That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 13 - Cherry Picking Time

Mother Archer and I were watching the clock and it was about ten minutes before six when we heard Bill and the boys in the garage. We both let out a sigh of relief.

As soon as they came into the kitchen, Mrs. Archer lit into them, "You five filthy men get your hands washed and make sure they're clean. We'll eat in the kitchen tonight so I don't have to clean the grime off the dining room chairs. Now get your butts moving. I'm hungry."

The boys reacted instantaneously and disappeared. Bill looked at his mother, "Mom, lighten up. What are the boys going to think if you keep talking like that?"

I was surprised, "Bill, I said move it and I meant it."

Bill threw up his hands and left.

Darrin came in first, "Grandma, I'm sorry if we upset you, but we were working hard trying to help people. Please don't be angry with us!"

Mrs. Archer hugged Darrin, "Darrin, I'm not upset with any of you. In fact I'm proud of all of you. I just wanted you all to get moving so we could eat."

Darrin looked at her, "So does that mean you have another date with Grandpa Jake? Did he kiss you last night?"

Darrin's questions caught Mrs. Archer and me by surprise, but they went unanswered because everyone else resurfaced. We had just sat down to eat when the six o'clock news came on. We had left the television on for some reason.

The anchor person started, "All of the city's major streets have been cleared and progress has been made in many side streets because of teams of volunteers like this team from St. Mary's Church. This video was taken and an hour ago. The team was led by Father Bill Archer. The four young boys that you see here have been helping this team since before lunch. When we spoke with Father Archer earlier he said that these same four young men had helped serve a meal at the Good Will Mission last Saturday evening."

"The two boys carrying the small branches are Danny and Denny Phillips and the two older guys carrying the larger log are Darrin and David Phillips.

They are the sons of Mr. Les Phillips."

"Now in related news: Superintendent Black announced that all schools will be open for business tomorrow and Mr. Jessup of the Power Company has announced that all power should be restored by midnight tonight."

I turned off the television. "Okay, will the four famous young people eat and stop feeling like celebrities. I have some news. The Doctor called and told me to tell you that all four of you were going to look just like me when you grow up."

Danny slumped down in his chair, "Dad, did you have to tell us that while we are eating? What are Daddy Bill and Grandma going think when they have to sit around the table and look at five ugly ogres?"

I threw my napkin at him. Everyone was laughing, but Darrin asked, "What did the doctor say about Daddy Bill?"

I looked at Bill, "Dr. Fitz said that Father Bill needed to have more fruit, especially cherries and that he needed to pump some iron."

Bill looked at me funny but didn't say anything. Denny looked at me, "Well, what did the doctor say about you?"

I laughed, "He said I was a perfect specimen of the all American man and that I probably should have some more sausage, salami or good wieners."

Mother Archer had her mouth full of wine and it went everywhere. Bill looked at me and arched his eye brows as if asking a question and I nodded yes. I turned to the boys, "Guys, finish your dinner and go take a shower or a bath and make sure you have everything ready for school and then you can watch a video if you want. I don't think you should go outside anymore today. You all look a little red from the sun."

As we were finishing dinner the phone rang. Mother Archer answered and handed the phone to me. I spoke into the headset, "This is Les Phillips, how may I help you?"

The voice answered, "Les, this is George Degan. The Madsens and I are going to meet at your house at 7:30 in the morning. Do you think you can be up and ready by then. Great shots of your sons on the TV tonight. You must be proud of them?"

"George, I am proud of the boys. I'll see you at 7:30 in the morning. I need to go help with the dishes." As I hung up, I looked at the boys, "I guess a lot of people saw you on television tonight. Now get upstairs and get your bath or showers. David and Darrin, please help Denny and Danny if they need any assistance. If you need me, call me."

As soon as we could hear the boys upstairs, Mrs. Archer started, "Les, what do you mean talking like that at the dinner table in front of the boys?"

I held up my hands like I didn't know what she was talking about, "Mom, what did I say that was so bad? I simply was saying that Bill needed to eat more fruit and that I needed more meat and protein."

Before she could say anything else, someone was knocking on the door. Bill went to answer and returned with Dr. Jacobs. I looked at him, "Doctor, Jacobs, you are off the hook from having to make anymore child support payments. We'll have to see about getting you a refund."

His response surprised me a little, "Les, I'm relieved but disappointed at the same time. They are beautiful young men. I would very much have liked it if they were mine, but I can see that they are going to be looking pretty much like you when they get older."

Danny and Denny came into the kitchen in their pajamas. They looked at Dr. Jacobs, "Hi Grandpa Jake, Dad says were going to look like ogres just like him when we grow up so you better be careful."

The twins disappeared into the family room.

Mom Archer took center stage, "Jake, come on let's go sit on the swing on the porch and watch the world go by. I need to tell you about the guys' dietary requirements."

When everyone was gone, Bill pulled me close, "We'll take care of our dietary requirements, but we need to do it slowly so that one of us doesn't need to go the emergency room."

