That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 3 - Elephant Instrument?

I was lying there thinking about how nice it had felt when Father Bill was touching me. Suddenly, I remembered two things that he said. First he would have Grandma Archer here at 6:30, and secondly he was talking about the elephant instrument between my legs. How would he know what was between my legs?

I guess I finally fell asleep, because the next thing I remembered was that Danny and Denny were shaking me, "Daddy, someone is at the door."

I quickly pulled on some sweat clothes and went down to answer the door. Father Bill and Mrs. Archer were standing there. Mrs. Archer didn't waste any time. "Les, help Bill unload the cars while I start breakfast. Danny and Denny, you make sure that David and Darrin are up, and you need to get dressed for school."

The boss had spoken, and we proceeded to do as we were told. We got everything out of Mrs. Archer's and Bill's cars, took it to the guest bedroom. Mrs. Archer yelled, "I'll put everything away later. Now get ready for breakfast. It will be ready in 15 minutes."

I started toward my bedroom and was surprised that Bill was following me. I guess he realized I was concerned, "Relax Les, I have already seen you naked. I just want to visit with you and help you cope with the mess that has occurred. You are probably going to need as much support as you can get. Mother has just recently been through this type of situation, so she will be an excellent resource to help you do everything that needs to be done."

Bill followed me into the bathroom and stood against the wall, as I got ready, "Les, I am going to suggest something to you and ask that you please listen to me. It could be very important. I realize that you and your four sons, don't feel any real loss by your wife's death, but you need to not let people realize that. The five of you need to put up a front like you are trying to be strong for each other. That way people are less likely to make a big deal out of what has happened. The five of you need to be able to accept other people's help if it is offered."

Bill started to leave, "Les, please get dressed or I might do something that I don't think we are ready for yet. I'll go visit with the boys while you get dressed."

Bill left and I started to laugh, 'I think the good Father has cast a spell on me.'

I joined the rest and as we were eating, "Sons, I have something to say and I would appreciate if you would listen. I know that you really aren't upset that your Mother is gone, but we don't need other people to know that. If someone should say something about your Mother, just say something like, 'I'm sorry that she has been taken away, but I am trying to be strong for my brothers and Dad.' There are the seven of us and Father Roberts who know the real story, so let's keep it that way."

Denny looked at me, "Dad, you want us to be sorry, but we don't need to cry, right? You don't want us to tell anyone that our Mother was running away from us either?"

"Denny, that's exactly what I am asking of you. The fewer people that know, the better it would be for everyone. There is no sense making your Mother look bad, now that she has died. She had left us anyway. We will have a funeral for her and let her family and friends come and say goodbye to her, but we aren't going to make a big production out of it."

Fortunately the phone started to ring and David went to answer it, "Oh hi Mrs. Carpenter, let me put Daddy on."

David handed the phone to me, "Hi Linda, what's the problem?"

"Oh, you just heard about Lisa's accident on the news? ... It was a terrible shock. The boys and I are trying to be strong for each other. ... I guess maybe you should cancel all of my appointments for the rest of the week. I have no idea what the arrangements are going to be. ... Thanks Linda, I'll let you know what the plans are, as soon as they are finalized."

The guys had taken dishes and put them away. Darrin turned to me, "Dad, you were rather smooth with Mrs. Carpenter. We'll do our best."

Mrs. Archer took control, "Okay my four young men, brush teeth and get your things, and I'll take you to school."

Darrin returned first. He kissed me, "Have a good day, Dad." He did the same to Bill, "You have a good day too, Daddy Bill." The other three boys mimicked what Darrin had done.

Mrs. Archer and the boys left and Bill and I were sitting, drinking coffee when the phone rang. "This Les Phillips, how may I help you?"

"Les, this is Ken Parker. May I come and talk to you, please? I know you said you didn't want to talk to me anymore, but I think this is important."

