That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 5 - The Viewing and More

Mr. Witmer asked, "Could we have a cocktail before dinner? I think we need to settle Mrs. Witmer's nerves. She is a little upset by what has transpired."

I looked at Mr. Witmer with a funny look, because I didn't think they drank. "Dad Witmer, I'll show you where the alcohol is, and you can fix the drinks. I'll go and check to see if dinner is ready and get the boys dressed for the viewing."

I watched as he poured a large glass of bourbon and put a splash of lemon soda in it and then fixed a glass of soda water and pretended to pour some gin in it. He handed the bourbon to Mrs. Witmer. I thought to myself, `There is something going on that I don't know about.'

I checked with Mrs. Archer and she assured me that dinner would be ready in 30 minutes. I asked her if she would like a drink and she shook her head no, "I'll just have a glass of wine with dinner, thank you."

I went to check on the boys. They were all dressed in their new clothes. Danny looked at me, "Daddy, do we have to wear a tie? Can't we just wear the shirts with our new blazers. We have never worn ties and they feel like they are choking us."

I looked at the four boys and they looked so handsome, "Well, I suppose you don't have to wear ties, but you do need to make sure that buttons on your collars are fastened. You would look like little waifs otherwise."

Darrin was trying to button the collar buttons but was having problems. "Dad, would you please just help get these buttons in the dumb tiny holes?"

I held Darrin and buttoned his collar and then did the other three boys' collars. "Go tell your Grandparents and Grandma Archer that I will be there in ten minutes, or as soon as I can get dressed."

When I got to the dining room, the boys were sitting very quietly and looked like they were mummies. "Okay, what is wrong, now? Your were fine when I went to get dressed."

Denny looked at me and started to cry, "Grandma Witmer told us we should be sad and that we shouldn't be laughing at a time like this. Daddy, we weren't laughing about Mother's dieing. We were laughing because we felt so funny wearing new shoes. It's like our feet can move. Before, our feet were always jammed into our old shoes."

Anymore conversation was interrupted because Mrs. Archer brought in some hot cream of potato soup and fresh rolls. Everyone started to eat except Mrs. Witmer. Denny pronounced, "This soup is great Grandma Archer, did you make it?"

Mrs. Archer shook her head, "No Denny, I think it was Mrs. Baxter who brought it. She said she lived next door. She also brought the rolls."

As soon as the soup was finished, except for Mrs. Witmer's, who had hardly touched hers, David and Darrin helped Mrs. Archer and me take the bowls to the kitchen. Mrs. Archer gave us some frozen purple salads to put on the table for each person and brought in a steaming casserole that looked like a pie.

Mrs. Archer put the casserole and the dinner plates in front of me, "Les, why don't you dish up for everyone?"

When Mrs. Archer said that, I noticed that Mrs. Witmer sat up straight and glared at her. Mother Witmer looked at me, "Les, are you going to let the hired help talk like that to you and tell you what to do?"

I was barely able to remain calm, "Mrs. Witmer, for your information, Grandma Barbara is not hired help. She is staying here to help me take care of my sons in this trying time. She is also the mother of one of the Fathers at our church. Now, I suggest that you eat your dinner so we can be at the funeral home on time."

Everyone was eating and Danny asked, "This casserole is wonderful. Did you make, it Grandma Archer?"

"No a Mrs. Davidson brought it and said she would see you tonight. She was a charming lady."

Danny looked at Mrs. Archer funny, "You mean Grandma Hattie brought this? We should be taking her food. She can hardly move anymore."

Mrs. Archer said, "Yes, I helped her back to her house and she told me that her children always loved her chicken a la royalty casserole."

Denny tasted his salad, "Is this a salad or a dessert? It tastes like ice cream with all kinds of fruits and nuts."

Mrs. Archer was so calm, "When Mrs. Laramie brought them, she said they could be used as either, but she felt they were better as a salad since they were made with sour cream."

Denny and Danny looked at Mrs. Archer funny, "You mean our teacher made these. What did she look like?"

Mrs. Archer laughed, "She said she was your teacher and threw the salad together last night. She wanted to make sure that you would be able to go on the field trip tomorrow."

Mrs. Witmer dropped her fork, "Wait a minute; you are planning to go on a field trip at school tomorrow? That is not even thinkable. Your Mother just died and you are talking about a field trip?"

