That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the Author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 21 - The Dream

Bill and I watched as the emergency response team headed by Doctor Reynolds was working. I heard Doctor Reynolds say, "Stand back, get ready to defibrillate.

Before they could take the action Darren's monitor started to chirp and blink. We heard a voice, "Dads, make these people go away. I need to go to the bathroom bad. Dads, why can't I move? Why are my hands tied and why do I have these tubes in my nose and arms? Make them take them out or I'll wet the bed."

The poor emergency response team was so surprised that they weren't sure what to do.

I was overwhelmed by what was happening, but Bill went to Darrin, "Son, go to the bathroom just like you have for the past five days. You have a tube in your penis. Your urine will go into a bottle on the side of your bed. Son, you have been in the hospital since Sunday and it is now Friday. Lay back and let Doctor Reynolds check you out. I'm going to go call your brothers and tell them that you are being your bossy self again. Now, let the Doctor check you out."

The Emergency Response Team left as did Bill. Doctor Reynolds and Todd were taking all of Darrin's vital signs when Doctor Anderson came in, "Well, if the little brat isn't finally awake. How dare you make the people in this hospital go to the bathroom in their pants? Todd, untie the young man so I can turn him over my knee and spank his butt."

Darrin challenged, "Go ahead, but my butt is still stinging from where the angel who looked like Father Roberts spanked my butt and told me to get back down here and take care of my Dads. Dad, check to make sure there isn't a red hand print on my butt."

The two doctors and Todd were watching as I turned Darrin and there was indeed a red hand print on his buttocks. I hadn't heard Bill come into the room. He was accompanied by Father Roberts.

Doctor Anderson picked Darrin up and put him on his lap, "Young man, I think you better explain why you thought Father Roberts spanked you to make those red marks on you back side."

We listened as Darrin started, "I dreamed I was floating through the air and I wasn't watching where I was going. I was watching all the people I knew down below and I ran into this big angel who looked like Father Roberts. He stopped me and looked at me, `Mr. Phillips, what are you doing up here? You need to get back down there and take care of your Dads and your brothers and all of your friends. It's not time for you to be here yet. I'll paddle your butt and get you on your way.'"

Father Roberts sat down on the bed, "Darrin, do I look like an angel to you? I'm still alive and plan to be so for a long time. Now let me see the marks that I supposedly made on your back side."

Darrin turned so that everyone could see the red marks on his buttocks. Father Roberts put hand on the red marks and they were indeed a perfect fit.

Doctor Anderson started to laugh, "Well, Angel Roberts, I would like to see you in my office at 8:30 on Monday morning to see what makes an angel tick. I ain't never met one of you critters afore. Darrin, I think you need to stay here overnight at least, to make sure that you don't have a relapse. Todd will be spending the night with you, since your night nurse is ill."

Darrin looked confused, "Why is a substitute teacher going to be staying with me?"

Todd laughed, "Darrin, I only substitute when they are desperate. I'm a nurse and usually work evenings at the University Medical Center so I can spend the weekends with my two sons and my wife."

Darrin looked at the Doctors skeptically, "You aren't going to let them put those things on my wrists anymore are you? I would like something to eat. I'm starving."

Dr. Anderson hugged Darrin, "Darrin, I think it would be best if you didn't eat too much yet. I'll order some clear broth and some jello on my way out. I'll see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 to check on you to see how you are doing. If you don't behave, I'll bring this long needle and stick it into your butt and you won't be able to walk for three days. Darrin, after you eat, Todd is going to give you something that will make you sleep. I think right now you need to get some good rest so that I can see if you can go home tomorrow. I need to go call your Granddad and tell him what is happening."

That caught Darrin's attention, "Doctor Anderson, why are you going to tell my Granddad how I am when it was his wife who hit me?"

I think the viciousness of Darrin's response caught us all by surprise.

