That's Okay

By E Walk

(Copyrighted by the author)

Edited by Radio Rancher

Chapter 6 - This Can't Be Happening

I laid down on the sofa bed and tried to go to sleep. My mind kept going back to what had just apparently happened. Surely I'm having a nightmare. My father-in-law didn't just try to seduce me did he? I could still almost feel where his hand that he had been on my thigh.

I kept watching the alarm clock and I remember seeing 2:30. The next thing I remember was that it was sounding. I had set it for six a.m. Boy, did I need to clear the cobwebs out of my mind this morning.

I started the coffee, went outside and was surprised to see Father Bill sitting on the porch with his running clothes. He had us do some exercises to limber us up before we start to jog or run. I wanted to tell him what happened last night I but decided to not bother him with it. He had enough things to worry about.

We were about half way around the park when we got to a picnic table. Bill stopped and went to sit on top of the picnic table with his feet on the bench and motioned for me to join him. "Okay Les, what's bothering you? I want to hear it all. You seem tighter than a drum. You weren't even this tight when you called me about Lisa leaving."

"Bill, last night was like a nightmare. Lisa's mother went berserk and then her father tried to seduce me and give me a blow job."

Bill was very patient, "Les, why don't you describe in detail what happened last night. It might help clear the air and help you relax. You are going to need to be strong today, for the boys."

I reviewed what happened last night and then when I got to the part about Lisa's father, Bill stopped me. "Did he put his hand on your thigh like this?" he asked, as he moved his hand up the leg of my running shorts.

I was starting to get aroused, "Yes, but my equipment didn't respond like it is now."

Bill started to laugh, "So, are you saying, that you might permit me to taste a sample of the wares that are hidden inside these shorts?"

I pulled his hand away, "I might, if the price was right. Now, would you stop it or I'll have a hard on all day?"

Bill wasn't finished, "I can see it now: as you and the boys follow the casket down the aisle, the soloist will start singing `Here Comes the Tent.'"

I was laughing so hard that I leaned against Bill and a spark of electricity or some force flashed through my body. I think Bill felt the same thing. I pulled away, "Bill, we'd better get back. I wish this was a different time and a different place."

Bill stood, "Me too, Les."

When we got back to the house, I motioned for him to come in. He was reluctant to do so, but did as I asked. When we walked in to the kitchen, the boys were getting ready to eat and Mr. and Mrs. Witmer were sitting, having coffee at the bar. Darrin looked, "Hi Dad and Daddy Bill, Mrs. Carson brought this neat casserole and these great homemade sticky rolls. They are still are warm."

That set Mrs. Witmer off again, "Darrin, why would you call this man Daddy Bill?"

"Grandmother Witmer, Daddy Bill is Grandma Archer's son. He is the assistant to Father Roberts at the church. I like him and so why shouldn't I call him Daddy Bill?"

Mrs. Witmer started on me, "Les, you need to teach your sons some manners. Darrin should not be talking back to me. He should be spanked and put in time out."

David looked at me, "Daddy, she is acting just like our Mother did. I guess Mother took lessons on being mean from her mother. Dad, perhaps you adults could eat in the dining room so Grandmother Witmer can't say anything else nasty to us."

Bill and I followed David's suggestion and took our food and coffee to the dining room. Mrs. Archer followed us, as did Dad Witmer. Mrs. Witmer had no other options, so she also came in and sat and picked at her food. We were just about finished eating when Mrs. Witmer muttered, "I am beginning to understand why Lisa was running away with another man. Les, you are nothing more than a pansy."

Mr. Witmer looked at his wife, "Virginia, shut your mouth. You need to face it that our daughter was destroying this family. Just like you destroyed our marriage. All she and you ever thought about was yourselves. I am so glad that Paul and Paula have turned out so good. Now for the rest of the time we are here, I would appreciate it if you would keep you evil mind and mouth closed. Les, Father Bill and Mrs. Archer, I am sorry it had to come to this. We will leave immediately if that is what you want."

