That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 15 - The Awards

The boys went to get ready for bed. The guests left except for Dr. Jacobs. Bill and I went to check on the boys. They were all in bed and we hugged and kissed the twins and went to David and Darrin's room. David and Darrin wanted to talk.

David started it, "Dads, isn't great that the Madsens are willing to give us money each month to feed the needy. Daddy Bill, do you think we will be able to get the young people at the church to help us?"

Bill was sitting with his arm around Darrin and I had my arm around David. "Guys, I'm sure that we can get some of the youth to help you and we may even be able to get some of the adults involved."

I looked at my two sons, "Guys, I'm sure Mr. Degan will help and I bet he would be able to get Mr. Daniels to help. I'm sure if you had the plans made ahead of time, you could get as much help as you needed. Now I think it is time that you handsome young men get some sleep."

We hugged and kissed David and Darrin. After we left the boys rooms, we went downstairs to finish the cleanup. As Dr. Jacobs was leaving, I looked at him, "I thought you and Mom Archer were going out to dinner tonight?"

He laughed, "We were, but I was able to get tickets to the opera tomorrow night, so we decided to do it up right tomorrow night."

I looked at Mom Archer, "Mom, you do remember that curfew is 11:00 don't you?"

She stuck out tongue and laughed.

When Bill and I got to our bedroom, I pushed him against the wall. "I'm still hurting from what you did to me last night. Is it always going to be this painful?"

Bill hugged me, "Les, it's probably going to be as bad for me tomorrow after you ravage my body tonight. Please do it tonight, because I don't think I could handle it if you did it tomorrow night or Saturday night. I would never be able to make it through the church services on Sunday."

We took our showers and crawled into bed naked. Bill looked at me, "Les how do you want to take me?"

I didn't know how to answer, "Bill, I would like to see your face as I make love to you the first time. I've never done this before, so I need you to guide me through the process. I sure as heck don't want to hurt you."

Bill proceeded to make my innocent tool so hard that it hurt. I started my entry and I could see the pain in his face. "Bill, are you sure you want me to do this?"

I started to pull away from Bill, but he just held me and whispered, "Les, just go very slow. It's been a long time and you are much larger than anyone who has ever visited that area before."

When I had made my full penetration, Bill held me so I couldn't move and he was breathing hard. I finally could feel his body relaxing and then the fireworks began. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. I couldn't believe what was happening. We both reached the peak at the same time. I decorated his interior and took care of my exterior. When my shrinkage started to take place, I leaned down and kissed Bill, "Daddy Bill, I think I love you."

Bill looked at me, "Oh Les, I hope so."

When the alarm sounded the next morning we had this crusty stuff all over our torsos. We quickly took a shower and went to check on the boys after we were suitably dressed to go running. The four guys were still sawing logs when we left the house. We ran around the park and there was almost no one else running but we didn't notice. Neither of us was in the mood to talk. We had our own thoughts.

As we were walking back to the house, I stopped before we went inside, "Bill, how do I stop putting my foot in my mouth around the boys without meaning to."

Bill put arm around me, "Les, think before you say anything and remember that the boys are only, 11, 9 and 7. They need to know that you love and trust them. Otherwise they might rebel and try to find acceptance somewhere else. Now let's take another shower and get ready to face another grueling day."

When we got to the kitchen the boys were eating, Darrin looked up from his plate, "Dads, what do you want for dinner tonight. Grandmother is going out to dinner and it will take her all afternoon to get ready. She and the kissing bandit are going to see some dopey love story at the opera. Grandmother will probably come home with a flower between her teeth with castanets and bangles singing whatever Grandmother wants; Grandmother gets and Grandmother wants you."

Mrs. Archer threw a hot pad at Darrin, "That does it young man, you will be restricted to your room all weekend."

Darrin wasn't about to let Mrs. Archer get the last word, "Great, just make sure you bring my hamburgers and French fries on the hour and a chocolate shake would do nicely."