I sat down beside Darrin and pulled him onto my lap, "Son, your Granddad is very concerned about you. He made sure that you had the best doctors and your own private nurses like Mr. Snide. He even has spent time holding your hand and talking to you especially in the mornings before Grandma Hattie would come to sit with you. There are a large number of people who are worried about you, so you need to do what Doctor Anderson recommends."

Doctor Anderson left and the food appeared almost magically. Darrin started to eat quickly but it didn't take him too long to realize that his stomach wasn't going to be able to take much. He began to fade on us and Todd explained. "The doctor had me put a sedative in his drink. Darrin needs to get a restful night's sleep and I recommend that you do too, because if Darrin reacts as most patients do, he will be raring to go in the morning. You are going to have your hands full trying to keep him under control. He is going to be weak and I'm sure that Doctor Anderson will be prescribing a special diet for at least several days."

Bill and I leaned down and kissed Darrin. Darrin whispered, "Goodnight Dads."

When Bill and I got home, the boys and Mrs. Archer were waiting for us. They wanted to know everything that happened. I told the boys, "Darrin woke up and wanted to go to the bathroom and was really upset when he couldn't get out of bed. Doctor Anderson wants him to spend the night in the hospital so they can check him one more time. He will probably be coming home tomorrow. When we left, Darrin was sleeping peacefully."

Bill and I tucked the boys into bed and Bill went got us a celebratory drink. As we were partaking of our drinks with Mother Archer, we told her what really happened. Her only comment was, "It's a good thing you didn't tell the other boys what really happened."

Bill and I cuddled after our shower but nothing more happened since tomorrow was Saturday. After all this was the weekend already.

The next morning when Bill and I arrived at the hospital, Todd was escorting Darrin out of the bathroom. Darrin obviously had a shower because his hair was wet. "Thanks Mr. Snide, I feel much better now. I hope my Dads bring me some clean clothes. I don't want to go home in a hospital gown."

Doctor Anderson came in and started to laugh, "Well, if it isn't Mr. Little Red Butt. Get up here and let me check you out."

Darrin hopped on the bed and as Dr. Anderson looked at Darrin's chart, "Darrin, I want you to have several more tests which should take about an hour. If everything goes as well as I think it will, I'll let you go home but I do not want you to go to school until at least Wednesday. I want you to get as much rest as possible and I will be prescribing what you should eat until then. We need to make a real man of you."

Dr Anderson continued, "Darrin, your Granddad said he would stop by this evening to talk to you and your three brothers. I thought you had a lot more brothers than that. I met more of your friends and young people here in your room than I usually see in a month. I want to see you on Friday afternoon at four, in my office at Med Center if the tests turn out as I suspect they will. I need to go. I have a golf tee time at 9:00 this morning with your Granddad."

Doctor Anderson left and Darrin asked, "Mr. Snide, is Dr. Anderson a quack or what. No doctor talks to a kid like me as he just did."

Todd sucked in his breath, "Darrin, Doctor Anderson is the best doctor around when it comes to dealing with children who are suffering from trauma. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but he lost his wife and two sons in a boating accident when they were hit by someone who had an illegal speedboat on a lake. One of his sons suffered a long time before he died. His wife and his other son were killed instantly. Doctor Anderson still blames himself for what happened because he had received an emergency call and had gone to take it. When he returned to the lake the damage was already done. He has rather shut himself into a shell. I'm surprised that he is even playing golf with your Granddad."

I watched Darrin's face and I could tell he was plotting something. He looked at Todd, "Mr. Snide, how old would you say Dr. Anderson is?"

Todd shook his head, "Darrin, I don't really know, but I would guess that he is in his late 30's or early 40's."

The conversation was interrupted by a medical technician, "I have a taxi waiting to take Mr. Darrin Phillips to his appointments. He should be returning in about an hour. Doctor Reynolds will talk to Mr. Phillips then."