Bill stood, "If you will excuse me, I need to get to the church to help Father Roberts get ready for the funeral service." He leaned down and kissed his Mother and took his dishes into the kitchen. David and Darrin had everything under control in the kitchen.

I picked up Mr. Witmer's things and brought him another cup of coffee and then took Mrs. Witmer's and Grandma Barbara's things. "Grandma, why don't you make sure the boys are properly dressed and have their things packed so they can go to school after the service."

Mrs. Witmer was ready to start saying something and her husband looked at her, "Virginia, don't even start. Les, I'll come help with the cleanup while the ladies get dressed for the service."

We were putting the things away and I was feeling a little uncomfortable. Mr. Witmer said, "I guess that Daddy Bill must be something special. He almost filled out his running shorts as well as you do."

I stood back, "Dad, I have no idea what equipment he is packing. It is a fluke that I even know him and his mother. They have been a godsend. My mind has been on overload this entire week." I looked at Dad Witmer, "Dad, I know that nothing is going to happen between us, because I won't let that happen. It is not because I don't find you attractive, but I don't even know if I could ever have sex with another male."

Dad Witmer surprised me, "Les, you are a better man than me. If you had done to me what I tried to do to you, I would be walking around in a stupor. I am truly sorry that my wife has caused you and your sons so much grief, but she has become accustomed to the good life and thinks that she needs to control everything."

I went to check on the boys and they were dressed. Danny looked at me, "Dad, I guess you would like us to wear the ties today?"

I looked at them and smiled, "Guys, I really would appreciate it if you would wear them for the service. Look at it this way: as soon as you are in the van with Grandma Archer as she takes you to school, you can shed them and change while she is driving you to school."

David was a little hesitant, "Daddy, won't she think it is funny if we are changing in the van?"

"David, I'm sure she would rather you changed in the van than in the parking lot. Remember guys, Grandma Archer is probably going to be seeing you naked and I am sure that she won't be embarrassed. Now pack your school clothes in your backpacks while I go to get dressed. I love you guys."

Everyone was assembled in the living room at 9:00. I checked the boys to make sure they had everything in place. Mrs. Archer came in with a large tote bag. "Denny and Danny, I have our lunches in here. I hope they stay cold while we are at the funeral service."

Mrs. Archer drove my van and I took her car to the church. The Witmers followed us since they had no idea where we were going. I noticed that Dad Witmer had packed their suitcases in the car before we left the house.

When we got to the church, Father Roberts and Father Bill met us and directed us to the entry of the sanctuary where the funeral home people were waiting. The person in charge came to us, "We would like for you to stand here and greet the guests as they arrive. About five minutes before the service is to start, I will take you to the waiting area so you can meet with the Fathers and with the rest of your families."

We did as we were told and at 5 minutes before ten, we went to the waiting area, Denny looked around, "Where's Grandma Barbara, isn't she going to sit with us?"

Bill hunkered down, "Denny, Mother isn't part of your family. She has already gone into the sanctuary. She wanted to make sure that you could make a fast get away after the service, so you wouldn't miss the bus for your field trip."

Father Roberts and Bill led the procession to the altar, followed by the casket with the two sprays of yellow roses on top. My brother and his wife and my sister were next with the Lisa's brother Paul and his wife and Lisa's sister and her husband. They were escorted to their seats in the fourth row of seats in front of the altar. Lisa's parents were escorted to the third row. The twins were escorted to the second row along with Darrin, David and me.

When we were seated, David leaned over to me, "Dad, our teachers and some of the other people from school are here. Whose taking care of the other kids. Look, there is Mr. Daniels and Mr. Degan."

The service was a very nice service and there was no indication as to what had actually taken place. Father Roberts' message was very simple and he talked about Lisa being a mother and a wife and leaving a legacy that would cause her to be remembered for creating a better world. The music that Bill arranged for was simple and very professionally done. To put it simply, it was a well done generic service.

The boys and I followed the casket out of the sanctuary and Mrs. Archer was waiting for them and they disappeared. The rest of the family and many of the others who had attended the service followed the hearse to the cemetery where there was a short service. We watched as the casket was lowered into the ground with the two sprays of yellow roses on top of it.