Mrs. Archer threw down a dish towel, "That does it. All you get is boiling water and a stale piece of toast twice a day. That way the authorities can't say we haven't been feeding you."

Darrin was laughing, "Oh, so you spent the grocery money on getting your nails and eyebrows trimmed. I'll call Perry Mason as soon as I get home from school and have you investigated."

The other three boys were laughing. David added, "Yeah and I'll call The Lone Ranger."

Danny added, "Yep, I'll call Batman, too."

Denny looked puzzled for minute, "I think I'll call R2D2."

I was having a difficult time maintaining a straight face as was Bill. We finished our breakfast and we six guys did the clean up.

I took the guys to school and they seemed so happy. As I was driving to my office I was thinking how lucky I was to have them and to have found Bill and his mother.

The day went fast and when I got home that night Mother Archer was dressed ready to leave, "The boys are mowing a yard. The mayor's office called and they want the boys to be at City Hall at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. Jake is picking me up in 10 minutes. The pot roast and trimmings are in the oven and there is a salad in the frig. I need to go to bathroom before Jake arrives."

Mrs. Archer and Dr. Jacobs had just left when the boys came in. They just plopped down. David looked at me, "Dad, we're pooped. The Arnolds' yard is bigger than a football field and there are so many flower beds that it took us almost two hours to finish."

Denny smiled, "Yeah, but they paid us each $25.00 and told us how good of a job we did and they want us to come back next week."

I was getting concerned, "Guys, I don't think I know the Arnolds. Where do they live?"

David nodded, "They just moved into Dr. Black's house and Dr. Arnold is going to be president of the Community College. They have two daughters who are in college. Mrs. Arnold gave us a snack of cookies and lemonade."

The conversation was interrupted by the phone. Darrin went to answer, "This is Darrin Phillips, how may I help you? ... Oh hi, Daddy Bill, we're just chillin'. The four of us are rather tired and we can wait thirty more minutes to eat. We'll go take our showers and baths so we don't stink. Love ya'."

When Bill came in, he hugged me, "Les, I know how you felt yesterday. I felt like I had hot coals burning in my backside all day. I think I need to take a hot bath or something. How soon is dinner?"

Our conversation was interrupted when Danny and Denny came skipping into the kitchen, "Hi Daddy Bill, Darrin and David are on their way. What do you need us to do?"

As we were eating, Bill told the guys that all of his storm team was going to be at the awards ceremony as well as some others. As we were finishing our meals Denny looked up, "Daddy Bill, how should we dress? Do we have to wear a tie?"

Bill looked at the guys, "Why don't you just wear your blazers and slacks with a nice shirt. I don't know what these medals will look like, but in case they have to be pinned on, then you won't ruin a sweater. I'll be there with you."

Darrin looked at Bill, "Daddy Bill, why is our team receiving medals and not some of the other people who helped?"

"The mayor asked me to make a comment about that fact at the presentation. I have no idea what I will say. I may need you guys to help say something about the other people who worked so hard. Now, let's get these dishes done and play a game of monopoly or something that the six of us can play."

We finished the dishes and the guys went and got a game. We set up the board and the race to the finish line started. It was a horse racing game that six people could play. We had two races and each of the twins won a game. I yelled, "The seven year olds are cheating, Father Bill. Punish them."

Bill kissed them on the lips and David and Darrin yelled out, "Not fair, we need to be punished too."

The guys put the game away while Bill and I fixed them a snack. We had all gone upstairs and we had gotten the boys in bed when the phone rang. I answered, "This is Les Phillips, how can I help you."

I recognized the voice immediately, "Listen you bastard, you killed my daughter. My husband is threatening to leave me and the other two children tell me that I have lost my marbles."

I looked at the phone. I couldn't believe the filth coming out of it. "Mrs. Witmer, you need psychiatric help. I didn't leave the boys; your darling Lisa did. She did a lot more, that I won't even tell you about. If you call me or my sons again, I'll take you to court. Good night."