The boys were almost cowering, "Guys, take your dishes to the kitchen and then go brush your teeth and get you blazers."

As soon as the four guys left, "I turned to Mrs. Witmer; ma'am, I'll decide what is best for my four sons. Quite frankly, I am finding out what an unfit mother Lisa was. The best way to describe Lisa was that she was abusive to the boys. She announced that she was leaving us on Monday morning. I have since met with one of her lovers and spoken to another one on the phone. They will both be at the viewing tonight. I would appreciate it if you would pull in your horns and give my sons some slack."

Mrs. Witmer wasn't about to let those comments pass, "Lisa wasn't like that, you must have been whoring around."

"Mrs. Witmer, I was a virgin when I married Lisa and I have never had sex with another person -- male or female. Lisa and I hadn't had sex since before the twins were born. Now if you will excuse me, I need to make sure that the boys are ready to go to the funeral home. It is already 6:15."

I collected the boys after making sure they looked respectable. As we were going to the van, Darrin asked, "Grandma Archer, aren't you going to the viewing?"

"Darrin, since I didn't know your mother, I'll stay here and answer the phone. I'll have some dessert ready for you when come home."

We arrived at the home and were met by the young attendant and he showed us to the coffin. I was surprised when all four boys chose not to look or spend much time around the coffin. I leaned down, "Boys, I know that you were unhappy with your mother, but you must be very brave tonight. We don't want people to know how she treated you."

David looked at me, "Dad, we'll do just fine. We have been pretending for years."

Bill came in, "Hey guys, is there anything that I can do for you?"

David answered for the boys, "Yes, Daddy Bill, make Dad relax. Our Mother's Mother is being an absolute monster. Dad, she'll only be here until tomorrow and then we will probably never have to see her again."

Any more conversation was interrupted because people started to arrive. The four boys were magnificent as to how well they behaved. It was shortly after seven when Lisa's parents arrived and Lisa's mother pretended like she was the queen bee.

That didn't last long because Mrs. Davidson arrived and hugged the four boys. Mrs. Witmer went to Mrs. Davidson and announced, "I am Lisa's Mother."

Mrs. Davidson looked at Mrs. Witmer, "Oh, so you are the slut's mother?

Heck she had more men visitors coming to the house than Carter had pills. I see one of her more frequent visitors is standing over there now, and oh yes, another is just now arriving."

Mrs. Davidson came to me and hugged me, "Les, I guess I should have told you of my suspicions before now, but I didn't want you to think I was a meddlesome old fool. Now who is this Mrs. Archer person that was at your house?"

"Grandma Davidson that is Father Bill Archer's mother, Barbara. She is going to be living with us, so she can take care of the boys when I am at work."

Mrs. Davidson looked at me, "And?"

I guess I started to blush because she quickly added, "I think I need to sit down."

I escorted her to a row of chairs. I watched as people came in and the boys greeted everyone and noticed that Mrs. Witmer had faded into the background. It was just about 7:30 when a tall good looking gentleman came in. The boys greeted him and thanked him for coming. He approached me, "Mr. Phillips, I'm Greg Columbo."

I shook his hand, "Thank you for coming Mr. Columbo. I take it you have met my sons."

He nodded his head, "Yes, and they are nothing like I had been told. You sure don't look like the shrimp that Lisa was always complaining about. I guess I owe you an apology."

I smiled "Greg, let me introduce you to another of Lisa's lovers." I took him and introduced him to Ken Parker. I left them standing there talking and went back to greeting the guests.

Finally everyone had left except the family. I asked Lisa's brother and sister and their spouses and my brother and sister and their spouses to go back to the house for desert since we had so many different kinds available.

When we got back to the house, I gave the boys a snack and then took them to get them ready for bed. Mrs. Archer had put out four different desserts on the dining room table for people to choose from and excused herself, "I am going to my room. It has been a busy day, and tomorrow will probably be even more so, since I am going to be going on a field trip."

When I came back from putting the guys to bed, Mrs. Witmer started,

"That bitch, Mrs. Davidson, intimated that Lisa was a slut. How dare she accuse my daughter of doing something like that?"