I was getting a little hot under the collar, "Ken, I am sitting here with Father Bill Archer from the church, trying to make some plans. We should be here for about an hour before we need to start making the arrangements for Lisa's funeral. I understand from my sons, that you know where I live, so please come over and we can visit."

It was less than fifteen minutes when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and was surprised at what I saw. This very plain looking man was standing there, "May I help you?"

"I'm Ken Parker; I believe you were expecting me."

I shook his hand, "Sorry, you don't look like what I expected. Come in Ken, I'm Les. Let's go into the kitchen and get you some coffee. You look like a horse walked over you."

I introduced him to Bill, "Ken, Father Archer knows what has been happening, so what is it that you think we need to visit about?"

Ken had tears in his eyes, "Les, you don't know how true what you said about Lisa having another lover might well be. I read in the paper about her accident and she was traveling in the opposite direction from my apartment. I checked this morning and she had cleaned out a joint checking account that we had. I suggest that you get a good lawyer to handle this mess for you. I would do it, but I think it would be best if I didn't get associated with the situation anymore than what I am already. Have you thought about a lawyer?"

I was almost beginning to like this Ken person. "Father Bill recommended that I call a George Degan."

Ken started to laugh, "George just happens to one of my partners. Do you know anything about him?"

I thought to myself, 'That was a strange question.'

Bill spoke for the first time, "I know George from church activities and know that he seems to be a very conscientious person. He is on our governing board. I know that he is not married, but other than that I really don't know much more."

Ken stood, "If I may use your phone, I'll see how fast we can get you in to see George."

"Hi Mary Anne, this is Ken; is George available? ... Good, put him on. ... George, I have someone here who needs your help. Father Archer recommended that he call you. I'll put Mr. Phillips on."

Ken handed the phone to me, I wasn't quite sure what I should say, "This is Les Phillips, would you have time to visit with me in the next couple days. My wife died in a car accident, and I have four young sons so I am going to need all the legal advice that you can provide."

I was surprised by his answer, "Mr. Phillips, if you could meet with me at 1:30, we could review the case and I'll do what I can. Now why is Ken with you? Tell him, I think he had better be here at the meeting also. I think there might more to this than meets the eye, here."

Ken grabbed the phone, "George, you are evil. I'll be there and yes there is more than meets the eye."

Ken started to leave, "I guess I'll see you at one thirty. Have you called Lisa's family?"

I hadn't even thought about calling Lisa's family. They lived about 60 miles away and there is no way they could know what had happened. I made the call and it was like Lisa's mother went berserk, "Les, you need to make sure that Lisa has a proper burial. Call us as soon as you have the arrangements made. How are you and the four boys handling this?"

I tried to be as calm as I could, "Mrs. Witmer, the boys and I are trying to be strong for each other. I will be going to the funeral home at ten o'clock to make the arrangements. I'll call you as soon as things have been finalized."

Bill was laughing, "It sounds like Lisa had a lot of people fooled. Let's go to the funeral home and make the arrangements, so you can do whatever it is that you have to do."

Before we could leave, Mrs. Archer came in, "Okay you two, go bring the groceries in. I'll start putting things away."

We unloaded Mrs. Archer's trunk and there were bags all over the counter and the table. I looked at her, "Okay lady, how much did this set me back? Next time, why don't you just take my debit card? I'll settle with you when we get back from the mortuary."

When Bill and I got to the mortuary, the gentleman who was helping us looked at us, "I would suggest a closed coffin. The only thing that wasn't mangled was Mrs. Phillip's head and neck. There is nothing more we can do with the body."

Bill, bless his heart spoke, "Les, I think that you should have a viewing the night before the funeral and just have your wife's head showing so everyone can have closure. The casket could be closed at the memorial service, so that the boys aren't subjected to any more comments than they need to be. This might not make some people very happy, but I think it would be best for the boys and you."

The final arrangements were made with Mr. Kahler and the viewing would be on Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:30 and the memorial service would take place at ten on Friday morning, with the interment immediately following. The next stop was the church.