We heard steps on the stairs so we pulled apart. Darrin came and asked, "Dads, will you call the Good Will Mission and see if we can bring food some night again. David and I think that the homeless people might enjoy some spaghetti or maybe some chili or even chili dogs."

David looked at Bill, "Daddy Bill, I think the teenagers who were working with us would help. Maybe there are some more people at the church who would be willing to help too."

Bill reached down and put his arms around the two boys, "Guys, let your Dad and me check into the matter. Now why don't you go relax and we'll get you some dessert in a little while. I need to go to the store and I'll see if I can find something gooey to eat."

The guys left and Bill looked at me, "I'll be back shortly. You'd better stay here in case the boys need something. Mom and Doctor Jacobs are outside. We'll let them enjoy the calm of the evening."

I knew when I wasn't wanted and went into my office and started to work after I told the boys where I would be. I was working on some accounts that I had brought home on the computer. I hadn't heard Bill return. He stuck his head in the door, "Les, our four sons are asleep. We need to take them to bed."

I stood and went to help take the boys to their beds. When we got them settled in their beds, I looked at Bill, "What did you mean when you said, 'our four boys'?"

Bill held me, "Les, if everything goes well tonight, we are going to be a family unit. The boys already call me Daddy Bill. After we do the cherry picking tonight we need to talk about our relationship. I would hope that it could be a 50/50 arrangement, but I will leave that up to you."

I pulled away, "Things are moving too fast, and I am having a difficult time understanding everything that is happening. Please be gentle with me. Now let's go say goodnight to your mother and Dr. Jacobs and tell them we're going to bed."

We checked on the boys. They were all snoring. Bill looked at me, "I think they are dead to the world. They really worked hard today."

We went to our room and Bill started to undress me, "I'm going to introduce you into the world of gay people. Now just relax and everything will be much more enjoyable." I was standing there naked and he shed his clothes so fast that you would have thought that another tornado had gone through. He led me to the shower and made sure every part of my body was clean including some parts people couldn't see.

When we came out of the shower, Bill opened a sack that held the things that he must have purchased while he was shopping. He started to apply lube to my penis and anal opening. He pushed me on my back played with my penis until it was fully aroused, and then he straddled me so that my penis could be guided into his back side opening. He started to lower himself and I watched his face as he grimaced several times.

I tried to be patient but it felt so good and I needed to release all of my pent up emotions. When Bill was fully impaled, he started to move up and down and I joined the movement and I guess my years of sexual inactivity had finally caught up with me because I felt like my entire body was experiencing some sort of sensation.

When my load had been released, Bill fell against me, "Les that was awesome. Please hold me before I pull off."

I not only held him but I kissed him hard and deep, "Thanks Father that was the most fantastic experience. Now we need to take care of you."

Bill rolled off of me, "Son, I'm not sure that I will be up for anymore play tonight. You need to check your tummy and chest. If I stay on top of you much longer, we will be stuck together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

Bill pulled me out of bed, "Let's go take another shower and get cleaned up. Remember I worked hard all day while you played with the calculator and talked to the doctor. We need to get some sleep so that our sons, yes I said our sons, don't think we are wimps."

As we were drying off again, I had this sudden urge and dropped to the floor and started to kiss Bill in his groin area. When he didn't pull away I started to minister to his penis with my tongue and he guided me to the bed. He liberally applied lubricant to the appropriate spots of our bodies. He pushed me on my back and pulled up my legs and the head of his not so little penis was applying pressure asking for entry.

When the head started to enter, I was so tense and nervous, and the pain was so intense that I was applying pressure on Bill so he couldn't move any further. He leaned down and started to kiss me and before I knew what had happened, he was fully embedded in me. Neither of us moved for what seemed like the longest time.

I guess I must have started moving and he did likewise. The next thing I remember was that I had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had and I felt this warm fluid flowing into me. When Bill started to pull out, it hurt almost more than when he entered me.

We didn't bother to take another shower since morning was just around the corner. I was laying there as Bill, who, obviously worn out from the work he had done during the day and the physical activity, was totally exhausted and he went to sleep.

I was laying there watching the clock tick away the minutes until I felt some small hands, shaking, "Dads, it's almost seven o'clock, you need to get up."

I looked up to see David standing there. I looked up and fortunately we had a sheet covering our bodies. I hugged him and thanked him, "Thank you David, please make sure that your brothers are up. We'll be down as soon as we shower."

David looked at me, "Yeh, you look like you had one of those wet dream things."

David left and I turned to Bill, "Father Archer, would you please talk to your oldest son?"

Before Bill could answer, I crawled out of bed and realized how sore a certain part of my body was. I pointed at Bill, "I'm going to make you pay for this. I probably won't be able to make it to the capitol city and back."

After my shower, I felt much better but I needed to hurry since the others were going to be arriving at 7:30. Talk about a quick shower. I had just grabbed an English muffin when the Madsens and George Degan pulled up. I kissed the four boys and wished them a good day and we were on our way to collect the Madsen's Lottery Money.