The Witmer's son Paul spoke up, "Mother, we know, for a fact, that Lisa was cheating on Les. We not only saw her once, but several times with different men at a restaurant. In fact, I think two of them might have been at the viewing tonight." Paul looked at me.

I didn't know what else to say, "Yes, there were at least two of her special friends at the viewing tonight. The boys even know about Ken being here at the house. Let me explain to everyone what happened and then maybe Mother Witmer will realize that Lisa wasn't the saint that she thinks she was."

I was halfway through the story when Mrs. Witmer stood, "I want to go home and now. You are all lying."

Dad Witmer was very firm, "Virginia, we are not going anywhere. Go to bed while Les and I say goodnight to our visitors."

Mrs. Witmer stomped up the stairs, "Lisa's Sister Paula came and hugged me and whispered, "Les, Lisa has been a slut since high school. I can't believe that you hadn't realized."

I walked my brother and sister and their spouses to the door. My brother pulled me into a bear hug, "This was sure an eye opening experience. I can hardly wait to see what happens tomorrow."

After everyone had departed, I started to take the dirty dishes and left over food into the kitchen. Dad Witmer was helping me. I looked at him, "Dad,

I can take care of these. You probably need to go talk to your wife. I'll see you in the morning."

He left and I quickly finished and went downstairs to the den. I left to take a shower and didn't take any clothes with me because I thought everyone else was in bed. I was walking back to the den where I had pulled out the sofa bed.

When I walked into the room, Dad Witmer was sitting on the edge of the bed in his pajamas watching me. I was feeling a little uncomfortable, so I reached for the boxers I was going to wear to bed. I like to wear boxers to bed to give my body a chance to relax after being cooped up in briefs all day. Anyway, Dad motioned for me to sit down beside him.

He put his hand on my thigh, "Les, I came to apologize for Lisa's mother. She is fit to be tied. When she gets like this I am never sure what she will do. I have given her a sedative and she should sleep through the night now." Without any transition he changed to an entirely different topic. "Les, had I known how well endowed you were, we could have been having fun while Lisa was having her affairs."

His hand was moving closer to my penis and I tried to stand, but he pushed me on the bed and tried to take my shorts off of me. "If you haven't had sex for eight years, you must be ready. Let me give you some relief."

I finally extricated myself and was able to stand, "Dad Witmer, I have never had man to man sex. I am absolutely floored that you would want to do something with me."

"Oh Les, you are so naïve. I am a sucker for big cocks and love to suck on them and make them feel good. That is why I became a urologist. You would be surprised at how easy it is to get most men to let you play with them. It is also surprising how many men like to reciprocate."

"Dad, I am sure that you didn't come here to give me a lesson in Homosexuality 101."

"No, I came to see if you were doing okay. But since I am here could you please at least let me watch you jack off, so I can see how big that elephant trunk of yours gets?"

"Dad, you aren't seriously asking me to jack off, are you?"

"I'm dead serious, but I can see that you aren't going to humor me." He stood and hugged me. "Les, I'm impressed."

I watched as Dad Witmer started out the door. I lay down on the bed not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

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Editor's Notes:

Oh my goodness! That was quite a display of ill manners. What a total pair of jerks Lisa's parents are. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Poor Les; he must be pretty upset and disgusted. Those two people are giving In Laws a bad name, and I think In Laws have had a pretty bad reputation all along, but these two make the proverbial In Laws look like angels. To say that I am not overly fond of them would be a massive understatement.

I guess this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that E Walk can show us unlikable characters as well as wonderful people. This was a very interesting chapter, because it gives us a little glimpse into the family life of Lisa and maybe we can understand a little better why she turned out to be such a rotten person.

Of course I am quite ready for the next chapter. Thank you E Walk

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Host's Notes:

Well now we know why In Laws have such a bad name and the Witmer's definitely deserve that reputation. The more we learn about Lisa the more I want her to roast slowly over a low bed of coals for a long and I do mean long time. What she has done to the children will take a long time to repair; growing up in a not so rich family of seven I experienced ill fitting shoes a time or two and that wasn't a very pleasant experience.

I hope there aren't too many life altering experience for awhile so the children can settle down and get the love they need from Les and if the children have the way "Daddy Bill" also.

Thanks E Walk for enriching all of our lives with your wonderful stories.

The Story Lover