoon was jammed packed so I didn't have any time to stew about what was happening. When Linda brought in the last client she handed me a note. George Degan called and you are to meet with him at 8:00 o'clock in the morning.

It was nearly 5:30 before I got out of the office. So much for being home early like I promised the boys. When I walked in, Bill was sitting with the guys as they were doing their homework. He was helping Denny and Danny with their spelling words. I looked at Darrin and he looked up at me "Hi Dad, I'm almost finished. I had to write a book report. Will you check it after you get your clothes changed?"

I looked to see what David was doing and he was doing math. He smiled, "I have to do this tonight since I was gone when the class had math today."

Mother Archer came in and announced, "Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes."

Bill followed me to our room. He was already wearing shorts and a knit shirt without his clerical collar. I started to undress, I had just taken of my tie and dress shirt and Bill's hands went around\ me and started undoing my belt, "Here let me help. Les, you still haven't answered my question. Can the accountant and the priest be friends or not?"

I turned around and kissed Bill, "Okay, maybe they can be friends, but we still need to talk."

Bill rubbed his hand over my sexual equipment, "Good. I'm just checking the merchandise for later."

When we got downstairs, David and Darrin were gone. Danny looked at us and said, "We're going to eat as soon as David and Darrin get back from Grandma Hattie's."

Darrin came bounding in, "Grandma Archer, Grandma Hattie says she is going to be gone for two weeks. Mr. Davidson and his wife are taking her to San Diego to see her sister who is ill. She gave us a key to her house so we can watch her house and water her plants. That's okay isn't Dads?"

Mrs. Archer took over, "Everyone just sit down. Les, there is white wine for dinner. I'd like a small glass for now."

Mom Archer brought a heaping plate of fried chicken, Bill brought in something that looked like hash browns in a casserole and Mom Archer returned with sort of green bean casserole some fresh peaches. After Bill blessed the food, and everyone was served, no one could possibly say that the conversation was boring.

Mother Archer started it, "Guys, I will be leaving right after we finish dinner. Dr. Jacobs is taking me to a movie that I want to see."

Her announcement caused some heads to swivel, Darrin recovered first,

"Hey guys, after dinner we'll ride our bikes up and down the street shouting, 'Grandma has a date.' Don't worry Grandmother, we'll make sure our helmets on securely and if we meet anyone we'll get off the bikes and walk. Dads, why don't you take us to the park so we can ride on the bike trail?"

David started the next, "Dad, do we have a bank account or any place where we can put our money so someone doesn't steal it?"

I looked at the guys, "What money?"

Denny answered, "Grandma Hattie gave us each $5.00 and so did Mr. Blackburn today. Mrs. Carson and Miss Cline asked if we could do their lawns too. We told them we needed to ask you if it was okay. Is it okay?"

The four boys' eyes were fixed on me, "Guys, I don't mind if you want to do the lawns, but you need some time to be boys and play. I would appreciate it if you would only do one yard a day except maybe on a Saturday and then I don't want you to do more than two. We'll start giving you an allowance. Let's say $10.00 a week."

Danny looked confused, "Daddy, what's an allowance and why would you give us $10.00."

Bill answered, "People give their children allowances for helping with the chores around the house. You guys did the lawn this week and you cleaned your rooms on Saturday. You've been helping with the dishes. The money will give you the opportunity to buy things that you want when you save enough money. It is always good to try to save some for when you really want something nice. You also need to remember to put a little bit in the offering plate when you go to church so we can help the people like we saw at the shelter."

I was watching Mom Archer and she kept looking at her watch, "Mom, go ahead; we're big boys and we can take care of the cleanup."

The six of us guys made short work of the cleanup and Bill and I decided to take the guys to the park. We had to cross a highway to get there so we made the boys walk their bikes across the highway. Once we got to the park, Bill and I sat at our bench where we could pretty much see the guys all the time as they rode around the bicycle path.

The boys took off immediately and it was weird, David was in front and I noticed that Darrin was in the rear. It was like the two older guys had the twins between them to make sure nothing bad happened. Bill put his hand on my thigh, "Daddy Les, do I get an allowance too. I'm not talking about monetary things here."

He moved his hand to my penis and testicles, "I was thinking that you could share some of these with me as my allowance."

I pushed his hand away, "We'll talk more about allowances when we get the results of our tests back. Then we can negotiate your allowance. After all, you wouldn't want to wear out a good thing would you?"

I stood up and held my arm in the air with my pointer finger extended and made circle. The four guys saw me and came back immediately. "Thanks for coming so quickly guys, we need to get you home and get you into bed."

When we walked into the house, the phone was blinking saying that we had a message. We actually had three messages. The first was Father Roberts asking Bill to go to the hospital to meet with a family whose Father was having emergency surgery. Bill went to get dressed and left immediately. The second was from George Degan, telling me to bring some items with me in the morning and third was from Lisa's Mother demanding that Lisa have a suitable tombstone. I ignored that call and went to get the boys ready for bed.

I read them some more of the story that Bill had started the night before and got them settled and went down to the office to get the things that George wanted me to bring to his office in the morning. I realized how lonely it was with no other adult in the house. 'When are the Archers going to get back?'

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Editor's Notes: It looks to me like Les is acting kind of like a spoiled child. I don't think that Bill was being the least bit disrespectful in asking him to get a test done, considering the way his wife had been acting. However, I must admit that I don't really see what the difference is as to who the boys' father is. In legal terms, they are his children, whether or not he is their biological father. They all love him and respect him and think of him as their father. The only reason to have tests done would be for the purpose of knowing of any inherited traits or diseases that might require treatment. In any case, I certainly hope that the two grown men start acting like adults and show the children a good example. I really think they belong together and will make wonderful parents for the boys, They, the men, just need to grow up a little more.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Other Notes: Hmm it seems we now have six children in the house instead of four. Like TRR I hope the two supposed adults grow up and realize that they need to act like the responsible adults they are portrayed as. The four boys need Bill and Les to help them get over their evil mother.

Thanks again for another wonderful chapter E. Walk.