As we were traveling, the Madsens and George Degan started to talk about the boys and when I told them what Darrin had suggested, they thought it was a great idea. They decided that St. Mary's should be responsible for providing one meal a month.

We got to the office building where the lottery office was housed and it was like a madhouse. George Degan suggested that no one should say anything. We walked into the lottery office and were met by a young man.

He didn't waste any time, "I'm Mike Peters, how may I help you? We are expecting the winners of the lottery this morning and the reporters are standing around like vultures."

George Degan calmly announced, "Mr. Peters, we would like to speak to the person in charge of the State Lottery. These people have won the Power Ball Lottery and have come to claim their winnings. We would like to get this taken care of as soon as possible without all the hype. We would like to know the full details of the options that are open to us."

Mike Peters started to object, "But sir, most everyone takes the easy way out and takes the money in one payment. My bosses won't be in until after lunch because they are too busy acting as lobbyist for some special interest groups. The press needs to know who the winners are."

Mr. Madsen was very calm, "Young man, there was no sign saying that the winners needed to be identified if they won when I bought the ticket. Now contact your bosses and tell them to get their asses here and now. We don't have all day."

George Degan pulled out his cell phone and pressed something, "Hi, this is George Degan, may I speak to my brother, the Governor please."

"Good morning Ben, I'm here at the Lottery Office with some clients and it seems that the top people aren't in yet and are not expected to be in until after lunch. Isn't it illegal for State Employees to be serving as lobbyists? Why don't you meet us here so we can take care of this matter and we can get home? ... Okay, see you in thirty minutes, we'll be waiting."

Poor Mike was beside himself. The Governor arrived and Mr. Madsen laid it on the line. "Governor Degan, it is no one's business who won the lottery. If you people pursue the idea that we need to identify ourselves, I'll take the state to court and you will lose. Now would you explain our options."

It was obvious that George Degan's brother didn't really understand the options. He turned to Mike.

Mike looked at the notes, "Sir, if you take the cash payment, it will be about $109,000,000.00 before taxes. If you should decide to take the annual annuities, you will receive approximately $8,700,000.00 before taxes each year for twenty five years."

Being the accountant that I am, I asked, "Pete, if the Madsens should decide to take the annual annuities, would the amount grow?"

Mr. Peters answered, "No that amount is set and that is the way the figure of 217 million was determined. The state will invest the money and if the state gets additional funds then they are used to help pay the state's expenses."

Mr. Madsen looked shocked, "But I thought that the lottery was approved to support the financing of schools."

Mr. Peters shook his head "The money that goes to support education is only from the initial wagers of the people after the state pays its share to the managers of the lottery. The legislature decided that the state has more pressing needs than educating the young people."

Mr. Madsen was seething, "Governor, I'm disappointed in you. I provided money to your campaign and you're just another crooked politician like the people in Washington."

Mrs. Madsen pulled her husband back, "George, calm down. Governor Degan has only been in office a few months; he can't make miracles happen overnight. Now Mr. Peters, when we decide which option we are going to take, how long would it take before the funds would be available."

Mike looked at Mrs. Madsen, "Ma'am, it usually takes about thirty days before the funds are all collected from the different states. We can give you a check for the funds that we have immediately. But the remainder will be sent to you when they have been received."

Mr. Peters was interrupted by a voice, "Peters, why did you call me and tell me that my presence was needed and now? You know that I have another job trying to get the legislatures to increase the wages of all of us?"

Governor Degan stepped around the corner, "Burton, I want you and your assistant out of here by noon. I expect your letters of resignation on my desk by the end of the day. Mr. Peters is the interim chief of The Lottery Management Office."

The gentleman started to complain, but the Governor laid it out, "Look, the laws specifically say that State Employees cannot act in any capacity for the private sector in matters dealing with the operation of the state. Now get your ass out of here, or I'll have you hauled into court."

The Governor turned to us. "It was nice meeting you, I need to go. Mike, make sure that you provide Mr. and Mrs. Madsen with anything they would like. Brother, how come you are always causing me grief? Les, it was nice meeting you."

After the Governor had departed, I looked at Mr. Peters, "Mike, do you have an office where I can do some number crunching and do you have the forms that the Madsens would need to sign so that Mr. Degan can check them out from a legal point of view?"

Mike took us to a conference room and offered us something to drink. He brought us pads and a copy of the paperwork that the Madsens would be signing. He looked at us, "If you don't need me, I need to go do some things. Oh, if you need to use the restroom facilities, the ladies lounge is out the door and to the right and men's facility is to the left. I will be in my office across the hall when you need me."

Okay, so what are the Madsens going to decide to do?

Editor's Notes: I guess we are just going to have to wait and see what the Madsens decide to do.

It was nice to see that Bill and Les finally had a chance to give each other the things they both needed. They make a very nice couple and they both care very much about each other and more importantly, they both care deeply about the boys.

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Other Notes: I wish I knew George Degan to help me cut through the Red Tape like that.

I hope the Madsens make the right decision for their future.

Thanks for another wonderful chapter E. Walk. TSL