Bill was adamant that Father Darryl should do the service. Bill felt he was too emotionally involved with me and the boys to be able to do a good job. Father Darryl was more than willing to do the services, and Bill was going to arrange for the organist and the vocalist.

Bill and I went back to the house and Mrs. Archer had lunch waiting for us. While we were eating, she announced, "I am going to go to school and see if they might need another volunteer. I don't want to be sitting around this house feeling sorry for myself while everyone is gone. Oh, by the way, Mr. Degan called and said you were to bring all of your insurance papers and financial records with you this afternoon. I'll pick the boys up and make sure that they do there homework. Don't forget Darrin's program is tonight at 7:00."

I couldn't handle it anymore, "Mom, you know more about what is happening than I do. You are beginning to make me feel inadequate."

Mrs. Archer laughed, "That's what Grandmothers are for. Now get your butts out of here."

Bill called the church, "I'll be at George Degan's office if you need me."

I was surprised when we were ushered into the office and Ken Parker was already there. After the introductions, Mr. Degan looked at me, "I trust that you brought the documents that I asked you to bring?" George walked around the desk and I must say he was certainly an impressive looking man. The four of us were seated in four separate chairs around a table that had coffee or tea if we wished.

Mr. Degan looked at the paperwork I had given him, he looked up, "Okay Mr. Phillips, I think I can help you, but I need to know exactly what is happening so I am not blindsided. Ken, how are you involved in this matter?"

Ken explained his involvement and then Mr. Degan turned to Bill. "Father Bill, what is your involvement in this case?"

Bill was very calm, "George, when Les called the church, I was available to help him. So I went to his house to help him work through his problems. As of now, my Mother is going to be taking care of Les' four boys while he is working. His sons adore my mother."

That wasn't the answer that George wanted, "Guys, that wasn't the answer I wanted. Ken knows that I am gay and I'm asking if there is any physical attraction between the two of you. Excuse me Ken, I know that you aren't gay, but I need to know."

Bill took the bull by the horns, "George, I am gay and have been for sometime. I was severely burned in a relationship and that is why I am a man of the cloth, so to speak. I am very much attracted to Les, but it would be very unwise for us to become too heavily involved, since he has four beautiful sons. I am not talking about outward appearances but the way they think. Excuse me Ken, but it sounds like Mrs. Phillips denigrated the four boys. They have so much love to share."

Mr. Degan looked up from the paperwork, "Gentlemen, why don't we get together tomorrow at 1:30, after I have time to go through everything. In the meantime, Mr. Phillips, I would suggest that you stop by the sheriff's office and reclaim Mrs. Phillips' things. There might be some interesting information that was in the car if it is as you said."

Bill and I went to the Sheriff's office and got the things that were in the impounded car. There was much more than the two suitcases that Lisa had left with yesterday. After I signed for what was in the car, we went back to Mr. Degan's office. Fortunately he was not busy, so he took what we gave him after it was inventoried, and signed for it. He looked at what he had and said, "Someone was watching out for you and Ken. Maybe Ken can keep his penis in his pants for a while."

George realized what he said, "Excuse me Father Archer that was totally unprofessional. But it is true; Ken has been putting his penis where it shouldn't have been for years."

"Now I need to go, my partner has a show tonight and he is probably home wearing the carpet bare. He is a nervous wreck before each show. He is particularly excited about one of his soloist for tonight. I'll visit with you at 1:30 tomorrow."

Bill looked at me, "I'm going to go back to the church and help Father Roberts make the arrangements for the service. You go talk to Mother. I am sure she will be able to help you with some other areas. I think I have done everything that I can for now. I'll see you for dinner and then we need to get Darrin to his show."

I went back to the house and Mrs. Archer indeed did have some other things that I needed to take care of. By the time I finished doing what I needed to do, it was dinnertime. After dinner, Darrin came to me in tears, "Dad, I can't get this tie to look right, please help me."

I looked at Darrin, "Why are you wearing a tie? I don't remember any of you ever wearing a tie before for one of these performances."