I stood to leave, and it was like a time bomb went off in Mrs. Witmer, "You son of a bitch, this was no way to bury my daughter. You are going to go to hell."

Dad Witmer and Lisa's sister and brother were physically holding her. She was ready to attack me. They started guiding her to Mr. Witmer's car. She looked back, "You'll pay for this travesty."

Father Roberts came to me and put his arms around me, "Les, it's okay. Everything will work out."

Father Roberts turned to Bill, "Father Archer, perhaps you had better take Mr. Phillips home. He seems a little upset."

Mr. Kahler approached me, "Mr. Phillips, here are the memorial envelops that were left at the funeral home last night and at the church today. I have included several boxes of Thank You notes in the package for you. If you need more, please give us a call. We'll send the statement for our services to you and you can settle as soon as you receive any insurance payments that you might receive."

I was so upset that I wanted to scream, but Bill must have realized how tense I was. We said goodbyes to the relatives and visitors and he drove me back to my house. We had no more than got inside when Mrs. Davidson was at the door. Bill answered and Mrs. Davidson came in with a basket of food.

"Hi guys, I brought you some nourishment. I thought there might be more people here."

Bill started to laugh, "Nope, it's just me and the cry baby over there. Mother is taking a field trip with the twins, and everyone else started home. Why don't you come in and keep us company while we eat before Les goes to his office to see what he has to do?" He didn't give her a chance to resist. We went to the kitchen with the food she brought.

When Bill and I opened the basket, it was like Mrs. Davidson must have thought we were going to feed an army. She had ham, tuna, and egg salad sandwiches and some fresh melons with big yummy brownies. We sat down and ate what we needed and Bill and I stuffed the rest into the refrigerator. We were having a cup of tea when Mrs. Davidson, out of the clear blue announced, "Les, I think you and Father Bill need to be together. I feel it in the stars."

"Grandma Davidson, we shouldn't be talking like this. We just buried my wife."

"Hell Les, that woman hasn't acted like a wife since I've known her. All she ever did was complain about everything. I am just thankful that your four sons have turned out to be so marvelous. Now how about one of you helping me home?"

I walked Mrs. Davidson back to her house, "Grandma, if you need anything, please call us. The boys love you, even Darrin said last night that we should be taking you food rather you bringing it to us. I'll send the boys over with your dinner tonight since we have way too much for us to ever eat."

When I got back to the house, Bill had everything cleared away and the dishes were done. He hugged me, "Les, I need to get back to the church. Why don't you take me, and then maybe you should go to your office to get away from the excitement that has been happening?"

When we got to the church, he patted me on my thigh, "I'd kiss you, but I don't think it would be appropriate for a man of the cloth to be seen kissing another man in front of the church."

I started to laugh, "Father Archer, I think I need to leave now, before I split my trousers. See you for dinner."

I walked into the office, "Linda, thank you for attending the service today."

"Linda looked at me, "Hey, it's the least I could do, since I have worked for you for ten years. There has been a Mr. Patterson calling for you. He says that it is urgent that he needs to talk to you. I put his messages and number on you desk."

I thought to myself, "Oh no, not another of Lisa's friends coming knocking, surely?"

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Editor's Notes:

I still can't believe what a total shrew, Lisa's mother is. Maybe that is where Lisa got to be the way she was. Even with the way her dad acted, he was not in the same league as that bitch. Do you get the feeling I didn't like her all that much? Can you say snotty stuck up bitch? I thought you could.

I sure hope everything works out with Les and Father Bill.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Host's Notes:

I sincerely hope that the boys enjoy their field trip and can soon forget what their grandmother and mother were like. Mrs. Witmer seemed to only care about herself and appearance her grandchildren and children didn't seem to matter at all.

Les seems to be holding it together for now but he is going to need help soon. It does seem that everyone but he and Father Bill know what is good for them.

Now on to the next chapter before The Cliffhanger Police arrive.

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