Darrin went and hopped on the wheelchair and didn't even complain. I tried to get Bill to go to work, but he refused saying he wanted to hear first hand what Dr. Reynolds said. It was about forty five minutes later when Dr. Reynolds appeared wheeling Darrin. We heard Darrin ask, "Dr. Reynolds, does that mean I get to go home?"

Dr. Reynolds looked at Bill and me, "Darrin may go home. I hope you brought some suitable clothes. If not, you can take the hospital gown. The clothes that he arrived in have been confiscated by the police. Doctor Anderson has prescribed a rather rigorous diet for the next several days and he is not to go to school until Wednesday. He is to rest as much as possible and is not to participate in any strenuous physical activities."

Bill and I had not thought to bring any clothes. Bill looked at Darrin, "Son, we're going to have to take you home naked."

Darrin shrugged his shoulders as if he could care less. The orderly saved the day, "Dude, I'll get you a pair of the wild pajamas and a pair of the wicked non slip socks and you'll be set to ride. Maybe your Dad could pull up to the front door so we can sneak you into the vehicle without causing too many young women to faint."

Bill went to get the car and was waiting at the front door after I signed Darrin's release forms. The orderly strolled casually to the van as if Darrin was on display. Darrin looked at the young man, "I thought you were going to rush me to the van."

The orderly looked at Darrin, "Those ladies slipped me twenty bucks and asked me to take my time as I escorted you to the van. They said they think you are sexy."

Darrin looked at the young man, "Mister, I know what sex is but I'm still too young to do anything about it. Maybe you should give the ladies their money back."

The young man hugged Darrin, "Good luck, Darrin. I'm going to miss you. I have been your orderly for five days. Come back and visit us."

The young man turned away but we could see that he had tears in his eyes. I thought to myself, `What is it about us that makes everyone cry?'

When we arrived at the house there were a number of people waiting for us. Poor Darrin was overwhelmed by who all was there. Hank was the person who took charge, "Darrin, we're so glad that you are going to be okay. The people at the mission need you and so do all your friends. Your Daddies said that you need to rest so we'll go now. If you get bored, someone will come keep you company."

After Hank said that it was as if everyone disappeared and David took Darrin to the bedroom. David came down and announced, "Darrin is already asleep. I guess he has had a busy morning. Dads, we have two lawns to mow. We'll see you at lunch time."

Bill nodded, "I need to go to the church. There are some things that I need to do and I need to practice the messages for tomorrow."

I went to my office and opened my briefcase and was having a very difficult time concentrating. I laid my head down on the desk and the next thing I remember was Darrin standing there in his briefs shaking me. "Daddy, are you okay. When I woke up I couldn't find anyone. Where is everyone?"

"Darrin, the boys are mowing lawns, Daddy Bill is working and I'm not sure where Grandma Archer is. Why don't you get some clothes on and I'll fix you something for lunch. I'll check to see what Doctor Anderson said you could have."

Darrin left and he joined me in the kitchen. He wasn't too pleased with what I fixed for his lunch, following Doctor Anderson's directions but he ate it anyway. When the other three boys came in, I fixed them grilled cheese sandwiches with cream of tomato soup. Darrin realized that his stomach wasn't ready for that yet and disappeared.

It was almost 2:00 when Mother Archer appeared. Darrin lit into her, "Where have you been? We've been worried sick because we didn't know where you were."

Mom Archer practically dragged Darrin to the bulletin board in the kitchen,

"Darrin, I left a note here on the bulletin board, telling you that I was going to be at the church helping to serve the funeral luncheon for Mrs. Aleshire's funeral. They called this morning and asked me to help. Everyone was gone or resting so I decided to go. The note even told you that everyone's lunches were fixed, so I guess that's what everyone gets for dinner since none of you can read."

Darrin looked at me, "Now I've upset Grandmother Archer too. I can't seem to do anything right. Maybe I should go back to the hospital."

Darrin's proposal was met with a resounding chorus of no's.

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Editor's Notes: I had a feeling that Darrin was going to be alright. I guess all he needed was someone to take matters into their own hands, so to speak.

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