Darrin was really frustrated, "Dad, Mr. Daniels asked me to get dressed up because he says I am one of the stars of the show, so please help me."

Darrin was all set to go, so we left for the auditorium. Darrin quickly took off to where he was to meet his classmates. Mrs. Archer led us to the front of the auditorium. I was surprised when we were joined by Mr. Degan, "Mind if I join you?"

We couldn't really visit because the boys were there, and there was quite a bit of commotion in the audience. The curtain went up and Mr. Daniels came forward, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the third graders of Western Hills School present, 'Adventures in Colors.' Please sit back and listen to this wonderful group of young people perform for you."

I was surprised when every one of the children had a chance to participate by saying some words. I watched as Darrin just stood at the end of the front row in front of the risers and watched as all of his classmates performed. Mr. Daniels went to the piano and turned to the audience. "For our final number tonight, we have a special treat for you. Darrin Phillips will be singing about the colors red and blue."

Darrin seemed so calm; he brought a stool and hand mike. He climbed onto the stool and announced, "I would like to dedicate this song to memory of our Mother who died in a car accident yesterday. May she rest in peace."

Mr. Daniels started to play and Darrin started to sing 'I want Some Red Roses for a Blue Lady.'

When he finished at first it was quiet and then there was an outburst of applause. I think that everyone was stunned that a nine year old could have such a beautiful clear voice. Darrin was very gracious and bowed and then turned and pointed Mr. Daniels and Don bowed and then they pointed to the rest of the assembled third graders.

The curtain closed and Darrin came to get us. Mr. Daniels was with him.

Mr. Daniels introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Don Daniels, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of Darrin. I hope you weren't offended by his remarks, but he came to me just before we went onto the stage asked my permission to dedicate the song to his Mother."

I shook Mr. Daniels hand, "I am Les Phillips. I believe you know everyone here except Father Bill's Mother, Mrs. Barbara Archer. I am sure that you have encountered my other three sons and I understand that you know Mr. Degan."

People kept stopping to commend Darrin on how well he had done so it took us some time to get out of the school. When we got home, Grandma Archer had cookies for the boys and then sent them to get ready for bed. She announced, "I'm going to bed also. Breakfast will be at 7:00, so Billy boy, you had better be here."

Bill and I looked at each and we met in a mutual embrace. It felt so good to just have my arms around him. I pulled him to me as tight as I could and whispered, "Bill, thanks for everything."

Bill pulled away, "Les, I am going to go now, even though I don't want to. I'll see you in the morning."

I locked up and went to my room, feeling very sorry for myself. I had just gotten into bed when there was a knock on the door. I couldn't figure out which of the boys it might be, so I called out, "Please come in."

Darrin came in and crawled on the bed, "Dad, are you going to be okay? Why didn't Daddy Bill stay? Don't you love him? Dad, do you think that Mr. Daniels and Mr. Degan are more than just friends? They seemed to be more than just friends."

I pulled Darrin close, "For a nine year old, you sure do think a lot. I really like Father Bill very much, but we don't want people to talk. It is too early to tell if I love him, but I think I very easily could learn to, if he will let me. Darrin, it is none our business if Mr. Daniels and Mr. Degan are more than friends. Now give me a kiss and go to bed. I'm sure that you are still a little wound up from your show tonight. I love you Son."

Darrin gave me a sloppy kiss, "I love you too Dad."

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Editor's Notes:

I want to thank Uncle Ed for another wonderful chapter. This new story is shaping up to be another wonderfully heartwarming story. I have already fallen in love with the boys, and Grandma is one classy lady. Bill and Les seem to really like each other, and I am hopeful that they will be able to come to terms with their relationship. I think they would be good for each other. What is it with Les' wife, where had she planned to go and who was she going to head off with this time? Will there be still another man show up that had been involved with her? Who knows?

Let's hope for the next chapter soon so we can get answers to some of these questions.

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