Bill had just gotten me settled down when the phone rang again. I looked at him, "Please answer it. If it is Mrs. Witmer again, tell her I'm asleep."

Bill answered and handed the phone to me, "It's Mr. Witmer."

I was almost crying, "This is Les."

"Les, Lisa's mother is drunk again, as she is most of the time anymore. I apologize for her. I still would be interested in getting together and playing games especially with the big instrument that you are carrying around."

I guess I was shaking and Bill was holding me. "Mr. Witmer, games are out of the question. I have four young sons that I need to take care of. Thanks for the offer, but no thank you. Please try to keep your wife under control. I don't want her talking to my boys."

I didn't even say goodbye. I just hung up the receiver and fell into Bill's arms.

The next thing I remember was hearing voices whispering, "Are they or aren't they. I'll give you a buck if they are naked."

I threw back the sheet and cover and both Bill and I were in our briefs. Danny looked at Denny. "Okay, you win, here's your buck."

The two boys crawled into bed with us. "Grandma Archer says for you to get your fat butts down for breakfast since it is already eight o'clock."

I let Bill take his shower first since I wasn't receiving an award. I watched in the mirror as he exited the shower and thought to myself, I may need another helping of that body to survive the day but Bill had decreed never on the weekend. Oh woe is me.

We were eating and the four boys were resplendent in their fresh white shirts and pants. As we were eating, I was thinking how handsome they were and wasn't listening to the conversation until Darrin came and tapped me on the arm, "Dad, what's wrong? It's like you aren't hearing a thing that is being said."

All I could say was, "I was thinking how handsome the five of you were and was thankful that you were mine."

Mrs. Archer responded to that comment, "Are you saying that I'm not handsome?"

I looked at her, "I think of you as being a stately woman who has evaded the erosion of time. How was the opera anyway?"

Danny looked at Grandmother Archer, "Grandma, what did Dad just say?"

Mrs. Archer had a twinkle in her eye, "He just called me an old battleaxe. Tell your dads that the opera was great and we had succulent Prime Rib with all the trimmings. Tell them that all he gets tonight for dinner is a Dill Pickle and a rotten Hard Boiled Egg."

The four boys were bent over from laughing. I looked at the clock, "Okay people, we need to get this mess that Grandmother made cleaned up and get to City Hall."

When we arrived at City Hall, we were escorted to the front of a large auditorium. At precisely ten o'clock Mayor Binkley approached the microphone, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride and pleasure, that I salute the young people of this community. The people we are about to honor today are just a sample of the caliber of our young people. At this time I would ask that Father William Archer bring the members of his recovery team to the platform and introduce them."

Bill took the five high school students and the four guys to the stage with him and introduced them. The Mayor put a ribbon with a medal around each of their necks. The Mayor turned to Bill, "Father Archer, would you please say a few words about these young people."

Bill turned to Darrin and motioned for him to come forward. Bill handed the microphone to Darrin.

Darrin looked at Bill with a questioning look as if to say why are you doing this to me?

Bill walked away and Darrin stood with the microphone and finally started to talk and I don't think anyone in the crowded auditorium was prepared for what he was to say. I know I wasn't.

Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We want to thank you for this honor today. We were just one team that was out there trying to make a difference and a television crew just happened to come by and take pictures of us. There were many, many more people than us helping the city to recover from the storm.

I have to tell you what my Dad said when we told him that we were to be given an award. He said, 'If you were just doing it to gain recognition, then it doesn't' mean much. I don't think any of the ten of us realized that they gave awards such as this when we were helping.

I would like to say something else if I may. My brothers and I had the opportunity to serve dinner to some of our citizens who are less fortunate than us. It was an eye opening experience. Everyone needs to pitch in and help.

Darrin turned to the mayor, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak."

I watched as the jam packed auditorium stood and applauded.

After the ceremony, I went to the platform and Darrin and David had the teenagers cornered and were talking to them. One of the guys looked at the boys, "Why don't some of us come over to your house about four and talk about this? I'll bring a couple of people along and we can visit."

Bill was listening, "Great, we'll even treat you to pizza and whatever. We'll call the Madsens and ask if they can come and then perhaps you can present the idea to the youth group tomorrow night."

When we got home the boys quickly changed and ate a sandwich and as they were leaving, David announced, "We have two lawns to do. We'll be back before Mike gets here. No anchovies on the pizza please."

Bill took care of his plate, "I need to go to church for a couple of hours. I'll be back for the meeting, Les, why don't you call the Madsens and see if they can be here this afternoon?"

I looked at Mom Archer, "Do you have anything you need or would like me to do?"

She shook her head no, "Les, I can't think of a thing right now."

I finished the dishes and called the Madsens and they were delighted to be asked. "Mom, I'll be in the study doing some of the work I brought home if you need anything."

I was sitting there working and all of a sudden it dawned on me that it was totally quiet. It was almost eerie. I got up from my desk and turned on the radio to a station that played classical music. I kept volume low because I didn't know what Mrs. Archer might be doing. At least there was some background noise.

I was wondering if it was always going to be this quiet.

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Editor's Notes: You know, I somehow have serious doubts that it will always be this quiet.

I was certainly impressed with Darrin's speech. He really told it like it was.

I remember once, a long, long time ago, when I was a youngster, I was a boy scout, and we were supposed to do a good turn, as I remember it, Well this guy told me something that I will always remember, He said that if you get credit for doing something good for someone, then that is fine, It might even be considered a good deed, and it is still a good idea to do that, but it is not doing a good turn. It is only 'doing a good turn' if you do something for someone and do it just for the sake of doing it, because it is the thing that needs to be done, and you were at the right place at the right time and could help. You know you did it and maybe the person whom you helped knows, but you don't have a bunch of Ticker Tape Parades for it.

I am certainly not saying that praise and acclimations are bad; they are fine things too. Sometimes we need an ego boost. Just remember, though, the reason that we need to help is that someone needs the help, not because we need the praise.

My partner and I and another friend of ours started a small radio station in our town a few years ago. We were annoyed that there was no local coverage of weather emergencies on any of the local radio stations in town. They were all automated and most of the time there was no one even at the studios. A Tornado touched down in our town, and there was not one local radio station that stopped its regular scheduled music programming, to bring information about what needed to be done. The only way we found out about the situation was by the local Ham radio operators, and by way of television stations from a town which were fifty miles away. We applied for and received a license for a LPFM station. Our station is non commercial and the only way we can remain on the air is through donations, be they corporate or individual. We have people come up to us who recognize us, and they tell us how much they appreciate our station, but they almost invariably follow that with, "If I had the money, I would donate to the station, but I don't have that much." Then they start telling us what we need to do to make the station more of what they would like to have it be.

We have to pay licensing fees to BMI, ASCAP and SESAC every year for the music we play, which is around three hundred dollars from each of those entities, and we have to pay the electric and gas bill every month, which amounts to hundreds of dollars a month, especially during the winter. And then there is the bill for the Internet connectivity.

Sadly, None of us are very good at raising funds. We do the entire operation without being paid. It is all volunteer. We do receive help from friends and from some loyal listeners, but we need to have more people just drop us a small donation. If there were a hundred people in our town of around twenty thousand people, who would send us ten dollars a month, it would help us a great deal, but we don't get nearly that much on a monthly basis. Some people send us a donation once in a while but are not consistent, and others give us a few dollars every other month or so, but mostly it comes from our pockets and a few friends who feel that we are doing a good thing for the community.

Well I guess I should get off my soapbox and go take a nap.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Other Notes: Doing Good Deeds and expecting to be rewarded for them isn't a good thing. However, using the recognition to bring attention to the plight of others and get more help is a very intelligent thing. Way to go Darrin.

Unfortunately one of my worst fears for this story happened in this chapter the Wicked Witch of the North returned. Hopefully something will happen to get the Witmer's out of Dodge completely.

Well I am off to edit the next chapter so E. Walk will send me more.